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The Gloria Allred Lesbian Network and the Bill Cosby Rape Hoax

With revelations thanks to our posters and special thanks to “cowboy.”

No doubt, sexual deviants are primary players in a wide range of fabrications and hoaxes, with the Bill Cosby rape hoax being no exception. The largely California-based Lesbian network in particular has been extensively leveraged in order to perpetrate this scam. Yet, so has the transvestite network.

The key orchestrator of this fake is none other than so-called gay and Lesbian rights lawyer, Gloria Allred. Ms. Allred gets awfully cozy with her female clients, often hugging them on national TV.

On that same TV Allred parades about a litany of hoaxers, all making unsubstantiated claims against Mr. Cosby. A number of those fraudsters are lesbians. Why would arch-lesbians have sex with Mr. Cosby, who is 100% male? Yet, it was this arch-Zionist treacherous one who said that Mr. Cosby may not have his day in court (essentially) though he is being tried “in the court of public opinion.” This is the plot hatched by Allred and her collaborators, make no mistake about it.

Once again, Allred has a tendency to get highly comfortable, physically, with the woman whom she claims to represent.

There is more, in fact, far more. Here is that arch-Zionist corrupt one at Mickys in homosexual-oriented West Hollywood:

Uploaded on Sep 20, 2011

Gloria Allred at Mickys in Gay West Hollywood

The video was uploaded by the gay house itself. She how she gets ‘physical’ with at least two homosexuals, one a male ‘princess’ and the other one, apparently a female.

The hedonistic Zionist agent is the epitome of “anti-family” values and is, therefore, an arch-opponent of Mr. Cosby.


In the video it can be seen that she repeatedly rubs her hind end against that of what appears to be a ‘queen,’ that is a man dressed as a woman.  Then, too, here she is with a different cross dresser, in this case a woman dressed as a man, bearing a tie and a kind of manly uniform.

billcosbyallredhoax-33 billcosbyhoaxallredlesbiancomm

With her look of a Satan it can be seen that they are exceedingly fond of one another, and this is repeatedly proven by the still shots.

cosbyallred-1 billcosbylesbiannetwork-allred

Who is this lesbian cohort of whom she is so fond?


Notice the most striking feature of the cross-dresser’s face. It is, in fact, her nose to a degree also her chin. That nose: it is hooked down, the nose of a skeptic, dramatically so, and the nostril is hook-like, tiny.

Could it then be her, the first woman to ram through a same sex marriage, Robin Tyler?

RobTyler right who with her partner Diane Olsnot shown became first same-sex couple wed Los Angeles County 2008 sits with

Robin Tyler, right, who with her partner Diane Olson, not shown, became the first same-sex couple to wed in Los Angeles County in 2008, sits with her attorney Gloria Allred as they learn about the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision on the validity of gay marriage, in Los Angeles Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2012.

In fact, no doubt it is her:


Same nose, same forehead, same hair, same mouth, same chin: same treachery.

Here is Tyler with not only Allred but also her supposed spouse, Diane Olson. It should be noted that Olson is a common name for Zionist Jews.

There are no males in Allred’s ‘life,’ only women.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 10.44.27 PM

In this line-up the two women, right screen, are most likely lesbians. It could be that they are all homosexuals.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 10.43.59 PM

It is highly obvious that Ferrier is a lesbian. Thus, her claims of close association with a full male like Bill Cosby can be categorically dismissed.

She is also of Jewish extraction, which is the case with virtually all of the Cosby accusers:

Mar 23, 2012 – And Stein and names ending in stein (stone) are believed to be Jewish, but that is not necessarily was not until the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492 andMy surname, Farrar, is listed as Sephardic in,deFerrieriis St Hillaire (Latin Spelling) a companion of Duke William

Crisis actor Chelan, one of the most effective of all the arch-Zionist hoaxers, refuses to give her surname. Or, perhaps Chelan is her surname and the first name is not being revealed.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 10.43.52 PM

Despite the rare tears, as seen with Chelan, the accusations are baseless. There is no proof for any of the claims made by the Cosby accusers.

Perhaps all along Allred was the real wife of Tyler and she was fighting, essentially, for her right to marry in California a woman.

This is a preliminary post to be updated as soon as possible.






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  1. I agree with everything youre saying.

    • You hit a home run with this one! Ofcourse the pitcher was not opposing you! lol Anyway…
      ZioMiami PsyOp Hoax Rudy Eugene’s other Girfriend !
      Rikkia Cross
      Is this woman actually a woman he was dating on the side who really thinks he is dead & is completely not in on this PsyOp Operaton Hoax Event?? Being unwittngly used by the devils at the Miami Herald & DHS?? Her ability to show such real emotion & real crying is completely unheard of ever in these hoax events by the zionist DHS enemy of Americans!
      You never saw any real crying or emotion by these happy hoaxer mothers of murdered tiny childen in the Sandy Hook Hoax PsyOp for Example even immediately after the Fake Mass Murder Event just happened! It took Hollywood zio agent slime lifetime actress Franicine Lobis Wheeler the Fraudster
      weeks to finally Hoax Cry!

      • Yes, the other video (see below) with the supposed girlfriend of Rudy is indeed a DIFFERENT PERSON.

        The fact that Allred is in the video “to offer support” makes it even more suspicious.

  2. Allred = all red = communism, makes sense….

    • If it’s even true he’s dead good riddance to just another pathological prevaricator/seared conscience type!

    • Maybe it was a suicide, image a job like this:

      Buying A Media Job by Sherman H. Skolnick

      So, you want to be a talking head on a local TV station. And read the alleged “news” from the idiot machine.


      1. You have to be about 28 years old.

      2. If a woman, blondes preferred. Light-skinned blacks permitted BUT must look like a doll.

      3. Must be able to read items about bloody wrecks, airplane disasters, and tornados without showing much visible emotion.

      4. You cannot show any politics in what you are reading.

      In most of the bigger markets, such as Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, you have to buy the job through the local, handful of celebrity lawyers. The terms are as follows: in a three-year conract, paying a big buck, you have to agree to pay under the table, a minimum of 15 per cent, in front, in cash, of the total amount you would receive in the first year of the contract. Of that, it is to be divided up as follows: one third to the union business agent, one third to the celebrity lawyer, and one third to the news director or station manager.

      I have been on the periphery of the media since the early 1960s. A few examples have come to my attention. Because of our role as crusaders opening up scandals, items that are suppressed by the monopoly press are sometimes referred to us, on the sly, together with the corroborating details. Media people in key places confide in us. We never, never, never divulge sources. Judges that we have fingered publicly for bribery have numerous times over the decades, put me, as the head of our court reform group, in jail and prison for so-called “contempt of court”, for absolutely refusing to divulge sources.

      Over the decades as well I have become a sort of father confessor of media people with a problem. [I once taught civic investigation at a Chicago broadcast school.] Media people confide their problems to us, in confidence, knowing that we will never reveal who they are and will oftentimes come up with a proposed solution to save their neck and their job. I have usually met with such people in the middle of the night at some out of the way meeting place. What follows is a typical example:

      “Sherman, the so and so’s fired me. And I am only in the first year of my three-year contract. BUT, they cannot do that!” the media person forcefully exclaimed. “I paid in cash, in front, the fifteen per cent as required. I bought the job. The money was divided up on the business agent of the union, this special lawyer that handles the buying and selling of media jobs, and the balance went to the news director. I was also of course the right age and look. Hey, the job belongs to me. They cannot fire me!” he emphasized.

      He outlined to me how this system works throughout the media industry. He offered other examples, some of which we already knew about from talking to other media people.

      “I’ll try my best to help you and keep all this confidential. After all, you and your pals have in the past given me the lowdown on several suppressed scandals, and gave me the rundown on the inside dirt at your outlet. So I owe you one.” I told him.

      “I bought the job, that’s the system. They cannot fire me!” he repeated, his voice showing his anger.

  3. Allred on Allred:

    “There are four steps to a meal,” she tells me. “You have to buy it. You have to cook it, eat it, and clean it up. I like as much as possible just to eat it, and maybe buy it.”

    I think we can be happy that she wears clothes when it’s hot.

    • And in other words as often as she can get away with it she just walks out on the check !

  4. Ex-CIA Pilot Gives Sworn Testimony That No Planes Hit The Twin Towers

    • Yes, John Lear has several YouTube videos explaining why no planes hit the towers.

      Morgan Reynolds, however, is the only person thus far that has made a reference to a “cartoon plane” on the Zionist media, and this was back in 2006.

      Reynolds says the following in the news clip: “I encourage everbody to do a frame by frame penetration of the South Tower, and what you will see is a FAKE, a cartoon display.”

      The mainstream media has never allowed anyone else to dare make a reference to fake planes, since that IS the nucleus of the 9/11 scam.

      Once people realize there were no planes, then the entire pyramid of 9/11 lies gets dissolved.

      Here is the clip of Morgan Reynolds on FOX news, he has a site called

    • Genuine question here – but is there anything at all ever reported about Jews that you believe? Is absolutely everything a hoax when it comes to Jews?

      • “Is absolutely everything a hoax when it comes to Jews?”


        • He knows damned well they have to mix real news & events in with all their lies and hoaxes and PsyOps & real wars they’ve orchestrated for people to believe their lies and get the evil change or synthesis they desire!

          • Your constant talk of the babylonian Talmud and “psyops” is hilarious. When are you going to be sectioned into an insane asylum? Can’t be long now.

            I am not a jew. I have never read any Jewish texts and i don’t believe anything Jews believe in. I’m an atheist – all problems in the world come from religion and use of religion for extremism.

            Man, what the **** did a jew do to you to get your panties in such a knot?

  5. Bill Cosby has been degrading, drugging, and raping young white and light skin colored women for years.

    • Yes ofcourse he is Eeevile out raping all these lesbian defacto mossad agents you Babylonin Talmud loving zionist freak! He needs to be extorted & robbed of $100,000,000 by this female Gene Rosen like sleazeBag Hoax Hag & *** Hag Gloria “Cannibals are coming the cannibals are coming to get you goyim!” ALL LIES ALLRED! And we need all the whities & darkies in a race war to serve your evil Zionist objectives don’t we Mr. disinfomation zionist? Kill Whitie!! Kill Darkie!! Serve the self chosen master race racist zionists!

      • He is a sadomossadist, lol.

  6. Good catch, Dr. K and Cowboy.

    On to more stupidity – Islamic State Wants to Sell James Foley’s Headless Body for $1,000,000 – so are they going to behead someone already in the morgue to pull this lie off?

    Portion of article – more on site. Athough many people still don’t believe that the beheading of Western hostages by the Islamic State actually occurred, the suggestion that they would be willing to hand over a headless body in return for $1,000,000 is repugnant.

    A senior official in the Free Syrian Army has stated that ISIS wants to sell the body to Foleys family or to the American government, and that they are willing to provide DNA to prove that the body is indeed Foleys. Speaking to Buzzfeed, the man said:

    “They ask for $1 million, and they will send DNA to Turkey, but they want the money first,” said the former rebel to the website. “They will not give the DNA without the money.”


    • And the guy that plays ISIS CRISIS Actor Hoax Beheaded James Foley is no more dead than you or me! He only got Hoax Beheaded in the Arizona Desert by Mossad agent hag Rita Katz & her ISIS CRISIS ACTOR gang in Arizona!

  7. Zionst Deviant change Agent Gloria Allred Promoting Transgender Dragqueen Special Rights At An Awards Ceremony with her trophy Lesbo Date big silicone breasted Barbi Benton “letting them big babies all hang out”! And notice Allred’s bareback doing trashy Homo Promo & Transgender Promoting like the Babylonian Talmud loving deviant & change agent she truly is!

  8. Ever changjng contradictory stories/complete lies money hungry apparent lesbian has-been model Beth Ferrier. Here she is saying Eeevile Black goyim boogeyman Bill Cosby drugged her and her agent when they first met so he could rape her! Did he hoax rape your agent & your male model friend too?? You lying zionist change agent!
    Anyway other times this filthy self-proven liar claims she dated Cosby for a period of time & where she willingly had sex with him. And then after they broke up she kept meeting him for no known or explicable reason & each time he would drug her & have Babylonian style necrophelia-like zio unconsious sex with her. (The type of deviant thing that zionist Hollywood execs are famous for among other deviant types of sex and rape & molestation) but not even actors of any stripe!

    • …”complete lies money hungry…”

      She wants Cosby to set up a $100,000,000 fund for compensation against these “victims.”

      That is not a misprint, ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS!

      Going to court is a smokescreen, they just want the cash.

  9. Hideous Demonic perverted old evil zionist witch Gloria Bloom(ing) idiot Allred trying to force beauty contests to allow Crossdressers & drag queen perverted men to take part in beauty contests! There’s just no limits to the evil & perversion of this demon of a Talmudically twisted old Jewish woman & her hatred of God & the goyim family & society!

    • Very good find, cowboy. Am working on it.

    • Some religious groups should force the homosexual community to take part in their events, demanding that half of the time is used for prayer.


    • Interesting. Links, please. Yes, OJ was framed.

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