**Breaking News** — 27 July 2016
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The Recycled Crisis Actors of the Dallas Cop Shooting Hoax

Crisis actors mock the supposed deaths of Dallas cops, along with presidents and other dignitaries

The use of crisis actors and, then, the recycling or reusing of such actors is hard proof of the nature of the scam that is the purported Dallas police killing or shooting. This would demonstrate that there was no shooting of any kind and that, rather, it was all staged. It would mean that even the deaths were staged: of all individuals, including the shooters.

The existence of documented crisis actors is proof that rather than a real event this is a fabricated hoax, a scam: a mere fraud. Much thanks to futurevideos 10 for the discovery of the recycling, his work seen, here:

The people in this video were given financial rewards for their roles, which means the entire affair was staged.

What other conclusion can there be? The Chief of Police also played the role of such an actor, giving a multitude of stories, none of which made any sense. First, there were a group of shooters, “ambushing” the officers through a triangulated method of shooting, pinning them down. Now, then, it was said, some of these purported shooters were firing from above. Then, suddenly, this changed to only one shooter who even said he “acted alone.” No one can find such shifting in position anything other than proof of scamming and hoaxing.


Besides the chief’s contradictions there are constant examples of hoaxing and fabrications. For instance, why are people wearing sunglasses at night/ It makes no sense to any degree. Surely, these people were paid a daily wage to participate in this farce and scam.


Ft. Worth, Texas, photographer, Teshorn Jackson was there, along with his wife, taking a multiplicity of photos, which bear his logo. Surely, those photos are for sale. He was there, he claims, until 3:00 a.m. Yet, he was recycled the next day, care of Today.com. Here are their reactions when they were asked a most basic question, which it appeared they had difficulty asking, which was “What did you see?”


At this point she looks like a deer caught in the headlights. Regardless, is it that complex of an answer that a person must delve that deeply in the depths of the subconscious mind? Then, did she see anything at all, anything of what the arch-conniving Zionist-controlled media proclaims? Yet, then, what is all the smiling about? Didn’t five cops just get shot to death?


Why is everyone so happy about the macabre, that is about the purported fatalities of street cops just doing their job? Jackson appears to be upset and is posting about the Internet that he will sue anyone who mentions these issues. Why all the protesting? What is the big deal of mere analysis of the facts and claims at-hand based on such facts?

Prove of staging and hoaxing from Futurevideo-10’s production

This crisis actor claims that there were fully five of six cops who were shot to death. That created consternation among fellow crisis actors: major consternation.


‘Hold on, now: hold it – Oh, s%$#*.’


‘Hold on a minute, buster, just hold on. We were trained to say, “Three dead,” not “five.”


‘It’s three, got it?’ ‘OK, Sam, I’ve got it…Hey, media person, I actually only saw three get shot, corrected, not five,’ and, in fact, he actually does correct himself on tape. Plus, in many tapes the “three” was cut out. This would mean that the deaths themselves were fully staged and that, in fact, no one died in the least.

Who is this man in the background with the coffee cup? Why isn’t he engaged in all the fake shock, all the arch-crisis acting?


It makes no sense that throughout the imagery in the background there seems to be always a recorder, always a calm person: always a person who is standing about and who is not acting as if he/she is in shock or fright, that is it makes no sense as an actual, real event. Clearly, for instance, the woman in blue is an arch-actor, yet a transparent one, inexperienced, Grade B or less.

Then, too, now comes into the scene one of a litany of crisis actors, the man with reverse-on cap. It is easy by that cap to see that he is the same man found on various scenes:


Now comes one of the key recycled crisis actors, the Dallas hoax actor extraordinaire: the baseball man. The cops never regard him as a threat and give him free reign of the place. He’s merely an actor, performing the gig for a mere daily or weekly pay rate. No one finds it believable that he is anything other than an actor from a stage (courtesy, Futurevideos-10):


The woman in lavender also shows up in a number of scenes. Why isn’t she running away in fright at the risk of injury or even death from sniper fire?


For a good laugh there is this scene, where some of the various recycled crisis actors can be found. No one there locally, no one on-site, cares about any dead cops. Then, why should Internet-based researchers care to any degree about their presumed slaughter?


He’s not merely making jest of it, rather, he making and absolute mockery of it.


Why should anyone be serious about the purported fatalities of any Dallas street cops or even the supposed shooter Micah Johnson himself, after reviewing such imagery? Moreover, it should never be forgotten that the presidents, too, have made a mockery of it, notably Mr. Obama himself:


There were cop actors, too, making a mockery of it, for instance, this man, who while his fellow officers were being cut down to ribbons he was out and about posing for the cameras:

He is obviously posing as part of a hoax. Who can demonstrate otherwise?  What about these two cops? Who can find it plausible that they are involved in a real shooting?


Yet, incredibly, the world has swallowed this whole. People really do believe this is a live shooting and that police officers were gunned down and killed. This was not the case. There was no live shooting of any kind that evening.

This police officer appears almost demonic in her smirking and smiling. One wonders what the other cop was thinking while she was soing her act, which involved the fake handcuffing and arrest of a protester.


The cops, too, were cycled all about. Further research will demonstrate that they played a multiplicity of roles in this arch-phony, absolutely staged event.

Now, see this imagery, where the cops are on high in the parking building area, shining, inanely, a flashlight on nothing. Then, suddenly, one of them ducks out of the frame as the camera pans away, while the other still shines the light.


Here is another obvious hoax scene. Yet, what does it reveal in particular?



The female cop while under the camera puts her finger not on the trigger but on the outer rim of the gun element. That’s done just for camera-shoot purposes, that is to make it appear like she really was reaching for the trigger.


Here, once again, the cop is fake aiming the gun, then, as the cameras begin panning it away, he brings it down. Notice, too, the position of the gunman’s finger, which is never near or on the trigger.

Hoax index: not measurable.












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  1. Speaking of “recycled crisis actors” in a hoax, check out the crisis actor from the Orlando hoax. Now they’re parading her at the DNC to promote gun control as she mentions her fake son’s death. Pathetic!


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  20. Good finds I found one all USnews is fake CGI green screen and crisis actors used youtube don’t know if u,s have seen it its disgusting

    • Post links or ur a Retard

  21. Exhibit1) Philadelphia-Philando-Orlando DHS Crisis Actor Liars Convention Cresendo of Series of Gun Gun Confiscation & Race War &ZioHomoTranny Agenda PsyOps on 7-27, 7 wks after it began!

    The Greatest Collection of Treasonous Ziopuppet Crisis Actors Ever Assembled to Psychologically Terrorize The American people to hate & fear one another & non-enemies & engage them in super profitable zionist agenda genocidal wars & give up their rights so they can be ruled & slaughtered at will by the zionist Jews & Freemasons with a genocidaI Iron fist just like the barbaric Zionist-communist run Soviet Union where 66,000,000 plus Hated Goyim were murdered in a real Jewish Holocaust! Not a fake one like never happened in Poland!

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    Which of these filthy treasonous liars will come out as the top Ziopuppet Liar? Or will Zionist Crypto Jew Psychopath Warmonger out lie them all??

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    • Ever notice how much “Drew Leinonen” looks like “Elliot Rodger”?

      • There is no Drew Leinonen.
        Made up person. Never existed.
        You can confirm that with cowballs.
        Everything he says is accurate and truthful.

  26. Ex5) Orlando-Philando-Philadelphia 7wks of PsyOps Terror Treason Perpetrated Against American

    (Including but not limited to Dallas, Baton Rouge, Minnesota & Baton Rouge Revenge PsyOps.)

    ZioTrash Mossadomite Christine Leinonen Demo Audition Tape Begging to be on a TV Gameshow in Early 2014! This is her own youtube channel & still up! She’s just as goofy & lying as fellow ziotrash & freemason pedo-esque freak Gene Rosen!


    • Cowboy-
      Aren’t you the same psychopath that claimed that Leinonen was a crisis actor and didn’t have a son at all?

      Lying fundie-trash fraud pedophile creepy- ass psychopath.

      • Leinonen IS a crisis actor!

        PROVE she had a son! PROVE her son died in the Pulse nightclub! You can’t go by what she says on the television, as that is HEARSAY. If you want to believe the official story, then you have the burden of proof she had a son, AND that he died. Cowboy doesn’t have the burden to prove her son died, he has suggested the Orlando shooting was a HOAX.

        Leinonen’s acting performance gives herself away as a LYING agent, who is knowingly and willingly committing a fraud upon the gullible public by trying to gain sympathy for an event that DID NOT HAPPEN.

        This video shows a good comparison between Leinonen vs. one of the parents of the Sandy Hook scam.

        Would YOU laugh and smile in front of the TV just a few days after during an interview if YOUR son/daughter TRULY got killed? Unless you are a heartless and soulless degenerate with ZERO compassion for humanity, the answer should be an emphatic “NO!”

        The media clips always reveal the scam, this is no different.

        She’s a phony and a FRAUD, period.


        • You obviously know nothing about grief and I really wish you did.

          This week the very cute, polite 15 yo son of some good friends of ours threw himself in front of a train. Within 12 hrs of hearing this I went to their place with some home cooked food. I was distraught. They had no tears. They were shocked. They were smiling at memories of him. They were comforting me. I was amazed and humbled at their courage and sensed that they were saving their enormous grief for private moments.

          Because of the huge rate of youth suicide in this area, the media had been in touch. They were preparing themselves for a statement. No doubt they will make this statement in a manner that doesn’t suit you. unlike you they were intelligent and strong. Bracing themselves for the hard times ahead. They told me they blamed noone – but we all know in a short time they will blame themselves (even tho it was not their fault). they will grieve all their lives over this.

          Your commentary on grief shows that you know nothing so why don’t you shut the fuck up and wake the fuck up bitch.

          • Gaybee is that you you fag using women’s names for cover

        • Cowboy has also suggested that the earth is flat.
          I apologize if it seems undemocratic but not everyone’s opinions deserve consideration-
          certainly not Cowboy’s and increasingly not yours either.

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