**Breaking News** — 24 June 2017
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Grenfell Tower is a Fake Fire Started by London Firemen and Pyrotechnicians

UPDATED, June 26, 2017

Make no mistake the Grenfell fire is a phony fire based upon the use of specialized pyrotechnic materials sufficient to cause the appearance of a real fire. Even so, there was not even the least degree of serious or life-threatening smoke inhalation. That could only occur through the use of pyrotechnic devices for artificially accelerating the fire.

The building was empty, with one exception. This was the existence of various stunt-persons, professional actors, fire officials, and hired crisis actors.

Nodisinfo.com is not the first to call Grenfell a hoax; for instance, this was done by a number of others, particularly a number of astute YouTubers. Even so, to add to the fury of combating the fake, here, it is stated that the fire was clearly staged as a controlled element, fully under the auspices of the London Fire Brigade.

There was no spontaneous fire. Rather, it was all fully staged through the use of man-made, artificial fire-inducing incendiary devices: Hollywood-style.

Pyrotechnic substances cause only a surface burn and never cause the deeper elements of fire, as caused by natural gas and/or petrochemical accelerants. The pseudo-fire-like damage can clearly be seen here:

As well, it becomes clear that the fire was artificially generated, with most of the action occurring on the outside of the building, then, from outside-in.

When pyrotechnics are used, people can actually be in close proximity. Yet, with the proper suits and more they can be protected. This was the case with Paul Walker associated, Roger Rhodas, when the two faked their deaths, Hollywood-style. Rhodas can be seen in the image wearing a pyrotechnic suit:

Thus, it is no surprise that a litany of crisis actors could be seen in the towers during the pyrotechnic/accelerant display:

It can be seen that the actor in this case opens the window for photographic purposes, then shuts it. It would be thought that he would keep it open to avoid suffocating, that is if this were real.

Why aren’t the heroes from the area running up and helping these people. There are firemen on the ground at this time. Why don’t they go up and do something? Regardless, these people are actors. They’re not escaping, because they are not supposed to do so: until the imagery has been fully captured.

Here is another example of embedded crisis actors. One of them appears to be even holding up a cell phone. This is the only imagery that is seen, people waving cloths and towels, also the man who opened-and-shut the window. In all likelihood none of these people are residents, or if they are, they are under the control of crisis actor moles.

If such imagery is available, why is there no imagery of people who jumped out and fell to their deaths? Why is there not a single image of a smoke-overcome person and/or a burnt person: or a person burning on fire, as advertised?

The pyrotechnic-like, Hollywood-style fire can be clearly seen. In the early stages it was in association with firemen on the ground, See the proximity of the pyrotechnic display to the fire ladder, above:

In the above, once again, the proximity of the fireman-occupied fire ladder can be seen, indicating full involvement and control from fire officials. Also, see that this fire is not coming from within but is, rather, on the outer elements of the building.

Below is a compilation of three screen shots. From left to right it can be seen that in fractions of seconds the ‘fire’ accelerates. How is this possible unless this was a controlled fire, artificially enhanced through pyrotechnic materials. It also enlarges from top to bottom, covering dozens of floors, a physical impossibility, make no mistake.

    1                             2                                    3

Notice the ball of fire on the right screen. Many of these balls of relatively harmless fire had fallen down, indicative of a pyrotechnic display.

The pipe-like nature of the early acceleration gives a strong indication of the nature of this as a man-made fire, fully controlled, absolutely contrived. What follows is what a real fire looks like in a London-area flat. There is no upward, tube-like acceleration. Moreover, the fire occurs from within, then out, not from outside-in:

A real fire arising in an apartment flat would appear as above, largely contained by hard element, brick, concrete and more and would gradually spread, floor-to-floor, if not contained:

There is, thus, no comparison.

Notice the inside-out nature, never seen in the Grenfell debacle. Nor is there any highly dangerous acrid, dangerous smoke, as seen in these actual spontaneous fires:

No one would wait around for whatever reason under such circumstances. All people would rush out of harm’s way. Even so, by no means is the smoke in the Grenfell debacle entirely safe for repeated inhalation. Yet, crisis actors were allowed to remain in its proximity without warning.

Moreover, in the video the obvious is seen, which is the fact that there is a “safe zone,” from which the crisis actor operates. To ensure the safety of this zone, it would appear, as pointed out in the red arrow, water is being sprayed in the region.

The person could easily have escaped down the fire-retardant fire escape. There is no danger here. Thus, there is no reason for the sheet-based escape system other than for the photo shoot. This was dramatized by a number of videos operated via crisis actors on the opposite building.

The sheets serve no purpose to any degree.

How about this man? Did he finally get tired of waving about his gown?

Obviously, the old m an is just acting this out, waiting for instructions from his handlers.

It is fitting that the undertakers in the black suits would show up for this arch-Satanic ritual.

Therefore, no one died to any degree. It was a ritual sacrifice, of a useless, defunct, undesirable building, likely laced with asbestos: an eyesore that the world wanted rid of.






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  1. Well said, it does appear that there were a few arch-fake ‘Muslims’ on-site, playing out the role. By the way where are those real Ramadhan people who actually plucked the people out of the buildings? No interviews with them?

  2. Horrible fake, with the Muslims, among others,fully bamboozled. “Raised a huge amount of money to try to help people.” “Money for long-term housing.” Super-FAKE.

    • Zionist Mobster Jew Lowlife Frank Lowy via His subsidized new development of the area & existing malls & properties will be the main beneficiaries of this massive PsyOp! And he’ll get free massive police state security from police to protect his properties in this area! And he will allow more hoax shootings worldwide at his malls & properties for this goldmine of a hoax!

  3. telling everyone what a wanker you it only needed one word

  4. you are gabriel

  5. You predicted it.

  6. Irrelevant

  7. Staged San Bernardino San-Burn-A-Hoax-O Fire Near Devore Timed w Tool Rock Concert! DC-10 & Bull Dozers Prearraigned Drill Style DHS FEMA Cali USFS PsyOp Near “Devore Canyon” LMAO!

    Supposedly a Car Spontaneously Combusted & in Isolated area of brush & trees! They can instantly get a McDonald Douglas DC 10 fire plane & two bulldozers on scene yet when USFS & CALIFORNIA & Oregon & Washington State & BLM starts fires & burns out farmers & ranchers & orchards &growers & homeowners whose land they they want to steal they can never get firetrucks on scene in a timely manner or not at all, much less Bulldozers & Giant tanker DC-10 Fire jets!

    And they staged it timed with a Tool Concert & Near Devore Canyon for the name like “the fire was about to devore the Canyon”!


  8. The fire was real, The deaths were real. Arson insurance fraud with no regard for life as part of a larger gentrification scheme.

  9. Just how long will it be before people realize that there was nobody living there and that the media/fire service and some members of the government faked the whole thing? What will the reaction be when they finally do?

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