Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 13 May 2014
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More Hard Proof the Nigerian Schoolgirl Kidnapping is a Zionist Hoax

Regarding the fabricated Nigerian schoolgirl kidnapping, the Zionists have, once again, shown their hand. The whole purpose, it would seem, of the Mossad is to blacken the eye of Islaam. Consistently and relentlessly this is what it has done. It did so on 911, when virtually the entire world considered Islaam or a faction thereof as the force behind the World Trade Center bombings. It was the Mossad which put together the faulty list of ‘Muslim hijackers’ in order to associate the act with this faith while dissociating it with the actual culprits, world Jewry.

It also did so in 1993, when actual Mossad agents, including the Egyptian Jew Emad Salem and his Israeli cohort Jose Hadas did the bombing. Then, as is the key element of Mossad schemes, various Muslims were framed for the act.

This was the beginning of a series of terror attacks where Muslims bore the brunt of false blame and as a result were brutalized.

It did so again in Madrid, and there are, apparently, still innocent Muslims languishing in prison because of the murderous plots of this diabolical entity.

In the London tube detonations, whether real or simulated (we are leaning firmly towards the latter), once again, the full blame was laid directly on this faith.

The consequences were – and are – dire. Some 2 million-plus people of the Islaamic faith, along with a smaller number of Middle Eastern Christians, have been brutally slaughtered because of this false blame – because of these Israeli machinations. Yet, the great holy books, including the Old Testament, the one that some Zionists claim to follow, ban such killing, deeming it an unforgivable sin.

Of late, rather than killing people in an open display the Mossad has been perpetrating hoaxes, fake massacres and the like. When it does so, in many instances it lays the blame squarely on Islaam or, rather, so-called radical Islaam

Thus, when  hoax is orchestrated where Muslims are deemed the culprits, this is highly telling. It represents absolute proof that it is the Mossad which is behind any such operation.

World Jewry thrives while dripping in Muslim blood. Yet, it also thrives through heaping great blame against this grand faith, because it is through this that Zionism truly subsists. Without blaming Islaam (or, once again, a faction thereof, such as so-called radical Islaam) and finding acceptance for such blame world Jewry and its Zionist scam would have no basis. It thrives on it – Islamophobia and more – like a leech sucking the blood of a host. the entire claim for a real kidnapping of Nigerian schoolgirls is a fraud and a hoax. There can be no other possibility. It truly is a scam, and the scam artists are the Zionists.

Therefore, when Islaam is specifically and maliciously blamed for a criminal act it did not commit, this is hard proof that rather than the CIA or any other American government entity it is the strictly the Israeli Mossad which is responsible.The Mossad is busy blaming the Obama government and the CIA when it and it alone is culpable for this treachery.

Even so, when it plots such schemes, it always blunders severely. Consider one of its key story lines for this farce, which is that Nigerian girls were kidnapped by a supposed Islaamic group and then forcibly converted to Islaam. Even for a terrorist group what purpose would that serve? Another standard claim is that these ‘schoolgirls’ were praying. Still another is that they are raising up their palms, reciting a chapter from the Qur’aan, the Muslim version of the Lord’s Prayer (al-Fatiha).

Even if they were doing all this, what evidence is it of anything? As stated in Shiv Malik’s article in the Guardian, May 12, 2014:

Read this, and read it again. The statements are inane, though quite revealing. 130 girls? Whether on the basis of size or facial features, which of these individuals looks like a girl? Moreover, they were, says the Guardian, “wearing full veils.” This is a subliminal insinuation, as if the are all part of a real haram, fully veiled. Yet, fully veiled means the covering of the face, so the Guardian initiates the write-up with a lie.


Notice the aptitudes, body language, and more. Note in particular the furtive glance of the woman in the front row. They are either looking down, looking away, or looking directly into the camera.

Moreover, they are according to the Zionist-controlled press “reciting the first chapter of the Qur’ann.” Does anyone see even a single person reciting anything? Too, we are told, these women (girls) are “raising their palms upward” in that “prayer.” Actually, they are too busy attempting to uphold the scam to be raising up those palms, putting their fullest effort on preventing themselves from laughing, smiling, and smirking at the hoax. Even so, they wouldn’t know how to do so, because they are not Islaamic women but are, rather, mere village woman

A number of these women (not girls) are staring at the cameras. Is that how Muslim woman recite their prayers, in devotion to the Zionist installed camera-persons?


These people are Qur’aanic reciters, really? Plus, “they are praying.” Don’t the Zionist know what Muslim women who are praying look like?

UPDATE: There is an image from the video where they are raising their palms. This is even more corrupt, because they are being caused to fake prayer:


Muslim women do not pray for the cameras, sitting about in a haphazard way. Nor do they hold their palms up to the sky under their gowns. Nor do they look anywhere but downward when they worship. Nor do they worship in the postures show above. This is a fake: no doubt about it.


No Muslim woman (or girl!) in the entire world would be caught in praying in such a posture. It is the opposite, irreverent. These are village people, not Muslim girls or forced Muslim converts.

They are “raising their palms” up in prayer. We shall take the Zionists at their word. Really, are they doing so?


This is an exceedingly poorly performed Zionist pysops, a true hack-job by Netanyahu and collaborators. In order to cover their criminal scheme they are now heaping cover-up atop of cover-up in an attempt to confuse and corrupt.

Bloomberg ‎- 2 days ago
Nigeria accepted an Israeli offer to join countries, including the U.S. and U.K., in helping to rescue more than 200 schoolgirls the Islamist militant …
So, now, there is the claim of allowing the Apartheid, murderous regime, physically, into the Nigerian infrastructure with troops and Mossad special ops.


In addition, one of the people sitting above her has a highly suspect appearance:


Who are the Zionists fooling? That has all the appearance of a man, not a woman. Is the woman bald? Regardless, these are all fraudsters playing the role for paltry gains. None of these people are kidnap victims.

There are elements of this hoax at every conceivable level such as the litany of support agents, crisis actors galore. Take this woman as an example. Like the arch-Zionist moles who publish their filthy lies through the Jewish controlled press, these various individuals acting as if they are grieving shall also be held to account.

She is acting as if she is crying. Is it real?



She is clearly not crying, and her eyes are dry, absolutely. There isn’t even a portion of a tear visible. How could she be crying? It is all a fake, and there are youths/girls to be despairing over.

The demonstrations are fake, and the placards/posters produced by the arch-Zionist cabal on behalf of the fake demonstrators.

The purpose is to solicit by the Zionist military intervention, rather, invasion of the sovereign Nigerian nation by ‘coalition’ troops. They conquer the nation for the Zionist cabal on the basis of hunting for Muslim boogeymen.

See the coordinator in the front screen with the obvious element of the arch-Zionist scheme fully displayed, that is “Hashtag 276.” Why they changed the number of the ‘missing girls’ form 277 to 276 is unknown.

“Bring Back Our Girls” and/or “Rescue Our Girls” means bring in the massive Western military into Northern Nigeria to attack and conquer the Muslims.

It’s all a grand hoax, and there are plenty of hoaxers about who will get into the act for whatever wretched gains they seek to achieve.

The posters look like Obama-style political posters, same type-font. Why argue with success? Many of the women are smiling, the rest largely looking at the camera. This woman is listed as actually a grieving relative,and it is clear she is smiling or attempting to hide a smile.

No one is in a crisis or distressed mode. It is merely the vague association of “Our girls?’ Where are the parents, hundreds of them, who are grieving and in despair over their loss?

Boko Haram has nothing to do with Islaam and Muslims. Rather, it is entirely a Zionist operation. It was put in place in 2001 for coordinating purposes with the so-called War on Terror, which was initiated by the Zionists that year.

Any terror it causes is on behalf of the Israeli entity and its promoters, including arch-Zionist criminal mind and arms dealer Karl Kleber (credit to wideawakegentile.wordpress.com for the following information):

An arms dealer who arranged to sell 80,000 AK47 assault rifles and 32 million rounds of ammunition to Nigeria has been jailed for seven years, just months after a judge threw the case out of court. GARY HYDE , 42, oversaw the £800,000 shipment of tens of thousands of assault rifles, 9mm pistols, rifles, and bullets, from China to Africa in 2007.HYDE SMUGGLED 40,000 AK47 ASSAULT RIFLES, 30,000 OTHER RIFLES, 10,000 9MM PISTOLS AND 32M ROUNDS OF AMMUNITION.

Hyde, who was director of York Guns Ltd and Jago Ltd, based in Britain, brokered the deal alongside German businessman Karl Kleber, the owner of Transarms Handelgesellschaft, based in Worms, in Germany.They dealt with two Irish men, Brendan Cahill and Neil Murray, who represented the Polish companies Deftech Ltd and Pinimi Ltd, which were acting for the Nigerian purchaser.

The guns had originally been expected to come from Chinese firm China Jing An Import and Export Corp, but the deal fell through and HYDE AND KLEBER TURNED TO ANOTHER CHINESE FIRM, POLY TECHNOLOGIES INC.Commission agreements were signed for Hyde on behalf of a company called EWH Consultancy Ltd, which had been incorporated by Hyde in the British Virgin Islands in 2004. The sole shareholder of EWH was Hyde’s WHEK Trust. DECEMBER 2013 THE TELEGRAPH




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  1. How can anybody fall for this gibberish pumped out by the “liberal” Guardian, which never fails to push the CIA-MI6 world view line? The latest nonsense:
    Lawan Zanna spotted his daughter in footage released by the Islamist group and is worried for her welfare.
    I love the term “released” in connection with these “videos” – like those that Osama bin Laden used to release on VHS…… They’re not security advisors being sent to Nigeria by Israel, UK, USA…, but film makers.
    Hoax factor – 100 per cent.

  2. Another hideous Zionist scam to steal, kill loot and rob the resources of yet another defenceless third world country.
    It’s so easy for these anti-Christ scum of the earth to pull stunts and scams like this because they controll all world wide mainstream media.
    Nearly all the worlds leaders have been cowed and threatened by the hideous Zionist devil worshipper.

  3. another scam.

  4. These stories are so stooped. Is this site supposed to be a parody humor site like http://www.theonion.com ?

    • The best way to boil a live frog is slowly so he doesn’t jump out of the water.

      • That was well said.

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