Boston Bombing — 20 May 2013
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Updated with additional pictures and copy and new copy on photoshopping, May 22, 2013

Hard Proof of the Staging of Krystle Campbell, Karen Rand, and More

Regarding the Boston Marathon bombing hoax pictures really do tell the story. No greater proof is needed than this. Through such pictures the grand fraud of the Boston bombing hoax is readily–and categorically–revealed. People are told they were best friends and that they were standing together in the street watching the marathon. There is no evidence that this was the case. In fact, the area in which they were reportedly staying was empty at the time of the smoke bombing.

The screenshots for this post are largely derived from the following video:

Whether this photo is real or phony is largely irrelevant (note, though, the ghosting-out of the left elbow as well as the black shadow on the top of Campbell’s head), the issue at hand is that neither of these individuals were injured in any way during the Boston Marathon hoax bombing.

Even so, note the poses, especially the bizarre one of Campbell. Her head is considerably smaller than that of Rand. Note, too, how clean and tight is the border around her hair, with a straight line edge on her left hair line. Residue of the blur tool seems to be apparent, though more difficult to confirm, all around her hair line. Moreover, there is no hair seen on her right side. Evidence of a cut line is seen where their two shirts meet; how they are pressed together is anomalous. Surely, this is a fabricated photo attempting to create the basis for “best friends” who do not exist.
Picture 304

It can be clearly seen that no one was there, including Campbell and Rand. Zero, zilch, nada.

Picture 299

No one is seen in the staging area, right before the blast.

Picture 298
Smoke bomb is detonated: no one is visible. Prop operatives seen on both the right and left sides. None of the people who are later seen on the ground are there. Therefore, there is no way Campbell or Rand were hurt.

Well known Zionist mole in the back with the glasses over his forehead supervising the placement of crisis actors. Pink lady is immediately on the scene to spread fake blood. Major prop moles moving in, likely with silicon artifices. Smoke has been cleared from the image by videographer so this can be seen.
Picture 303
Many of the major operatives can be seen her beginning their clandestine act under the cover of smoke and confusion:
Picture 306

The video fully confirms the hoax: these are prop-meisters; there will be no EMTs of any kind taking care of the involved individuals. Only make-up artists and various thugs and ruffians, paid moles of the DHS and FEMA.

Picture 307

These arch-enemies of the human race are working at breakneck speed to achieve their scam while preventing its revelation. Pink woman mole is applying fake blood and possibly gore. Man in blue jacket commonly in association. Fake grief mole running among the crowd in plaid jacket.
Picture 305

CIA mole Arrendondo is now on the scene.
Picture 301
Man leaves with large bag early in the staging for Campbell, Rand, and the others. All the individuals behind him are in the proximity of Campbell. Another highly revealing view of the staging area, below, showing the picket fence intact. Pressure cooker bomb blowing shrapnel out, anyone? The dud bomb couldn’t even knock over the paper coffee cup.

Picture 302
Note: nobody is here in the earliest phases in the fraud; soon, it will be filled with a variety of hucksters who will fake their injuries.

Tempera paint, not blood. Note the even nature of the color.
Picture 316

There is nothing wrong with Campbell. She is not bleeding out and her legs, here, are intact. There is no damage to her hips or pelvis. The blood is not blood but is, rather, paint.

Picture 308
This is a crucial question by the videographer. At the two minute mark Arrendondo is on the scene. Is Rand the lady sitting up with the full leg showing, just under the red arrow?
Picture 323

Here is the most incredible scene of all. It shows that it was Campbell herself who was pushing out and attempting to break the phony picket fence. This can be clearly seen in the video. Campbell or her likeness has the strength and agility to, while suffering an amputation, visibly expand the hole in the fence, an incredible feat for a bleed-out victim.

Picture 309

Other examples of criminal staging
This is merely tempera paint slopped onto the ground. None of this is from the bleed-out of arterial spurting. The clothes, for instance, on Christian Williams, were cut-up with shears, as has been proven on this site. Who cares? Let them all die out. They can’t become real fatalities from spilled red dye-tainted corn syrup and tempera paint.

Look at this phony. What a super-fraud it is. Are these scoundrels attempting to gain sympathy by dragging a child into this deception? Look at the staging purse on the ground, seeping from inside the phony blood saturating through the leather? Where is all the bleed-out blood? Will that be put in via Photoshop? Blood and gore but no EMTs or fireman? Why should there be? It’s all a grand hoax.

Talk about staging this is the epitome of it: the entire entourage of hoaxers are surrounding the fake wounded man, dressing him up. These hucksters actually filled up that fake temporary cast with fake blood:

Picture 344

Moreover, what is the local head of FEMA doing there, unless it was staged: Serino himself, the chief architect of this scam.
Picture 367GetAttachment-2.aspx
Then, there is this, also taken from the AnonPyrates video:

Picture 318
Look on the far left of screen, and look carefully. That is Jeff Bauman being staged in a wheelchair, the same individual who has been represented as a raw double amputee, whose legs were blown off in the initial blast. There is a kind of tubular device wrapped around his upper fake attachment, the purpose of which is unknown. The important issue is that this will no longer be visible when he is being rolled before the cameras for public consumption. No one cares anything about him; he is just sitting in the wheelchair waiting for the next level of staging for photography and filming: for the faking of terror.

This is all the evidence that anyone needs. Krystle Campbell faked her own death, and her family assisted in the process. Similarly, Karen Rand faked her injuries, while Jeff Bauman and his handlers fabricated his the amputations. This, then, was broadcast by all major media outlets as truth, while the Tsarnaev brothers were set up for the fall. This is not mere criminal activity but also involves a capital crime: the murder of Tamerlan Tsarnaev as well as the criminal extortion from the American public of tens of millions of dollars. Time to round-up the criminals and begin prosecution.


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  1. OK….now what?

  2. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The third picture down of them with the beer. This is a signature pose by these directors. It was seen over and over again in the people of Sandy Hook… Soto and her best friend, the Soto siblings, etc. Women generally don’t stab each other with their boobs like this when they get their pictures taken! We just don’t poke them up against other people’s bodies like this.

    Look at that photo above. Karen’s pointed breast is situated right between Krystle’s… and it doesn’t even get squished either.

    There is even a picture of Carlee Soto ramming her whole body up against her own brother in a family photo. Not a real picture. This is just ridiculously bad photoshopping. Sure, friends and family wrap their arms around each other and stand close. But this same pose of full frontal pressing of boobs is just not the norm! Yet we see it repeatedly in these events. This photo of Karen and Krystle is a cut out of two separate pictures. I almost hate to write this because we know they read this stuff, and it helps them to refine their skills to make their next one more realistic.

    • They did a crude photoshop even in the graveyard scene, same bizarre posture.

  4. How does the official version of the story about Krystle Campbell deal with the fact that photos of her tied to a gurney and exhibiting two intact legs contradicts those of her earlier with one leg completely missing? Is this site the only one that has pointed that little oddity out? This by itself is proof of staging, photo shopping, whatever! Someone needs to confront them with this!

    • I saw this before but didn’t pay attention, I guess. Her legs are jiggling exactly like empty rubber shells. Good thing there was no wind otherwise they could have flown away! LOL


    @1:07 Jeff Bauman’s right hand that is tucked underneath his left leg is holding some tubing. If you notice, the part of tubing that’s in his hand up against his leg, it is quite clear and the rest of the tubing that’s coming from out from underneath his left leg, is completely dark. That’s where the fake blood is coming from. And, look how he has the tube curled upward on the back of his thigh, that is why the blood is only on the back of his upper thigh and on the ground. There is also a cylindrical metallic object on the back of his left leg at the very top, it looks like a spring or a hinge type object

  6. please watch this. it shows these bastards pulling the kid in for the campbell photo op

    Watch the lady in yellow point.

  7. Boston Bombing BEHIND THE LENS!!!:

  8. You guys are so retarded its actually sad. I know Karen (she wasn’t an amputee prior to this event) and nothing about krystles death is fake. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Get a life.

    • Then, why, if this was real, did Karen Rand, documented on video, apply fake blood on her uninjured leg?

  9. This page is disgusting along with people commenting in association. Fake blood etc etc same tired old BS with no supporting evidence. NONE. Mental illness is a sad affair.

    • Trolls routinely use this standard language, claiming “Mental Illness” or “take your meds” or you need “psychological help.” Are you a troll?

  10. You are a complete fool if you believe any of this garbage. It’s the most ridiculous made up nonsense from someone completely detached from reality. I suggest serious mental help.

  11. who ever is responsible for this, is a monumental idiot. You have the brain of an insect

  12. I am really close friends with Karen and my best friend was dating Krystle and it pisses me off that idiots like the ones making this **** up actually believe the garbage they write. I was there that day and 3 other guys I knew lost their legs that day so it must have been one hell of a hoax to find that many people willing to loose their leg for this hoax. .you guys are all retarded that buy into the theory and it personally pisses me off that they are putting Karen thru this after all she has been thru.

    • Take your lies and BS somewhere the sheep reside. We have 100 times more proof than we need to out this HOAX.

  13. Wow dude youre an asshole

  14. People like this aren’t concerned with real life… they live their life on the internet…sorry for your loss

  15. My girlfriend works with someone who is cousins with Karen

  16. Karen Rand is from a famous CIA family. The Rand institute in Santa Monica Calif was the western CIA headquarters for many decades. The CIA killed the Kennedy’s and are still covering this up even today. On Jan 12th 2013 Robert Kennedy Jr went on record stating that his father didn’t believe the Warren Commission report. He also stated that he believed that there was a second gunman during his fathers assassination in 1968.
    On April 15th 2013 the Boston marathon bombings took place. The Kennedy family was from Boston. this was partially a diversion from what RFK Jr said a few months earlier.

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