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Hard Proof of Crisis Actors Fake Grief in Grenfell Fire Hoax

Make no mistake a number of crisis actors have been detected in the Grenfell Tower scam that can be clearly and categorically identified.

There can be no doubt that they are acting as false witnesses. There can be no other possibility, as, clearly, they are faking their anger but also their grief.

For instance, these women are faking a kind of rage against the government and are clearly enjoying the process.

They earn a furtive glance from the woman wearing the conk, ‘Hey, wait a minute, you, you’re about to blow this. Quite the smirking and smiling,’ Someone found their skit funny, and as a result two of the women looked to the left, while the loud-mouthed one kept cursing.

Even so, the woman with the conk gives furtive glance towards the gleeful woman, as if giving a warning.

There can be no doubt that she is not in pain and that, instead, this is being staged., Moreover, the girl in the back with the back-pack is also a staging agent. Even so, they are making a joke of it. Who can demonstrate otherwise?

The nun is also a fake and isn’t a nun to any degree, proving by a number of evidences.

Here is one of the quotes from the phony nun. What is this impostor doing there other than proving the existence of staging and arch-hoaxing?

“They are sobbing and crying. Can you imagine, a woman from Ethiopia – where I have been – very religious, she was coming down the main stairway of Grenfell Tower with her 12-year-old daughter and the flames and smoke covered her daughter and she lost her.”

This means that, in fact, this did not occur. Even so, all that she reported to the Zionist-controlled BBC is purely fiction.

Her stories are fully contrived. There is nothing real about it. This is even known to the tabloids, like the DailyFail:

Sister Ruth Augustus, 76, gave an emotional interview with the BBC at the scene of the inferno yesterday, in which she claimed she had been “counselling” families caught up in the devastating blaze.

The fake nun is a known hoaxer and works in concert with UK government operations. What is she doing there? For certain, as before, she is giving false witness. The BBC was controlling the narrative through her: incredible.

At t hat time she reportedly said, “I look like a terrorist, don’t I, working for a charity all over the world, with orphans?

“I’m not a Muslim terrorist, I’m a Catholic nun.”

What is that supposed to mean? She is sure protesting greatly. Who would fake being a nun and belittle the Christian faith other than a Zionist agent? Regardless, the Catholic Church has stated that they have no record of her: period.

As well, this means that known hoaxers were put in-place at the Grenfell scene in order to perpetrate lies and fraud. She is a definite hoax agent. Per the DailyMail:

The defendant, who is known as Sister Ruth Augustus, denies six counts of hoaxes involving noxious substances or things

”Albeit this is a hoax, it’s a serious matter, when what was sent was white powder, with the intention to make the person believe they were receiving a noxious substance.”

Even so, what it does prove is that the BBC interviewed a hoax agent, most likely a Zionist mole, treating her false representations as if true.

Here is a man who, purportedly, caught a girl mid-air from ten stories above. The girl is pictured, below. That makes no sense. She would have broken her back. Why wouldn’t the emergency medical services take the fallen girl to the hospital instead of shooting pictures of her?

Heroic: Pat tucked her 'into his chest' and cuddled the little girl as they sheltered from falling debris under a tree, a witness said

Heroic: Pat tucked her ‘into his chest’ and cuddled the little girl as they sheltered from falling debris under a tree, a witness said

It’s all staged. This means that any claims of horrific deaths are lies.

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  1. Very poor article. Sad attempt to discredit honest investigation into false flags. The fire at Grenfield Tower was a horrific tragedy resulting in at least 100 deaths. I will never forget it. It happened nearby.

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