Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 02 July 2014
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Hard Proof the Deaths of Three Israeli Youths is a Fake

Videos courtesy of one of our posters.

Note: The deaths of these Israelis and their subsequent funeral is a complete hoax. Let the entire world know this. Palestinians are being kidnapped and slaughtered based upon a lie.

All of Palestine, in fact, all of the world must rise up against this vile Israeli treachery, which is the faking of the deaths of three (non-existent) Israeli youths. It’s all a treacherous lie by world Jewry – the kidnapping, the deaths, the funeral – all fake.

Murderous Zionists, including all those pictured, do not take it lightly when their filthy, Palestinian-slaughtering youths are killed. These wretched ones react violently with heavy emotions when they lose even a single youth, let alone a single ‘soldier.’

Let it be made abundantly clear. All such Israelis pictures are murderers and/or accessories to murder, including the premeditated, vicious slaughter of unarmed innocents. Let them be taken to task for this. Let them dare and fight any real army in a pitched battle. They will be defeated categorically.

Nevertheless, why should they be ‘upset?’ Why should they shed real tears? There is nothing to cry about. There are no corpses, there. It is all a fake:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) eulogizes three Israeli teens who were abducted and killed in the occupied West Bank

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) eulogizes three Israeli teens who were abducted and killed in the occupied West Bank
 Photo: EPA
The gurneys are obviously empty. It’s a poor job by the Zionists. At least they could have put dummies under there.

There is no conformation that would justify the claim for real corpses; no conformation of feet, legs, torsos, heads, or other.

It is enlarged as much as possible. Through this it can be seen, categorically, that there are no corpses here. No bodies of any Israelis were recovered. That’s because the pictured individuals of the acclaimed age don’t even exist. Since they don’t exist, they couldn’t have been kidnapped. Even so, the key evidence here is the lack of corpses on the gurney surfaces despite the claim that these individuals really did die. Clearly, therefore, the funeral is a fake.

These Israelis are older than as depicted in the pictures. Nevertheless, it is all a diabolical hoax perpetrated by the Zionists for the most hideous of all plots. This plot is to draw continuous blood of unarmed, innocent people, that is people who are blamed for what is none other than a filthy Zionist lie.
Once again, the three individuals pictured are nowhere to be found, either as youths of this age or corpses:
Look at these two hideous Jews. They truly are the filth of the earth. See them fake the death of their son, while they endorse, rather, perpetrate the mass slaughter of unarmed people:

She is acting like she is crying. Yet, there is not a tear to be seen. In fact, her arch-Zionist murder-promoting husband is also as dry as a bone, despite his fake grief act.
People throughout the phony funeral appear terminally bored at both Netanyahu’s and Peres’ words.

The newest tactic by the Zionists is to drop the head down, so that no one can see the real issue. This is the fact that while they are acting as if they are truly despondent and also crying, this is clearly not the case.


As these vile Zionist monsters roast Palestinians alive, while also destroying their homes, businesses, and lives, the world stands by and does nothing, rather, endorses the high crimes of the arch-Zionist cabal.


There are over a dozen Palestinians now butchered on the basis of this lie, one of whom has been apparently burnt to death after being kidnapped. It was a real kidnapping, a real abduction, unlike the fake launched by the Zionists.

These wicked Zionist are lying, an entire regime of liars. It proves that the Zionist entity is unified in the murder of the innocent.
To be updated as soon as possible.





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  1. ABC News Australia’s report this morning contained quotes from various leaders condemning the kidnappings/killings. By whom were the killings confirmed and how did they know who the perpetrators were? How were the bodies found?

    None of the politicians quoted mentioned the deaths of any Palestinians nor the incursion into sovereign territory by Israeli troops. Biased media reporting as usual.

  2. It’s clear the there are no bodies on the gurneys. You’d think they’d at least do a better job of faking but I guess it doesn’t matter. Nobody in DC will hold them responsible for this ruse.

    All hoaxes, all the time……

  3. Gotta love the 3 , 6 pointed star , flags so prominently displayed.
    6 6 6

  4. This entire operation called Operation Brother’s Keeper was planned long in advance, ofcourse including the fake kidnapping of the fake Israeli teen hitch hikers. The operation was to commit more genocide upon the Palestinians, bomb their homes–destroy them, demonize them, steal their property and set up more settlements of terrorists called Israeli settlers in place of where the Palestinians were Satanically murdered–bombed in their homes. PURE EVIL, ZIONIST PURE EVIL GENOCIDE. Same as it has been since 1948. WAR & GENOCIDE BY DECEPTION. The Evil Legacy of Israel. Pure Babylonian Talmud Evil Released upon the innocent people of Palestine. 66 Years of Satanic Hell. That is Israel. That is the zionist. The same is planned for you. According to the Babylonian Talmud insane & evil books even the best of the goyim should be killed. All not of the self proclaimed chosen tribe according to this evil Talmudic racial supremism & exterminationism are goyim animals only in the form of men in order to serve the chosen master race better. The hexegram star represents this evil well: SIX outer points, six triangles, and six inner points. Representing the image of the number of the mark of the beast: 666. No other symbol does this. The Israeli Zionist star is clearly, absolutely the mark of the beast. If you hate hearing that you hate the truth. Lie all you want but the zionist star is the mark representing 666, Pure evil. Nothing could more accurately represent Israel of today than that evil symbol. ROTHSCHILD the evil head of the zionist elders–the top of the Illuminati –did well to give them the right symbol to represent pure zionist genocidal evil straight from the depths of hell!

  5. This is a hoax staged with malice to escalate harm on innocent Palestinians


  6. Diplomats delivering aid roughed up by Israeli soldiers



  7. How many Palestinians have been killed since this hoax and how many Palestinian homes demolished?


  8. Israeli security forces spray ‘Skunk’ at Palestinian homes



  9. Tov is right. But there is a deeper level of symbolism and cabalistic manipulation beneath the surface he describes.

    The murder of the three Israeli teens, like 9/11, was a ritual human sacrifice. Such sacrifices are typically used to forge unity and launch wars. This has been going on for time immemorial, as explained by such scholars of ritual human sacrifice as René Girard.

    In ritual human sacrifice – a very common practice in pre-montheistic cultures – the victims must be innocent. Such sacred lynching of innocent victims is associated with scapegoating. In this case, Palestinians will be scapegoated for the false-flag murder of the teens, and a massive human sacrifice of innocent Palestinian victims will follow – in the same way that the ritual sacrifice of 3,000 innocent Americans on 9/11 triggered the murder of millions of Muslims.

    The cabalistic use of the number 18, “life,” for the death of the Israeli teens gives that number a new life-death polarity. It no longer will just mean “life.” It will also signify death – the murder of three innocent young victims.

    The new “18″ with its life-death polarity will have an iconic meaning for Israelis: “For us, the number 18 means life, for we are a life-loving people. But the Arabs and Muslims around us are people of death. They killed our adorable teenagers on the 18th day. So from now on, ’18′ means life to us but death for them. The only thing that can enable our life is their death. We must kill them all.”

    Whoever created and staged the Israeli teen kidnapping false flag had it all worked out in advance. They set it up so the bodies would be discovered on the 18th day, for the same reason that 9/11 was staged on September 11th. They knew exactly what they were doing.

    The “18″ operation has triggered an escalation of the ethnic cleansing of the West Bank. That was obviously its purpose all along.

    When will the world wake up to these tricks and put an end to the cabalistic psychopathy?

    Dr. Barrett Editor Veterans Today

    • Not murdered. It’s a fake. No one was kidnapped or killed, other than Palestinians.

  10. This is how Zionists go after people who expose their crime!

    Press TV Correspondent Threatened by JDL



  11. Any doubt about who really owns Canada?


  12. Nearly 2,500 PPalestinians kidnapped this year: Official


  13. Fake Al-Qaeda and here is the evidence


  14. Please take note, in the present posting, the Fraenkel daughter sitting behind the gurney during the funeral is displaying bare knees through the gap underneath the gurney. However,
    she is wearing blue jeans in her scripted funeral address, as shown in the previous posting.


    • Very interesting. Will look at this.

      Note: that’s just her jean skirt falling down when she stands up.

      • Referring to your latest horrific posting (3rd July) & the funeral picture of daughter behind the stand. The creases at the top of her thighs are stretching inwards towards in-seams. The right leg seam can be seen peeping out behind bottom of the stand — a pity its in the way ! There are horizontal seams below her knees. She is wearing full-length trousers .
        Would she wear jeans at the funeral of her brother ?

        • I will look again. Thks.

  15. Unbelieveable such an extensive amount of trash can be posted, your so called “evidence” is maximizing into the mother’s face and saying she is not shedding a tear, finding someone else in history with the name of one of the kidnappers, and your subjective opinion that the gurneys are empty and that it didn’t happen. Trying to come up with every excuse you can find. All that because you bastrads are filled with hate and jealousy and thirsty to see a thriving Israel, its people democracy, its advancement, its contributions to the world fall. You pathetic sick sick people!

    Israel exists with every right and is here to stay! Accept the history of the UN partition plan, and admit that it has always been arab countries and the Palestinians that started to attack Israel! Stop inciting in hate and violence! If you just leave us in peace and stop supporting terrorist organizations like Hamas to lead the Palestinians, there will be peace and quiet for eternity!

  16. You are the people who are propagating terrorism in the first place by staging false events such as the one above.

  17. By deceit thaw shall make wars
    Evil rabbinic Judaism of backward tanakh gave us the holohoax by jews in Hitler’s army killing their own weak, sick, and the retarded as a prelude to steal a country (Palestine) and as get rich quick scheme
    Exposing evil Judaism practices is a task that we all must expose

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