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Hard Proof May 2017 Stabbings on Portland Max Trains are Hoaxes

As a means of dry runs there were a number of previous fake Portland-area MAX commuter rain stabbings, fully fabricated by both the various crisis actors and the Portland police department. As clear evidence of the scam in both of these earlier cases black men were blamed, in this case for stabbing white people. This is a malicious attempt to create a race divide, all at the hands of arch-Zionist criminal minds. Both the hoaxes listed, here, were associated with the incredible: black men slicing up white people, in one case ‘killing’ the individual.

The initial hoax event occurred on May 10, 2017. This involved an individual named Jacob Shroyer, an obvious homosexual:

Image result for Michael Williams; jacob shroyer; attack; portland;

Typically, homosexuals are leveraged for involvement in these hoaxes and scams, as they will disappear into oblivion, cash in-hand. Moreover, there can be no doubt about the fact that the is gay:

Image result for Michael Williams; jacob shroyer; attack; portland;

This alone is hard proof that this is a hoax and a scam.

Here is what is proclaimed regarding this lie. “As Shroyer is on the phone with emergency dispatchers, video shows him collapsing on the floor.”

How is this evidence of anything?

It is also said, per KOIN 6 News:

When police first found Shroyer he was suffering from multiple stab wounds to his chest, but he was conscious, breathing and talking. Paramedics rushed Shroyer to OHSU where his condition worsened.

NOTE: this is a most serious type of injury grouping, which amounts to an extreme crime with a significant murder scene. There would have to be a murder investigation, combined with HAZMAT and forensics as well as significant detective activity.

Yet, it is also said:

When police first found Shroyer he was suffering from multiple stab wounds to his chest, but he was conscious, breathing and talking. Paramedics rushed Shroyer to OHSU where his condition worsened.

His homosexual associates say it was real. Yet, none of them say a word about even considering visiting him in the hospital. None of them are in a shock reaction at the thought of the gruesomeness of the claims. My God, the man was ‘stabbed’ multiple times and there was ‘blood’ everywhere. Wouldn’t someone react to this?

Instead, see the type of reactions, which are seen:

He’s in a medically induced coma and people don’t seem to care in the least, even though, now, reportedly, he has died?


Plus, he is “not accepting visitors” at the hospital, that is per his family? Thus, all the story lines are false. This is clearly a hoax.

What about this individual? He/she says that all people should respond in a certain way: go dancing.

Shroyer’s so-called partner shows up on the videos, also feigning grief. Just as he makes the fake hand-to-the-nose sign, he solicits the expected: donations.

Much more than this was purged from the public largess. Despite this, make no mistake, this is a categorical fraud. It is advanced by the Zionist-controlled media, where people are urged to ‘donate’ and are provided with easy-access links to do so.

What about the purported stabber? Obviously, he, too, is a fake, a mere crisis actor:

Caption: Michael Lee Williams in court on May 12, 2017…charged with the attempted murder, first-degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon. (KOIN)

He had, apparently, just been arrested a week prior. Thus, a deal was struck for his participation in the fraud.


The earliest video of Williams’ presence in the area appears to be from 10:09 p.m. when cameras capture him walking near Northwest 3rd and Northwest Davis.

On May 19, some 20 days prior to the major pre-Ramadhan fraud, yet another fake stabbing occurred, once again attributed to a black man. Do these cops look like they are responding to an emergency to any degree?

Image result for stabbing; portland; Lloyd center max platform; holiday park; woman

Yet, it is said, “When they arrived, officers located a female in her late-teens or early-20s with multiple stab wounds, police said. She was reportedly taken to hospital with traumatic injuries.”

Regardless, if it was a real event, why would the psyops moles do the following, that is why would they lay down fake blood, calling it real? In fact, according to the Zionist-controlled media this is precisely where the ‘stabbing’ occurred:

Notice the gap between the red coloring matter. Did this ‘stab’ victim suddenly stop bleeding? Look, too, at the color. Clearly, this is not real blood but is, rather, fake: mere tempura paint drizzled about. Notice, as well, how it separates. Real blood doesn’t do that.

What about this individual? What about his testimony appears realistic? Sure, it is, right. In one video he claims that the ‘victim’ nearly fell over on he and his daughter. No one finds that plausible to any degree. Said the crisis actor:

“I heard a big smack. I looked up, and they were fighting it out. She was beaten up, and she was (moving) backward, and I could see a cut down her back, and then she almost fell on top of me and my daughter. So, I pulled the stroller back and took off and called 9=11.”

In yet another interview, he said:

“I look up, and they were fighting it out (who were they?). There was a confrontation and a guy started beating up on a girl and cut her, and I don’t know if he stabbed her or if he cut her; it was pretty scary.” The media narrative added, “Shortly after the stabbing the woman tried to run onto the train that had just pulled up. She was screaming for help, covered in blood. Then, right after that was when police arrived and were able to (make the arrest).”

Here, in this video another crisis actor can be seen, obviously merely mouthing story lines, though doing a poor job of it:

The video claims the imagery within it is a mere two hours after the (fake) stabbing, while stating, incredibly, that the train lines are now moving again. So, this scene should be recognized as not a crime scene in the least. People are allowed to roam about: an impossibility.

It says in the caption that she was stabbed several times, but this does not match the claims of the man with the green earring.

Hard proof of the staging can be seen here. Two women are being staged, surrounded by police tape. There can be no basis for their presence other than as crisis actors.

See this absolute proof:

They are waiting to be staged. Now, remember, this happened two hours ago. Yet, she is still ‘grieving:’

The goy, among others, were obviously being ‘softened up’ for the bigger end of the month hoax through these lower level phonies.



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  1. ExE) Dallas Car Dealer Fugitive Vs Bounty Hunters AntiBounty Hunter Agenda ShootOut PsyOp Fake Fugitive Shooter Photoshaped picture!

    Photoshopped/Shapped to make his head look more thick & round & more like a black man:

    Notice how in this picture his head is longer & thinner…This pic shows cleay the 1st picture as photoshaped to make his face shorter, thinker, “blacker”!!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/dealership2n-3-web.jpg

    You can bet he is Federal agent too! Or atleast Cop, or spook or military!

  2. Ziotrash Fraud & disinfo troll poster Gabriel (troll posting as Roland says:

    “The Best is, when these folks can’t find blood in the pictures, they proclaim proof of a hoax.”

    Response to ziotrash Gabriel: Because in a real shooting you would have real blood!

    “And when there IS blood in the pictures, they claim it’s theatrical moulage blood, and proof of a hoax.”

    Response to ziotrash Gabriel: Again in a real shooting you would have real blood, ziotroll Buffoon Gabriel! LOL There is no need for fake blood in a real shooting! However in fake shooting there is s need for fake blood to try to make it look real, atleast to the casual observer, non Critical thinker who does not analyze it & use does not use his common sense!

    “Gotta love it. If you find humor in other people’s stupidity, this is the place to be!”

    Well you are truly a stupid little man Gabriel, evil, lying, arrogant & psychopathic but still stupid & pitiful! It’s funny how you always come back for more beatings Gabriel! Your arguments are so pitiful no wonder instead you usually stick fraudulent posts & perverted posts under troll names & under real posters’ names like a littke ziotrash coward! But it only reflects on the pitiful little worm you are Gabriel you little perverted jew homosexual tranny- loving Talmudist jewish racial supremist!

  3. Looks like they found all these Faggy Crisis ActWhores in the Castro District in San Francisco! DHS may have lured them in with cash & drugs & promises of being on TV & bused them up to Portland in a Charter bus full of Licquer & drugs & Kareoke tranny singing & a glory hole in the back! Maybe Gabriel was in the back working the glory hole!

    • Sites like this are not immune to criticism, and besides, in days gone by, people paid to visit lunatic asylums to view the antics and ravings of those dwelling within. Nowadays we can do it for free online. Thanks Disinfo for the entertaining Bedlam but it’s time for your pills.

  4. Prove it, parrot.

  5. Whoever wrote this is sick jacob family Lawyers are now going to have your website shut down and a few law suits wI’ll follow. This is sad when people don’t got nothing better to do with their lives and go make up lies about this sad tragic muder and stupid act’s of violence.

  6. The operator of this site, Dr. K, who’s name is Cas Ingram but uses several aliases, is already in deep doo doo with the law. He’s a fraudster who had his medical license revoked and is involved in multiple shady businesses. Google him. And read about one of several lawsuits against him here:

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