**Breaking News** — 15 November 2015
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Hard Proof of Staging and Hoaxing in France Concert Terror Hoax

Though some people might believe it is real, it isn’t. The purported terror attack at a Paris-area concert, where supposedly some 130 people were killed, is nothing other than a terminally corrupt hoax. This is proven by the extensive use of staging in this arch-fake. No one can doubt this. It is obviously staged. Despite this, it is said in the typical headline:

Paris massacre: World mourns 120+ killed in series of terrorist attacks

What is the world mourning, a mere staged event, an elaborate drill? See the staging, here, where the man is being lifted up by several men after being painted with fake blood. There are no wounds to be seen anywhere and no hard proof of fatality to any degree, despite protestations otherwise:


To the left is the staging mole, the fireman or whomever, who is signaling others to enter into the hoax fray. Notice also the man on his back with his knees up. How in the world could all this be occurring if this was real, with such a vast amount of perfectly placed HD-camera-people capturing it all?

It truly is a grandiose hoax, as demonstrated by the following image. Where are the over 100 dead and hundreds of others wounded? Where are those with actual penetrating wounds, lacerations and entrance bullet wounds? Where are those who were actually shot by an AK-47, which causes significant, highly dangerous blast wounds? Where is a single bullet wound to be seen in anyone?

Instead, all is seen is hoaxing and staging. See this obviously so, here, that is regarding the so-called memorial. What i the world are these people doing placing their hands on other people’s’ shoulders? They have obviously been instructed to do so?


They do so while others mill around, still others merely standing about: still others looking at documents and/or clipboards. Regardless, what in the world are these people doing? How can anyone regard this as anything other than a terminally wretched fake? Then, on zoom-in what are these individuals doing, including those in the line-up?


It looks like the team was given flowers and other props in advance to capture this element of the hoax while all the photography moles were fully available. Others are seen casually milling around. Where is the fright, the horror, and the urgency here, even if this represents the aftermath?

There is still yet other obvious evidence of staging, which helps further confirm the nature of the scam. How in the world could anyone’s shoes be pulled off in a real event? Also, how could any legitimate rescue people simply leave blood-soaked matter in full public view?

Notice in this image the precise position of the shoe. It is right on the edge of the curb. No one can find this as anything other than proof of staging. The shoes were placed there as props. There is no other possibility.

The following is an example of an image touted as “belongings of victims.” Who finds this plausible? Who in a real terror act would take the time to strip off such boots and other clothing? It is not plausible in the least and is, rather, categorical proof of the fraud:

At best, a person would run away from shooters, not take the time to strip off boots.

The buses are also a part of the scam, proving the use of crisis actors and extensive staging. Notice how the crisis actor associates take the time to look directly into the cameras:

In fact, they are staring directly at the camera, a multitude of them. Yet, what else could be expected from the arch-Zionist Islamophobes of France, that is other than a terminally corrupt fake, where the fabrication is leveraged as an example of so-called Islamic terror. Sure it was. It was ISIS who did it. Then, where are those Israeli-inspired terrorists, and where are their multitude of weapons, bullets, cartridges, bombs, and more?

She looks like she is agonizing. Yet, this is not the case. She is doing so as an actress, merely for staging. Surrounding her are nothing but cameras and a multitude of props, cameras, tripods, flowers, and more.

Then, it could well have been flowers that the hoaxers were carrying in legion.

These people are crisis actors. The wounded are fake wounded. There are no wounds visible anywhere. The corpses are also fake. No one died, and no one was injured. This is an elaborate hoax meant to create  a grand distraction, once again, also to cause the demonization of the faith of Islaam. Yet, people accept it, being readily bamboozled. Somehow, they believe the impossible, that radicalized Muslims could pull this off, right in the middle of a Western country, just slip in, murder, and cause mayhem, and no one would have any idea of the plot.

It’s nonsense to the extreme. Who can prove otherwise?






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    • “Terrorists cant be seen on camera” LOL, they say. Because they didnt exist at all….
      …Yes…but not to worry woman…There’s..ziomagic… good ol’ zio Magic… In a couple days they can CGI or Greenscreen in Some of Rita Katzslime’s ISIS Crisis Actor Mossadlim Eeevile Terrorists into the same existing footage and waaLaaaa! Zio magically even the some fake truther shills will tell us sternly it was now a real event!! Doesn’t matter what the same footage showed without the “correcting ziomagic” you must honor the new footage as 100% proof! …And therefore Since ISIS did the FRANCE Hoax attacks France must imediately begin bombing Syria & Hezbollah (the good guys–ISIS’s sworn enemies) & bomb as many innocent homes in Syria as possible also..since that’s how Israel fights terror (they mass murder innocent people in their homes with missiles & cheer on the fun from mountain sides like Jews & Romans at the Coliseum watching unharmed Christian get fed to starving lions**) since to they have been providing safe haven for ISIS for quite a while! Well maybe not safe haven but ISIS are in their country…yes fighting & murdering innocent Syrian people…but still we most have zero tolerance! in the war on Terror! 3 strikes & your out & remember 911 & the Alamo! Remember Sandy Hook! Reminder Bin Laden & tbe Evil doers! So we must bomb Syria for having ISIS & Al Queda in their country even though USA & Turkey & UK sent them there at the chosen Psychopath country’s command-Israhell! Rules are rules. And some have to obey rules & some don’t.. or really zionist don’t obey any & your an antisemite if you say they have to a single one! & their puppets don’t, atleast when they do Israel & the zios bidding…but the rest of you dumb goyim better or you get genocided…well if you are a Muslim or Arab country even if you obey the zionist set rules & you are helping not murdering enough other Muslims for the chosens’ you still get Genocided & bombed! But you are goyim so don’t resist reguardless, or that’s a war crime! unless we sell you weapons so you can have a really good ziotwisted war against your non enemy who we are also funding (well are tax slaves in USA are funding) & framing false flags against you so they want to kill you also Understand? It’s zio Twisted reality! And none Dare criticize his real ruler. As we see even day by most every poster on ever forum!

  1. France Friday 13 2015 PsyOp Zionist Terror Attacks
    VicSim #1(b) Fake Dead Marie Mosser
    This not her but Emeah Page


    So apparantly she was working with Singer Emeah Page on Nov 2 who just recorded an EP. And she stopped using her official twitter at Universal Records suddenly that same day. There is no way she would suddenly stop using her twitter right after working with such a talented singer she would be required to promote. Unless told to stop. They screwed up obviously, because they know most people are too dumbed-down, braindead, mind controlled to use their common sense and see such a glaring screwup as her stopping doing part of her job 10 days prior to her role as a dead Victim, VicSim Hoax Dead Crisis Actor ten days too soon! lol So I supposed they set her up with a new job then & under another identity right then. (But often it is the same name almost or exactly same with different addresses shell jobs etc.) She may have been transferred to USA, Australia, Belgium, UK or where ever..and may still be continuing working for Universal even. Or maybe a TV or radio station, newspaper, ad agency etc.

  2. “Is she a Jewess, she looks like a chosenite?” Bermann..Berman!!!
    You antiGenocidite!
    Come on Christinne is your Zio Detecting Jewdar broken! Berman is Jewish!! get some new batteries for it or something! lol

    • Its not broken I hope, but she could have been married to a Jew, simply as that. But nope, shes Jewish, just as I said…..

  3. Exhibit 17) Breaking More Proof! France’s Zionist Criminal Network Practiced these Simultaneous Terror PsyOps for Long Time To Perpetrate it Against The French People Successfully & to draw them into Deadly Zionist Agenda Wars Against It’s Targeted Innocent People Abroad!

    “A multi attack drill “Omega 2010″ simulating bombings at the EIffel Tower, The Stade de France. and a regional mall”
    Busted Some more Zionist Psychopath Enemies of France the world! These monsters are unmatched in evil deception & crazed genocidal intent!


  4. Exhibit 18) Zionist Psychological Terror Treasonous (Hoax) Attack Against The French People To Anger & Warmonger Them Into Genocidal War Against The Syrian People & others abroad Is Working!
    France is bombing Syria Under the Disguise Of Bombing ISIS.
    Read the news reports closely & notice Israel’s ISIS Mercenaries moved-retreated out of all targeted areas before France Started bombing!! As Matty D says Israel is calling the shots–so France will never bomb ISIS, nor Al Queda, nor SFA ever…EVER! Nor any if the Turkish Mercs or any Israeli servant Murderous Mercs under any other label! Because all are serving Israel’s goals of genocidally mass murdering Syrian people & destroying Syria to SET UP (THE GOAL OF) GREATER ISRAEL! Only Syrian Patriots, Courageous Hezbollah & Syrian troops & militia stand in Israel & zioPuppet terrorists Mercenaries’ way!
    Now if you notice carefully it says France is bombing weapons & munitions depots and bases. Well that means it is bombing Syria’s bases Syria’s supplies! ISIS mercenaries are not simply leaving weapons & supplies behind!
    Please support this Serebra Sana (French???) Lady exposing this genocidal Israel-Zionist PsyOp & War Operation
    against the French people & against Israel’s targets for bombing & genocide.


  5. OK, so you say in a real chaos situation, you wouldn’t find shoes or boots removed from victims. Then why would these actors try to “stage” this story by scattering shoes around, to make it look “more real”? Don’t you think they’ve thought of that?

    “Also, how could any legitimate rescue people simply leave blood-soaked matter in full public view?”

    Errrrm… to preserve as much evidence as possible?

    “To the left is the staging mole, the fireman or whomever, who is signaling others to enter into the hoax fray. ”

    Firemen talk to people, don’t they? This fireman may have spotted a wounded and was giving him some instructions, or he may have been asking a big guy from the crowd etc to give him a hand carry this guy lying on the ground. Million other possible scenarios… YOU WERE NOT THERE!!

    “Notice also the man on his back with his knees up. How in the world could all this be occurring if this was real, with such a vast amount of perfectly placed HD-camera-people capturing it all?”

    Yes, I noticed that this man has his knees up. And? What’s your point? Having knees up is a comfortable position if your back is hurt, for instance?

    Not one of your sentences makes any hard-proof point.

  6. How about Charlie Hebdou , îs it fake? Sorry, fake post…

  7. You are un uneducated maggot. Your people will be killed by the west. Good luck scum

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