Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 28 March 2017
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Hard Proof of Fake Blood and Silicon Fake Wounds in Westminster Terror Hoax

As if more proof is needed, regardless, here it is, actual hard, irrefutable proof of the use of crisis actors dressed with fake blood and silicon artifices. The Parliament was used as the staging ground, and political sciences students as staging agents to fabricate this hoax event. There is nothing real about this. There was no attack. There were no real gunshots fired, and there was no actual man armed with knifes attacking anyone.

Furthermore, there was no car running in reckless abandon, and there were no actual car strikes. Nor was there any actual strike of a car against an abutment. Even so, the fact that it was staged can readily be seen, here. Notice how the buses on the bridge were used as staging zones for crisis actors, as demonstrated by the following image, where the woman is entering the bus:

These buses were brought there to house the crisis actors, to be released, as needed and acted as the necessary props to create a sense of activity on that bridge. Then, too, this image fully proves staging with the use of fake blood, in particular, that red matter unrelated to anything simply dumped into the trough:

This blob of red has no relationship to anyone and is, thus, obviously staged, that is fake.

This is obviously phony blood, mere water soluble paint. Moreover, no one can demonstrate otherwise.

Yet, what are these men carrying? What are they hiding in their hands and pockets? Is it fake blood packets?

It’s hard to say, but it cannot be ruled out, because, for certain, these fake packets were abounding.

Now, for the dressing of British youth and others, who were staged in the Parliament, this is a notorious example:

This clearly represents the application of fake blood. It’s just streaks of applied moulage, which is obvious and which is impossible to dispute.

Notice, too, that the throat tube isn’t going anywhere. It is simply attached to the outside of his right cheek.

Does anyone remember this individual? Here he is in the phony aftermath, once again, claiming to be a truly injured party. Yet, what is seen? It is none other than a silicon patch, a fake ‘healing’ laceration, a total fraud:


Here is an example of this fake taken as an image of a Ben Nye moulage kit accessory. It’s essentially the same item, same shape.

This means that all aspects of this ‘event’ are fakes, including the purported shooting of the lone (fake) ‘Muslim’ assailant. Yet, while the Zionist criminal minds are faking this they are murdering countless people in the besieged Middle East, Islamic people, primarily, but also a number of Christians.

Image result for wounded; injured; westminster; bridge attack;

How about this hoaxer? What is he doing in his own bed feigning injury? That is a file cabinet, there. This is no hospital bed. The man is not wounded to any degree. It’s all so fake.

Yet, wait a minute, the Muslims really did it, at least one lone Muslim boogeyman, so hold on, we have to support those terrorized British and civilian victims:
Women form a human chain on Westminster bridge to express solidarity with attack victims. It’s all one world government, that’s for sure, a one-world beast, courtesy of the arch-Zionist criminal minds. 
Yes, it is, we’re all one, the good, the bad, and the neutral, all faiths, all one, all-together, that one-world beast, courtesy of the Zionist world order:

Image result for westminster; terror attack; images; wounded; injured; photos

Caption: Faith leaders unite in solidarity over Westminster terror attack…

What is there to unite over, a mere treacherous lie? Not in the least it is the Islamic person’s duty to avoid lying, rather, to wage wars against it, per the Qur’an: “Moreover, pray for the curse of almighty God against the liars” and “(let) God’s curse be upon him if he is a liar.” Islamic clergy must speak out about this fraud, not participate in it or even recognize it in the least.

Then, what is this other than a filthy, Satanic lie?

Where has this kind of a phony been seen in London before? It was the arch-fake London 2005 tube attacks:

Image result for London; tube; terrorist; attack; blood; wounded; images

Notice the water bottles, the glass, and the non-bloody gauze, the crisis actors on the phone, again, with water bottles.

To say that this is an Islamic act, just as was proclaimed on 911 and also in regard to the phony London tube attacks, even a radical Muslim one, puts a black mark on this faith. All Muslims must reject it for what it is, an Islamophobic hoax perpetrated by Zionist criminal agents, agents of the Mossad and their collaborators. Therefore, it is a criminal act to agree to it, to recognize it, to honor it: to admit to it to any degree. It siding with the way of the enemy, filthy, treacherous, extremist agents of Zionists in their continued plot for global domination.




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  1. We need to find out who are these 5 Bearded Rabbis / Zionist Crisis Actors playing Cops & fake Rescuers!

    The two center ones look like Cohorts of Zionist Jew Terrorist Fraudster Pamela Geller & Rita Katz!


  2. Las Vegas Hoax Double Decker Bus Shooting Proven By Zionist Jew David Hare & Crisis Actwhores & PigMask Rolex Store Robbery in SuperMaxSecurity Bellagio Casino Before!

    The zioClown Crypto Jew fake Christian David Hare is owner, Producer, President and spokesman, host, actor, reporter for this adversing, fake news and media production company called ATN, America’s Television Network & Las Vegas Broadcasting Channel, etc. He contract Contracted for $$$ with DHS to make these Hoax news Zionist Gun Confiscation Agent Reports with obvious paid Crisis Actors!


  3. London Bridge Hoax Used 2 Top US Bearded Mossad Agents Named “Richard Spencer” FrontPage PsyOp Pic -Jahid Watch & Fake NAZI!

    Older (Pam Geller) Richard Spencer’s ear is clearly photo shopped by greenish yellow glow around Straight line–diagonally sliced, lower, outer side ear! The made his ear look smaller, shorter & sticking out more. Also this ADL/Mossad Richard Spencer’s ears vary often from still pics & video pics–so he using lower prosthetics to change his ear to distinguish him from other characters he plays for the ziotrash enemy! Also notices all the other Rabbi looking & other Crisis actors are bending down or short & a tall “London Bobby hat” is used to make the the short Zionist Psychopath look taller!!


    The younger fake Alt/Right, ADL NAZI also Named Richard Spencer usually has no beard but sometimes does.. He looks just like this fake medic at the far left because he plays him! This is IN-YOUR-FACE-GOYIM! PsyOp programming & Talmudic Occult hexing!

  4. Ex2) London Bridge Mossad-lim Attack 2 Bearded Mossad Crisis Actwhores Same Name (Younger) “Richard Spencer” Same Hairline, Same Eyes & Face

    Same face, same smile, same exact hairline, same mossad agent AshkeNAZI fake NAZI JEW ADL goon playing multiple roles worldwide to warmonger & hatemonger “the dumb hated goyim”!


    Look at his hairline upper sideburn–exact same as fake medic Crisis Actor, same eyes, same smile, same thick hair, same low forehead & hairline above hairline forehead & same ears! Look! Compare to exhibits 1 a&b) & exhibit 2b)
    Same AshkeNAZI Zionist ADL JEW! I have bearded pictures too as both characters!

  5. There also seems to be anomalies in the weather conditions….in some images/film the paveways etc are wet with pools of water whilst in others they are bone dry. I believe much of what we see on the bridge was taken on a number of different days, small individual incidents, this why we can still see traffic and pedestrian movement continuing as normal.
    In all…being so many inconsistencies, this was a truly pathetic staged event…..for Goverment and Media to even consider that they could escape detection when broadcasting this epic farce, only proves again, that we who see….are walking with (not of) the Zombified.

  6. Thank you. Something to bump Kanye & Kim off the covers.

  7. Thanks for your help Dr Stone. It might also be worth reminding Dad that he lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queers I mean Queensland. Not America. That way he won’t be so disoriented when we finally admit him. K

  8. Dad, we’ve had your passport cancelled. I’ll collect you from the toilets at the airport in 20 mins

  9. So how do you explain the CCTV images of the event and aftermath now being shown in court, which can be seen by jury, public gallery and journalists?

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