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The Happy (and drunken) Hoaxers of the Las Vegas Fake Shooting Hoax

No one really trusts a drunk. Yet, the world is taking their word for it that this Las Vegas shooting really did occur? There are a number of people who seemed to be thrilled at the thought that people were being shot dead and injured from on high by a well-armed gunman in Las Vegas. Here is the standard chaos-like scene associated with this scam. See how, on the one hand, there are people acting as if ducking bullets, while others are standing tall, not reacting:

Yet, what is seen, here? Now, there are supposedly bullets flying everywhere. Yet, what can be determined? There is a man acting as a director, far left, who is instructing, guiding, the people.

Now came hoaxer, the man in the white hat. He is gleeful to the extreme, and even gives a salute sign to the camera-person:

It can be seen that he is all smiles. There can be no doubt about that.

In the video there is another director on the far right screen, clearly directing, guiding the various actors.

There are additional happy hoaxers seen in the following video as well as various directors and agitators.

It can be seen that this is a clear hoax, where there are people ducking while the two people in the center are oblivious. In fact, they are making jest of the entire affair, cracking jokes, also refusing to follow orders.

Now, once again, all these images are seen after the ‘shooting’ is heard. Yet, incredibly, the world believes this, wholesale, to be true. It is not true. It is a Zionist plot, right in the entrails of arch-Zionist criminality, the wicked domain of the Las Vegas strip:

Here, the smiling, smirking man, clearly drunk, is told to ‘get down’ by one of the directors. The man repeatedly waves his arm up and down attempting to get the desired result, which is to make it look like a real movie. He refuses to do so:

Instead, he takes another slug from his beer or whatever drink he holds:

The directors are commonly seen throughout, some official law enforcement, others working for the movie elements. In particular, in this video there is seen a special scene, where people are guided to run, being told to duck and keep their heads down and to keep on running and running. At one point the guide agent gets upset, because people attempt to run towards the street.

Others jump in to assist him, so that the human cattle will go in the right direction before the cameras. To control this a gate is brought forth to stem the tide of humanity from going in the undesirable direction. Now, everyone knows that no one would do so in a real shooting, where people are being fired upon wildly with, essentially, machine gun fire:

All these teeming masses of humanity are involved in this scam, just like all the others. No one is certain what was the pay scale, but surely it was considerable enough to gain such mass cooperation. Regardless, the existence of coordinators and directors is hard proof of the degree of the hoax and scam.

All the various hundreds of people seen in this event are a part of the hoax and scam. It is easy to achieve on a movie-style set. All these people are extras, paid for their roles. No one believes that cops would be involved in directing traffic in the midsts of an actual shooting. Everyone can tell this is a fake, a mere scam.

It is clear from the videos that this is fully staged and that there is nothing real about it, not even possible.

There are numerous other happy hoaxers. They show up in the live videos. Moreover, they are even found in the hospitals:

All of them claim it was a real shooting. It is nothing other than an arch-treacherous lie.

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  1. Who the hell is deleting the comments on these stories that are every bit as entertaining (far more entertaining) than the articles themselves ?!

    Does Dr K have some comically-challenged intern doing this?

    Doc- this site used to be GREAT!! With hassan, Rudolf, Gabriel and all the back and forth dialogue between them.

    Now it’s a god damned graveyard.., a one-man show of schizophrenic, ocd, bipolar cow-****. Funny as it is, his **** gets tiresome after a while.

    Suggestion- Leave the comments alone and focus on the articles. Tempura moulage, red arrows, smirks, eeevile Zionists… you’re a genius! Stick to your strengths and don’t try to moderate the dialogue…

      An American Trauma Surgeon Responds:
      Dear Dr. Roberts:
      This note is in response to your invitation for medical professionals to comment on the LV shootings with respect to the authenticity of the publicly available videos and whether they prove or disprove that actual victims were injured or killed. I am a retired surgeon with experience in managing patients with massive blood loss in an operating room setting and in other in-hospital cases of marked hemodynamic instability from hemorrhage.
      The retired surgeon from Florida made many excellent points already and I will try not to repeat them. Here are some additional problems with the scene as presented in the publicly available videos:
      1.)  We do not see CPR being conducted on anyone that I am aware of. This would be extremely unusual for a massive shooting. Surely someone would have captured it on their cell phone. Even if it took a while for the EMT’s to arrive, it would be reasonable for non-medical personnel in the audience who have taken a basic CPR course to have started it.
      2.)  Given the alleged number of victims, we should have seen some evidence of arterial bleeding, no doubt at least several instances of massive hemorrhage (arterial bleeding is often associated with blood being ejected from the site of injury, a so-called arterial “pumper”). What is the probability that no one captured an example of it?
      3.)  If some of the rounds were from a fully automatic high caliber rifle or machine-gun like weapon(s), some of the victims should have had obvious massive and visible trauma to the head, neck and extremities. So far, I have seen no evidence of it.
      4.)  There is a complete absence of the kind of urgency one would expect from the professionals who allegedly responded on display in the videos available. Where are the EMT’s with their stretchers rushing to the victims? We see pictures of people in the audience crouching down, laying down, crawling, walking and running away but no evidence that any of them have sustained a gun shot wound(s).
      5.) If hundreds of people were actually injured (not counting those who allegedly died at the scene) and taken to local emergency rooms, someone should have captured evidence on their cell phones of severely injured victims being wheeled into ER trauma rooms and being taken to surgery. I have not seen any videos from emergency rooms in which victims with actual wounds are displayed

      • Do we get to know who this “supposed” trauma surgeon is? Does he/she have a name?
        Anyone could have penned that letter. And you’re the one worried about “lies”? Priceless.

        • SIr…..
          plain, ordinary common sense should tell you that that post is 100% correct…..
          but if you don’t believe it, try shooting yr-self in the leg or arm with a hi-powered/hi-vel rifle round and, then, see if yr up and abt in a few days dancing an Irish jig….

          • The Common Sense Fallacy relies on the vague notion of ‘obviousness’, which means something like ‘what we perceive from personal experience’ or ‘what we should know without having had to learn.’ In other words, common sense is not necessarily supported by evidence or reasoning. As such, beliefs based on common sense are unreliable. The fallacy lies in giving too much weight to common sense in drawing conclusions, at the expense of evidence and reasoning.

            In some ways, scientific methods have been developed to avoid the errors that can result from common sense. For instance, common sense used to tell us that the Earth is flat and that the Sun revolves around the Earth – because that is the way things appear to us without scientific investigation. Another example of ‘common sense’ is that the world appears to have been designed, so therefore there must have been a designer.

            Einstein’s theories of relativity were initially resisted, even by the scientific community, because they defied common sense. They seemed to belong more in the realm of science fiction than reality, until they were later verified by scientific observations. Our modern Global Positioning System (GPS) now uses Einstein’s relativity theories. This initial resistance may have led Einstein to later say that ”Common sense is nothing more than a deposit of prejudices laid down by the mind before you reach eighteen” .

          • get outta here!
            no-one but no-one jumps out of a hospital bed a few days after being shot with a hi-powered rifle round;
            that is a total impossibility and, like I said, totally contrary to common sense experience;
            a quick ‘phone call to the ER of any major hospital in the US that treats gun-shot wounds will soon confirm that!

        • Ask Paul Craig Roberts, letters sent to him, I doubt you do not know who he is

    • Hey KIKA-GO **** YOURSELF.

  2. ExV3-32) Vegas Ridiculous Super Sniper ZioPuppet Corrupt Police Leaders Change DHS Massacre Fake/Scripted Timeline Again!

    Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive!

    Nothing is real about this event –except it is real fake! & Real proven to be fake & another Treasonous PsyOp perpetrated by the zionist Media & Zionist DHS & all their local govt’ crooks& sockpuppet slimeball Hoaxwhore Liars & Crisis Actwhores! This is absolutely the fakest of the fake mass shootings so far perpetrated by the zionist Jewish supremacists in their never ending hatemongering , bloodthirsty PsyOps & Hoaxes to steal Americans’ rights & disarm us so they can slaughter us, made defenseless, as they did the Russian & Ukraine & Eastern Europe people by the tens of millions 100 years ago in 1917 & beyond, in the real jewish led Holocaust–Not the fake one in WWII in Poland!

    • Cowboy…suppose my aunt went to the funeral of sonny melton…….in big sandy tn………….do you think some were killed and some fake………..I think none were killed, but the casket looked open.. look at the funeral and give me your imput

      • No one was killed at all! They brought in hundreds of Crisis Actors from California & Colorado & Arizona & Military EMS & other EMS. By the time of tge faje shooting any real fans were gone. You can bet Jason Aldean tickets were not for sale to general public. Anyone trying to buy one was told it was sold out. Fans from previous shows were escorted out before the Jason Aldean show you can be guarenteed! Any fake funeral was closed to the public. They have been caught using wax & silicone dummies & Manniquins! They can be custom made much better quality than used in many of these hoaxes!

    • Cowboy…suppose my aunt went to the funeral of sonny melton…….in big sandy tn………….do you think some were killed and some fake………..I think none were killed, but the casket looked open.. look at the funeral and give me your imput,,,my aunt knew him per my mother…da

      • They’ve faked open caskets before with dummies! Did it at Waco biker Hoax and Charleston pastor which you can clearly see it’s not the same guy and physically impossible face

  3. And this from England:
    Regarding your question “Why then are what clearly seem to be crisis actors employed?”.
    I’m going to take a wild guess. They are preparing us for war and so they don’t want the people to see blood and guts and just how horrendous the injuries are as it might cause people to think about the reality of war. The shocking images would make people fear what war will do to their friends and family and then they will object and oppose the war mongering of the politicians.
    They used actors to make being shot seem not so bad – your clothes stay clean and you are soon up and about again – so “Let’s have a war, it’s nothing to worry about”.
    Once again, the question that should be on our minds is why such a public event as the mass shooting of 573 people is not a completely clear transparent event?
    Why the lack of hard evidence? Why instead do we have videos of non-medical personnel incorrectly carrying non-wounded people?
    Some claim that the bullets were fired from too far a distance to do much serious damage. This is the answer to why none of the 500+ reported wounded have been reported to have died from complications from their wounds. So, why then did 58 or 59 people die on site from the bullets? Alternatively, how is it possible that automatic fire into a packed audience only hit 58 or 59 people and the 500+ only suffered minor injuries by wood splinters and pieces of concrete thrown up by the bullets, thus, no deaths from the injuries?
    Why is it that with these terror events—Las Vegas, Boston Marathon Bombing, 9/11 itself—drills reflecting the alleged events were being conducted? Why has the media, not only the US media, but also the world media, never asked this question? How is it that almost every time that there is a terrorist event, a drill of that event is taking place?
    After all this time, how can this question remain unasked and unanswered?
    How is it possible that 573 people can be shot in a public place, and aware people can have no confidence in the official story?
    We know we were lied to about the JFK and RFK assassinations, the Martin Luther King assassination, the Gulf of Tonkin, the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction,” Assad’s use of chemical weapons, Russian invasion of Ukraine, Gaddafi, Yemen, Somalia, Obama’s overthrow of the Honduras government, and Maduro in Venezuela still targeted for overthrow along with the governments of Ecuador and Bolivia. The lies we know about are voluminous. There are 3,000 structural engineers and high rise architects, and also physicists, nano-chemists, first responders, high placed former government officials, and military and airline pilots who challenge the official 9/11 story. And all of these experts are dismissed by the presstitute media, which in total probably doesn’t have an IQ of 100, as “conspiracy theorists.” Can you imagine a dumbshit American media talking head calling an internationally known nano-chemist at the University of Copenhagen a “conspiracy theorist” for publishing a peer-reviewed scientific article that he and his team of scientists found reacted and unreacted nano-thermite in the dust residue of the World Trade Center?
    This is the American media, a collection of dumbshit whores who sell their souls to official lies. America has no greater enemy than its own media.

  4. More Responses to the Military Surgeon’s Letter
    The question before us is not whether people were shot or not, but if they were shot, why the crisis actors carrying pretend wounded into a hospital and why unrealistically quick recoveries from gunshot trauma? I have the names and email addresses of the respondants, but do not pubish their names as helpful information should not be repaid by bringing them controversy.
    This from a person in a hospital trauma unit:
    Regarding trauma patients hit by gunfire from high-powered rifles – I work at the local hospital and most gunshot victims are hit by lower-powered small arms fire (pistols, birdshot, buckshot) versus military (5.56 or 7.62 NATO) calibers, and most of these patients are in the trauma ICU for at least 1-2 weeks and sometimes up to a few months. Many of these also end up dying or at the very least becomming even more acutely ill from hospital-acquired infections, many of which are acquired during surgeries or from mechanical ventilators.
    This from the UK:
    “As a retired anesthesiologist, my observations of the victims shown in the media/online videos concur with those of the military surgeon’s in his letter. I cannot say whether anyone was shot in Las Vegas but the victims we have been shown in the media are unreal.” MD, DCH, FRCA, FFPM (UK)
    Below is a reader’s report on the effect on US Rep. Steve Scalise of being shot once in the hip. Compare this reality to the young woman chatting away with the presstitute 3 days after being shot in the hip and “nearly paralyzed.”
    Hip and femer were shattered from the bullet.  Scalise almost bled to death laying right there on the ground.  I read previously that he was already in shock when he arrived at the hospital.  He had several surgeries to control bleeding and infection, do reconstruction of his innards, etc. and these surgeries continued for some time, i.e. they all weren’t all done the next day or several days after.  He has steel and metal plates inside his body now holding bones together.  He also spent months in rehabilitation, and now walks with a walker.
    Note that these extensive injuries, which he almost died of several times over weeks, were caused BY A SINGLE GUNSHOT WOUND, A SINGLE BULLET.
    Here is a short excerpt from a CNN article, and the article link:
    Scalise was in critical condition after suffering damage to internal organs, and his injuries will require additional operations, according to a MedStar Washington Hospital Center medical update late Wednesday.
    “Congressman Steve Scalise sustained a single rifle shot to the left hip. The bullet traveled across his pelvis, fracturing bones, injuring internal organs, and causing severe bleeding,” MedStar said in a statement put out by Scalise’s office. “He underwent immediate surgery, and an additional procedure to stop bleeding. He has received multiple units of blood transfusion. His condition is critical, and he will require additional operations. We will provide periodic updates.”

  5. Hoax Prez Trump Campaign Field Coordinator Nick Corvino Hoax Murdered By Older Homo (Fantasizer of Killing Young Men) Pervert Lover Roommate Scott Waddell!

    So this Beady eyed hideous Scott Waddell, 45 (zio Juden??) and looks even older was supposedly his roommate & implied homo lover of 11 years who was obessed with murdering young men… And so now he suddenly kills his young homo lover!

  6. Ex2) Hoax Prez Trump Campaign Field Coordinator Nick Corvino Hoax Murdered By Older (HomoErotic Fantasizer of Killing Young Men) Pervert Lover Roommate Scott Waddell!

    So this Beady eyed hideous Scott Waddell, 45 (zio Juden??) and looks even older was supposedly his roommate & implied homo lover of 11 years who was obessed with murdering young men… And so now he suddenly kills his young homo lover!

  7. Ex3) Hoax Prez Trump Campaigner & Disney Employee Nick Corvino of Orlando Hoax Killed by Kreepy Khazar Beady Eyed HomoErotic Murder Fantasizer Pervert Scott Waddell!

    Juden! Scott Waddell on the left:

  8. Ex4) Trump Campaignwhore Fake Killer Homo Of Nick Corvino– Scott Waddell Busted as Alias Scott Douglas & Is Really 55 Like he looks! Not 45!

    Yes there could be 2 Scott Waddells in Orlando! But the “other one” has an address in Anaheim, CA Home of Disneyland so you know this is the same clown! They merely created a ten year younger version of him to make it more believeable that he could have a 30 yr old lover & not be rich!

    Scott Waddell – found 2 in Orlando, FL

    Scott J Waddell age: ~55

    Known as:Soctt Waddell, S Waddell, Scott J Wadell

    Related to: Michael Waddell, 68 Michael Waddell, 62ScottWaddell, 55 …

    Has lived in: Santa Ana, CA Orlando, FL Anaheim, CA Saipan, MP …

    Scott D Waddell age: ~45

    Known as:Scott D Wadell, Waddell S Douglas

    Related to: Michele Long, 47Robert Long, 48Dana Delong, 72 …

    Has lived in: Kissimmee, FLCharleston, SC Orlando, FL…

  9. Where’s Christine?

    She reached out to me about some modelling work and said I would find her here.

  10. Lisa Cocenza Director of Advertising At LA Times Fake Murdered By Own Son Luke Ferguson! 100% Fake!

  11. Very few obituary condolences from family and friends of LV dead.

    • Makes sense. It’s an elaborate fraud, just like Sandy Hoax.

  12. ExV3-t33) Vegas Hoax- US Senatewhores Pass Resolution Honoring The Treasonous Fake DHS Ridiculous Super Sniper Massacre & The VicSims/ Crisis Actwhores!

  13. Why tell the guy to get down? he is the perfect shield.

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