Other Hoaxes — 01 June 2013
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From our French Correspondents

French Stabbing Hoax Proven in Pictures

(New title)

Excellent, definitive work by our French posters and correspondents, proving, categorically–through this single post–that there is no French Connection and that, rather, this too is a diabolical hoax. The French job, as expected, was even more feeble than the UK one.

It would appear that the Zionists are doing a world tour with their new age tactic of “hoax terror” as they reached out to France last week to join in on the previous forays in Boston and London more recently.

The French hoax involves a man named Alexandre D (also known as Abdelillah), a 23-year old  native of France who on May 25, 2013, supposedly attacked an operating military in a shopping mall, and was then arrested on May 29th, as shown, here, being taken into custody.

He is presented by the Zionist-controlled media as a lost young man, converted to Islam and having the same motivations as Michael Adebolajo (London’s hoaxer of the Woolwich fame).

Charged for attempted murder in relationship with a terrorist organization, the secret services first became aware of him as a man to be monitored when he was seen praying in the streets during a Friday prayer (Note: in France many Muslims pray in the streets during Fridays, because there’s no place left in the very few mosques which are available).


Editor’s note: the people who are praying in the street and bowing down in homage to their high Lord are the least likely to wildly assault anyone; they are among the most aware that to cause undue harm on this earth is a crime for which they will be answerable.

This false claim is the first proof of fakery, as this is similar to the kinds of claims made when Interpol claimed it started watching Michael Adebolajo (London hoax) for the first time when he took part in a Muslim march.

This is a convenient way to push the sheeple’s minds in the direction to make the connection between London and Paris, forcing them to believe in a connection between London and Paris, causing them to believe that they are related, like the Muslims are plotting against them. In fact, they are related but not as real terror acts but rather in the midst of a coordinated hoax with London and France working in tandem.

Caption: note the prefabricated signs, courtesy of the Mossad

While Adebolajo purportedly used a butcher knife, machete, and/or meat cleaver, Alexandre D supposedly attacked an operating military in a shopping mall, using a box cutter.

What’s next, a Francios Z or a Jaques Q? Or, another pair of Michaels, James’s, or other well-paid for the act? Inspector Clousseau would be proud of the buffoonery

Is there even the most remote of chances for such a knife to be successful against an operating and heavily armed military? Of course there would be based upon the non-existent hijackers who killed passengers and slit pilot’s throats with those vicious box cutters on 9-11: another known hoax.

The second proof of fakery is as follows:  he supposedly bought two knives in a supermarket one hour before the attack: remember, he supposedly used a cutter, not a knife and not even two.

I live in Paris, and I can tell you if someone like him—the long beard and more–


—is seen by a cashier buying two knives and just leaving, he would be immediately be reported to the cops who will control him. If he was known by the cops, and if they were watching him because of his clothing style (as reported by the Zionist media assets), then, how could he get into a supermarket, buy exclusively two knives and then leave ?

Editor’s note: The French Photoshop Legion: an extreme hack-job, pure amateur hour; the bag has sharp angular corners; a triangular plastic bag?

They supposedly identified him using the DNA he left in a bag, possibly the one he’s holding on the previous CCTV image that contained an orange juice bottle, an empty knife case, and a knife in its case from the brand Laguiole: now, here is what’s really wrong with this part of the story:

Laguiole knives are only sold in two categories, single knives with the best quality, which are very expensive–a minimum of 50 € for one knife: how can an unemployed young man afford buying two of them? Or, in a lower quality 6-knives package with their wooden storage box, which is three times cheaper. Laguiole knives are sold separately only in specialized stores, nowhere else.

Also, there is only one supermarket in the shopping mall, and it does not sell separate Laguiole knives. Only the 6-knives package with the storage box is sold there. Here is the website of the supermarket. You can clearly see that there are only packages. No single knife is available: http://www.auchan.fr/cuisine/arts-de-la-table/couverts-et-menagere/achat2/7297618
To realize this be sure to check the LAGUIOLE box on the left, and click on the upper green button to filter the knives brands.

Third proof of fakery
So, he supposedly attacked a military, who was holding a Famas gun while walking in troop with two of his teammates, ready to shoot any dangerous terrorist, with razor blade knife? Seriously? Let me tell you more about these militarie : they are HEAVILY ARMED, EXCEPTIONALLY WELL-TRAINED and paid to walk around 24/7 in all the crowded places (airports, malls). They are a part of a huge military division dedicated to fight and prevent terrorism, under an operation called VIGIPIRATE, which was created right after the 9/11 hoax. VIGIPIRATE is composed of two French words: VIGILENCE and PIRATE, which mean, respectively, VIGILANCE and PIRACY.

They always walk at in tandem in the same rhythm, one to guard the other, and none is allowed to be far ahead or behind the others. They always walk in troop. Here are some pictures of them as examples:


How is it possible for someone to stab one of them not once but, rather, several times in a highly crowded area (remember, it happened in the biggest and nearest shopping mall to Paris center, located right in the middle of the most important business district of the country, in the middle of huge offices towers), without being arrested right away? Without being shot right away? Two heavily armed soldiers standing no more than two feet away from each other: and they couldn’t stop a man holding a mere box cutter? Couldn’t chase him? Couldn’t apprehend him?

Fourth proof of fakery

This is the crime scene. Notice the purple subway ticket machines on the right.


I passed by that place hundreds of times and there are always HUGE chains of people waiting their turn to buy a ticket. It’s a very crowded area. The following is a central picture on a different day of the same area at around 5 or 6 pm (the attack supposedly took place at 5:25 pm):


The video from which this image was captured can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vW18MH5DJsU
Fifth proof of fakery

Alexandre D showed being taken into custody:

Alexandre D shown walking in the shopping mall on CCTV images:

Let’s zoom in each one of the three previous images:

This is clearly an exceedingly poor Photoshop job on his face on the CCTV image. It appears that they have drawn a beard on his face to make him look “radical or extremist. The white cap adds to the image of a ‘fundamentalist.’ Even a mere child would have done a better job drawing; the painted-in eyebrows are rectangular. This is ridiculous, just as they drew a small line with a mouse and didn’t notice it was moving out of his face! The eyebrows and the beard look nothing like the rest of his face/body in terms of image quality.

Also, Alexandre D looks more skinny in the CCTV images compared to the custody’s.
Caption: Alexandre “pay check” D, whistling Dixie.

Notice he’s whistling. He’s thinking, “It is going to end any time soon? I’m such a bad actor. I need to go in and hide. Quick, take me in so I can get out of the cameras.”

Notice the armed, masked agent, right screen, looking at the photographer: not a happy camper. Regardless, is, now, telling Alexandre “D” saying or even talking through his fixed mike, as if to say, “OK, You did just fine on the scene. Now, go in and get your check; we’ll take care of the rest.”

I looked for hours all over the web to see if there were any other pictures of Alexandre D while he was being taken into custody, but I couldn’t find any others. They decided to publish fewer pictures than Boston and London this time.

Also, the custody photos were taken by only one photograph. He was definitely the only one allowed to be there. Was he called to come over quickly, the chosen one, sufficiently compensated, by the Zionists?  It can be seen some of his other work, here; it looks like he’s a war photograph or should it be said one of the Mossad’s official photographs every time they commit a crime?



While all of France was preoccupied with this story and the following cases:

  • Redouan Faïd (the mosted wanted man in France) being arrested
  • Gay marriage being signed into law and the protests against it
  • Christine Lagarde (chief of the International Monetary Fund) questioned in court over fraud probe
  • Jerome Cahuzac (budget minister) being fired after hiding hundreds of thousands of euros from the tax-man for decades and lying about it before the National Assembly

…the French government passed the EMPLOYEMENT SECURISATION LAW that actually screws the weakest once again, allowing your boss to fire you at any time and without any real reason. As weird as it seems, the media said not a word about it, while they always have something to say about how bad the employment sucks in France.

So this is the latest hoax orchestrated by the Zionists, nearly one and one half years after the Mohamed Merah’s hoax who supposedly killed people from a Jewish school (this took place just before the previous elections). Then, who was it, other than Sarkowsy himself, who would have loved to stay a president for five years more and was continuously concerned about security, terrorism, and Islaam?






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