Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 05 January 2015
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More Hard Proof Crash of Small Plane in Kentucky is a Hoax

With their fine eyes and tuned brains the posters at nodisinfo.com, despite all challenges, have determined another hoax, in this case the fake crash of a small airplane in the Kentucky woods. There were four dead, along with one survivor, it is claimed. Why not show the images or at least some kind of proof to back it? Thus it is despite claims otherwise this is an elaborate psyops, a lie, a filthy hoax.

Yet, it is said she was just another hero, a figure greater than life, when she achieved the impossible in that pitch-dark environment. While “wearing a short-sleeve shirt, shorts and no shoes in near-freezing temperatures when she saw a light in the distance” and, therefore, rescued herself at a man’s home.

Another account varies considerable. Again, achieving the untenable for a frightened ‘seven’ year-old she had the presence of mind to save her life, by making her own torch from a stick, this being the light that saved her in that darkened forest.

So, which was it, was it the beacon of the house, or the self-lit torch that was the savior. It can’t be both.


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Moreover, here it is, that dense forest filled with thorn bushes. It doesn’t appear as treacherous as it is acclaimed.

Regardless, it is not plausible that this would occur. A seven year-old with reportedly broken bones and numerous cuts, contusions, and injuries? Without assistance how could she find the way in that darkness to rescue herself? Should not someone interview her about this to confirm it? It would be quite the story, one for the movies, the big-screen.

Are there movie rights in the offer? Is there other money to be made through such a fraud? Perhaps money isn’t the issue; after all, the family says they want to be left alone. Apparently, they don’t want anyone to interview them. Why should they? There are so many discrepancies in this story, once there was no fire, then there is a fire, originally they had departed from Key West but, now, that has been altered to Tallahassee.


Wait a minute, they don’t want to be left alone after all. In spite of the fact that the request for privacy is suspect, a true standard of hoaxes, there’s an entire program fully in place to interact with the public, all on behalf of the family:



Who is this page maintained by?

This site is maintained by Prophecy1, LLC. They are a web development firm based in the same area that Marty Gutzler and his family owned his business and resided. This page was set up by Jim Johnson on behalf of the Gutzler family.

They want to be left alone but they do want money? That’s not being left alone. That involves major interaction with the public.

Now, regarding the plane imagery a person has to beware. A number of images are being used in articles about this issue, but they are not images of the plane in question. There was no snow on the ground. The following image has nothing to do with it:



According to reports, the plane was latter on found in Lyon County about 50 km east o Paducah with four dead bodies inside.

Apparently, there is a decent pathway through all those thorns to get to the purported wreckage.

Now, they have the forensic tent. Where are those bodies? If there is so much on-site photography, why not show the body bags?

It’s upside down. How did the seven year-old get out on her own. It was on fire. Where is the char? Shouldn’t at least some leaves or sticks have been sent off on fire?


Shouldn’t a few of those twigs and saplings near the plane have been knocked over? There should be at least some kind of footprint for the crash. Yet, no such footprint is visible. Moreover, what is this? How did this material get dug out and put on the belly of the plane? Should it have been at least partly destroyed by the fire? These items are obviously not a physical part of the plane, and the blue item looks like a back-pack.


The image below is not of this crash; it’s put here for clarification, because it shows up in certain articles.


Piper PA-31 Navajo plane in Topolow near Czestochowa, Poland on Jul. 5, 2014. Reuters/Maciej Kuron

plane crash ky

Nor does the above image have anything to do with it.


It’s awfully convenient that there is a pathway, a significant road, to get right to where the purported plane crash occurred. With all this imagery and all this machinery, why? Why is there not even a single photo of the dead, the wounded, and/or the covered-up corpses? “Leave us alone; now that the hoax is done, we don’t want to be photographed.”

This is most certainly a falsehood. With any careful scrutiny despite the wreckage in the woods it is merely implausible.


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    • Sorry, it happens, I posted again the same vid twice. This was the rite one:


    • The other child’s name is, incredibly, Piper: like the plane!

  1. Forensic work, DrK. the NTSB will probably put it all down to ice on the wing – what with all that snow around! Nobody died, so it should all pan out alright, apart from raised insurance premiums for everyone else.

    • Dammit, sorry again, but no problem, its a reminder of the Brooklyn policemen shooting hoax

  2. Are you all fucking retarded? So according to you guys EVERY SINGLE plane crash is a hoax?

    You do realise that plane crashes, like car crashes, happen, and have been happening ever since the dawn of flight. Weather, poor maintenance, poor piloting and human error all contribute to cause crashes.

    Not every crash has some ridiculous secret agenda. That this little girl survived is miraculous and incredible. Miraculous things happen – i thought most of you believe in god?

    Your “HARD PROOF” is the following:

    1. They made a path through the woods to get through to the wreckage… How exactly is that hard? They would have chosen the easiest route and then used equipment such as bulldozers etc to help get through.

    2. The little girl survived – far more hectic things have happened – there are some incredible survival stories out there. Rare, yes, but they happen.

    3. There are no photographs of the bodies. You guys use this a hell of a lot as an excuse. Do you realise that nobody else actually wants to see dead bodies in the news? Its disturbing and offensive to a lot of people, so much so that when it does occur it is usually pulled and apologies are made. This proves nothing! These photos will not be released to the general public as this is very sensitive especially for the family involved.

    How would you like to see photos of your dead relatives all over the internet or newspapers? That notion is absolutely ridiculous.

    “HARD PROOF” means that the evidence is indisputable. Every claim you have made is disputable and can be explained by common sense alone.

    So, please do tell, which plane crash in recent times is actually real in your crazed minds? I find it hilarious that you guys believe every crash is staged. Crashes happen all the time. Its because we’re human. We make mistakes.

    • standard trollspeak

    • Why do they show the “dead” in Palestine? I’m not going to repost as I know you’ve seen them.

    • Don’t you know that no one ever dies in Nodisinfo land.Its a bit like heaven but it is really hell.

  3. Mass panic hoax?

    Chaos at Indianapolis Mall Has People Begging for Police — but Wait Until You Read How Many Arrests Were Made | TheBlaze.com

    Jan. 4, 2015 3:03pm Zach Noble

    Coordinated brawls, possible gunshots — but no arrests?

    Just one night after an Ohio movie theater was struck by some 200 brawling youths, WTHR-TV reported that an Indianapolis mall was hit with a similar scenario on Saturday night: young people beating one another in ever-growing crowds.

    “It was like two groups at a time,” witness Darelene Hernandez told WTHR. “People just kept jumping in like they were just like kicking each other.”

    Multiple other witnesses reported gunshots.

    Said witness Rebekah Tisdale:

    “No one knew what was going on. We all got down on the floor and were hiding behind the seats. The fire sirens went off in the theater but no one knew what that meant. I was scared for my life based on what has happened in [Colorado] at the movies. Finally someone that worked at AMC came in and told us all to evacuate thru the emergency exit. When we did, we were in a back alley way with no one out there to tell us what to do. We were all scared and confused. We had no idea what to expect or if it was safe to walk to the front of the movies. It would have been nice to have some type of police support out there telling us what to do.”

    That police support did come, but despite the widespread chaos and the fact that young people were apparently coordinating the huge brawl using social media, police say there were no injuries, no gunshots and they made no arrests.


    • Yes, it is absolutely a hoax. Simon Malls are about ready to sink into financial oblivion.Both are hoaxes, Ohio, and neighboring state Indianopolis. The fights are faked; no one was struck; smiling crisis actors; more, late.

  4. Our apologies for being so aggressive, but we are preparing you for the battles ahead. None of this will be a cakewalk.

    You have another chance to appear on CT AMERICA’s WORLDWIDE MEGA TRUTH FORUM, on tonight’s presentation, “End Times Prophets Enoch and Elijah, and The Final Judgment,” on CTA’s website at


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    Remember, if STOLLER’s cancer re-emerges, he may die and early death, and you no longer have him and his legal/paralegal/media skills to assist you. Forget about our “X Man,” who has NO LEGAL SKILLS at all. However, his BIG MOUTH and ANTI-ZIONIST RANTS have helped our cause – the ZIOS are actually scared of “X.” LOL

    • I wish Mr. Stoller much health and all the best

    • My prayers go out for Bill. I’ve save the site to listen to the show tonight.

  5. 777 codes in “crash” by K. Kristopherson

  6. Thank you, Christinne – Bill will appreciate your well wishes.

    Regarding his cancer, he is being treated in the Zionist enclave of Connecticut, with doctors/surgeons who are undoubtedly controlled by the Zionist / Israeli regime.

    However, they have been tolerant of his regimen of natural remedies to fight the cancer, and the Zionist / Corporate Medical / Big Pharma regime of chemo and radiation had no appreciable side-effects.

    Actually, the chemo/radiation routine probably was the biggest factor in beating down his nasty esophageal tumor.

    But, chemo/radiation are alleged to be part of the TRILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS known as the CANCER INDUSTRY, so we know that the Zionists and Corporate Medicine / Big Pharma want to keep us cancer-ridden and fearful because it MAINTAINS THEIR PROFITS from the C-word.

    We welcome you on tonight’s CT AMERICA GIG, “End Times Prophets Enoch and Elijah, and The Final Judgment,” on the CTA FORUM at

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    Brad DeShane, Press Agent

    • Gabriel,

      Good to see you on 🙂 Hope all is well with you.

      Sent you an email

    • She was hoping her parents might just be “sleeping” in the crashed plane….too silly for words. And that’s before she forded that 12 ft creek bed.

    • Is there one video showing her saying a single word?

  7. That is not a real plane crash full stop, that aircraft has been tactfully placed there by someone:
    The layout of this crash is simply impossible:
    CNN is a big hopeless organism feeding of itself, ratings might be important?
    Quite often drills are conducted a crashed plane a “terrorist” attack etc, to kill many birds with one stone the media are instructed to portray it as real.

  8. True emotional response trom fakery is the other part of this equation, anger and fear is blinding only helps to serve “them”.

  9. I see also the magic 7 has popped up (as ppl pointed out) again, sometimes it manifests as 17 and other times as 17,000.
    Some say it’s a Satanic number I don’t know. But who cares? Is there a “Satanic” force encircling the planet? Maybe, yet that is the ambition and illusion to make ppl believe a “Satanic” force is taking over the world: Mischievous:
    17 may or may not be a reference to Satan but it’s surly synonymous with fakery:

    • ‘Is there a “Satanic” force encircling the planet?’

      How about that: we are living in the thick of it, right in the thick of Lucifer’s kingdom. Would explain a lot.

  10. The assertion of that photo to me, is the plane fell out of the sky upside down from a height in that case it’s not possible to survive or even walk:
    They used to branches to hide something little rascals:
    Don’t worry I’ve seen smoke canisters masquerading as bombs and tear gas, but nobody has the right to deploy that type of weapon anyway but CNN and the others are testing your acceptance of it?

  11. 7 year old plane crash survivor and Sailor Moon

  12. Keep trolling, mate, its all u can do

    • Im so glad someone finally called these idiots out. Im from this town. Ive seen the reality of this. She isnt a child actor, and these people aren’t hiding. We wish that was the case! This a little girl that lost a huge chunk of her family. She’s 7! How rude to say that her reference of saying she hoped her parents were “just sleeping” was silly. SHES 7! Do any of you have a 7 year old going through a traumatic experience like this? How can you justify saying shes silly? I pray you dont have offspring, you heartless people. You don’t have proof. Youre going off of mixed up reports that were worded the wrong way. Its been clarified many times that there was no fire. She was obviously looking for something to light her way. Her father taught her survival skills. She was in shock and probably crying hysterical while ttying to explain stuff. Again, if you had a 7 year old you’d know just how hard it was to understand them when they’re worked up. Id like to say Id pray for all you dumb people, but Ill save my prayers for this town and this family. Shame on you.

  13. The Sailor Gutzler superheroine hoax is still alive


    • I love the single box of tissues on the school desk.

    • Good God, where in the world did you find it? It should be titled, “The Gutless Wonders of the Sailor Gutzler Hoax.”

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