Boston Bombing — 05 May 2013
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George Bush, Jr., is Right for Once

Pike Aero strikes another home run with his spoof on George Bush. The spoof, though, is on us for allowing the use by the criminal Zionist-orchestrated government of hard-earned taxpayer money to perpetrate these false flags upon us. Mr. Bush remembers well being given his marching orders to follow the wicked plots of the Zionist cabal after 9-11.

Mr. Bush makes it clear that a conspiracy has been committed against the people and that this conspiracy is highly organized and sophisticated. He was asked Diane Sawyer, who opened up the subject (unknowingly) of false flag attacks, and he simply replied in context to the best of this ability under the circumstances. For this gives him credit and urges him for the sake of this world–for the sake of his duty to his fellow human beings–to speak out more.

It shows that he has independent thought, “highly organized.” Such terminology will be adopted here to explain this scam.

Give Mr. Bush credit for presumably searching the Internet for the truth about this false flag attack between cutting logs and chasing his dog.


Credit: Pike Areo

From one of our posters:

Great video for many reasons but the first I have seen that shows hoaxers, in this case the big sweatshirt woman and a thin woman chasing after her, going into Marathon Sports. Implicating Marathon as being, used if not he base, of the event.

1:41-1:43 she is down the sidewalk coming this way

1:53 Boom! There she is in all her glory right there, turning, going inside

1:56 here comes the woman chasing after her, in a hurry

2:03 here they come back out with the thin one pushing the fat one

Article by NY Daily News on Marathon Sports and owner Colin Peddie

“Blast destroyed shop’”

“And none of his workers were injured — although one was sent flying while standing on a bench that disappeared with the force of the blast”.

What “bench” could this be other than the one outside destroyed not by a bomb but by humans who knows when long after the blast? Does Colin Peddie have some ‘splaining to do?


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  1. So much hard work went into making this video; bravo. “Mapping the Tsarnaev Brothers” posted by horse239 at, also took an enormous amount of effort. So today the uncle who denounced Tamerlan, and who is closely allied with dark forces, is the one that is claiming his body. Hmmm!

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