Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 01 January 2015
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Hard Evidence of Grief Staging in AirAsia Crash Hoax

UPDATED with two new images

With revelations thanks to nodisinfo.com posters

OK, everyone, you were right. The AirAsia crash is a hoax, just like the others. Must have been in a New Year’s Eve dream world, missing this one: big-time. As a result, the previous posts will be purged for lack of solid conclusion until regenerated: for the sake of accuracy.

Even so, the image doesn’t lie. If people are faking it, this will ultimately be revealed. In the video the fabrication of grief can be clearly seen. If a person is really suffering a loss, has truly lost a loved one, there is no need to fake it. There is no need to act differently, that is taking cues from the camera-person. Nevertheless, there was imagery posted prior where people were shedding tears, and that led to erroneous conclusions despite the various red-flags raised by posters. Now, it is known for certain that in regard to this purported crash there is staging of grief, and this alone offers strong evidence for the fake.


Yet, this is precisely what this man achieved. Just as he realizes the camera-person has placed his focus on him, he performs an act. It is the hand-to-the-forehead fake grief ‘reaction:’

airasianalysisfakegrief airasiaanalysis332

NOTE: He is acting. Why does he need to perform such an act? It is only because he is a paid actor, a crisis actor mole caught in the act. Too, what is behind him? It looks like a media staging tent or other facility. Clearly, he is faking grief; there can be no other conclusion.

This woman does a ‘hand-over-the-mouth’ grief act, then quickly pulling the hand away, also while under the scrutiny of the camera lens. It is done while looking at the passenger list for maximum subliminal effect

One of the clearest examples of such staged grief relates to the woman in the red headdress. It appears that she is absolutely being paraded before the cameras. No one seems to care about their privacy or peace of mind. In this case the woman plus another person seems content to go directly before the cameras for a number of video/camera shoots.


Take One, which is the man holding the long video-cam above, then swinging it to her, front and center:


Then, Take Two, which is the man with the telephoto lens, who also swings around, front and center, as the woman and her handler/husband/or whatever, parades her before the camera. There can be no sound basis for such behavior in the event of a real catastrophe. Who in their right minds would want to go through that?


At this moment he begins snapping the pictures.


This woman is holding the tissues plus cell phone, also as a staged camera shot. There is no crying going on, so there is no need for the tissue paper.


She is moving back and forth and making a number of gesticulations, as if she is in horrific grief. She is acting as if she is sobbing. Yet, she is not sobbing at all.


These people should be in a constant state of shock and despair. Why are they so calm?

The CEO of AirAsia is a Rothschild cohort:

Tony Fernandes emerges as clear favourite to take over West Ham

Tony Fernandes has emerged as the clear favourite to take control of West Ham United. The Malaysian entrepreneur is hoping to fly to London on Wednesday to conclude a deal and would be a popular owner of the Premier League club.

Tony Fernandes emerges as clear favourite to take over West Ham

Market forces: enrepreneur Tony Fernandes (centre) is the favourite to take over West Ham Photo: AP
That is not just a conference call with Rothschild but a highly “detailed” one. It was the arch-Zionist Rothschild cabal which was behind the other two Malaysia-related airline hoaxes, MH270 and MH17.
This site was fooled by the imagery of people shedding actual tears, even after reviewing a number of images where there is the seeming act of crying but no tears of any kind.


Fernandes’ ties to Rothschild offer a key proof of the nature of this issue.  With this tie, then, this crash must be regarded as a hoax unless proven otherwise. The House of Rothschild and its agents can be directly tied to the other two Malaysian-related airline phonies. In fact, regarding Malaysian Airlines the Rothschild Zionists are the major stake-holder. Did they, then, as a means of absolute control also create AirAsia? Are they the financiers behind Fernandes’ rise to great fortune?

What is the purpose of this? Why would Fernandes do this, that is unless he is nothing other than a submissive agent of the arch-Zionist Rothschild cabal? Who in their right mind would fake an airline crash, knowing the potential damaging effect it would have on business? Yet, then, how can mere corruption, mere raw deviousness, ever be readily explained?


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  1. Now this is one I can re-post! 🙂

    • Yes, I know, and thanks for adding to the wake-up call.

      • Hah! Just like CIA sodomite Cooper “keeping ’em honest”!

  2. There is another thing I noticed. Some persons in the news photos crying had glasses, but these glasses were dry as a bone. Whenever I have tears in my eyes my glasses are wet because the eyelashes “catapult” the tears onto the glasses.

    • What’s curious about this is that when first alerted to this by our posters and Ms. Radu, I analyzed the imagery and was ready to post the hoax (lack of emotion and tearing in grievers). Then, went into the opposite element after capturing screen shots of tearful ‘relatives.’ Noticed the glasses thing, too. Will do some zoom-ins.

  3. Anyone remembering 9/11? Numerologists pointed out that American Airlines’ initials, A and A, stand for 1 and 1, making a masonic 11. The same with Air Asia’s initials:

    A+A =1+1 = 11

    Now reduce the number of the passengers, 162:

    1+6+2 = 9

    • 17 + 370 + 8501 = 8888

      • Interesting!

  4. Either they have better actors, or the media used archive footage, like the allegedly celebrating Palestinians after 9/11. Anyway, another interesting point is the footage with the coffins. They seem to bury unidentified victims, how conveniant (maybe Israel should send some DNA specialists).



    Indonesian military personnel carry two coffins of unidentified victims found from the AirAsia crash site. Photo: AFP


    No victim from crashed AirAsia plane was wearing life jacket, Indonesian official says | South China Morning Post


    Another one:


    • Blurry; could be a photoshop production.

    • Gabriel,

      How about providing some links to sites with hard proof for the crash?

      • Yes, my British intel source told me the plane sunk in shallow waters.

  5. I’m afraid it may not be as cut and dried as “the plane crashed” or “the plane didn’t crash.” It is possible that the plane got diverted, sent somewhere else, and they put debris and dummies into the sea. (the same could be said of the other two Malaysian incidents, and remember there are 11 missing planes from Libya out there somewhere) The plane was two hours AHEAD of schedule, I believe I read that somewhere. Also, 23 people didn’t make it onto the flight despite having tickets. Lots of weird stuff here. It is also possible that these people may be genuinely grieving, they might not be in on it at all, it is getting harder to tell. They could be getting hoaxed as well. For me, I look for the really obvious signs, like the floating dummy and the reports of finding ID in someone’s clothing (are they referring to the dummy, did he/she have this ID tucked into the panties???) I wish it were more black and white, but I’m afraid we are dealing with a huge gray area. Either way, this is NOT a 100% real event, of that I am sure.

    • That’s good Chimpazilla but how ’bout there was no plane at all like 911?

      • Yep, entirely plausible as well.

    • I laughed at the comments from people who were so horrified that the Daily Mail would post such a horrific photo of a floating dummy.

  6. Well well know you have come to your senses and say it was a hoax, well we are not gonna forgive you so easily if at all….

  7. The truth is these masters of fraud are tidying up their acts, but I agree fake crying no tears syndrome:

  8. P.S The plane never crashed because it never took off;

  9. The whole thing is a completely ridious from start to finish, as for proof it’s not a question of such a thing, the reality is the formula and the formula is you don’t have to sacrifice a multi-million dollar plane to convince ppl you just fake it: lol

  10. Look, I know it’s challinging why is it not natural to want to grieve for ppl? Maybe your heart and head goes out to them right?
    Well welcome, the bulk of the ppl I saw were acting and the case is closed, another sinister cabal event designed to screw up the minds of the innocent trusting public: I assert again this event is nothing short of complete BS:

  11. Gabriel Im here to help ppl open up their minds and ppl here help me to answer your question as to why I’m here, but plse ppl don’t let “them” waste too much of your time or they win the game;

  12. Also they made sure they showed the picture of the supposed floating torso for all to see, now imagine if a loved one saw the dead relative on TV for real, their loved one floating on the water?
    Dr K may have been caught off guard with a few ppl faking it with tears, this is a brand new development in the fraud, to trick to make it harder to detect causing controversy like this harmless event on this thread:
    The photos of the crash site “prove” nothing cause there is nothing to “prove”.
    The images of the crash site are “covert” one can in a most dangerous sense believe it’s real it’s up to you, but don’t underestimate the power of the evil ones.
    Doubt will cloud you true judgement like it did here for some ppl.
    The “control room” elaborate graphics too fool followed by stories which in no way resemble any reality:
    Lots of love to all here:

  13. I think this thread is enough proof that all of your wild speculation is just the rambling of an idiot.

    Just a few hours ago you had a post claiming hard evidence that the event was real, with your usual photos of people used as “hard evidence”. A couple of your supporters become upset that you haven’t called a large media event as a hoax, and you do a complete turnaround, providing photographic evidence of the EXACT opposite of what you claimed just hours ago.

    The moral of the story? You can’t use crappy pixelated photos of people’s facial expressions as proof of ANYTHING! If you want people to believe what you want them to, you need to provide indisputable evidence. No opinion based bullshit.

    All of you posting here, particularly Dave, had decided that this was a hoax before any evidence was provided. So absolutely no evidence is required, you already believe that this was a hoax and no amount of evidence to the contrary is going to change your opinions. I find it laughable that you guys rattle on and on about how people “WANT TO BELIEVE MAINSTREAM MEDIA”, how they blindly follow the news. And yet all of you want to believe this is a hoax so badly, that you blindly follow a guy who not a few hours ago believed this was a real event. Now you accept everything he says as the truth just because he now agrees with your opinions? Ridiculous.

    Planes crash. People grieve in their own way. You guys honestly believe that every family member shown is a “crisis actor”? You believe that these guys were just paid off? By who? Why? What is gained by making this plane crash a hoax? To stage something like this requires a huge amout of capital, collaboration between hundreds of different people, etc etc. Unless there is something of MASSIVE benefit from this, why go through the effort?

    You guys all say these crashes follow a “script” or a pattern. A plane crashes into the sea, everyone on board dies, families are distraught and grieving, searching for answers. It takes ages to find the black box as debris in the sea is a nightmare to locate. Of course all of these crashes have a similar pattern – how on earth else do you expect them to go?? Thats like claiming all car crashes are fake because they follow similar patterns. There isn’t much else that could happen.

    For ****’s sake, not EVERYTHING is a hoax. Have some compassion for those that died. There are always irrularities and I’m sure there are things which are being covered up. But people died, these families are distraught. Let them grieve and show some respect for those that died.

    • In my own defence and maybe on behalf of others Im sure they can speak out for themselves, I can’t agree with you one bit (humbly so) this is staged through and through for the camera for your viewing, yep made up my mind don’t need evidence which IS there that you can’t obviously see, I do have compassion for ppl they loose their lives thank you:
      I knew this was a work of fiction Straight away before it was posted here, look at the media cameras everywhere shoved in ppls faces not respecting but filming adding pretty graphics which say nothing and mean nothing, showing a corpse of a dead woman on the water, you calling, ppl cued up in body bags for you to see (a pattern ) and maybe u think I’m insensitive?
      Your right I can’t prove it no evidence you say ppl DO grieve in a common way in privacy shearing a tear if you like or do they grieve in public take 24 with cameras capturing their every move for you to see the horror but the horrors are the sea of media show ponies;

    • Brilliant analysis.

  14. Lastly, the purpose? To make you scared, scared to travel, the ppl that perpetrate these lies just never grew up, they believe your planet and your mind is theirs to control, it’s mind control they’re using flogging off propaganda and covert clips as real news,
    Boy they just can’t fool everybody I say take it and pass it on to friend and really help another.
    The climb to power depends on ignorance which “they created”
    African ppl are cool not infectious, African American ppl are cool ppl not aggressive rioters, Muslim ppl are cool not terrorists, and so on:
    But who would be getting away with serious crimes whilst filling in the public with fakery?

  15. Hi Gabriel:))

    In a real plane crash the medIa cover it then respect the privacy of victims relatives then go home, that is the profile of the aftermath of a real crash:
    In this new type of production the media are swaming all over the place taking pictures of the ppl, some of which even appeared last time: That is not normal despite any motive, some victims life’s dissolved into nothing more than a pretty graphic that’s not normal its a production and so is the myriad pictures they took of ppl:
    It’s made for the camera, the camera doesn’t lie or does it?
    On to the endless pictures coming out slowly off the event, this is not normal it’s designed to convince, if its truly real there’s no need to prove anything right by flooding your TV with these unbelievable images ppl will be scared to leave:

  16. Oh they’re going on a new search no clues as to the vicinity of the wreckage?
    How about starting in the vicinity of the floating body and the suitcases:

  17. Did AirAsia pilot successfully ditch plane on sea’s surface only for it to sink in storm? Experts claim Flight 8501’s emergency locator failed to go off because there was no major impact


  18. Its in the local language but the expressions on their faces are more than clear


  19. Gabriel/mcap you are worthless zionist troll. You hate this site & you hate the truth. Your only only purpose here is to spread your lies and try to stop new people who are here just starting to discover the truth from waking up. You and your evil warmongering, hate mongering zionists can all go to hell!
    For a others who want to discover the truth & who care about peace & liberty for humanity here is a very good video on this Air Asia hoax plane crash zionist PsyOp being perpetrated against the world.


  20. New Video on Air Asia Hoax PsyOps


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