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Fresno Shooting a Total Hoax Proven in Pictures and More

What an inane hoax it is, this claim of a real shooting in Fresno, California, where, purportedly, 3 to 4 people were shot dead. The hoaxers are there in force, including the men with the long guns, along with, also, ambulances in places which make no sense, just as in all the other fakes and arch-frauds:

Image result for fresno; shooting; april; 18;  images; photos

Despite the rapid-fire nature of the (fake) shooting, no matter, the ATF is on the scene, and there is plenty of bottled water about to prevent the only real danger on-site, that of dehydration:

Incredibly, it is said that the man actually went on a shooting spree in some four places, and that all the firing occurred in merely a few minutes or less, an impossible feat. All these shooting sprees, regardless, are fakes and arch-scams.


Yet, it is said that the above represents “Sites of four fatal shootings by suspect Kori Ali Muhammad.”

The Super-Human (fake) shooter strikes, again. It’s always the same, no change. There is no way this individual could have achieved all that shooting in such a short period of time. Then, again, while doing so, he had plenty of time to should Arabic epithets, including the infamous ‘Ali-Akbar,’ to quote the pronunciation of the police chief.
What about when he was arrested? Does this look like a legitimate arrest scene, the known thugs of Fresno, that is known for committing police brutality: really, they are going to arrest the shooter, standing up like this? No one finds this plausible. It’s just one cop, while the other directs traffic?
Then, who is there, ready to capture it, other than Joe Ybarra of what source? It’s none other than ABC News, and he is right there, just in time:
So, therefore, this is not a real person but is none other than a Hollywood-style dapper cadaver dummy, and there can be no doubt about it: no doubt to any degree. Is this to increase Trumps dying image, to make him right about the (non-existent) Islamic threat? It’s nonsense to the extreme, make no mistake about it.
This is the poor guy that was shot with a sack of groceries or whatever was the inane story-line.
Sure, he did it, right. He really killed four people. Now, there’s a corpse on the street. Yet, there are all sorts of people allowed to photograph it, upload the images, and even gawk at it? No one in this universe finds this plausible even to the most minute degree.
These same people are seen in the following image, essentially, ‘joking’ around, getting ready, apparently, for the more deliberate level of their crisis acting:
Regarding the hoax shooter the following has been published:
Muhammad has a criminal history that includes arrests on weapons, drugs and false imprisonment charges and making terrorist threats. He had been associated with gangs but he was not a confirmed member, police say.

Muhammad was charged in 2005 with possessing cocaine with intent to distribute, court records show. Federal prosecutors said at the time that he was also in possession of a 9mm semi-automatic handgun and two rifles after being convicted of a felony.

He claimed insanity, and his attorney requested a psychiatric examination for his client, saying Muhammad “appeared eccentric with some bizarre beliefs.” A psychiatrist who examined Muhammad believed he had psychosis, Muhammad’s attorney said in the court filing.

Hoax index: not measurable.



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  1. Fresno RaceWar “Kill Whitey” ISIS Crisis Actor Kori Muhammad/ Taylor, 39 Found!!& is DHS Army Actor Corey McKnight /Muhammad,39 of ZioOwned Morris Communications

    So this Crisis Actwhore supposed Kori Taylor alias Kori Muhammad is Corey Taylor & alias Corey McNight & alias Corey Muhammed longtime US Army Embeded spook of Delaware, Philly & Hampton VA & Zionist Media employed by Zionist Jew owned Morris Communications which owns Newspapers & Publishes Books & Travel info & Billboard Advertising & recently sold many Radio Stations. Photographic & aliases/identity & Army & ZioMedia proof!

    Radaris search Results:

    Corey S Muhammad ~39
    Claymont, DE

    Known as:
    Corey Samuel Muhammad Corey Muhammad Corey Muhammed C Muhammad Corey S Mcknight
    Related to:
    Kenneth Muhammad Kenneth Muhammad, ~42 etc

    State of delaware, department of corrections Apr 2013
    Correctional officer
    Computer & Network Security
    Villanova University- Radnor, PA 2012
    Masters Certificate in Project Management
    Skills & Activities:
    United States Army Oct 2002 to Jun 2006
    Specialist E-4

    US Search Results:
    Corey S Muhammad, age 39
    (Corey Mcknight)
    Claymont, DE; Hampton, VA; Pennsauken, NJ; Upper Darby, PA; Lansdowne, PA; Philadelphia, PA; Lincoln University, PA; Drexel Hill, PA
    Tashajuanna Muhammad, Brenda Muhammad, Ruby McKnight
    Hampton University
    Blue Ocean Development Llc, Morris Communications Company Llc, Kbj Architects, Inc., Scmh Architects, Lux And Associates

    ExD) Fresno Keystone Cops/ Buffoons with Fake Sheriff Badges & Juden/ Holohoax style Patches! I had a better, more ridiculous picture of the zioclown puppets /cop traitor Actwhores scratches their heads but the link was already pulled!

  2. ExE) Juden Faux Holocaust Style Yellow Patches & Fake Sheriff Badges on Police in Fresno Kill Whitey Mossadlim Zio Hoax Shooting Massacre

    • I for one will be warmly thanking the Solesins when they strip your friend Rosario of every last lira he has. Now THAT will be of interest.

  3. ExF1)
    Fresno ZioHollywood Crisis Actor Kori Muhammad
    Kori Taylor Character with Tribal/Rabbi Hybrid Orafice Compared to “Real” Corey Taylor/ Muhammad/ McKnight DHS/ ARMY /Traitor Crisis Actwhore

  4. ExF2)
    Fresno ZioHollywood Crisis Actor Kori Muhammad
    Kori Taylor Character with Tribal/Rabbi Hybrid Orafice Compared to “Real” Corey Taylor/ Muhammad/ McKnight DHS/ ARMY /Traitor Crisis Actwhore

  5. ExF1,2&3)
    Fresno ZioHollywood Crisis Actor Kori Muhammad
    Kori Taylor Character with Tribal/Rabbi Hybrid Orafice Compared to “Real” Corey Taylor/ Muhammad/ McKnight DHS/ ARMY /Traitor Crisis Actwhore

    As Kori Taylor aka Kori Muhammad:

    As Corey Taylor aka Corey McKnight aka Corey Muhammad:

    Rabbi with Talmudic Orifice on his head:

    These Babylonian Talmud Freaks like putting their fingerprints on all their hoaxes & hexes against the hated goyim!

  6. Ex G) Ziotrash! Juden Hollywood Fresno Fake Hoax with Juden Holohoax style fake Sheriff patches on Keystone Fresno Cops! “Juden Juden! Trick the Goyim!” Get the Blackie & Whitie Goyim & Muslim & Christian dumb Goyim To Kill Each other! Let Us watch & profit with great joy & glee!! Oy Oy cie la’ vie Kill the Goy!

  7. In reply to Gabriel:

    That anyone should believe Tranny *** zionist jew psychopath pervert trolling while picking up call boys in Indonesia is beyond the pale & beyond belief!

    What a piece of Talmudic ZIOTRASH!

    Gabriel APRIL 19, 2017 AT 8:50 AM
    That a moron in Italy would render an opinion on a murder spree in Fresno, California is as ludicrous as if I was to comment on the crime problem in Naples.

    What a fool.

  8. ExH) Fresno Fake Mossadlim ISIS Crisis Actwhore Nodisinfo Video Ridiculous 4 Location Rapid Fire ZioHollywood Massacre!

    The Eeevile goyim are killing each other!! Get their Guns!

  9. Ex I) Fake Fresno Shooter Kori Taylor aka Corey Taylor aka Corey Muhammed aka McKnight aka B-god Talmud Occult Symbol Head Orifice ZioHollywood Cartoon Character Caricature Fake Muslim & Lubavitcher

    Does B-god stand for the Babylonian Talmud Jew god Baal god ??? B- god /Baal god is one of his nick names I found on twitter!

    Lubavitcher Rabbi Head Orifice:

    US Army Embedded DHS ISIS Crisis Actor PsyOp Spook I busted known as Corey McKnight aka Corey Taylor aka Corey Muhammad playing Fresno Fake shooter/murderer Kori Taylor aka Kori Muhammad

    It was not easy finding this identity of his..among many of his.. but you’re busted you filthy ziopuppet traitor!

    Is this cartoon character straight out of:
    b) or straight out of the Babylonian Talmud & Ziotrash Holly wood Script???
    b)!!! b is for Babylonian Talmud, Hollywood Babylon & Baal the Jewish god of the Talmud!

  10. ExJ) Kori-Corey Black ZioWhorey Taylor ISIS Crisis Actowhore In Sikh Turban & Talmud Orifice Come To Kill Whitey Goyim & Get Their Guns for my ZioJewy Masters!

    Sikh?? Muslim?? Turbans are Turbans!!! All Turbans are Muslims to the dumb hated goyim!!

    And all goyim are hated goyim to the ziotrash!!!
    As long as the goyim kill each other the psychopath ZioJews can bask in their blood & profit$$$$$!!!

  11. ExK) K is for Kreepy Khazar Hoax in Fresno Black Mossadlim DHS Army ISIS CRISIS ActWhore Hoax Kills Whitey Goyim for ZioPower Agendas!

    Lots of Kreepy Khazar Liars Lying on Faux News & CNN!!!

  12. Come forth Ziotrash ***…see if you can take my plastic forks! Free lead for ziotrash invaders! lol

  13. ExL) Fresno Fake Muslim Kori-Corey ZioWhorey Ziotrash Hollywood ISIS Crisis Actor -Talmud/Kabbala Phallic/***** Symbols on Head & In Hand! Woody Allen Designed Costume?

    Who designed this ridiculous perverted costume a Babylonian Talmud Pedo Rabbi or a Hollywood zio pervert like Roman Polanski or Woody Allen or Rob Riener or Lady Tranny Gaga some other Satanic Ziofreak???

    He looks like a call boy for one of Gabriel’s Gay *** 90’s Parties for Mossadomites!

  14. ExM) Fresno LinkedIn for Fake Killer DHS Army ISIS CrisisActor Character Kori Muhammad aka Kori Taylor aka Corey Taylor aka Corey Muhammad aka Corey McKnight of DE, PA & VA!

  15. ExN) Kori- Corey ZioWhorey ISIS CRISIS Actwhore RaceWar Character’s Twitter & more ZIOTRASH/Talmud Baal & Phallic Obessed Scripted Imagery!

    His B-god is the ziotrash/Talmud Baal god!

  16. ExN-2) Kori- Corey ZioWhorey ISIS CRISIS Actwhore RaceWar Character’s Twitter Picture & more ZIOTRASH/Talmud Baal & Phallic Obessed Scripted Imagery!

    His B-god is the ziotrash/Talmud Baal god! What in the world is Muslim about this ridiculous character??? Just pure ziotrash Hollywood scripted occultic buffoonery!

  17. ExO) FresnoZio ISIS CRISIS Actwhore
    Kori Taylor Corey McKnight Coming To Kill Whitey Goyim with His Babylonian Talmud Phallic Symbol!

    Wardrobe Choice By Woody Allen!

  18. Marrano Jew Serial Murderer (of Goyim) NFL Player Aaron Hernandez Fake Death Today- Now He’s Off Scot-Free!

    He’s Not Dead just rewarded well for the murder of Goyim! A high holy sacrifice to Moloch & the Talmud & Self Chosen Genocidally Racist Tribe & Religion of Babylon & Baal!

  19. Ex2)Ziotrash Psychopath Marrano Jew Aaron Hernandez Faking Sadness At Trial with ZioLawyer Just Before Planned Fake Suicide in Shirley, MA…

  20. Ex3) Zio Marrano Psycho Aaron Hernandez At Fake Trial Before Fake Death at Jail! With Ziowitch Lawyer!

  21. ExO-1) Happy Hoax ISIS Crisis Actwhore Fresno Killer Kori Taylor aka Kori Muhammad alias Corey Taylor & Corey Muhammad & Corey McKnight

  22. ExP) Fresno Hoax SpokesLiar Zio Jew Jerry Dyer Police Chief of Juden Holohoax Style Patched Keystone Cop Buffoon Brigade!

    ZioClown claims he instantly knows the motivation of this fake PsyOp Killer! Of course he knows it! He knows the whole ridiculous script of this hoax movie! He deserves a nice hard bunch of Chuck Norris high kicks to the head until he remembers how to tell the truth! LMAO!

  23. Ex1) Cleveland Happy Hoax Murderer Crisis Actwhores Busted Teleprompter & Studio & Script Seen in Glasses!! Green Screen Fakery! Intant giveness ****!

    Watch the one on your right keep smiling! And how they never say “my Dad”! lol & The BS Instant Forgiveness **** of a Murderer of their father!! Crisis Actwhore screws up script & says Vacation instead of investigation because she is excited about her free Vacation for pulling this treasonous ZioScam!

    Listen to these lying filth ActWhores claiming they can have no animosity towards a monster who just viciously murdered their fake dead dad! And mossadomite agent Vanderbilt faking simpathy!

  24. Ex2) Cleveland Hoax Shooter Steven Stevie Steve Stephens Hoax Murderers old Man for Fun on Facebook Live! This Video Is a Fake Ziotrash PsyOp!

    Any blood is hoax shot-out at ground level where he lies, yet he was shot Standing at super close range so Shooter should be covered in Blood & Blood should be shot out from behind & in front of from where he was standing. Camera was paused & old man got on ground into position & fake blood was applied to his head & dumped forward in a large stream from a bucket!

    • Christ will be sending your *** straight to hell- you know that, right cowboy?

  25. Another idiotic fraid post by Gabriel:

    (Brokeback *** Gabriel PLO fake version of )-Cowboy PLO APRIL 19, 2017 AT 3:56 PM
    Ziotrash Gabriel I see you have posted under your own name you despicable troll. When it comes to guns your evil Ziotrash IDF are experts. I use my guns despicable worm to go hunting for squirrels and coons for supper but if a Ziotrash DHS traitor approaches watch out Gabriel!
    Now get behind your array of devilish idols Gabriel and stop posting under my name here Cowboy, worm LOL!

  26. Seattle 2016 Fake Mall Shooter ZioTurk Jerk Crisis Actor Cetin Arcan Commits Fake Suicide! No Zio Kangaroo Court Needed!

    He’s no more dead than Zio NFL Psycho Killer Aaron Hernandez or Me!

  27. Ex2) Fake Victims -VicSims of 2016 Seattle Mall Hoax Shooting- ZioDHS Paid $$$ Crisis Actwhores -Traitors with Your Tax $lave Dollars$!

  28. Ex3) ZioJew Puppet 2016 Seattle Mall Fake Shooter Fake Dead Cetin Arcan Crisis Actwhore! Look for him soon in another Treasonous Crisis Actor Role soon!×308.jpg

  29. I predicted just a few days ago more terror hoaxes in Europe. And the hoax du jour: Paris.
    I expect an article from you shortly Dr K- I saw one picture online where a guy had a water bottle!
    Somebody else was smirking! And I think I saw a dapper cadaver with tempura moulage!

    Give me credit for revelations please. I love when you do that 🙂

  30. Seattle Mall Shooter “Arcan” (Not 21yoTurk) Is US Air Force Aurora CO DHS ZioJew Crisis Actor Eddie Marshall! Half Zio/Half Philipino! Proof! Not A Turk!

    He is not Arcan Cetin! Not 20! Not A Turk! Not A Muslim! Not StepSon of Crypto Zionist Jew David Marshall! But He is his real son Eddie Marshall to a Philipino wife! He is at least at least 25 maybe as old as 34. He lives in Aurora Colorado (embeded in the US Air Force) the main headquarters of DHS’s & the military Crisis Actors! He gained substantial weight for this role between Nov 2015 & Sept 2016. But his younger pics here prove he’s the same guy. He is a tattoo artist & airbrush artist. His father is a contract painter for Navy Aircraft.

    This is his Zionist Crypto jew father David Marshall’s facebook who plays his stepfather in case above link gets broken:

    Radaris Search

    Edward J Marshall~34 Centennial, CO

    Known as:

    Edward Marshall

    Related to:

    Rick Marshall, ~38…etc

    (His Denver & Aurora, Colorado Addresses):

    1415 #### St, Denver, CO 802061426 ##### St, Denver, CO 80210359 Fi
    #####t, Denver, CO 802065082 #### Ave, Denver,
    CO 80222Centennial, COAurora, COLittleton, CO605# #### St, Centennial, CO 80015
    (720) #######



    (Trained for PsyOps):
    Clinical Psychology • Clinical Neuropsychology • Cognitive & Behavioral Psychology • Forensic Psychology • Group Psychotherapy • Neuropsychology • Psychology • Psychotherapy

    This is one of his Facebook accounts showing him living in Germany but his other one says Aurora Colorado & message picture from him on his father’s site are labelled from Aurora Colorado:

  31. Ex4) Cleveland Stevie Steve HOAX! Fake shooter Killer

  32. Ex5) Cleveland Stevie Stevie Shooter Hoax 33 & 44 Coded

  33. Ex 6) Cleveland Stevie Steve Hoax Shooter Buffoon Reports From the Hood & Hoax Verdict!

  34. Ex7) Cleveland Shooter Hoax -more 33, 44 & 66 Codes & Ridiculous Fake blood & obvious Video Cut!

  35. Ex8) Cleveland Stevie Steve Hoax Blood & Shooting Fake & Blacks Especially Are Discovering It Is!

  36. Ex9) Cleveland Hoax Fakery- Gun Was wrong Angle & Blood Perfectly poured from bucket or roller painted on!

  37. Ex5) NFL ZioPuppet CrisisActor Aaron WhoreNandez Fake Suicide & Fake OJ PsyOp

  38. Yup. He’s back. Still sex-starved. Still illiterate.

  39. Ex2) Champs Elysees ISIS CRISIS Fake Dead Cop Xavier Jugele “FLAG” Tranny-*** Activist Crisis Actwhore Acted @ Bataclan Zionist PsyOp Also!!!

    So the same *** fake Cop Crisis Actor acted in both the Bataclan Fake Terror Attack PsyOp & now @ Champs Elysees on Paris! LMAO!

    (from Out dot com website)
    Xavier Jugelé: Policeman Killed in Paris Attack Championed LGBTQ Rights

    Xavier Jugelé, a 37-year-old Paris police officer, was killed yesterday during Paris’ attack on Champs-Élysées, when a gunman opened fire using a Kalashnikov. The shooting, later claimed by the Islamic State militant group, killed Jugelé and wounded two other officers, as well as a bystander. 

    Officer Jugelé was a longtime LGBTQ advocate, using his position of power to proudly defend the rights of queers across the globe. Before the Olympics, he joined protests against Russia’s ban on “homosexual propaganda,” and joined the French association for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender police officers (FLAG). 

    “He was a simple man who loved his job, and he was really committed to the LGBT cause,” FLAG President Mikaël Bucheron told the New York Times. “He joined the association a few years ago, and he protested with us when there was the homosexual propaganda ban at the Sochi Olympic Games.”

    France has been in a state of emergency since Isis’ previous attack on Paris in November 2015. Officer Jugelé was one of many responders deployed on Bataclan, where 90 people were killed. He returned to the concert hall a year later for a commemorative event, telling the press, “We’re here tonight as witnesses. Here to defend our civic values. This concert’s to celebreat life. To say no to terrorists.”

  40. Ex3) Champs Elysees “Lights Camera Action!” Oops ! Obvious Behind the Camera Shot At Champs France ISIS CRISIS Terror PsyOp Filming!

  41. Still, it’s kind of amazing. I guess I live a sheltered existence. In real life I’ve never come across an adult as utterly stupid and whacked out as cowboy. These kinds of people walk free in the streets? Scary!

  42. All of you need to go out and get life’s . The man shown in the pictures is only 1 of 4 people dead. And that man in the pictures is part of my family . We are trying to grove yet people like you that have no hearts and nothing better to do have to say it’s fake. WHY would we joke about death? FRESNO is beginning to become worse and worse for shootings. All of you saying it’s fake is wrong . Learn the truth before starting something . Making all of you look stupid asf . Please go get lives !! Let us love ours without idiots like you ruining it for us .
    People like you who have no heart are not children of the lord but the devil himself, and I pray that one day you guys go to heaven once dead and not he’ll were you belong . Learn your facts and keep your mouths shut because y’all look dumb asf .

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