Sandy Hook — 08 January 2013
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Adam Lanza’s Face Photoshopped to Make Him Appear Menacing

UPDATED, January 14, 2012, released (offline due to glitch from original site), retitled, Feb. 19, 2013, again, Jan. 9, 2018

NOTE: Virtually all the Sandy Hook posts were taken down as a result of censorship. This is now being newly re-posted. Other posts have been removed, because of controversy and concerns of accuracy as well as to prevent further censorship. The purpose of this site is to never create misinformation and disinformation. As posts are reviewed they may be re-established once accuracy is confirmed.

All pictures, here, are attributed to Adam Lanza with the exception of two, which are Ryan Lanza (as shown below)

The mass media has a powerful influence over people. In the past the media has told great lies to manipulate public opinion. Examples include the claim of the killing of babies in incubators in Kuwait as a basis for the first invasion of Iraq, yellow cake Niger and weapons of mass destruction as a cause for invading Iraq a second time, and the claim of a lone shooter in the JFK assassination. In 911 great lies were told. Here, the World Trade Center was obviously brought down by bombs. Demolition charges can be seen blowing up the buildings, with this being the entire cause for the destruction of Building 7. Yet, that’s not what people are told. Thus, clearly, lies are being told–and these lies have led to countless millions of deaths. Yet, even so, commonly such claims are presumed as true without conducting further investigation.

Thus, it is no surprise that public opinion could be subtly or even overtly manipulated in this country regarding the most dire of events, which are public massacres. This is precisely what has occurred in both the Aurora shootings and the Sandy Hook massacre.

While at first people might have believed it to be so, Adam Lanza is not a killer. In particular, he is not the Sandy Hook shooter. Nor does he have the ability to kill. Nor could he fire a gun maliciously at anyone. Nor was he innately interested in firearms. According to one of Mrs. Lanza’s closest friends, interviewed in this CNN report ( Adam Lanza was taught at her urging to learn responsiblity with guns, and that was the extent of his involvement. Close friends said that Mr. Lanza kept guns for personal safety and wanted Adam to learn how to shoot them for his own protection. She was concerned about him because of his meekness and vulnerability.

However, despite having no tendencies towards violence he was made to look like a killer. This was through photographic manipulation. This can be seen by carefully looking at manipulated photos versus unaltered ones. As one of Adam Lanza’s high school teachers, Jennifer Huettner, so aptly said, “He trusted me,” adding, “he looked at me, with big eyes.” They were ‘not the same eyes, she made clear, “as that horrible picture.” Regardless, if he really was a killer, why enhance it?

Commonly, people might judge the capability of an accused person from the picture. The way Adam Lanza was portrayed even a criminologist might have regarded him as the potential suspect. That he was the killer or surely capable might have been adjudged via a simple feature well-known to experts in criminology, known in Chinese assessment as sanpaku.

This presumption could well have resulted from the photograph of Adam Lanza which was extensively unleashed in the media. The perpetrators behind this photograph are NBC and AP news. This photograph shows an Adam Lanza with bugged out, bloodshot eyes. In particular, there is that glaring, unusual feature of the whites showing under the iris. The white part is known as the sclera, and it is abnormal for it to show prominently. At a minimum it is a sign of psychic stress and vulnerability for illness. In the extreme it can reveal the propensity for self-harm, even violence. This is particularly true if the whites show all around the eyeball, as is the case in the commonly seen Lanza photo.

The whites tell-all

According to scientific research the eyes can reveal certain propensities, and of all facial features they are most revealing. Says face reading expert Kathy Thompson the “eyes will show your true mental state.” Research by Whalen and colleagues has found that of all visible parts it is the whites of the eyes that are the key. What they found is that people who are happy and satisfied have little of the whites of the eyes showing; there is a good deal of color from prominent irises. However, those who are surprised or fearful or in shock: there is a good deal of white showing.

When there is an extreme amount of white showing that can predict behavior. The greater the amount of pressure or stress a person is under the more prominent will be the white. More ominously, great amounts of white showing all around the iris, as in the picture fabricated and shown here, can predict violent behavior. The person can either harm the self or take out the violence on others. Stress affects the mind and also the optic nerves. Those nerves can activate the muscles which may pull the eyeball upward, causing it to expand. That causes an obvious enlargement in the white ball of the eye, forcing the iris up and exposing large amounts of the sclera (white part), as clearly seen in the computer-manipulated picture of Adam Lanza.

In Chinese medicine the prominent showing of the whites of the eyes is known as sanpaku. In particular, in the Chinese system when the whites of the eye show above the iris, his reveals a dangerous or violent propensity. Charles Manson had such a feature.

All evidence points to a malicious effort to manipulate public opinion against Adam Lanza. This is brainwashing through manipulation of photographs and videos, just as was done on 911.Does this look the same person? In fact, it’s not even close.

Now, this author knows nothing about writing blogs and putting in pictures. However, for the sake of getting this information out this is the best that can be done for now. I will make this blog more interactive with help hopefully by Monday. For now, let us look at the pictures to see the deception:


Published December 31, 2012

Associated Press (same culprit): Grainy black and white photoshop-enhanced version. Note that, here, there is plenty of blood-red surrounding the photo. That blood-red is not there by chance. This is purely a malicious act by Fox News to influence minds.

This undated file photo circulated by law enforcement and provided by NBC News, shows Adam Lanza
. (AP Photo/NBC)

Note carefully what is being seen. People could easily panic at seeing this face and think, “O yes, he did it.” That is carefully contrived and through computer manipulation and very easy to do. Clearly, it can be seen that there is a difference between the manipulated photos and real ones.

So, what was done to alter this? The eyelids were artificially brought down to create that demonic look. For instance, look careful on the left eye (your right on the screen). There is an outcropping of ‘tissue’ coming from the nasal edge of the eyelid. That is likely where the real part of the eyelid went across to the other side. The perpetrators were sloppy and didn’t crop out that invaginations or protrusions. Look also carefully at what is happening in the whites themselves. It can be seen there are tiny rays of red radiating from the iris downward and laterally.

Then, what else is a guide to the soul? It is the pupils. These, too, are artificially enlarged and enhanced. There seems to be also manipulation of Mr. Lanza’s facial features around his jaws and lips to beef him up, especially the jaws, where there truly an artifact on each side. Look also at the edges of the photo; there is major pixilation, all around. One prominent expert in Photoshop has informed me that the pixilation around the crown of the head is a sign of photo manipulation. The whole purpose, once again, is to make Adam Lanza appear as a monster.

The bizarre nature of a large amount of whites under the eyes can be seen in real life examples, here (from the Website FacesInTheNews):

Whites of the eyes showing below the pupils – mental stress

Whites showing above the pupils (and all the way around) means stressed to the point of violence.

Now, contrast that to Ryan, on the left, and Adam, on the right:




The above is an excellent example of the real Lanzas, harmless as doves. Look closely: no whites showing for either brothers, no (photoshopped) red striations. No bizarre defects or protrusions arising from the medial side of the eyelids. This is categorical proof that the image most commonly shown in the Zionist-controlled media is a fabrication. Then, the question is what isn’t fabricated, including claiming Lanza is the shooter?

The photos of Adam Lanza, real pictures, demonstrate another anomaly. This is the right eyebrow. Notice how it is high on the brow on the real Adam Lanza quite sparse . Now, look at the graphically altered picture. The eyebrows are thick slashes, as if someone altered them with the stroke of a brush. There is yet another corruption. See the space between the eyebrows and the eyes, which is significant. There is plenty of such space. Not so in the altered photo, where the eyebrows are faked to crowd the eyes, in fact, invading them.

Note also the other features tending towards non-violence:

  • –       Roman nose (in Ryan Lanza)
  • –       fairly full lips, especially the full lower lip (in Ryan Lanza)
  • –       openness of the eyes (in both these young men)
  • –       lack of white under the eyes (obvious)

Here are the photos side-by-side:


In Adam Lanza there is another special feature, which is credulity. This is seen as a light upturning of the tip of the nose. That is a sign of a person who is vulnerable to being manipulated and who is exceedingly trusting. Regardless, these are all digitally created. There was no Adam Lanza. He is an artifact created specifically for the Sandy Hook gun control hoax.

There is no white showing underneath the eyes in neither of these pictures, the above being sixth grade, nor any red striations radiating from the iris. This is the kind of child anyone would love to care for and hug. His name must be immediately cleared. He had nothing to do with any criminal act, particularly any kind of premeditated violence.



A clear example of the innocence and vulnerability of Adam Lanza


Adam Lanza shown in middle school in Newtown, CT    6th Grade School Picture

No whites under the eyes showing under the iris on any of these pictures. You can find these pictures on the Internet, blow them up, and see this confirmed. All three pictures show a high degree of innocence and vulnerability, not so evident in the picture which has been manipulated.


Ryan Lanza, above: This teenage picture of Ryan Lanza has been often attributed to Adam Lanza. That is because of the gun-shooting signs in the fingers. It is actually Ryan Lanza.  Regardless, no whites of the eyes showing here either.

Born killers?

What about real mass murderers? Can they give revelation? Consider, incredibly, Huffington Post, which recently published a thread called Serial Killers. In that thread the Post prominently placed pictures of Adam Lanza and James Holmes at the top of the page. However, Lanza is made to appear as being in league with real hardened criminals, as follows:

Execution Date Set For Ex-Cop  (credit of photo to Huffington Post)

Many Pardo, former cop:

Pardo admitted to killing nine drug dealers and witnesses during a four-month span in 1986, saying they were “scum of the earth.” The Post uses that same photo of Lanza, as analyzed above. Incredibly, this photo shows the whites more prominently than even this cop-murderer. The look of Pardo is precisely the kind of false looked achieved against Lanza.


Daniel Lee Siebert (Associated Press)

Daniel Lee Siebert: not someone you would feel comfortable around

This man admitted to killing four people, including two women. There is a slight amount of white showing on the right eye. Regardless, he looks physically sick and is not someone a person would be comfortable being associated with.

Cho Seung-Hui, who shot dead 32 people then killed himself at the Virginia Tech college in 2007, in a picture sent to a US television network. Note slight visibility of whites under iris plus obvious self-deprecation and anger (courtesy Reuters). Notice the widening of the diameter of the head from temple to temple and the full middle jaw area. That is known for the potential of a high degree of destructiveness. This is found also in the ex-policeman and Marcus Wesson, below.

Myra Hindley and Ian Brady are possibly the most infamous murderers of twentieth century Britain. Yet the question remains: how did this young couple go from first date to the abduction, rape and murder of children in just two years?

Myra Hindley, one of Britain’s most infamous murderers of the 20th century. She and her boyfriend were responsible for the abduction, murder, and rape of numerous children over a two-year period. Notice the extensive amount of sclera showing under the iris. The dark circles under the eyes are also notable and represent severe B-12 deficiency. Such a deficiency can lead to neurosis as well as severe depression. Notice,too, that operatives made Adam Lanza appear equally as chilling, perhaps more so, than this convicted child killer. The perpetrators knew what they were doing when they did this.


Through computer manipulation Adam Lanza was turned into a demon, making him appear in grainy, corrupted pictures even more diabolical, some might believe, than even the most hardened criminals, including those who murder children. Clearly, this attack against Adam Lanza is a fraud perpetrated by the Zionist-coordinated media. It is a deliberate, malicious attack not just against Adam Lanza but also, surely, all the other victims of these horrifying massacres, since through such fabrications the real perpetrators elude capture, just as on 911. It is also an assault against all the freedom loving people of this world who suffer under the burden of malicious lies which are then used to strip them of their rights.

In fact, lies have been told all along about this catastrophe. At first it was Ryan Lanza, then it was Adam caught in the woods. Peter Lanza had been murdered in New Jersey. Nancy Lanza worked at the school; Adam was jealous and killed her and her students first. The rampage was predictable: he had gone there the day before and angrily confronted staffers. He came back the next day in a rage to kill. He was buzzed in because they recognized him and then he started shooting., He came in dressed in black with a bulletproof vest. The problem is all this is false, most of it already retracted by the media powers. Moreover, there was/is a continuous effort to use this tragedy for political purposes, specifically to institute draconian gun control measures.

The hypocrisy of this needs no mention. Chief architects of the disinformation campaign, that is the attempt to influence the public emotion, arises from none other than the Justice Department and the Obama White House. These are the same powers behind the notorious Fast and Furious gun running and gun smuggling campaign, which has led to the deaths of countless Mexicans, many of them youths. Then, now, suddenly, these same entities are touting the platitude of “responsible action?” Yet, when Congress demanded that the Obama White House take action against the smuggling ring what was the result? It was obstruction of justice and perjury, and thus the killings of Mexico’s youths continued. This was true even though the gun smuggling scheme led to the death of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. The guns responsible for killing Terry were left at the scene. These guns are directly tied to the Obama Justice Department.

Then, too, Benghazi was about gun running. Thus, claims for gun control by the Obama administration are not only hypocritical but also diabolical. Yet, with new revelations about the arrest of one of Terry’s killers, one of whom pled guilty in October 2012 of the murder. The assault rifles left at the scene are directly tied to the Obama Justice Department. Surely, and diabolically, Sandy Hook provides the much-needed distraction from the crimes of the administration. It is clear that both Obama and Holder have politicized this crime.

Adam Lanza was given the same amount of white, if not, in fact, more as these arch-criminals. Surely, this alone if proof of a grand fraud.

The media has no right to cast aspersions upon people for its own vile agenda. For those who don’t realize it this agenda is the systematic conquest of America by destroying gun rights. The perpetrators of this malice include all the major news networks in the Western world, including NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, and AP. Enough of the attacks against Adam Lanza as well as his mother. They are not even here to defend themselves.


By K. Khaleel. See also, (deals with 911 and various false flag acts; not recently updated) (His loving Latin teacher) (fast and furious)



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  1. Thank-you for posting this. Shortly after the shooting, I came to the same conclusion – that this kid is not/was not a killer. There is no way. He just doesn’t fit the profile. I have 22 years experience working with people with mental illness, addictions and criminal issues. There was no record of him for 3 years. In this day and age, that is impossible. You would have to have a bank card, a cell phone bill, some online presence – something. The neigbours didn’t know him? Very strange. And then to show up out of the blue and murder 27 innocent people? No. I’m not buying it. He wasn’t the killer. The mass media has manipulated public opinion to convict him without a trial. The killer was wearing a mask so no witnesses actually saw his face. I doubt we will ever find out who the real killer was.

    • Same with James Holmes. Absolute repulsive crime that they used these young men for this agenda. They will probably kill him by lethal injection.

  2. The young girl who made the claim about the killing of babies in incubators in Kuwait is grown up now and she can be found in the GREENBERG family albums, along with the Phelps couple, Noah Pozner, Kaitlin Roig, Carlos Soto, teacher Rachel Davino, and the old man with the devil handsign photoshopped in behind Vicki Soto in the CNN photo. There are many Greenberg players in the roles of Sandy Hook.

    • Do you have any facial comps or links to the incubator fraudster, as there is a desire to write up that hoax, here.

  3. As far as I’m concerned the only victims in this case are Adam and his mother–Whom I’m sure were both murdered for the pathetic gun agenda–I also feel sorry for the American people for being so easily deceived–Those they are running to for help, are the same exact ones that are going to kill them as well….

  4. I do not think Adam Lanza killed anyone. However, PBS presented a documentary called “Raising Adam Lanza” last night. This is a new picture of Adam released on the show. His eyes do have a lot of white around them. So your article about sanpaku eyes could add to the theory that he was malicious.

    • The pictures, like the original ones done by AP news wire, have been maliciously altered; however, it took about a half day of analysis to pick up all the defects. It will be posted shortly. More later. You’re right. He didn’t kill anyone; and if truly was sanpaku, could have the potential for self harm but the rest of his characteristics, like the pug nose and actually credulity nose, wide, open eyes, go against this.

  5. Will the real Adam Lanza please stand up? If he ever existed, of course…. which I doubt

    • Will our readers post links, here, any links, demonstrating any real interactions with a person named Adam Lanza or even Ryan Lanza, which can be confirmed.

  6. What a crock of ****

  7. One thing you failed to mention about the altered photo, is the color of Adam’s eyes. Young Adam had blue eyes…the “sinister” altered pic shows dark brown or black colored eyes. At the minimum, shame on the FAKE NEWS MEDIA!

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