Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 23 July 2014
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Hacked Emails Prove arch-Zionist Ihor Kolomoisky is Behind MH17 Hoax

Revelation thanks to one of our posters. This is an enormous find, acting as hard proof against the Zionist cabal. The goal: the solicitation of a world war aimed against the Russian Federation.

It is rabid Zionist Jew Ihor Kolomoisky, along with other Zionist collaborators, who is behind the false flag act of the fake crash of Malaysian Airlines MH17. The emails implicate the entire vile Zionist cabal in this treacherous event.

Many thanks to YouTuber ‘Sherry’ for this assessment:

Filthy, murder-soliciting rabid Zionist Jew Jason P. Gresh acts as the Mossad liason:

Here he is with the Zionist-sponsored thugs in the Ukrainian military.

He knows his Russian well, like any good murderous Bolshevik-like Zionist spy.

Per PressTV in early 2014 the anticipated area of the phony crash  had already been mapped out; Russia would be blamed, with heavy emphasis on scandalizing Putin.

This map, which was attached to a terror plan email, shows where the plane wreckage of a terror attack is to be found

The motive is vile jealousy of the Zionists of the financial advancement of Russian through its BRIC financial powerhouse, that is Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

BRIC just signed a multi-billion dollar deal for even further cooperation. The Zionists seek to crush it through an US invasion of the Ukraine, Russia’s avenue to Europe (primarily via the Black Sea).

Zionist infiltrators in the Pentagon had plotted the false flag act, using their assets in the Ukraine, notably the Ihor Kolomoisky terror network:

“Frame-up” means what it says, to create a false flag act and then blame it on the ‘enemy,’ in this case the Russian Federation.

In two separate publishing of the emails, Gresh addresses the incriminating one to “Ihor.” Alternatively, it has been published as “Igor.” Both given names are taken by Ihor Kolomoisky. Moreover, only he has a Network of spies and terrorists in the Ukrainian nation:


From a write-up in PressTV:


The use of the term “network” implicates this criminal mind.

Notice how the Zionist perpetrator speaks in code. MH17 is a false flag act orchestrated by the Zionist cabal. The crash never happened. ‘Scrap metal’ merely represents torn-up parts of decommissioned passenger jets. The ‘metal’ was taken to the site, and the entire event was staged.

To be updated as soon as possible.





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  1. CIA officer Paul Craig Roberts on Jul 22, 2014 makes its clear about Ukraine
    A 5 min video ~ http://youtu.be/4HSQrNPIyRI

    • Dude, Paul Craig Roberts, is the former asst director of the US Treasury. Nowhere in his bio does it mention CIA

      • Lying Mossadomite Troll Gaybriel –the same lying troll who claimed his uncle was killed on the hoax shootdown airliners lol says no one would so openly talk about planned black Ops in emails! lol Really??? These psychopath zionist traitors talk about doing false flag attacks on America to put America into disastrous & deadly wars in public!
        As this psycho zionist Clawson did and as has Hillary!


    • This filthy animal Gresh has purposely and needlessly put many American soldiers at risk of death as well as Russian and Ukrainian soldiers with his treasonous & dangerous actions to cause deadly military & political tensions between USA, Ukraine and Russia for his zionist mssters. He is a real Jonathon Pollard of a traitorous zionist. He should be tried and hung upon his conviction like the Traitorous Rosenbergs so deservedly were for their warmonger assisting treason. His complete disreguard with complete evil glee for American life and Ukrainian lives and Russians lives, most of whom would be innocent non combatants, is the true hallmark of a zionist psychopath zealot serving only his sick, twisted master race/chosen racist & insane idealogy where all other humans are mere animals to be butchered like livestock through deception and orchestrated, manipulated unnecessary zionist profitting wars and their deaths even celebrated with sick, twisted excitement. What an evil monster. The saddest thing is he will probably get a medal of Freedom when Hillary the hardcore zionist warmonger & admitted life long crypto Jew is put into the Oval Office through computerized vote fraud.

  2. While the mainstream media casually accuses Moscow without evidence of having orchestrated the shoot down of Malaysian Airlines MH17 in liaison with the Donesk rebels, the backlash of the crisis on international financial markets and on Russia’s financial system has passed virtually unnoticed.
    Moreover, the political threats and insinuations directed against the Russian Federation in the wake of the July 17 disaster, have been coupled with a renewed wave of economic sanctions directed against major Russian corporations and financial institutions.
    Inside Information and Foreknowledge
    The conduct of speculative operations both prior and in the wake of the July 17 crash, is also a major consideration: In the functioning of World financial markets, terror events, natural disasters as well as major tragedies such as MH17 will invariably have an impact on the short term behavior of financial markets including major stock markets, the foreign exchange market as well the energy and commodities markets.
    It should be noted that foreknowledge of a terror event such as the MH17 crash of July 17 over Eastern Ukraine’s warzone, offers an opportunity to the perpetrators as well as those who have advanced knowledge of the terror event to conduct profitable speculative transactions on various financial markets. Cui bono? Wall Street or Moscow’s Financial Establishment?
    In other words, those who planned the attack on MH17 (including their political and economic sponsors) had in their possession valuable and confidential information which could be used in large scale speculative undertakings, including options trade on the DJIA, the Moscow Stock exchange (MICEX), foreign exchange markets, not to mention speculative trade (e.g. put options) on airline stocks.
    What is described above is routine in the frequent conduct of “risk free” speculative trade by major financial institutions.
    Major financial actors who had foreknowledge of the MH17 event of July 17 would have made billions of windfall gains in speculative transactions. With foreknowledge of the crash, institutional speculators would be in a position to accurately “predict” the short term decline of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and other major stock markets, commodity and forex indexes and act accordingly, placing speculative bets through the use of different financial instruments.
    Moreover, there is also an overlap between Wall Street and the corporate financial media: Timely news releases by Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, etc. in the wake of a major international event often exert a decisive influence on the actual movement of major financial indicators. At the same time, these powerful financial media –which influence investors’ perceptions regarding future market trends– overlap symbiotically with partner interests on Wall Street which are directly involved in undertaking major transactions. In fact, the corporate financial media are invariably major actors on Wall Street or the City of London. Who are the major shareholders of the WSJ, the Financial Times or the Economist? Is there a conflict of interest?
    The New York Stock Exchange
    In the wake of the July 17 crash of MH17, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) declined from its 17150 peak and subsequently bounced back (see chart below). Foreknowledge of the MH17 would have allowed the reaping of financial gains on the short term movement of the Dow from one day to the next.

    • It’d be nice to know who dumped stock in Malaysian Airlines prior to the (pun intended) crash.

  3. As expected, idiots think about preparing sanctions for Russia/Putin….

    • I think the reason the can only TALK about tougher sanctions is because Europe gets 30% of its gas from Russia.

  4. Scrap metal? Seems to me there is an identical plane missing since March that could have been used as a real crash. How else do you blame someone for shooting down your plane when you only have fake crash sites like fl 93 on 9/11. The plane is real alright. The story about no one knowing what happened to MH370 is the mystery solved before your eyes.

    • I was thinking they’d use the real plane as parts too , maybe they only shipped in some key props and filled in the rest with scrap , certainly some of the wreckage looks 777 ish

  5. The information brought in THIS post proves what I had thought about this whole “Crash” idea…THERE WAS NO CRASH…They simply took that old missing flight 370 aircraft and torn it pieces and spread it around the FAKE crash site…Remember….Flight 17 NEVER even existed because it was cancelled!
    The whole scenario is a BIG fraud!!!

    • Welcome to NoDisinfo Kenneth.

  6. The was no plane crash. It would have left a smoke trail as it descended, and the chance of the plane crashing near a road is very low likelihood.

    • If your too lazy to read your not gonna like my answer.

  7. Specifically the baby raping (3 yo +) racist & homicidal Talmudic Jews + ignorant non Jew fascists, basically anyone who is looking forward to the next Neanderthal drama.

    • I would also add , there are certainly those who profess to be Christian and Muslim involved as well. I’m gonna say complacency equals guilt.

      • Entry level Shill,
        I think your quilty for not giving a **** , your siding with mass murderers.

  8. Shill,
    your nothing but a time waster

  9. Innocent young unarmed Palestinian man murdered in front of camera crew by cowardly, murderous Israeli sniper while searching for his murdered family members. After wounding the unarmed man, the barbaric, cowardly Israeli sniper finishes murdering him like a true demon as the camera crew watches in horror.
    Israel has really stepped up the murdering of civilians the last 3 days, murdering atleast 300 in three days! And it has bombed atleast 5 Mosques in three days as well and is really intensifying it’s evil & cowardly attacks on schools & refugee camps full of children whose homes the Israeli monsters have already bombed and left many of them murder-victim orphans. No evil is too great for Israel. They are truly obeying the most evil, insane and geniocidal set of books ever written –The Babylonian Talmud!
    It should be no mystery anymore who the most evil of evil called Mystery Babylon is: Israel!


    • Total fake.As Dr K would say “Where is the blood ?”

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