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Hard Proof of Staging and Coaching of Crisis Actors in Portland Commuter Train Stabbing Hoax

There can be no doubt about it the purported stabbing of three people on a Portland-area commuter train, specifically a MAX train, is a fake and a scam. By no means is any element of it real: not even to the least degree, proven, here.

The main element of the scam, an individual named Micah Fletcher, is an actor and musician. He was chosen for this role as a fake stabbing victim. It can be seen that he is being guided throughout this role, even to the degree where his words and actions are staged, that is chosen for him.

He is used to the stage. Here he is reciting poetry before an audience.

Image result for micah fletcher; wounds; image

Now, he claims he was stabbed. Says Fletcher: “I got stabbed in the neck on my way to work, randomly, by a stranger I don’t know, for trying to just be a nice person,” adding, “Like, I don’t know what to do after that, you know.”

What in the world does that mean? Does it mean he doesn’t know how to go on with his life, knowing that he committed a gross fraud and that all he represents is a fabrication?

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That visible anomaly on his neck area isn’t a neck wound: not to any degree. It looks fake, because that is what it is, an absolute phony.

Regardless, the so-called eyewitnesses have proven the degree of the fraud, for instance, the testimony of this man:

It says what it says, that is that the pony-tail man was “shirtless.” Then, pray tell, just how did he don a shirt in the midst of all that chaos, considering the police were ‘on the scene’ almost immediately after any ‘event?’
Once again, does he look shirtless in the above image?

See this additional proof of staging, which is, again, irrefutable. No one can even consider it otherwise. These women are being placed in the surrounds of police tape as staged crisis moles, a fact which is clear and evident from the imagery.

Now, here is the final proof of that as the woman feigns grief per the instructors who abound around her.
The existence of such staging is hard proof of the degree of the fraud and arch-scam, though the above two images are from a previous May 2017 fake MAX train stabbing, this time involving a trumped up black male.
Fletcher is merely a youthful crisis actor caught up in the mix. He likely had no idea that this hoax could have garnered this degree of attention or such a vast amount of falsely acquired donations.
Now, through his attempts to respond in regard to this fake he himself has proved the hoax, as demonstrated in the screen captures from the KPTV FOX-12 video.

There really isn’t much else to say. It was the “internal jugular arteries,” really? There are no such arteries, but there is the jugular vein, which is external. Moreover, by no means is it possible that he suffered a broken jaw. That jaw would be wired. He wouldn’t be able to talk or move it. He’s faking it, proven by his own words.

First of all, when he claims that it hurt a lot he smirked immediately. This is obvious, since there are no wounds. That’s an artificial or fake wound, a mere silicon imitation. It’s easy to do, as demonstrated by the following:

Image result for silicone; fake stitches; realistic; images

The above is 100% fake, yet it does appear realistic. In fact, to some degree it is more realistic than the one placed on Fletcher, which is clear and obvious moulage, especially the two moulage dots on his neck:
Uh, oh, he made a big blooper when he said that: several centimeters. That violated the arch-false story line continuously reported in the media. Per People Magazine:
Now, everyone knows from the imagery available that this is a categorical impossibility. By no means could have have suffered from such extreme injuries and be up and around, in particular, giving interviews on the national circuit.
He can’t even keep up with the story lines. How could he have the stamina and power, while suffering from a splintered jaw, a severed nerve, and a severed major artery, to give continuous TV interviews? Of course, this isn’t possible.

Final proof: coaching of crisis actor confirmed, in fact, correcting of crisis actor error:

Fletcher deviated from the inane story line of one millimeter. This led to his being corrected right during the interview:

He was corrected by the off-camera producer and thus he was coached along, made to correct the error.

So, it’s all fake, and all the participants are crisis actors, fraudulently representing this staged event as true.

No wonder the amount of smirking, as well as laughing and smiling, is so extreme.
Sure, they are smiling. Why wouldn’t they be? They got rich based on a treacherous lie.



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  2. You are a the lowest form of humanity. To assert that the life of my nephew being lost is a hoax, and that my Sister is some kind of actor? That his blood is fake?What the hell is wrong with you!
    You are discusting!!!

    • Your nephew?

  3. The world is now a stage, false flags nonstop everywhere

    • Well said, all over the world, even the mosques.

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