Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 01 August 2014
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Front Line Victories of Islamic Resistance Against the Zionists – Videos

The Palestinians are fighting for just cause. They are fighting with their lives to protect their land, families, loved ones, and more. Furthermore, they were attacked based on a fake kidnapping. Then, too, it had become clear regarding the degree of Israeli brutality just what the resistance was dealing with after the brutal killing of the Muslim martyr Mohammed Abu Khdeir, who was killed by rabid Zionist extremists through being set on fire. He was also beat in the face to the degree that he was unrecognizable.

So, the Palestinian people have plenty of reason to fight with all their might. This is a variety of information, videos and write-up, demonstrating the fact that the resistance is winning the war against the Israelis.

Here is a direct hit by the resistance against Zionist militants and their tank:

Picture 4582

At least 120 armed Zionist terrorists have been neutralized by the resistance. Their losses in the battlefield are far less.

Muslim World

Six Israeli soldiers killed in clash with Hamas fighters

July 20, 2014 in Muslim World

GAZA CITY – The Ezzeddin al-Qassam Brigades, the military arm of Hamas, said on Saturday that six Israeli soldiers were killed along with one of its fighters in an operation in an area opposite the central part of the Gaza Strip.

“One of our select units, which was made up of 12 mujahedeen, managed to infiltrate into the site in a new and stunning blow,” the brigades said in a statement.
It added that its members, who hid for six hours in the area, had ambushed four Israeli military vehicles, destroying three of these vehicles, killing six soldiers and wounding others.

The brigades noted that its fighters had also seized two M16 rifles from the Israeli soldiers. It said 11 fighters managed to return after the operation, while the 12th fighter was killed.

The Israeli army announced earlier in the day that two army personnel were killed in clashes with Qassam fighters who tried to infiltrate into Israel.



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  1. Great work! It warms my heart to see Nazi IDF cowards getting what they deserve!

    • IDF are Jewish Communist genocidal butchers, as were their ancestors. As the great American Patrick Henry stated” “Give me liberty, or give me death.” Thanks for this report, NoDisinfo. Keep them coming.

    • War Criminal rogue nation Israel has now murdered over 1500 innocent people in it’s current preplanned genocide operations in Palestine–All started through the deception of a hoax kidnapping. As the Goldstone report said Israel commits more war crimes in it’s mass murder genocide of Palestinians then all of he rest of the nations in the world combined. It’s hard to believe the one small nation can do so much evil and cowardly mass murdering of families in their homes, but it does.


      • Cowboy
        Your link goes straight to youtubes home page because of the # and the extra slash. (You don’t need m. either before youtube, although it still works, with or without) Get rid of those to go to the video ie.

        • Mind your own business mr smarty pants. Cow is doing just fine without your big mouth comments thank you very much.

          We love the cowshit. Yeah

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