**Breaking News** — 24 July 2016
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Hard Proof of Staging and Hoaxing Dallas Shooting Hoax

For proof of the hoax watch the lady with the large white carry bag as evidence of arch-staging and faking in the Dallas cop shooting hoax. First, she’s at a key site, behind the furniture company truck. There’s a major shooting going on with some 11 people purportedly shot, some of them supposedly dead, cops no less, and she is just standing there, right where all the action is. The presence of this woman as an agent of staging and hoaxing is hard proof that this event is rather than an actual terrorist attack involving deaths and injuries merely a fraud and a hoax.


Moreover, she is not protected in the least, that is she is essentially in the line of fire: and doesn’t seem to be bothered by it to any degree. Why doesn’t she run away, far away, from all the action, that is if there truly was a real shooting. No one is even bothering to shoo her away, to guard her, or to protect her from the line of fire. Therefore, it is absurd beyond belief to hold this as a real shooting. It can only be a fake and a stage, no other possibility.

It is a key site, in fact, one of major staging. As an example see these images. The chief says there were snipers from on-high. Thus, the crisis actor police had to act this element out. Notice that the officers are aiming up for purposes of the camera-shoots.


The aiming is merely for show. There were no snipers there of any kind.


For purposes of drama the officer turns on the lighting device on the end of the armament. The turning on of that light for the cameras is hard proof of staging and mere show-boating.


So, then, she was, then, while at the back of that truck directly in the line of fire. On the same side of the truck in another scene the following is seen:


The cop keeps after the cameraman until he leaves. That, too, appears to be staged. Even so, the cameraman is never concerned abot any danger and only responds to the commands of the cop to drive him off. He, too, is fully in the purported line of fire.


Late at night, after all the ‘action’ subsides, here she is, again, captured in an image by embedded Ft. Worth photographer, Teshorn Jackson:


It is precisely the same woman seen before. Why didn’t she escape from the danger zone and get out of their altogether, that potentially fatal arena where endless blood was spilled, where the 11 cops were (sarcasm) shot? There is an additional image of this woman in the staging arena after the fact, sitting down, resting. This site has not been able to recover this image. 

Across from the truck is found the arena of many staged photos. Do these cops look like they are in emergency mode?


Rather, it appears that they are acting, because that’s precisely what they are doing.

One of the key embedded photographers and journalists in the Dallas cop shooting hoax is none other than Ft. Worth wedding photographer, Teshorn Jackson. It was Jackson who said that he and his wife were fully fixed in that arena and were not allowed to leave: not until 3:00. Restrictions on them were stricter than an suspected gunmen: how bizarre.

It was Mr. Jackson who takes credit for the following photograph. This appears to be either a staging or debriefing center. See the woman in pink. Is she not the same person that can be seen, here?

For purposes of copyright law only screen captures of the images are used.

Here is the staging facility and it appears that this is taken after the fact, that is after the perpetration of the hoax:


Here is yet another staging center. Clearly, this run-for-it element is nothing other than an example of staging and hoaxing:


Too, in this excellent video capture the not only can the videographers be seen, but there is also a coach-like element at the end, fully guiding the crisis actors:

The woman facing the opposite direction is apparently a coordinator:


If this was a real shooting, they would all be running. The two white people wouldn’t be standing there merely capturing the sprinting on camera. This proves there was never any danger at all. In fact, all that was being shot were pyrotechnic rounds and blanks, which is obviously the case. None of these crisis actors suffered even a single real bullet strike of any kind.

Even babies were staged in this faux protest. Who would bring their tiny babies to such an event? The toddler can be seen in the following image, and it can be fairly certain in this case it is not a dummy. Americans are so impoverished that those 100 dollar bills mean so much that they are all willing to participate in this drama, dangerous as it is to the nation:


Here is another example. The policeman draws his weapon up, then brings it right down, knowing full well that he is being watched and recorded on tape.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 6.34.33 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 6.34.42 PM

Once again, it is all about those snipers on-high, who are now held as being non-existent.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 6.13.06 PM

Above is a good example of this event as a mere stage, a great quality HD image, meaning that, once again, embedded photographers were virtually everywhere in place. It truly is all a stage, and while it was being said that people were being trampled in the streets, the following image was captured:


Constantly, in this hoax there are people holding their cell phone cameras up high to capture as much as possible. No is seen ducking from any bullets. Nor are any people seen to be directly struck by any bullets. Not a single actual shooting or the body of someone shot is ever seen in the imagery, despite the multiplicity of founds found throughout the area. Smirkers and real events are not synonymous, rather, they are the antithesis of each other. No one is going to be joking around and smirking in a real, live-fire shooting, where there would be great danger to all concerned. This also means that they were coached; it was all by design and plan.


They are definitely taking instructions from someone. Once again, how much were these individuals paid to put on this performance?


The purported Dallas cop shooting is a scam.  There is nothing real about it.


Dallas Protest – Black Lives Matter


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  1. Ex22) Munich Olympics Mall Hoax & Nice Hoax & other ongoing Bavarian Hoaxes Agenda:
    “Terror is the New Normal for Germany & France” Zio Scripted Theme of Series of Treasonous Psychological Warfare Terror Hoax Attacks Against The German & French people by Zionist Psychopaths To Grab more power & steal more wealth & rights & freedom from the people for power & profits of the zionist jews through police state tyranny & never-ending genocidal wars between the different races & religions of the hated goyim people!

  2. Teshorn Jackson is actually trained in Civil engineering & architecture & also marketing & Sales & Social media marketing. And he worked on construction projects at Air Force bases he admits. So this is another Air Force Embeded DHS Crisis Actor/change agent/ spook, you can bet!
    Project Architect, Associate AIA
    December 2007 – January 2011 (3 years 2 months) | Dallas/Fort Worth Area
    Commercial building and design for CVS pharmacy, Wal-Mart, PetSmart, Taco Bell, several Air Force Base and over 50 airports across the United States.

  3. Ex80)Dallas DHS Hoax Revenge RaceWar Sniper

    Zionist Jews & their Freemason scum ZioPuppets love committing Treason to take your Gun Rights & Self defense rights away…But they love having guns & shooting guns for themselves as Traitor wife of Teshorn –> Reytheda Jackson shows you here!
    These are multicountry operating spooks! His gun toting wife here gets DHS contracts planning & coordinating DHS hoax Treason events too as an events planner/coordinator!

  4. Ex 81) Dallas Sniper Hoax ZioPuppet Gun Confiscation & RaceWar Traitor Teshorn Jackson loves guns & shooting guns but is glad to take Zio Shekel$ & commit treason for the zionist enemy take away your Gun Rights!

  5. Ex82) Dallas Sniper RaceWar Revenge Cop Killing PsyOp- Spook Operative Traitor Teshorn Jackson admits his main home is in the 2 Island Country of “Antigua & Barbuda” in West Indies in the Caribbean.

    Teshorn Jackson:
    “Antigua is home. Architecture was my first love then I cheated with Photography. I travel often.”

  6. Ex83) Dallas Twin Cities of Texas Snipwr Hoax meets Twin Islands of Antigua & Barbuda
    Ongoing RaceWar PsyOps Twin Subliminal programmig Continues…
    How many black mailing & extortion rackets has this operative help perpetrate for zio CIA & mossad taking pictures ar Island resorts inside & outside hotel rooms???

  7. Ex84) Dallas Black Sniper Micah X Johnson identity searches & photographs prove is played by David Johnson of SMU

    A recent SMU Graduate from Missouri, Texas & connected to O Fallon Scott Air Force Base- Crisis Actor David Johnson a Southern Methodist Football Defensive Back & Corner 2015 Grad married to theater Actress Kenisha Fullerton of O Fallon Scott AFB also. I also found his identity as Micah Johnson in O Fallon MO-IL! Pictures prove he is the same Crisis Actor.

  8. RF-

    I’ve noticed that you often respond to posts that aren’t directed to you.

    Is there a reason for that (i.e. are you multiple characters on this blog)?

  9. Syrian suicide bomber – nicknamed ‘Rambo’ – appears in chilling ISIS video threatening that the West ‘will never live peacefully’


  10. Police arrest last jihadi of ‘amateurish’ Brazilian ISIS cell who were going to ‘train in martial arts’ before carrying out attacks at the Rio Olympics


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  13. Desperate Zio’s/NWO tolls are past their boiling point indeed, so they have come up with another hoax:


  14. 2 comments on the priest beheading hoax. Hats off to these posters, gotta say that!


    “Lol! More “terrorist” bullshit. Every day it’s another fake-as-**** event. Looks like the NWO folks are going for broke in 2016.”

    “Is it not totally obvious? They stage all these events to change society, to change the law and the world at large. People at the top don’t need money they want power and to write history the way they see fit. Horrible things happen and the public react in horror, then the government bring in more laws, less freedom for the average folk. Just youtube false flag and hoax and go from there.”

  15. It’s happened to all of us. Some friend we had in elementary school or from an old job is all of a sudden making super weird comments on Facebook, or you’re in a bar and some random is trying to talk to you about fluoride for some reason. It’s not always immediately clear. Like, I realized one day that people saying crazy things were always following it up with “Do your own research!” and then finally discovered that it was sort of a “buzzphrase” for conspiracy theorists.

    So, I thought I’d compile a list of the ways to know that someone in your life is starting to head down to tin foil hat alley.

    1. Says insane thing (probably about chemtrails), and if you dispute, insists that you “Do your own research!”

    This is one of the earliest signs of this type of crazy- and it’s also a major Glenn Beck-ism. I don’t know about you, but when I state a fact, I’m usually able to explain that fact. Especially if it’s something that may be controversial.

    For instance, I do not so much believe that Joan Crawford beat her children. This is a thing that most people believe, because of the movie “Mommie Dearest”– however, when asked to explain, I don’t yell “Do your own research!” at people, I explain that all of the other children (save for Christopher) have refuted Christina’s book, as well as Crawford’s actual personal assistant, and Myrna Loy, and pretty much anyone else who was around during that time. I’m not saying I’m 100% definitely correct on this, but I err on the side of “probably not.”

    Still, I don’t throw out something weird, get mad at people for not immediately taking me at my word, and then yell at them to do their own research. I mean, if they want to, that’s fine, but I’m usually quite able to support my arguments.

    2. Freaking Flouride

    UGH. These people and their fluoride. They love to make up **** about how the government puts fluoride in the water to keep us dumb and rebellion-resistant, like no one has ever seen “Dr. Strangelove” before or something. This is usually what they start with, probably because it sounds slightly more realistic than like, Lizard People.

    It is not, however, true. At all. And yes, I’ve “done my research.” But don’t tell that to these people, especially if they are drunk at a bar, because they will, in fact, start screaming at you about it. Fluoride and the “vaccinations cause autism” thing are like the gateway drugs into tin-foil hat land.

    3. Rejecting the tyranny of paragraph breaks

    I swear to god, this is a thing. Whenever I see a comment that’s just a giant block of text with no breaks in it, I immediately just go “Welp, this one’s gonna be crazy” and I am pretty much always right. I don’t know why this is a thing, it just is.

    4. When a person who you already kinda know isn’t too swift starts trying to pretend that they are some kind of intellectual who is totally going to school you on “how things are in the world.”

    I hate to say this, but it’s true. It’s always the dumb ones. I feel bad, because like, they’re usually just coming across this stuff for the first time and it is totally blowing their minds. Like, I already know that some people think that the Rothschilds control the world and that there are Mason things on the dollar bill and also THE MOON LANDING WAS FAKED or whatever. I’ve known for years, and I’ve already figured out that it’s all bullshit.

    The more you read about history, the more you realize that people are so not getting it together to form a whole “New World Order” anytime soon. While there have been “conspiracy” type things throughout history (MKUltra, Tuskeegee, Project Paperclip, the COINTELPRO that actually existed and not the one people pretend still exists), they have been discovered fairly quickly. Because someone always has a big mouth.

    5. They use the term term Big Pharma (or Big Anything) in all seriousness

    There are about a 1000 problems with the pharmaceutical industry, for sure. However, when your friend is talking about “Big Pharma” they are not usually talking so much about overpriced cancer medication as they are like, vaccines causing autism and things like that. Also, sane people, when discussing the problems with the pharmaceutical industry just do not say things like “Big Pharma” because they like being taken seriously.

    6. “Wake up, Sheeple!”

    Being awake or being asleep is like, tin-foil hat code for being hep to all kinds of nonsense. Which is why on those weird personal ads for Infowars everyone was like “I’ve been awake for 4 months” and things. Sheeple is what they call people who do not go along with them.

    See, usually, these people are kind of “new.” Like, they think that the information they are about to rock you with is A) Nothing you have ever heard before or B) Something you are going to buy wholesale, immediately, because their “evidence” is so vastly compelling. If you do not believe them, you are obviously a sheep of a person.

    7. You lose!

    Um, just some weird thing that they always seem to say when they think they’ve trumped your logic. Because they are that mature.

    8. They say things about ZOG or “Zionist Occupied Government” or “The Rothschilds are controlling the world!” without understanding that that **** is pretty anti-Semitic

    I have actually had to explain, on several occasions that, yes, the term “ZOG” is an anti-Semitic “the Jews are controlling the government!” thing. And also like, a Randy Weaver/ Ruby Ridge thing. I imagine they just hear the term a bunch around the Infowars type sites and think is a real thing? I don’t know. Like I said, not the swiftest bunch of humans.

    At this point, however, it is probably best to start avoiding these people. Not much you can do to help. Next step after this is Flat Earthers and Lizard People, and I’m not sure there’s much hope after that.

    • The hoax being that Police said there was no indication of a “terrorist background” to the attack.

  16. Inaccurate. Gutjahr did not “capture” the Munich attacks.
    He arrived there after the fact.
    He lives in Munch, you know.
    Jesus. Is that the level of research normally found on this site?

  17. And you’re a lowly Arab. What’s your point?

  18. I saw it, too LOL!
    These conventions are as phoney as the “moon landings”!

  19. Fraudulent comment posted under my name by Gabriel zioTroll troll ***!

    (Brokeback Mossadomite *** Gabriel fake version of:) CowboyJULY 26, 2016 AT 11:10 PM
    I saw it, too LOL!
    These conventions are as phoney as the “moon landings”!

  20. Zio & Freemason Occult of Orange & 33 & their insane Gematria numbers & coding thrown into all the fake news stories & hoaxes & Hollywood movies, etc.


  21. Orlando Philando Philadelphia link 666 & 888 Code

    Satanic Hoax Code In Fake Dead Philando Name Which was used to Link Itself & Orlando Homo Hoax & Philadelphia together..

    Which I said as soon as I heard the ridiculous, silly PsyOp Crisis Actor VicSim’s name & posted so. I just did not know what Philadelphia event the name was linking the Orlando PsyOp (& Philando Race War PsyOp) To & what Occultic numbers & dates & what the number of days between the 3 events would represent. Now I know. I just fugured it out..

    Now I know:

    Orlando Homo Hoax was June 12..
    Philando Hoax Death was July 6..
    Philadelphia Convention Starts July 25..


    Orlando Homo Hoax June 12 is 24 Days before the

    Philando Hoax so 24 is 3 – 8’s 888 Satan’s Number 888!

    Philadelphia Convention starts 20 days After Philando Hoax 20 ÷3 is 6.66 Repeating forever 666 is the Number of the Beast. The 666 Beast System represents Babylonian Mystery Religion /Babyonian Talmud/Masonry Dream/Goal of a One World Police State Totalitarian Government under their Horned tranny god Baphamet aka the Beast god aka Lucifer/Satan who they call the they AntiChrist also. And who they will use manmade PsyOps/Holograms/Trickery Hoaxes to Portray as Christ at first…
    I am not say saying any of this is happening soon just explaining these Babylonian Satanic Freak Jews & Freemason & the coding they used in these these three events to Predictively, subliminally & reinforcement program us to enslave & destroy us step by step.

  22. Ex A) 33 Coded Orange NJ Hoax-a-Thon, DHS Drill time, 2nd fake shooting this week, today! 1st [email protected] 3shot 33 Coded, 39 yr old Dead 3-13′.. &3 alarm fire at abandoned factory..aka DHS Arson Drill Portrayed As Real Fire, Smiling Fireman picture found & Another using tool near top gutter/facia with smoke all around. Fake Fireman would be using a hose not cleaning the gutters or such buffoonery in a smoking, high, dangerous area! lol

    Also both fake DHS Orange Shootings this weeks have one dead. And Orange is 3.3 miles via Park Ave from East Orange New Jersey. And Orange had a population of approx 33,000 last census.

  23. On the priest beheading hoax:

















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