Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 08 January 2014
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Wretched Arch-Zionist Gabrielle Giffords-Horstein Busted as a Mossad Mole and Fabricator

The Zionists will go to any extent to destroy the American republic, or what little of it left that exists, even if it means fabricating every conceivable lie and fraud. One such lie and fraud is the shooting of then Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.

Giffords, whose real name is Hornstein, is a vile Zionist agent, in fact, an extremist Zionist Jew who is plotting against the American people, in fact, the people of the entire world. It must be exposed. It is truly incredible that she would take her injury, while proceeding to act as if she is wounded for potentially decades just to serve the Zionist cause. This demonstrates the degree of extremism in such individuals, which is rarely if ever seen in any other cabal.

The Mossad places its moles at the highest levels possibly, including the Congress and Senate, rather, within the presidency itself. This Mossad agent, that is Giffords, was ‘retired’ from her former position in the Congress for expressed purposes of this hoax.

The attack by the Zionists against the American people is perhaps no more readily represented than the Giffords shooting hoax. Make no mistake about it this woman is a liar and a wretch, which is beyond dispute.

Fake injuries

Gabrielle Giffords boards a plane, inset, bound for Houston. The congresswoman’s mother was with her on the flight, while her husband Mark Kelly (L) spoke to her nurses

The official claim is as follows: “Giffords was shot in the head, left partially blind, with a paralyzed right arm and brain injury, when a gunman opened fire at a constituent meet-and-greet outside a Tucson grocery store.”

Clearly, this is a lie. There is no other realistic possibility considering the behavior of Giffords and her husband in the aftermath. This is in regard to their intensive efforts in achieving new gun regulations.

It was a drill with plenty of fake blood and phony victims. As usual, identities were invented to give substance to the hoax. Judge Roll appears to be a real person. What happened to him? The others are almost assuredly fabricated identities.

Regardless, the imagery will reveal the truth of what really happened, that is whether it was fake or not.

It’s tempura paint, not real blood. This is a fake just like Sandy Hook and the Boston smoke bombing hoax:
In no way is this real blood. In fact, it would appear that this is fake blood powder from a Ben Nye moulage kit activated with water. With this close up it can be seen how that drizzle isn’t natural and is, instead, applied in a moulage pattern. This would indicate that all the deaths were faked, even that of Judge Roll. Some credit is due to the Zionists. They are able to make these events to a degree appear to be realistic.
This is clearly a set-up like the other hoaxes perpetrated since. The woman has no wounds. Who is she, a good Samaritan getting on her hands and knees to help? Note how the fake blood is drizzled a bit down from each knee area. See also, as is standard in these hoaxes, the male ‘good Samaritan’ stabilizing the fake wounded. Note also the large quantity of bottled water. Is this for mixing with the fake blood powder for spreading the material on the pavement? Clearly, when carefully analyzed it becomes evident that the Tuscon ‘shooting’ was a Zionist gun control hoax, a precursor to Sandy Hoax.
The standard and uniformly the same DHS-style water bottles are everywhere to be found. Notice the pylons. What purpose do they serve? Notice also the numerous vinyl transport kits. These surely don’t belong to any EMTs. They would never leave them at the scene. Regardless, a mess is made purposely to make this appear as an event of chaos as might be expected in a real mass shooting. Even so, with six supposed fatalities and a number of people wounded, where is there any evidence? Where is the arterial spraying and spurting? In fact, there is none.Six people killed and 13, that magic number, wounded? Once again, where is the degree of blood residue that would be expected from such a slaughter? Regardless, note the abandoned red kits, which were likely used for the set-up and moulage application:

Now, a zoomed in, enlarged version of the area where there is red material:
Where is the arterial spurting? Where is the haphazard spraying of blood from multiple victims? Where is the clotted blood, surely readily seen under the Arizona heat?All that there is are red paint-soaked clothing or other matter and some red-colored material poured on the edge o the pavement. How did it get there? Someone just came up with the intention of killing Giffords but failed to do so in order that she could become a key agent, a key face, for new gun control regulations. How convenient that she survived, even though she was the intended victim.
Local civil servants joining the scam acting as if they are dealing with a real crime scene. Note the reflections, indicating that there are many ‘onlookers’ close by. If there were real corpses, there, an effort would be made to secure this crime scene. This never happened. What or who is lying on the ground? It is a man in a suit. Could that be Judge Roll or is it a crisis dummy with a fabricated likeness?
It makes no sense that it would be a real corpse. The police are there taking photos. Why wouldn’t they cover that corpse up before the public’s eyes?
The FBI was there in advance. How did they know the Congress-woman would be shot? What is the FBI doing there just as the crisis begins? This alone proves that the Tuscon ‘massacre’ was a plot.
The fabricator, whose head and face were drizzled with fake blood, is seen, here. Remember, the claim is she was shot in the head, right through the forehead. There are some five liters of blood in the human body. It would be coming out massively. Without intensive medical care she would have bled to death. Notice anything? Although there are bandages on her forehead, no one is applying pressure.
Caption: It is the standard, applied moulage using tempura paint. It is the same color as seen in other hoaxes. Note that the ‘dressing’ is not blood soaked. No pressure  is being applied by anyone, itself a proof of the hoax. Why is this moulage only on the face with virtually none on the hair, the clothing, and the dressing? Clearly, the “point blank” head shot wound is a fake.
There’s an oxygen tank, there, for purposes of staging. That tank be seen in other photographs placed on top of a table. What purpose does it serve? If this was real, emergency responders would be focusing not on an oxygen tank but, rather, on applying pressure on the wound to stem the flow of profuse blood. The skull appears to be intact. How is that possible for being shot at close range by a high-powered long gun? Regardless, do they look like EMTs? Rather, these men are operatives for the Zionist-controlled cabal.

Survivor: Gabrielle Giffords, pictured soon after the January 2011 shooting, suffered a gunshot wound to the head but survived

Survivor: Gabrielle Giffords, pictured soon after the January 2011 shooting, suffered a gunshot wound to the head but survived.

Something is being loaded onto the plane. Is it her? In fact, how could it be? Why would she be wrapped in sheets as if a mummy? That appears to be all staged. It doesn’t appear that there is even a body on that gurney.

Gabrielle Giffords' husband tells of her 'spectacular' progress

Gabrielle Giffords boards a plane, inset, bound for Houston. The congresswoman’s mother was with her on the flight, while her husband Mark Kelly (L) spoke to her nurses Photo: AP
Notice the TV. Showing the breaking news about this scam these Zionists and their cohorts seem to be enjoying the consequences, which is the onward onslaught against 2nd Amendment rights. A TV running in the background plus an EMT smiling in glee and not attending to the head wound patient? How many ways doe it need to be said, “Fake?”
She is not the only one who seems well-pleased. See the facial expression of this Giffords staffer:
She, too, is thrilled with the TV programming. Is she happy that her boss got her brains blown out just for the sake of fulfilment of Zionist plots?  Thrilled she is, knowing full well that the Hornstein-Giffords hoax is the precursor to the hoax of hoaxes, Sandy Hook.
The mother has a bit of a calm appearance about her, somewhat of a smile. Too, the husband is not interested in the least of being at his wife’s side and is instead monitoring his cell phone messages.
Here is the filthy fraudster in the act, showing off her fake injury to the world. A shot to the head at “point-blank range?” That is patently impossible with what is seen here visually:


She’s a fabricator. This is moulage. The entire operation is a fake.

Here it is, enlarged: it’s make-up, not real:


Injured: Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, pictured, suffered multiple head injuries in a mass shooting in Tuscon, Arizona in January 2011. Six others were killed and 12 wounded


Injured by what? The moulage mole’s paint brush and silicone application? How is this the same as being shot in the head with a long rifle? If done as claimed at point-blank range, with the type of ‘medical care’ she received, without massive replacement of fluid  and, ultimately and as soon as possible blood, she would be dead in minutes or less. The EMT isn’t administering any fluids or support of any kind. No wonder: the injuries are fake.

When viewing this make-up-like moulage, the claims made by embedded Zionist moles should be kept in mind:

Peter Rhee, trauma director at University Medical Center in Tucson, where Giffords was listed in intensive care, said a single bullet had struck Giffords in the head and traveled through her brain. Sources close to Giffords said the lawmaker was responsive when she was airlifted from the scene and before surgery.


Note: Keep in mind that a bullet fired from a semi-automatic weapon has immense energy. When striking the skull, vast damage is produced, including the boring right through cranial bones, while ripping through and tearing apart the brain. At such close range there would always be an exit wound. Giffords has no such exit wound . Nor does she even have an entrance wound.

Regardless, look at this closely. It is no more of an ‘injury’ as would be expected from a bad bump on the head. The red material, some of it in tiny lines, is moulage application. It’s all fake. All that she is representing, including the inability to talk clearly and the lack of good usage of the right arm: all of it is a fraud.

Here is some of the orthodox story-telling, creating false heroism on the ground:

Federal Judge John Roll was killed in Tucson trying to save another man’s life. As soon as madman Jared Lee Loughner finished his attempt to murder Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, he turned his gun on the people to his left, then the people to his right. Recently released video shows his first target to the right was Ron Barber, Gifford’s district director, who was standing next to Justice John Roll.

Barber was shot in the arm. Judge Roll then pushed him down and, shielding Barber with his own body, steered him to shelter under a nearby table. While under the table, Loughner aimed for Roll’s exposed back and pulled the trigger. The video continues as Judge Roll looks up over his right shoulder, lies back down and dies at the scene.

Why don’t we know that? We know that an intern to Gifford, Daniel Hernandez, held Congresswoman Gifford’s head in his lap, putting pressure on the wound to save her life. We know that retired Army National Guard Colonel Bill Badger, though injured, tackled Loughner. We know Joe Zamudio, a young bystander carrying a gun, ran to the scene initially to stop the shooter by his own deadly force, but aided Badger instead in the restraint. While both held Loughner, Patricia Maisch removed another loaded magazine from Loughner’s pocket.

It’s all fake. She wasn’t injured. Moreover, any defects she has in her skull were assuredly there prior:
Screen captures from the video:
gabriellegiff00 gabriellegiff11




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  1. Giffords is a pure case of someone malingering. I don’t know the caliber of the alleged gun but if 115 grain 9mm or a 135 grain 45cal. enters the skull and exits the skull, the results will be a near vegetative state. Giffords is not even close to that. I couldn’t imagine a bullet not being a hollow point in this case which will do even more damage than ball ammunition.

  2. You guys are wrong about this one she was definitely shot but I think it was with a .22 or .38 a smaller caliber than a .45 and they had to remove part of her skull you can see a huge part is gone. The bullet passed through her skull it damaged part of her brain she had to learn how to talk again.

    Loughner was most likely a programmed brainwashed assassin and they were willing to sacrifice Gabby to make this more real. What you should look into is one of the Greenberg family kids who supposedly was killed when this happened that could be fake like everything else with that family.

    • Are u for real, mr. Hunt?

  3. While the events are considered the big ticket item, the huge and blatant cover-ups after the “events” are the real issue. Papers and mass media want NO part of these events unless they can write all the lies themselves. Our media is guilty of pure, unadulterated treason.

  4. Ethan,
    What’s better than a dead gun victim that is high profile like giffords? Well, that is easy, it is a living gun victim who is a high profile person that can speak out against guns and support gun control.

    We were told she had to learn to speak again. That can all be faked. Look at this woman right now. If she had a bullet to her brain, why is her blinking, eye movement, lips, mouth, cheeks, and the semetrical layout of her body performing so well? Look at the obvious unconscious things her face is telling us. There is absolutely no lingering affects in the conditions of her face that she is able to involuntarily control. The semetrical and unconscious control of her face should be a blaring bright light that nothing happened to this woman. She is acting the part of a gimp and through her acting, she has slipped more than once. It’s difficult to fake her condition all the time. How many times has she been in public to fake her condition? She has not been in public very much and each time she is, it’s to support gun control. Why isn’t she a proponent of brain injury victims? That’s because she is only playing the part.

    I also repeat the question of xyz – Are you for real?

    • I watched all the videos and I now think you guys might be right it’s very curious how fast she recovered. Definitely possible that nobody was killed or even injured. They fooled me and I always admit when I am wrong.

      • Good for you, Ethan. ALL of us have been fooled by these bastards at some point before becoming awakened. It’s far easier to fool a man, than it is for a man to admit he’s been fooled. Unlike so many others, you are a stand up man, Ethan.

  5. Must agree, the DENT in GABBY’s skull is sizeable, so she may have been sacrificed. Ditto for JUDGE ROLLS.

    Nevertheless, if these were REAL SHOOTINGS by an MK ULTRA MIND-CONTROL ASSASSIN – JARED LOUGHNER – that makes the ZIOS / MOSSAD and their AMERICAN LAPDOGS look even worse.

    Either way, they have clearly met the “overt act” requirement in furtherance of a “meeting of the minds,” necessary elements in conspiracy lawsuits. (Work on civil actions, and forget about any criminal charges, when your worst ZIONIST ENEMIES are the FBI and DHS).

    Then we have FRAUD, TITLE 42 – Deprivation of Civil Rights and/or Conspiracy to Deprive Civil Rights (take our Second Amendment), and much more.

    Regarding the politicos, cops, and shysters, we have BREACH OF FIDUCIARY DUTY, GROSS NEGLIGENCE, and other valid claims.

    Trying to overthrow the sovereign USA by trashing a CORE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT is BIG TIME SERIOUS BUSINESS, so how about $100 BILLION DOLLARS PUNITVE (punishment) DAMAGES ?

    Do we hear $100 TRILLION PUNITIVE ? (( – :

    Now, let us know if you can find ANY LAWYER or FIRM who will take these cases and GO ALL THE WAY. We doubt it, so it’s on us, folks.

    I/we said, ALL THE WAY, so don’t let the shysters scam you.


    We DO NOT want to hear about ZIONIST LAPDOG RAND PAUL and VIRGINIA ATTORNEY GENERAL KEN “Cooch” CUCINELLI’s proposed CLASS ACTION against the NSA / OBAMA, et. al.

    We DO NOT want to hear about ZIONIST LAPDOG STEPHEN COZEN’s remanded 9/11 lawsuits, which DO NOT IMPLICATE the ZIONISTS and MOSSAD.

    If you find a shyster(s) willing to plead those allegations AGAINST THE ZIONISTS and ISRAEL, let’s hear it at [email protected] .


    Brad DeShane, Worldwide Press Agent, for

    CT GLOBAL at http://www.CT-Global.webs.com

    CT AMERICA at http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501

  6. Tuscon Shooting was a hoax.

    Professor James Fetzer and Pilot Dennis Cimino in their radio program appear to agree with NoDisinfo findings about these various hoaxes NoDisinfo has brought to the truth movement.

    Many thanks to NoDisinfo for an excellent job!.

    Here is their radio program:


  7. Here is more from Professor James Fetzer:

    “The Ugly Truth about Michael Collins Piper, Cass Sunstein and Sandy Hook”

    “Given the extraordinary attention that has been devoted to dissecting the sensational events in Tucson, Aurora, Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing, I would have thought that those who deny that they were “false flag” or staged events orchestrated by elements within the federal, state and local governments are either unfamiliar with the evidence or cognitively impaired.

    Imagine my astonishment to discover a new book, False Flags: Template for Terror (2013)–featuring images of Lee Harvey Oswald, Osama bin Laden, Timothy McVeigh, Adam Lanza and Dzhokhar Tsamaev on its cover–in which Michael Collins Piper argues instead that those who believe Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing were false flag events are not simply wrong about the facts of the matter but are implementing the program of “cognitive infiltration” advanced by Cass Sunstein as tools of the government.”

    –Writes Professor James Fetzer

    Read more here:

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