**Breaking News** — 11 December 2016
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Hard Proof PizzaGate Shooting is a Total Fake

It is easy to see that the purported PizzaGate event is nothing other than a fake. The pictures surely reveal it, right before everyone’s face.

It is surely a hoax, with all the players being mere actors, despite protestations otherwise. Yet, it is said:

The D.C. Police Department arrested 28-year-old Edgar Maddison Welch of Salisbury, North Carolina, outside the kid-friendly pizza and music venue. Witnesses say that Welch went through the restaurant carrying an AR-15 and tried to enter a staff area in the back of the building. He reportedly fired multiple shots inside, though no one was injured. He reportedly told the police that he’d come to “self-investigate ‘Pizza Gate,” which the department noted is “a fictitious online conspiracy theory.”

NOTE: first it was one shot, then several. Then, it was a shotgun, then, an AR-15. The leveraging of the long gun, AR-16, alone is proof of the scam and the hoax.

Even so, if it was real, then, the imagery should prove it. The fact is it demonstrates otherwise, which is the fact that this is a staged fake, nothing else. Notice the Hollywood-style hoaxing seen in the imagery. Most importantly, notice the police tape. It was up well before the ‘arrest’ incident, proving this was staged:

Notice, too, how the staging officer is pointing her gun down. By the way, where is his AR-15? No camo or bullet proof vests for this faux gunman?

Plus, SWAT was there well in advance. For a mere single man, lone wolf, with a gun walking in a restaurant: SWAT and all other elements of the DC police state were there? Who finds this plausible?

The story-line is the (fake) gunman was motivated by fake news, that is the claim that the restaurant in question operates a pedophile ring, one supposedly associated with Hillary Clinton, among others. The story is, indeed,  a fake, but the issue was made into a movie plot to demonize the American people.

Image result for pizzagate; witnesses; restaurant; shooting; assault rifle; images

Even so, SWAT was there in-advance, make no mistake about it. This is how the tax-dollar is spent, to advance arch-Zionist criminal plots.

Then, too, what are these hoaxers doing giving the Devil’s Horn sign, that sign of the Satans, right in everyone’s face in the pre-hoax phase? Anyone knows that this is a staged fake from such arch-contrived imagery.

The finger of the hoaxer and fake gunman is pointed as “bullet to the head” for the cameras? Who believes such nonsensical, sophomoric inanity as real?

Sure they did, right, absolutely, right before the embedded camera-people, they arrested him and drug him about: sure, right.

Image result for pizzagate; images; gunman

Yet, wait a minute, the eyewitnesses said it was real, all the while being filmed and interviewed by agents of the arch-pro-Zionist Washington Post:

Absolutely, this is a hoax. There can be no other possibility. It was staged on the basis of driving the stake home against the common person, the investigative mind, those ‘conspiracy theorists.’ It’s merely another attack by the Zionists against the American people, making that Anglo-Saxon person out like a crazed individual, that conspiracy-minded, gun-toting, freedom-minded American.


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  1. Good posts, doc!

    • Ex 25-a) Pizzagate Real Pedo Ring & Staged Fake Shooting to Cover It up! Hillary Clinton is Connected Crypto Jew Linda Silby Kidnapper of 33 Haitian Children to Convicted Pedophile Sephardic Jew Jorge Peullo Who Runs Pedo Ring in NYC, El Salvador & Hispaniola!

      All these children had families in Haiti, though this evil pedophile kidnapper & trafficker claimed they were orphans & that they were taking them to a hotel set up as an orphanage in Dominican Republic. But her & convicted pedophile ringleader Jorge Torres Puello already had a plane flight set up to take them to a San Salvidor, El Salvidor Zionist Sephardic jew run Pedophile safe house/ pedo sex whorehouse. This pig is convicted & known under various aliases in USA & Haiti & Dominican Republic & El Salvador to be a pedophile ring leader & pedophile! Wikileaks proven real emails of Hillary & her Lesbian Lover Huma Abedin shared dozens of emails about Linda Silsby & even though she was convicted of kidnapping & child trafficking & spent time in jail Hillary got her off any prison time in Haiti or Dominican Republic!

    • Ex 25-a) Pizzagate Real Pedo Ring & Staged Fake Shooting to Cover It up! Hillary Clinton is Connected CryptoJew (Laura) Silby Kidnapper of 33 Haitian Children to Convicted Pedophile Sephardic Jew Jorge Peullo Who Runs Pedo Ring in NYC, El Salvador & Hispaniola!

      There is nothing fake abput these pedophile rings connected to Hillary, Human Abedin,her real brother Weiner- Perv, Bill Clinton, the Podesta brothers, Zio Jew Convicted Pedo Jorge Peullo, Crypto jew fake Baptist Laura Silsby, Comet Ping Pong Pizza, Besto Pizza, Jeffrey Epstein, Lolita Express, Pedophile Island, etc..! Don’t be afraid of these pedophile monsters and help them in cowardice like Alex Jonestein & Christopher Green(berg)!!!

    • Isn’t it time for you to update the ‘data’ and post another attack on Sinead?

      PS the people at WP are nice aren’t they?

      PPS the ‘hack’ is all in your paranoid brain

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  2. Whoa! Hold on a minute! Cowboy said that the pedophile thing is REAL and gave lots of exhibits! He even mentioned all the underground Freemason tunnels beneath the streets. Which is it? Real or fake?

    • Your sister will enjoy some time out of chains in the basement. Bring her to Papa’s Pizza we’ll look after her. Your mama will love our menu too

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  4. Ex26) Pizzagate REAL Pedophile Ring Use Fake Shooting As CoverUp- FBI Known Pedophile Code Words Used in Pizzagate & Satanic Child Ritual & Pedo Pictures used by Alifantis Comet Pizza Owner!

    The Pizzagate Shooting is fake 100 percent! Ofcourse

    The Pizzagate Pedophile Ring is 100 Percent Real!


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  5. Ex27) (a) Pizzagate Shooting is fake!
    (b) PizzaGate Pedophile Ring is Real!
    (c) PizzaGate Alt. News & Research Is Real! Truthers!
    (d) ZioMainStreamMedia News Is Fake News! Liars!

    (e) Don’t be a coward & don’t be Douchebag this is a chance to take down these zionist, globalists,
    freemasons, occultists, pedophiles, satanists, Psychopaths! Get on the right side of history & right side of right & wrong! We can take many of these bastards down with Pizzagate Pedophilia & set back the NWO by many years! It makes no different what Donald Trump says or Does! The truth does matter! It will make no difference what the ziotrash media does! It matters what we do! If this truth reaches many millions of American people & gets them mad as hell & they openly demand prosecution, it will happen!


    • I’m with you Cowgoy!
      Where should we meet- Your treehouse or mine?

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  6. Ex28) PizzaGate- ZioJewTube Removes David Seaman Video On Bogus Copywright Strike for Posting Screenshot of Murdered Breitbart’s Tweet Of “Podesta Running A Underage Sexslave Pedophile Ring!”

    Yes Before his murder (caused by “chemically caused” heart Attack) Breitbart tweeted that Podesta was running a Pedophile Ring!

    Once again despicable, dishonest, zionist jew Youtube violates it’s own rules, guidelines & written procedures & processes! The zionist jews who tookover Breibart after his murder aka Ben Shapiro & others may well have helped with the bogus strike & deletion of the video without David Seaman’s permission!


  7. Ex30) Pizzagate fake shooting & Real Pedophile Ring- Hillary Associate Pedophile Sex Slave Ringleader Convicted Trafficker ZioCrypto Jew Silsby aka Laura Linda Sander with her Cohort/lover(?) Crypto Jew Clarissa Coulter!

    So Both look jewish & have jewish names & are tied to a Sephardic Jew Pedophile Sex Slavery Ring operating out of El Salvador, NYC, Hispaniola & International.. And they rip off Christians at every turn! So they are what Christians??? LMAO! No duuhhhhh! They are hardcore zioscammers & Talmudic Crypto occultic, Kabbala Jews!

    Now if you want to defend these satanic, pedo sex slave trafficking witches go ahead!… but don’t do like the zio Media & call it fake news!


  8. Ex 31) PizzaGate Fake Shooting & Real Pedophile Ring–Alex Jones Infowars Deleted This Report On The PizzaGate Pedo Ring by Jon Bowne After Fake Shooting & Show With threats by Crisis Actor Anton Lavey Clone Creep Sharif Salmi who my research showsq to be Actually Anthony Scott Gentry wife Wendy Reed Gentry of Homeland Security & These TWO also PLAY parents of fake wife of fake Edgar M Welch Pizzagate Shooter- Miranda Reed alias MIRANDA Foushee alias Anna Robinson Foushee also! Got all that???

    I do have photographic proof, indentity searches & Linkedin account of Wendy Gentry working at Homoland Security. Also I believe Anthony is likely a bastard son of Anton Lavey & Anton Lavey is still alive, just retired from his “role”. Several of his known aliases show him still alive in identity searches. Also Wendy Gentry alias Wendy Reed etc has a very old Grandmother named Dorothy Smeltzer I believe Ohio State busted Crisis Actor Joe Smeltzer is related to them both, probably a grandson or great grandson of Dorothy Smeltzer of PA & MD!


  9. Ex32) PizzaGate Fake Shooting & Real Pizzagate Pedo Rings- Child Trafficking Sex Slavery Abolitionist Monica Peterson Murdered Investigating Clinton Foundation Child Sex Slavery Links

    This woman was finding massive evidence of Hillary & The Clinton Foundation connections to child kidnapping & sex slavery traffickers operating in Haiti & USA when she died mysteriously aka was murdered! Also she had already busted two child sex slavery rings operating in Haiti!
    I also have no doubt the USA & UN & ZIOS purposely spread cholera in Haiti probably via contaminated flu & other vaccines! Probably caused an earth quake too via under water explosion…& In the chaos they stole thousands of children for the zioMasonic sex slavery Rings & SJRM Ritual murder, spirit eating rituals etc..


    Not sure if Alex Jonestein has pulled this video yet???

  10. Real Post by Me:

    Ex34) Pizzagate Is Real! See The Evidence! Don’t be Fooled!
    Yes Ofcourse The Shooting Was Fake!..so what??!! & It was to CoverUp The Pedophile Ring! Look At the Evidence! Now!

    The zionist owned & run media is running scared–They know this story is full of evidence & that anyone can understand if given it & considers it! They correctly see it is like a wooden stake thru the heart of a vampire! These monsters are just like vampires we must figuratively drive stakes thru their evil hearts! .. By exposing them without fear, now, to everyone we can!

    This is our greatest opportunity to take down these bastards & set back their plans for: a Totalitarian Police State, Race Wars & Zionist Foreign Wars by decades! We can crush them by exposing them to the masses! We must do it now!


  11. Fake-Fraudulent disinfo post made by zionidt jew Tranny fag troll Gabriel under my name here..

    (Brokeback Trannyfag Gabriel-Gabriela-Jillgirl-Cabbie fake posting as) Cowboy DECEMBER 12, 2016 AT 1:30 PM
    Ex34)ZioTurkeys vote for Christmas. Lol!

    In a shock election result, turkeys have voted in favour of Christmas for the first time since they gained the right to hold elections in 1845. In every year since then, turkeys have voted firmly against the Yuletide feast

  12. Another fraudulent, disinfo gibberish post under my name by ziotrash jew troll Gabriel who is now trolling tranny fag style as Gabriela & Jillgirl!

    (Brokeback trannyfag Gabriel fake version of) Cowboy DECEMBER 12, 2016 AT 1:32 P
    Ex37) Zio crisis actor Kanye West baffles doctors

    An arse on at least two levels yesterday.

    As the ‘get well soon’ cards flooded in following Kanye West’s admittance to UCLA Medical Center (Actually spelled ‘Centre’), medical staff gathered in force to abuse their Doctor/Patient confidentiality by talking publicly about Mr West’s medical condition…… etc…etc & more Gibberish disinfo!

  13. Ex 36)Pizzagate Massive Modern Electrofied Near Forgotten 1940’s Tunnel Runs Under -ground DuPount Circle to Comet Pizza Area!

    It was opened for only 13 years to cars & Subway closed in late 40’s ..Last Businesses -a Food Court Opened with Pizza Express & Reclosed around 1995!

    You can bet the demons at Besta Pizza Telsora Restaurant & Comet Ping Pong & Bucks Camping have tunnels & lockable doors into this tunnel & to side rooms in the tunnel! It goes atleast a mile & maybe all the way to Georgetown! This could connect it to many Queer bars & Pedojoints & pedo homes! This is not the tunnel that leads to Camp David, Fort Ritchie or Ft Detrick , but it surely has secret tunnels & passages that lead to that tunnel. But you got to have the keys &/ or codes for that! Also the Camp David/Ritchie Detrick Secret Train Tunnel may run Under this tunnel atleast at a point or several points!


  14. Ex35) PizzaGate Fake Shooting To Save Real Pizzagate Pedophile Ring! Titus Frost Truther 1 hr 47 min pizza Pedophile Documentary Pulled By ZioScum Youtube but NO Copyright Strike! So he can’t Appeal! Ziotrash pulling all the stops to Save Pedos!

    Ziotrash media & ziogoogle & zioyou continue their war on Pizzagate Truth being Exposed with their staged fake shooting and their Fake news PsyOp! Calling exposing the real truth fake! And lying their Zio fat talking heads off! But the proof of this real pedophile Ring in DC & eleswhere continues to mount! Titus Frost’s video documentary had over 250,000 views and barely any dislikes!
    He uploaded another version with less than a minute cut out. And it was only 30 seconds of music & was no copyright violation, just a another lie to coverup for these despicable pedophiles!


  15. Q: Who would believe this hoax to be real?
    A: Americans on Prozac like me and Cowboy. Let him step forward that can prove otherwise.

  16. Ex37) PizzaGate Cowward Alex Jonestein threatened once again & talks & acts & looks just like Rush Lardball when he is lying! Look at Alex Jonesbaugh — he has barely slept in days over ZioMafia Pedo-Kosher threats! Next he’ll be pimping himself out at the Bohemian Grove!

    Go sell some Tangy Tangerine or snake oil or something & stay out of the way of real truthers! …As you bend over for the pedo elites! You’ve become are fat coward clone of Rush Limbaugh!


  17. The Zionist Entity won’t be able to fool forever fake news cannot endure For very long.

  18. Oh yes – Marissa Delgado: Pulse shooting survivor says things ‘aren’t getting better’ months after shooting


  19. A huge set back has taken place in Syria for the Anglo-American-Saudi-Zionist terrorists. They have lost war. The Axis powers are triumphant in their victory.
    Pray for all the Martyrs. Women and Children, Men the sick and the old. May they find eternal peace in heaven.

    • Is that what happened to yours? It went into your mama’s sausage salade?

  20. Ex 29) Pizza Gate Real Pedo Ring & Fake Shooting–Hillary Associate Convicted Child Trafficker Laura Silsby aka Laura Sander is Zionist Cryto Jew & Fake Baptist Tricked & Cheated Baptists to setup her Fake Help the children Charity Scam to Traffic kids to Pedo Ring!!

    Her and the media are lying about her age also as being 40 when searches show her at 47!

    Her sidekick & possible 24 yr old lover Clarissa Coulture is also A crypto zionist Jew!

    Laura Silsby (alias as Laura Sander
    gives exact same results as searching for Laura Sander!! on Intelius
    Laura L(Linda) Sander
    age 47


    Nampa, ID; Meridian, ID; Kuna, ID; Phoenix, AZ; Boise, ID; Garden City, ID


    Terry Silsby, Justin Silsby, Silsby


    The Knot; University Of Phoenix; Embassy Suites Omaha – La Vista; Sage Hospitality


    University Of Phoenix, Metropolitan Community College


  21. Ex29-b) Pizzagate Fake Shooting To Save Real Pedo Ring- Convicted Child Sex Trafficker & Hillary Associate Zionist Crypto Jew Laura Sander aka Silsby Cheated Christians out of Wages!

    Just as The despicable Talmud says it is ok for a chosen jew to cheat the goyim out of their wages!
    Anyway this woman as I have said clearly is a jew not a Christian at all & cheated Christians by setting up a fake Christian charity to be able to pretend to save orphaned child refugees, while in reality she was closely linked to other Crypto jews including State Dept Head -Hillary & her lover Huma Abedin & fake husband/real brother Weiner pervert & a convicted child sex slave trafficker & Ringleader Marrano Sephardic Jew Jorge Torres Peullo who showed up in Haiti, lying about his name, claiming to be her Lawyer! He claimed to be a Florida lawyer & Then a NYC lawyer! And him & this evil witch already had flight plans to take the stolen kids from Dominica as soon as she got them there by plane to a Sephardic Jew Pedophile Sexslave Ring in El Salvador. That is according to the Haitians prosecutor & investigators! From there they would have most likely sold the kids to DC, NYC, Chicago & Miami, Vegas, San Francisco, Hollywood other Jewish mafia pedophile rings–the highest child sex slave bidders! This is why Hillary & Huma were monitoring the situation so closely & helping This witch Laura Sander/Silsby so closely long before she was arrrested! Big money was involved for these sex slaves & big donations & payoffs for Hillary! And if only if Haitian & Dominican border security was more corrupt it would have worked!


  22. Ex 40-a) Pizza Gate Fake Shooting & Real Pizzagate Pedophile Ring Busted By FBI Document Proving BoyLover NAMBLA Pedophila Symbol Used by Besta Pizza of DC & Maryland!! Pick Which side you are on!

    The truthers or the liars!
    The Pedophiles or innocent Children these animals are raping, torturing & murdering!


  23. Ex 40-b) Pizza Gate Fake Shooting & Real Pizzagate Pedophile Ring Busted By This FBI Document Proving BoyLover NAMBLA Symbol Used By Pizzagate Besta Pizza!

    Thankyou wikileaks & all the Pizzagate Truther AntiPedophile Researchers!


    All you filthy pedophile rapist & murderers shoud be convicted & executed!

  24. Ex 40c) Pizza Fake Shooting & Real Pedophile Ring-Besta Pizza of MD & DC Suddenly Changed Their BoyLover Pedophile Symbol After It Was Exposed As Known Pedo Symbol!

    Zio Google & Ziomedia & Zio Youtube, zio Facebook, & zio Reddit, zio Twitter are all helping coverup this and other facts & images & symbols & pedo codewords & phrases showing these are evil child rapists, child sex slavers, child torturers & ritual murderers & even Cannibals!

  25. Ex 41) Pizzagate Fake Staged Shooter to CoverUp Real Pedo DC Pizzagate Ring -Hillary Clinton Shown At Terasol Pedo Restaurant Which Uses Girl Lover Pedophile Symbol!

    This image & map also shows the symbols & the proximity of these pizzagate restaurants to each other & to the massive abandoned electrofide tunnel I prove still exists & still has electricity & lights running inside it!

    Yes This also is known to FBI as a Pedophile symbol revealed in Wikileaks FBI documents! Special police units & antipedo antichild-rape advocates worldwide also know these symbols!

    And to be clear these & other pedophile symbols are used by pedophilia/ child-adult sex advocates like NAMBLA!


  26. Ex 42) PizzaGate Real Pedo RingLeader James Alefantis Coded Map – Likely property were child sex slaves are kept along Tom’s Creek in separate areas & coded as blue, green & red- Pigs & sows, etc.

    Basically he’s calling his sex slave children pigs, Piglets, Sows goyim animals for slaughter.

    This Tom’s River, depending on how you define it, runs thru Southern PA Thru Frederick County Maryland & Prince Georges Co, MD & Montgomery Co., MD & DC into the Potomac River. So Alifantis or Podesta or other Pizza Gate Pedo Ring members must own this property. It’s probably part of old farm with the old Farm house & barn remaining & a large building, maybe mostly underground he calls the “production” old sheds & smaller buildings & perhaps a tunneling system, with hidden trap doors etc. Maybe the production is where they do ritual sacrifice & child porn production & child snuff films! The map seems to show the house has tunnels to the production area.

    This could be anywhere from Adams County PA to where Tom’s Creeks or/aka Monacy River reaches the Potomac River! But most likely it is nearby in PG or Montgomery Co. county or in DC!


  27. Ex43-a) PizzaGate Pedo Ringleader ZioScum James Alefantis Busted Picture of Kidnapped Missing McCann Baby at his Restaurant on his Instagram:

    Exact Twin Of Missing McCann Baby which Podesto Brothers “Twins” Were Identified In Police Sketches in Portugal & were proven to be in Portugal staying 1/3 of a mile away at a known pedophile’s home named Freund, the grandson if Sigmund Freund!


  28. Ex43-c) PizzaGate Pedo Ringleader ZioScum James Alefantis Busted Picture of Kidnapped Missing McCann Baby at his Restaurant on his Instagram:

    Exact Twin Of Missing McCann Baby which Podesto Brothers “Twins” Were Identified In Police Sketches in Portugal & were proven to be in Portugal staying 1/3 of a mile away at a known pedophile’s home named Clement Freund, the grandson of Sigmund Freund!

    This is an actual official picture of “Kidnapped ” Madeline McCann. Compare the two pictures. Same little girl. Alefantis & his pedophile ring obviously has possession of Missing, Kipnapped Madeline McCann! And he has other babies & children he uses as props on his twitter & instagram posts, where he makes veiled, coded pedophile comments & sometimes openly sexual comments about them as he posts them! Just like the zio Crypto Jew satanic Podesta brothers!

    Care to lie & deny this is the same girl, looks exactly like her! Imagine all the Maryland, DC, & Capital police & FBI agents & interpol & Portugal police not allowed to investgate all this & interoggate Alefantis demon and find out who this little girl is and find her & search every property & every file & every computer of this pedophile Ring!


  29. Ex44) Pizza Fake ShootingTo Protect Real Pedo Ring-This Is A Pic of the Kill Room posted by assoc’ of Jimmy Alefantis on his Instagram..

    A little JRCSM of Goyim kids??!!!

    & Alefantis has Child Coffins pictures in his basement also posted. This lying pig Alefantis denies he even has any basements at either his adjacent restaurants even though his own posted pictures prove otherwise! Even tunnel digging is shown being done from his non existant basements!

    And prominent Washington magazine articles & Washington Post have him bragging about tons of tomatoes brought to his restaurants, canned & stored in the basement! So he has massive basements possibly much larger than his above ground restaurant area!


    Pick which side you are on!

  30. Ex45) PizzaGate Pedophiles – Alefantis Homo Pedo’esque friends own L’ Efantis Restaurant with Kill Room! Boom Room! @ 18th Ave & U St aka 666 Beast & 777 Order out of Chaos!

    Why are homos with no kids fixated on enfants aka infants, kids & little boys?? Huh???

    Little kids, Kill rooms, child caskets, pedophile pictures & pedophile art, murder dead chidren art, ritual murder art. pedophile names, pedophile symbols, occult symbols, occult coded numbers & letters. Not Fake News! Real Truth! Pick your side!


  31. they’re ALL fakes……
    i can’t recall one, single, mass-shooting in the last 20yrs that you could say was “real”;
    not even Columbine …..
    there’s even questions hanging over that mass shooting from a Texas University in the early 1960s…

    • All are-were either staged totally fake or staged, setup with real killings, with Crisis Actors added (& that was probably very few). The only real– sorta’ real school shootings that happen are in places like Chicago, Philadelphia, Compton-LA, East St Louis, Brooklyn & Harlem NYC, DC, where drug gangs shoot each other & debtors & bystanders outside or near schools…And zionist & Talmudist Jew Anarchists & communists have shoot-up & bombed schools in the past. But normal human being just don’t pull that $h#t!

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      • What? Exactly where have I asked for that?

        Publish what you want, it will only reinforce your ineptitude and make me laugh harder.

      • You’re always a long way from the truth because you’re both delusional and stupid

      • I’m not discouraging you. I’m amused

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      • You’re the only one saying that. Another false reality you dwell in – like knowing who I am – right up there with chemtrails and pizzagate.

      • You seem to forget that you’re dickless and thick – I guess denial is all you have

      • Are you hard of reading? I said DICKLESS

    • You mean you didn’t post that? Sounds suspiciously like you

  32. The Fall of Aleppo:

  33. Kanye West MK Ultra ZioPuppet PreElection Malfuction Attacks Zio Media, Hillary, Jay Z, Beyonce, Facebook, Zuckerberg, New World Order, Says He’d Vote Trump-So He got Forcibly Sent To Mental Hospital!

    When you break your programming you get forciby sent to the Psych Ward to be Reprogrammed! Like he got! Previously he broke his programming & defended Mel Gibson as a hero & a genius artist director etc for defying the ziotrash media!
    Ofcourse he has an evil Zionist Crypto Jew Kabbala Witch Kardashian as his handler wife & she is close to fellow Satanic jewess Marina Abramovic the jewish ritual murder artist & pedophilia artist, child torture & snuff artist witch Marina Abramovic!

    He knows & tells in his truth rants they may murder him.
    Where do you think they really sent him for reprogramming treatment??? Johns Hopkins? Mayo Clinic? Univ of Maryland Hospital? Bethesda Naval Hospital? Fort Quantico? Louisville Jewish Hospital? UCLA? They can’t just give him Torture or Electro Shock treatment or Sodium penethal, LSD PCP, etc, they have to be careful not to destroy their cash cow which he is! So they have to use mild drugs & hypnosis & brainwashing reprogramming from top brainwashing experts or they could lose their puppet!


  34. Sandy Hook Crooks HAPPY Hoax 4th Anniverysary Dec 14 2012 — Filthy Treason! All Lies! No One Died! 66, 33,77, 333, 666, 13, ZioHollywood Lies!

    Hoax Script News story Ziotrash code…
    Dec =66 & Dual 33°s
    14 =77 Order Out of Chaos
    a)20 (in 2016)
    b)20 Children (hoax) killed
    c)20 Adam Lanza (hoax shooter)age
    20,20, 20 is 222 (0’s don’t count) & x3 for 2)666
    Also 20÷6 is 6.66 repeating forever like zio freemason beloved 666’s forever!
    6 kids hoax killed like 33
    27 killed aka 999 aka 3 33’s or 3 333’s
    & 999 is upside down 666
    Shooting fake happened at 9:30 like 33 & 3 for 333 & also 9+3 is 12 like 66 & dual 33’s
    26 victims besides shooter like 2 –13’s.


    Scripted ABC story COMPLETE LIE!
    Newtown held a moment of silence and flags were flying at half-staff across Connecticuymto mark the fourth anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

    It was Dec. 14, 2012, when 20 children and six educators were killed by a troubled 20-year-old gunman who shot his way into the Connecticut schoolhouse. Adam Lanza fatally shot his mother before driving to the school, and then killed himself after the rampage.

    The town typically does not hold an official memorial event on the anniversary, but prayer services were planned for Wednesday and a counseling center is open for extended hours.

    First Selectman Pat Llodra asked town employees to refrain from doing any work, including answering phones, between 9:30 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. to mark the time when the shootings took place.

  35. Ex2) Sandy Hook ZioCrooks Hoax 4th Anniversary Crisis Actor 1/2 Jew ZioPuppet Obama Gives 14 Speeches for 14 Hoax Shootings from Gabby Giffords to Orlando HomoHoloHoax Shooting! Yes 77 code again!

    Well he’s a full jew by some definitions since by zio rules if the mother is a jew your a jew! But we know by zio race rules you gotta’ breed out the obvious black a couple generations & tone it down to a Sephardic look before you’ll get accepted in any Orthadox & reform or conservative Synogogue!

    See this story at this same link under the 1st story..no separate direct link shown…

    8 years, 14 treasonous PsyOp/Hoax Shootjng & 14 Hoax Shooting Zionist Gun Confiscation Agenda Treason Speeches! 14+14+8 =36 like 666 666 & look at like 2– 18’s for 2– 666’s! Or if each 6 is 2 3’s aka 33, then also it’s 6 –33’s!
    Also 144 is mentioned in 1of these two stories & I previous have shown multiple ziotrash/Mason beloved coding in 144..

  36. Ex3) Sandy Hook Crook Zionist Israeli Jew Lenny Pozner Fraudster Psychopath says: “We’re ( You dumb Goyim) Gonna Have to Lose Some Rights So The Internet Can Be More Manageable (By your Zio Jew Masters!)

    Lenny Pozner is an evil pathological liar & fraudster & zionist Israel pychological terrorist!


    From linked Story above:
    “While Alex Jones largely dropped Sandy Hook after Pozner removed a Sandy Hook–related video from his site last year — among hardened Sandy Hook hoaxers, Jones actually is viewed as a traitor who abandoned the cause..”
    & Alex Jonestein, you’re a fraud, a coward & a ziopuppet scared of the zionist Jews & the pedophiles & homos in DC! Did you get Kosher circumcised by some degenerate Rabbi Mohel orally?? Brooklyn & Israeli style?? style?? Did he castrate you too while he was down there??

  37. Ex46-b) Pizzagate Ziopuppets Young Jerk & Alex Jonestein fake fighting/Crisis Acting for their zio Jew Masters like 2 zio gayboy call boys David Brock & Jeff Gannon fake fighting!
    You both earned that post for being so scared of the pedos & ziojews! lol!

  38. Ex47) Pizzagate Pedophile Ring Powerfully busted in this Excellent Documentary by this Brit Woman.. But It’s just 1 part of a series She’s done apparently!!

    I listened & watched this times plus last night & this morning! She lays out this despicable pedophile ring powerfully!
    I hope the rest are atleast half this good!


    The evidence & proof is here & in DC! Get off your @$$! Pick your side ! & help wake up tens of millions of people by taking these bastards down!

  39. Mmmm, Id secretly desire her. If only she could shut the F up.

  40. Oh! They’re very lucky the Clovis ppl and the woolly Mammoths would have been in a catastrophic predicament.


  41. Ex 46) Pizzagate Pedophile Zio Puppet Fake Turk, Not-so’Young Jerk Uygur Cenk Defends the DC Pedophiles with No research & no Refutation of Anything..Just lies! What a Coward ziotrash puppet!

    Him & his Supposed enemy Alex Jonestein are like Kosherized castrated brothers scared of the pedos & ziotrash! Walking the ziomafia ziomedia line!


  42. Ex 49) Pizzagate Fake Shooting & Real Pedophile Ring- Fake Conservative ziopuppet Larry Elder Defends Pedo Ring By Complete Lie That AntiHillary Reporter Glenn Greenwald Has Debunked Pizzagate!

    Greenwald has nothing to do with the particular ziopuppet debunking site that Elder uses to defend the Pedogate Pedophile Ring! Greenwald is an antizionist jew & fag but he has done good helping Snowden & exposing Hillary & NSA & Israeli lies in the recent past. He supports Palestine & the Syrian people against Israel’s ISIS. Elder is just a political whore ordered to help protect the pedophile ring by his zionist jew bosses & advertisers or lose his Radio show syndication!


  43. Ex48) Pizzagate- Man Calls Besta Pizza & Israeli Pedo Admits Their Logo is a Pedophile Symbol & threatens caller & calls him a Pedo for knowing it’s a Pedo Symbol! Hilarious!

    Excellent phone call!!! Spread this video far & wide!!! I wish he’d made the icon for the Besta Pizza clown & Israel instead of an Al Queda ISIS CRISIS ACTOR… But the call still gets an A+! The Besta Pizza Pedo Israeli not only threatens him, & calls him a pedo but tells him to have incest with his mother & threatens to send the FBI TO investigate him! lol This is how you make a call to these bastards & he had sense enough not to threaten the protected Israeli pedo back!


  44. Rudolf-

    Sis and I are eager to have you visit us in Pomona… or is it Spring Valley? We’ll be watching for the long nosed fag with the thigh high bootSS!

  45. Cowgoy’s incessant droning has become nothing more than background noise here… everyone just ignores him. Hilarious!

  46. We are closing in on you

    • I’d look forward to it but I heard you were on the no fly list. Call me if you get to Newark. I’ll try and bail you out – after all, we’re all Italian.

      • Proof is something you’ve never produced…

        Rosario – what did he call you again Albert37 – oh a novice

        Whoever runs the straker enemy site and their commenters. Laughing collectively about your italian when proposing the ‘central fund’.

        Enough proof?

  47. Just letting you’s know what a wanker I am Lol

    • Shalom I would gladly oblige except you are a Goyim. A small fry Gentile.

      • You live in Haifa? I’ll do anything to get out of Marakesh. I divorced my wife nousiffa when I had that feeling. Nothing personal.

      • Watching you on my spy cam, rummaging through your mama’s underpants drawer. Don’t suck em all up with that big nose of yours.

  48. Ex 50) Pizzagate DC Pedophile Ring- Boys For Sale 1981 Documentary About Pedophiles In Houston

    A relative of mine told in a long time ago that in the 60’s & 70’s kids in the schools around Houston & other towns like Galveston were warned not get into limosines with a famous celebrity who was Rock Hudson who would try to pick up boys when even he came into the area. Then later a friend from in Texas who grew up maybe 50 miles away from Hoiston told me how kids at his schools in the late 70’s & early 80’s would warn boys specifically about Rock Hudson would offer then money & icecream taking them to movies etc just to ride around in his limo & all this was long before he was admittedly a homo. So all over parts of Texas he was known since the 50’s to be a not just a homo but a pedophile predator & yet he was protected from prosecution in Texas. I guess he knew what towns to stay out of. Anyway the media has never outed Hudson as a Pedophile & I doubt Doris Day & actresses like her even knows he was also a pedo. Elizabeth Taylor probably knew he was a pedo and didn’t care because she was really close to him and James Dean a fag also. Any it’s amazing how Hudson was so protected in Texas from prosecution. My friend even told me cops were not even allowed to track or follow him around or arrest him in the county my friend lived in. He said some deputies would still disobey their orders & pull over his limo & take the boys out of the car & drop the boys off at their home or a public place but they didn’t tell their parents or report crime or they’d be fired.


  49. All this talk about Pizza is boosting me appetite.

    • Ziotrash jew sick perverted tranny fag Gabriel aka Gabriela busted admitting he is turned by pedophile rape of boys while fraudulently posting as poster Raymomd Daubney:

      (Brokeback tranny fag Gabriel/Jillgirl/Gabriela fraud posting & Cryptically admitting love of pedophilia) Raymond Daubney DECEMBER 15, 2016 AT 4:19 PM
      All this talk about Pizza is boosting me appetite.

      • Shalom It’s only debauched if a Goyah does it. LOL!

      • Your rationale is ASTOUNDING Cowboy! Listen to yourself for once. You are actually saying that because someone made a joke about your incessant posts about ‘pizza’, it’s an admission of pedophilia and moreover and admission to RAPING little boys! Before you make any more allegations about pedos and trannies and faggots, look back on the nodisinfo threads and acquaint yourself with who the real perverts on this website are.

        The propagation of obscene content here, largely falls on your friend Rudolf. The obsession with men’s anuses, the explicit rape fantasies are all his – everyone else is simply mocking his perversions in the same style he prescribes. It’s obvious now that you really do ENDORSE Rudolf’s pornographic and salacious preoccupations – that you LIKE the vivid descriptions of women being raped with inanimate objects. What kind of MEN behave like that? Women haters? There’s a good reason why your psychopathic friend was banned from Heathen Women you know.

        Further, it is YOU who fixates upon and demonizes children, again and again and again. This rubbish you’re currently spreading about the pizzagate crap is symptomatic of this. Your preoccupation with kids comes across as SICK.

        Penultimate – if you are such a good researcher, you would have looked into the ‘poster’ called Raymond Daubney. A simple google will show you that this individual in his late sixties and never apparently married, writes long, nostalgic posts about young boys in marching band parades during the 50’s, wearing tight little silver shorts. If he was involved in some kind of mass casualty event, you’d post for 12 hours straight about that info. He also graphically describes barbecuing children and EATING them. But that’s probably ok with you, because he’s only talking about Jewish kids!

        Finally, I suspect you will allow Rudolf to respond to this on your behalf (in the normal floridly dirty fashion). This will provide HARD PROOF of both your endorsement of his rape fantasies and the fact that you collude with him – your own little rape syndicate. Again, I thought you were above that so…


      • Leave your poor sister alone. Doesn’t mama give you what you want?

      • Nah – take it from me, your sister hates it…but I guess you gotta make a euro somehow

  50. Ex 1) 33° Coded Charleston S.Carolina Hoax Shooter Dylann Roof DHS Crisis Actor Convicted 33 Counts Of Murder, etc. Posted @333 4 Sandy Hoax Anniversary!

    So the DHS Charleston ZioRaceWar Agenda PsyOp Crisis Actor is Convicted of 33 Counts on Anniversary of Sandy Hook Crooks Hoax School Massacre & NPR [email protected]:33 pm! And 30 Witnesses testified for 6 days aka 36 aka 666..For a ZioOccultic/Talmudic, Hollywood coded script! Aka a 666, 33° code 333 code & 666coded script!
    And half his friends were black & said he wasn’t racist lol!


    • Im a racist what and an immigrant

      • no i’m the bigot and the racist immigrant can you guess who I really am i might be christinne

      • I type as cyndi and cute too…

        but instead of chicks, Rud smells some Poo….:))

        • I love watching Rudolf chasing his tail

        • Yet you’re the one who has no valid data, no pics, no websites to fawn over, no dick – and lets not forget the bannings. We all saw you squeal like a castrated pig on Fundies and HW and who do you say is suffering?

  51. Exhibit A-1) “MegaRegions” Planned Destruction of 50 US States & Constitutional Republic Government- Pushed By Zionist Enemy ZioTrash Jew Run NY Times!


    APRIL 15, 2016

    THESE days, in the thick of the American presidential primaries, it’s
    easy to see how the 50 states continue to drive the political system. But increasingly, that’s all they drive — socially and economically, America is reorganizing itself around regional infrastructure lines and metropolitan clusters that ignore state and even national borders.

    The problem is, the political system hasn’t caught up.

    America faces a two-part problem. It’s no secret that the country has fallen behind on infrastructure spending. But it’s not just a matter of how much is spent on catching up, but how and where it is spent.

    Advanced economies in Western Europe and Asia are reorienting themselves around robust urban clusters of advanced industry.

    Unfortunately, American policy making remains wedded to an antiquated political structure of 50 distinct states.

    To an extent, America is already headed toward a metropolis-first arrangement. The states aren’t about to go away, but economically and socially, the country is drifting toward looser metropolitan and regional formations, anchored by the great cities and urban archipelagos that already lead global economic circuits.

    The Northeastern megalopolis, stretching from Boston to Washington, contains more than 50 million people and represents 20 percent of America’s gross domestic product.

    Greater Los Angeles accounts for more than 10 percent of G.D.P. These city-states matter far more than most American states — and connectivity to these urban clusters determines Americans’ long-term economic viability far more than which state they reside in.

    This reshuffling has profound economic consequences. America is increasingly divided not between red states and blue states..Continued…

  52. Ex 52) PizzaGate Real Pedo Rings- Franklin CoverUp Extended Version- Hero FBI Whistleblower Ted Gunderson -Extremely Hated Man By Pedos, CIA FBI, Zios & Shells!


  53. Ex B) 7 MegaRegions NWO Map – Planned Destruction of US States & US Constitutional Republic Form of Government- Pushed by Zionist Traitor Enemy of Americans NYTIMES!


    • The truth is these ppl behave like some Children when they can’t get their own way stomping around and complaining. Ie they have the minds of naughty 15 year olds.
      ‘They’ lost in every way so they are sore losers too. Foolish when one refuses to learn even elementary concepts.
      I hope someday they will learn their lesson, this world is not created to serve only a powerful few. Patience whilst the turbid pond settles.
      Blood is dripping from their hands and you and me are clean in that respect.

  54. Ex 60) Philando (Philly Orlando Coded Fake Name) Twin Cities MN Killer Cop PsyOp Script Cop Defense: Philando Was Stoned & Drop The Charges

    Ridiculous Charge & defense in this hoax shooting script:

    Lawyer for Minn. cop: Philando Castile ‘stoned,’ negligent before shooting


  55. Joooo boy aint got no life and no job

  56. Trying to make out he had a few things to do the last week

    • Why don’t you call me. I take it you have my number.

      Does having such a big nose compensate for your lack of prick?

    • Actually, it was my dad. But you’re not to anyone’s taste, so we’ll just chop you up and throw you to the dogs

  57. Why do jewish groups heap pressure on Ukraine to forget its history?

    In Ukr, the Nationalists have been driven into a dead end by the leading jewish scum-


  58. Ex 53) Pizza Gate Pedophile Ring & other Pedo Rings-The Pychopath most Fears Exposure!
    The Pedophile most Fears Exposure!
    The zionist most Fears Exposure! …Thus we must..

    ..To destroy them & to Stop them (we must) expose these monsters without fear no matter how angry & threatening they & or their lackeys in Government & media & internet trolls & shells & disinfo agents get!


    Fake news comes from the liars at NY Times & Washingto ln Post & CNN, FOX, CBS, ABC, BBC,etc!!
    …Not from truthers!

    • Hoaxers like Dr K invented the fake news you idiot.

      BTW thanks for confirming that you and Rudolf are the real pedarists

      • Like you ‘walked all over’ me on Heathen Woman, Fundies, here?

        Ha ha – you’re a fucking cripple

        • No you didn’t you got yourself banned and you live in a delusion

        • You were forced to publicly take it up the arse by a woman – it really hurt didn’t it…

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    • I’m sure your NOSE will lead you to the right place

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  60. You waste a lot of time for nothing don’t you

  61. Lucy Richards, a 57-year-old woman from Tampa, was arrested this week and charged with four felony counts of Transmitting a Threat.

    Under recent laws, if you communicate a threat via electronic means, the penalties are severe and immediate. If convicted on each count, Richards could spend up to 20 years in prison.
    And she should.
    As somebody who gets a hell of a lot of death threats myself, most via electronic means, I have no tolerance for this sort of thing. This woman should get the maximum sentence possible and spend the rest of her rotten miserable goddamned life in prison.
    Lucy Richards should be held to account for her actions, whether or not she “sincerely” meant them or actually intended to follow through.
    In fact, she should be tried as a terrorist — because that’s what she was doing, terrorizing an American citizen.
    You see, Richards is a conspiracy nut.
    She is engaged in DELIBERATE insanity. She believes the Sandy Hook Massacre was a “False Flag” operation by some shadowy government agency to something something gazpacho Obama New World Order take away all the guns. She has DELIBERATELY convinced herself that the 27 victims murdered at Sandy Hook elementary school never really existed, that the grieving parents of the 20 dead children are “crisis actors” and frauds. And she believes it so much that she found the phone number for one of those parents, Lenny Pozner — who is four years later every single day grieving the loss of his son Noah — and she called his cell phone four times and left messages on his voicemail threatening to KILL HIM.
    “You’re gonna die you [expletives and slurs deleted]. And what are you going to do about it?”
    “You can do absolutely nothing. This is coming to you real soon, you [expletive deleted]. You are going to die!”
    “You [expletive deleted] look behind you, justice is coming to you real soon!”
    Imagine hearing THAT. Imagine hearing that after your child has been murdered. Imagine what Lenny Ponzer — who was IN THE COMPANY OF HIS TWO SURVIVING CHILDREN — felt upon hearing those messages.
    Now, Richards wasn’t the first lunatic “Truther” to threaten the Sandy Hook families. She was just dumb enough to identify herself.
    Richards targeted Ponzer because Ponzer spoke out against a professor, James Tracy, at Florida Atlantic University, who has repeatedly argued that the massacre was a hoax. Tracy wrote social media posts expanding on conspiracies put forward by such sources as Alex Jones and his fake news/conspiracy site, Infowars. Tracy openly harassed the Ponzers, demanding proof that their son Noah actually existed in the first place and that he’d actually been murdered at Sandy Hook. Florida Atlantic fired Tracy after Ponzer and other Sandy Hook parents protested his position at the university lent credibility to his ridiculous nonsense. And that really set off conspiracy nuts like Lucy Richards.
    These “Truthers” are clearly insane by both the common and the clinical definition.
    They believe things that are demonstrably, provably, untrue. And no amount of proof, no evidence, no amount of reason, nothing, can convince them that their version of reality is false. In point of fact, people like Richards deliberately associate themselves with others who hold similar false views of reality, reinforcing and confirming their delusions until they are unshakable. They do this deliberately and purposely dismiss ANY evidence that is counter to their warped worldview. In Richards’ case this led directly to irrational decisions and dangerous actions.
    This the very definition of mental illness.
    This is no different than the guy who just shot up Comet Ping Pong in Washington because he actually believes Hillary Clinton is kidnapping children off the street to supply a world-spanning ring of millionaire pedophiles from the basement of that same pizza parlor. That conspiracy theory is insane, as in it is NOT sane, not rational, makes no sense whatsoever at any level whatsoever, does not pass the basic smell test, and is patently ridiculous to any rational person.
    But here’s the thing: In America, we consider this lunacy Free Speech.
    And until you actually take up arms or threaten to murder somebody, we say, well, you know. And we shrug and we roll our eyes and pretend this insanity is normal, rational, reasonable. Even AFTER these people go over the edge, after they are arrested for shooting up a restaurant or threatening to kill the grieving parents of a murdered child, we say, yeah, but Crazy — even murderous Crazy — is protected speech. They’re nuts, sure they are, but they have a right to be nuts. So, you know, and we shrug again and mumble something about the First Amendment.
    But here the thing: the First Amendment grants you the right to speak your insanity, but it does NOT grant you immunity from the consequences of that lunacy.
    But we as a nation far to often act as if speech should be free of accountability. We NEVER hold those who propagate this mental illness, this insane hate, responsible. Never. Those like Alex Jones and Michael Savage and Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and James Tracy, we NEVER make them PROVE their conspiracies or suffer legal consequences for promulgating provably false narratives, for inflicting insanity on those susceptible to such.
    If Alex Jones was infected with HIV, if he KNEW he was infected, and he deliberately had unprotected sex with others and endangered their lives, we would hold him legally responsible. Yes we would. That’s against the law and those harmed have legal recourse. He’d go to jail. BUT if he poisons their MIND, if he infects them with murderous insanity, that’s okay. We’re good with that. He gets rich and suffers no consequences whatsoever. Hell, if he was an ordained preacher, we’d give him a tax break for spreading insanity.
    I digress.
    My point is we don’t hold these people accountable because we are terrified that if we do so it might mean WE would also have to be accountable for our own speech. And perhaps that fear is justified.
    Insanity in America must be regarded as … sanity. As free speech. Protected under the Constitution.
    As such, Lucy Richards no matter how crazy her beliefs might be, MUST be regarded as sane.
    If she can’t be held accountable for her SPEECH, then she must be held accountable, to full account, for her ACTIONS — and that means prison, for 20 years, maximum sentence on all counts with no possibility of parole. Period.
    If — IF — we are going regard deliberate insanity as a civil right, and we are going to let the population be deliberately infected with it, then the ONLY way society can survive is if we hold those who practice it to full account. No excuses. No exceptions. Every time.
    Either that, or we start treating these people for mental illness.

  62. Look at you, wallowing in the past. You really have no idea who I am do you?

    You’re so confused, I almost feel sorry for you

    • I’m sorry to disappoint but i’ve never posted on that pathetic blog. Wouldn’t even spit on it. You got nothing and you know it. 😀

  63. I hope you’re spending a lot of money on your dream trip and that you’re not too disappointed when you realize what a waste of time it was

    • Have you been drinking again? Does it help with the depression?

  64. Time to update this. It’s old and entirely inaccurate. Every time you post it just shows how incompetent and clueless you really are

  65. Rudolf was terribly sick
    For he knew that he had not a dick
    It sent him insane
    And had a pea brain
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    • You might want to go back to school before you attempt poetry. Just shows how deeply you suffer

      • You sound a bit angry there poo.

        If you knew English, then you’d know the word was ‘uneducated’. But I guess you’re not educated enough to know that.

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      • There’s nothing to answer – but I can see that you’re struggling

  68. Cowboy is clearly deranged
    From reality he is estranged
    When you prove that he’s wrong
    The denial is strong
    And his mind still remains disarranged

  69. There was an old sleazeball called Rud
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      • a) nothing would stick to your groin – it’s just a flat plain

        b) please post away – I’m keen for the entertainment

  73. Dr K is a certified crook
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    He’s grown to be rich
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    From all of the money he took

    • im the biggest scammer and crook of the lot

      • Luring children with boiled lollies is not technically a scam Raymond. But if there are other matters that you wish to confess, we will take it under consideration.

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  80. Rudolf is mentally ill
    Says that he wants to kill Jill
    But he’s just a big tool
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  81. Cowboy is clinically mad
    His theories are really quite sad
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    And everyone else says ‘egad!’

    • Rudolf Friedrich, we hear
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      • O half man
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        You came under fire
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        • Hey Poo,

          Poetry has certain literary conventions – none of which you seem to understand.

          Perhaps you should brush up before further making a fool of yourself?

          Although, I do like your limerick about your wart

        • It’s quite clear that you need to go back to school

  84. Cowboy’s mind is so dirty
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    He is so full of hate
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    • Tell Me Why. – A poem by Christinne Radu.

      Tell me why I don’t like Mondays
      And Tuesdays too
      And the whole week, month, year
      And life
      And puppies
      And why I hate diets.
      And my fat arse
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  85. Ex 54) PizzaGate PedoRing Investigator “The Liberty Columnist” Traveled from North Carolina & Hidden CamPhoto-ed Pedophile Art @ Comet Ping Pong Pedo Pizza & More! Courageous Hero & Patriot!

    After he & others exposed the Pedophile & Ritual Child Murder & Cannibal Art By Admitted former MK Ultra Sex Slave Butterfly Kim Noble & Serbian Jew pedophile lesbian artist Biljana Djurdjevic & Talmudist, Kabbalist, Satanist high priestess witch Marina Abramovic–all the ziotwisted child sex, torture & murder art was removed! All real! All busted !! This is real news! Not fake news! Don’t assist these pedophiles & occultic fundementalist freaks in the lies & CoverUp of their monstrous crimes! These are evil, psychopathic, murderous & cannibalistic pedophiles!


    • Quit obsessing over sex and children. You look like a sicko

      • Make no mistake about it Grinspoon. He’s a genuine sicko.

  86. Definitely some of the finest stuff (these limericks) I’ve seen on this board ever.

    Bravo!! Lol!

    • hahahaha…you are so horny for poles, you’d grab a fork from the spike…ahahahahah…!

      Finest stuff”….ahahahahahahh!!!

      Thanks gaybob, old son!|

      • Hey Poo, it is your fantasies about rape involving canes and bed knobs and other objects upon which these great literary works are based…

        Because you got no pork, you must use the fork and if you had a kid, it would not be spared. (Thank God you don’t).

        • Proof from here or any where else. Didn’t think so…

  87. Ex A) 33°, 666, 77& 777 Coded Script–DHS 2015 Simi Valley Hoax Shooting /Self Defense Neighbor Killing over Ridiculous Wash Machine RunOff Water!

    Watch the Happy Hoaxer very small Crisis Actor (but Grown woman) give the Hoax PsyOp away with her happy to be on camera, smiling “Duping Delight”!

    And the ziomagic, ZIO Hollywood Phoney Baloney!!!..Talmudic/Kabbala/Mason coding in this PsyOp is unbeliveable, hitting all their favorite hoaxs shooting codes in one name! LMAO!

    Fake Shooting Killing Victim /VicSim is:
    Nathan Dean Ward which in Jewish Gematria Equals 1875 aka1+8+7+5=21 which is 3–7’s 777 Jonathan Dean Ward in English Gematria Equals:918 aka 9+1+8=18 aka 6,6&6 aka 666
    Jonathan Dean Ward in Simple Gematria Equals: 153 aka 15+3 is 18 for another 666 code but also 1+5+3= 9..&9 is code for 33° since 3×3 is 9.

    Fake Killer is Cary Swaine. (Think Hairy Swine lol!) Don’t know his supposed middle name.

    Ward is very Jewish AshkeNAZI /Khazar looking!


  88. ExB) 77 Coded SIMI Valley Shooter Cary Swain Was 49 @ ’15 Date of Hoax aka 77 code, Channel 7 Primary Source, 7pm was “Kill Time”!


  89. Ex1) How the Zionist Jew Banksters Own Donald Trump– Bankster says: “We Decided He’s Worth More Alive Than Dead To Us”.. “So we let him live!”


  90. Despicable Zionist Jew Psychopath Adam Kokesh filthy Mossadomite Fraudster & Woman Abuser


    He’s also a Gun Grabbing Israeli Traitor piece of $h#t! He needs some free fistfighting lessons!

  91. Ex 1) Mt Vernon, Washington Hoax Shooting of Cop -Horrible Crisis Actors–Amazingly Horrible Interview In Middle Of ShootOut Standoff-Hostage Situation With SWAT & Cops!


  92. Ex2) Mt Vernon,WA Hoax Cop Shooting- Hoax SpokesLiar Buffoon Admits All the Local & Federal Agencies Were Present!..(For Drill & PsyOp) Buffoon Tells Contradictory Lies: Man Comes Out & Surrender Vs Cops Go In & Get Em’! 1 Billion% Zio DHS Treason Hoax!


  93. Donald Trump Handler Filthy Psychopath Chabadist Lubavitcher Rabbi Kissing Mobster Selix Sater!

    Watch how many times this perverted Lubavitcher Lube job specialist kissing this disgusting Felix Sater on the lips! These are some sick, twisted Talmudist freaks! Like tranny fag, pedo-fefending Gabriel- Gabriela fiend!


  94. I wonder if Rudolf will be back after all these kicks.
    It’s apparent that his mother never taught him how to leave a fight like a man.
    The guy seems to like getting beaten up.

    • I live in a much nicer neighborhood, poo.
      Quite some distance from where you “pinned” me.
      Quite some distance, indeed.
      But this is fun.
      Find me.

      • It is fun isn’t it. I hope that whoever he’s stalking in NJ makes a police report. That would be hilarious

      • Recognize this image Poo? It’s your local cinema and shopping strip isn’t it?

        Noice town


      • Sure you do.

        Four cities – no cinemas. Right.

      • If you’re going to lie, you could at least try and make it plausible

  95. Ex3) 77 & 777 Coded Mt Vernon, WA Hoax Cop Killing Mike McClaughry & Standoff & Hostage Hoax Script

    Mike Mcclaughry in Jewish Gematria Equals: 806 akA 14 aka 77
    Mike Mcclaughry in English Gematria Equals: 894 8+9+4=21 aka777
    Mike Mcclaughry in Simple Gematria Equals: 149 aka 1+4+9=14 aka 77

  96. Ex4) 88, 888, 77,777, 33 Coded Mt Vernon, WA Hoax Cop Killer Ernesto Lee Rivas Standoff & Hostage Hoax Script

    Ernesto Lee Rivas in English Gematria Equals: 1122 11+22 =33 Also 1+1 +22 is 24 aka 888 Lucifer Code
    Ernesto Lee Rivas in Simple Gematria Equals: 187 aka 1+ 87 is 88 & 88 is like a short 888 version of Lucifer code plus 88 is 2 44’s & the supposed age of shooter Ernesto Lee Rivas is 44.


  97. Ex4)Sandy Hook Crook 4th Anniv’ Crisis Actors Fake Parents (ziotrash Jews) Busted Visiting White House Day Before & Day Of! Fake Shooting of their Fake Kids!

    All this these Sandy Hook Crook fake parents are proven actors & ziotrash jews! United Nations Gun Grabber Israeli Criminal Traitor Tri Citizen Veronique Dabner aka Haller aka Pozner is one of demons along with Her Ex Husbands Lenny Pozner & Dabner & brother pedophile defense lawyer Alexis Haller!


    • C-Boy,

      Your source enterthe5t4rz has deleted his videos and posted a retraction: Sandy Hook Parents DID NOT Visit White House: Thanks for Your Research.

      You knew that before you posted this disinfo didn’t you?

      Anyway, n the original, he never said that the parents visited the day before or on the day, but in the years leading up to. More disinfo from you.

      While we’re on the subject perhaps you’d like to explain why in the same period, records of visitors to the White House include James Tracy, James Fetzer (multiple) and Kathleen and Erik Halbig?

      • Posting debunked and retracted videos is hardly ‘research’.

        Why do you keep trying to cuck Cowboy. Let him answer for himself, or he’ll think you’re trying to make him look like a pussy.

        • No need to counter argue when the video has been RETRACTED.

          Here’s a photo I published of you on this site:


        • last time i tried to grab your dick i could’t get a grip

        • Too lil hands…gaybort…hahahahahah…!!

        • too little dick albort

      • Rudolf thinks tweets come from the moon not even cowboy that stupid

        • You claimed they were mirrored back from the pacific coast. Or maybe from the iSS…?

          short of mind or short of shekel, gaybob…?……..:)

          • I said a server in San Francisco where the company is based. That’s a fact.

            You said the moon & ISS. More garbage from you.

  98. colombia plane hoax mans lucky to survive plane crash bs

    • Why are you trying to demonize my good friend Raymond Daubney Hassan you ziofag tranny traitor!

      • You’re getting all excited about xmas aren’t you poo. Have you raped your presents yet and put them under the tree?

        • Which color does sis want the umbrella gaybort?

          White Hot, I’d bet…..! hahahahahah!!

          Sorry but I find it too hilarious to bash you till hell. Expecially now that you are on your knees…!

        • Riiite. On my knees because you think you know where I live and I’ve gotten you banned from all over the Internet. Btw – where do you plan to post this new data now that WordPress has caned you for breaching their ToS?

        • Be sure to email me some photos

  99. Ive lost my crack pipe damn it!

  100. i aint got a life apart from stalking people damn it Lol

    • Are you in Tel Aviv like to meet me on X- chat?

  101. I’m a hoax lol

    • Christinne, Rudolf is DESPERATE for anyone to test out his rape fantasy. Can u oblige and post the results? Thx

      • My name is Giovannino
        They say I’m supremo obsceno
        The girls all scream rape
        When I put on my cape
        And force them to drink cappuccino

  102. Your sis is in the basement, locked up with your mom – don’t your remember? They’re waiting for you to bring on the jackhammer

  103. Do bed knobs and broom sticks return positive results? DNA maybe.

    Do you ever wonder why women ‘scream rape’ when you ‘touch their hand’ and ‘ask them for coffee?’

  104. Name one female Rudolf or take your diseased presence from my site.

    • Let me guess. He put a copy on the wall of the basement where his sister turns tricks

    • You mean your sister? That poor dirty whore you rape with sticks in the basement?

    • Perhaps. But it’s your sister you practice it on

    • How can I practice it on others if I constantly feel the humid breath of your sis’ lust over it…?…..:)))

    • You’re definitely thinking about your poor sister, locked down in that basement. Is mama there too?

  105. No amount of amendments will save it from being just a dirty rape fantasy – sicko

    • You don’t know any females. They all scream ‘rape’ when you ‘invite them for coffee’. others just ban your dirty ass

    • Yeah delusional and idiotic like always…

      That’s why you keep my pcs close to your dark heart….?


    • Everywhere you go you ooze incel

  106. Drinking again eh?

    • You sure have wasted a lot of time on this fool’s errand. You’d think that a millionaire such as yourself could employ some resources to capture accurate data.

      • Which millionaire, pervert?

        I’m here ONLY for my joy, GayBort.

        Gaybriel. This is the first and last time I tell you this (and I confess it now because you are making me laugh a lot tonite)

        You’d be amazed, if you knew who I am actually.

        • So those 4 houses you claim to own are actually just worthless holes in the ground? Makes sense. Confirmation that you’re a low-life shit-kicking convicted rapist wouldn’t ‘amaze’ me one bit

        • Provide here the value of these four houses for consideration.

        • You’re the only one with the English comprehension and writing issues around here. Even Christinne puts you to shame. Believe me, my professional background allows me to recognize hardcore ESL problems when I see them.

          You’re also the biggest misogynist (Cowboy’s not as overt as you).

          And I sure as hell don’t envy a pitiful perverted low life liar like you.

          Perhaps you should put the bottle away & get to bed now

  107. Rudolf wants us all to think that he’s some high-flying millionaire businessman who sits behind a computer all day stalking women, posting fake news and neo nazi propaganda. It’s hard to imagine that anyone with even modest business interests to protect would act this way, particularly in a country where such behavior is illegal.

    You have to wonder why he’s always screaming ‘fuck the system’ when he claims that this very system has provided him with the ability to own four houses in four different countries.

    Nah. Everything that’s come before this lie points to a shit-kicking blue collar job that he doesn’t place any value on and it makes him seethe with anger knowing that he’s just a low-life tool of the establishment.

    • Envious, little joo?

      Enjoy your trip in Spring Valley and fear not.

      I have all the possibilities and the knowledge to catch and punish you (and the ones like you) the way you deserve.

      I’m moving quite a lot. In my boring flights and transfers, I find the time to reply to you in the proper way.

      I’m not a billionaire, piece of shit. I’ve never said that. I’m just an average wealthy person who doesnt give a fuck for a dollar more.

      On the contrary you are a slave, a pork, a scarcely resilient piece of cowardice: the perfect target for my threats and banters.

      I have told you what you didnt deserve to know. You already knew about my Austrian heritage and my Canadian ancestry.

      Then gaybob: hold it and suffer…:))

      • So these four houses you claim to own are just worthless holes in the ground?

        • That figures. And I can tell you’re not laughing. Nonsensical spamming is always a characteristic of your state of rage. Ha ha

          • I’m in stitches….

            You can bet your tribe’s butt on this.

            Drop a Messenger mex so I can show my laughter.

            I’m serious only on one thing: you, envious, little deviant and pervasive troll are at high risk.

            Remember it now and forever. I TAKE full responsibility for the following words:

            you are too corrupted, ignorant and stupid to see you are at stake here. All your exit holes are getting shut.

            Only you, little zio rat will remain trapped.

            Yet, your data are there and go viral: I have just watched now the statistics.

            How many people do you have been harassing around? How many woman have you hated. How many men have you provoked? How many kids annoyed?

            Time will tell. My take is there are many around who won’t forgive. And you will pay. Maybe zio santa will be generous with you…….:))

          • Actually, you’re my only target. And let’s not forget, you really think I post as some Indian woman on G+

            HA HA

          • You are grasping at straws as always.

            You have used dozens of fake accounts.

            Which Indian, gaybort?

            It’s always you shemale!

            You could post using Himmler’s name, or wotan or whatever, but I will always get you pinned.

            or you deny you have been busted here since 2013? Do you want me to repost your thousands rants?

            Vile gaybort: you see the peril tuning concrete and serious and try vainly (who can believe you, hu-Fart?) to steer the attention away from you.

            Be worried for my statistics and avoid the zio authorities. You’d get a stronger backlash.

          • I don’t mind if you blame me for your butt hurt – happy to take credit.

            I’m not an Indian woman on Google, I’m not Wotan, I’ve never posted as Himmler & I’ve only been hammering your ugly ass, along with the rest of the cabbies since December last.

        • It all has a sense. Each of my posts.

          they are driving you crazy.

          Your constant presence beside the zio shabbat show you are worried indeed.

          Its months since you haven’t been spamming shit with the current virulence. Clear sign you are dying.

          You are suffering, Gaybort.
          On the other hand, who could prove otherwise? You have been openly busted and offered to public mockery.

          Which amount of money do I need, in your cultured opinion of a low level clerk, to maintain four maisons…?

          • Not crazy. Mental illness is your domain. I’m not talking about maintenance. What is the net worth of these supposed domiciles?

            There’s no evidence that I’m the subject of public mockery but plenty that you are – from the U.S. to Italy. How Cld you forget the Fundies? And the terrible public shaming on HW.

            Where are these links that humiliate me in the same manner?
            Aw – you got none

      • Provide to this board the total value of these four properties you claim to own.

  108. Finally, to reach the zenith of sensations you will be driven into the mind of an evil anti-$emite known as Professor Rud.

    This NaZZi has become a urban legend. He has discovered a school just a block away from Gaybriel’s posting place.
    His opinion is, the indicated (and formally vanished) Trooota has been fishing kids from across the road for a long while..

    Now your will be able to follow Rud’s footprints and kick gaybee’s butt as well!

    Warning: this experience is not covered by the all-inclusive touring adventure package we offer:

    https:[email protected]1325,-74.0455595,3a,60y,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1skfb9QTst-b6Q8VE0MrARHg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x0:0xd59110d65957bd95!2sEli's+Bagel+Shop!8m2!3d41.117068!4d-74.0465131!3m4!1s0x0:0xa5f3f64247a29c18!8m2!3d41.1161269!4d-74.045565!6m1!1e1?hl=en

    • Stalking school kids. No surprises there

  109. Sure – but you really shouldn’t mix alcohol with your anti psychotic medication

  110. Giddyup Busted Oma!

    You are proving an unchalled amount of laughter to me and NaZZi buddies.

    PS Xmas is commin…..!


    • Actually, they’re laughing at you particularly the use of words such as ‘unchalled’

      • It’s unchallenged…

        Yes, the flight is turbulent, gaybort.

        Laugh on this! Or not………?…….:)) hahahahahahhaaa…!!!

        • Unchallenged laughter? I’m assuming you’re alone together…anyway, you know I’m only here for the laughs – and you never disappoint

          • I don’t hear that laughter when your butt gets banned

          • Ha ha

          • Good luck but we all know you got nuffink. Ha ha

          • I bet those nazi buddie of yours thought those limericks were hoolarious.

            Everyone laughs at you, even your friends

          • Wrong again poo. Lack of discretion is your trait – seen you banned once or twice before.

  111. Why don’t you tell us something we don’t know – go on ‘amaze’ us

  112. Thanls gaybort.

    These latest nights have been pure entertainment for many a NaZZi Buddy and me.

    And bet what? The best has yet to come…….!…………:))

    • There’s only one buddy now? Why doesn’t he speak up? He’s a nazi coward like you?

      Does he giggle when you shove your cane up his butt?

      • If you don’t point to this PUBLIC place I won’t be able to enjoy said banter. Oh well – nice try, bad lie

        • I know plain English is difficult for you. I said why doesn’t your queer creep of a cowardly buddy speak up? Comprendo?

        • I need a link. No one can be bothered scrolling through all that shit

        • Just as I thought. Zero buddy. This website would be a lot better off if you would just shut the Fup now

        • Another pathetic try. You can only see an IP if someone posts. I never have. Besides, why would anyone use their real email if you don’t have a formal registration process. Perhaps you do. I wouldn’t know but that could be why you’re the only one making comments.

    • You’re having a lot of fun with Google today – but alas, it’s all a waste of time – and thus you keep dying

      • I don’t fear you. You’re a cowardly little pussy & stupid to boot

  113. I won’t be there because it is nowhere near where live – now shuddup you fanciful faggot. I’ve got shit to do

    • Perhaps, but it won’t be you, you effiminate old cripple.

  114. Rudolf claims not to invoke violence. Yet he scuttles around like a creepy stalker, repeatedly threatens rape, beatings and murder, openly admitting he’s primary aim is to illicit fear.

    I guess it’s a good thing he’s such a failure at everything he does.

    Nevertheless, it’s only going to end badly for Rudolf. Dr K would do well to get rid of him before this stupid barbarian brings shit down on his head as well.

    • cabbie loves boys butt=33in gementria

  115. With my family. Will you be letting yours out of the basement?

    • But there’s nothing to look at there Poo

  116. Congratulations Rudolf-

    You’ve succeeded in turning the comments section of this website into a veritable cesspool.

    That was probably your objective, you Zionist shill!

    • Indeed Staples.

      Rudolf has a bigger nose than those stereotypical caricatures of jewish people that I’ve seen.

      He also claims to be a multi millionaire.

      And he preys on vulnerable children.

      Fits the profile of the jews you read about here.

  117. The Mahdi has a giant flying scroll to penetrate

  118. Load up your scroll Mahdi it’s your phallic symbol.

  119. More of the same

  120. Who’d bother following that, Ho hum

  121. More Buffonery from despicable zio-trash Jew-fraudster and no disinfo brokeback fag Gabriel posting under my name here Cowboy and poster WAKE THE SHEEP:

    WAKE THE SHEEP: December 19th 3:11AM.
    The Mahdi has a giant flying scroll to penetrate.

    WAKE THE SHEEP: December 19th 3:15AM.
    Load up your scroll Mahdi it’s your phallic symbol.

    Despicable Gabriel. You Zionist-piece of trash.

    • Cowboy, wake the Fup!

      Rudolf is ruining this page and you’re doing NOTHING about it.

      Tell this message board why you endorse his rape fantasies, the stalking and the promises of violence. Explain yourself! Are you his secret lover?

      • That was some effort. But you lose again.

    • Another Fraudulent posts by tranny fag, pedo ring defender, ziotrash jew Gabriel aka Gabriela, aka troll & tranny posting as: Jillgirl, Ha Ha, Not Gabriel, Gabby, Cyndi, Cabbie, Gabbie, Staples, Appalled, Appalled mother of 4, Harim J T’noumelbekkio, OMG, Limericks Unlimited, Spring Valley Tourist Board, Cabbie #33, etc..etc..etc.. & fraudulently & disinfo posting under all real posters’ names here!

      (Brokeback tranny fag Gabriel fake version of)Cowboy DECEMBER 19, 2016 AT 3:29 AM
      More Buffonery from despicable zio-trash Jew-fraudster and no disinfo brokeback fag Gabriel posting under my name here Cowboy and poster WAKE THE SHEEP:

      WAKE THE SHEEP: December 19th 3:11AM.
      The Mahdi has a giant flying scroll to penetrate.

      WAKE THE SHEEP: December 19th 3:15AM.
      Load up your scroll Mahdi it’s your phallic symbol.

      Despicable Gabriel. You Zionist-piece of trash.

      Gabriel apparently posted this one to look like a real post of mine to follow it up with more disinfo fraud & divide & conquer fraud posts under my name Cowboy here!

      • Your sister needs to be set free from her prison. NOW!

      • In Heavens name what are these posts? I have nothing to with flying scrolls.

        • Good to hear Mahdi. But you used to post on them frequently?

  122. Ex 55) Pizza Gate -Even Brain, Ex & Fake Truther zioJew Like Joe Rogan Can Tell the Pizzagate Child Rape Ring is Real & Podesta Is a Demonic Sadistic Pedophile like his Good friend Convict- Pedo Hastert & Barney Frank!

    Barney Frank was caught operating a pedophile callboy Sex slave ring out of his house & he blackmailed Congress not to Proscecute him & his boyfriend & Ring!


    • Explain yourself!

      Why are you and Rudolf obsessed with rape and pedophiles?

      Why do you endorse Rudolf’s violent fantasies?

  123. Ex1) Joan Rivers (Molinsky) Faked Death In 2014– Busted Alive 2015 With Close Friend Clive Davis At His Party!! Face, Voice, Height 100% Match! MakeUp & Hair Length Changes!

    This is an evil zionist Jew witch extremist fraudster who has spouted off her desire many times to murder Christians & muslims & goyim! A Talmudic/Kabbalist Satanic witch. She took on this name a couple years after great Rock musician Johnny Rivers took the name Rivers as his stage name!

    How much money did this blood thirsty murder-lusting old had receive in Life insurance money after faking her death in 2014???


    • Why do you not answer questions put to you?

      Why do you hide behind Rudolf’s skirts and allow him to answer for you?

      Time to fess up Cowboy. Why do you endorse a pervert?

      • can i dress as a woman for you Lol

  124. Ex 2) Joan Rivers – Old Ziotrash Witch Alive! Absolutely Alive 4 months after her fake death! This Hideous Christian, Muslim & Goyim hating old pig is certainly alive!


  125. Gunsmoke Movie – Audie Murphy Vs Ziotrash & His Minions! No Relation to GunSmoke Western TV Show


    • I smoked a lot of ganja to reach that conclusion. Lol!

      • i smoked a lot of boys butt to reach my conclusion Lol

  126. Ex1) Times Square NYC Puffy Coat Cigarette Puffing Man Kills Homeless Man, 27 (@ 40th & 6th for 666 repeating Code) Cops Everywhere 24-7 & Guy not caught! Hoax Saturday, then Madam Tussauds…

    Double Stabbing! LOL! Cops Everywhere Cameras Everywhere yet no Video of Killing or Stabbing But Crisis Actwhores Galore!


    27 is code for 999 aka upside 666 & 999 is also code for 33 degree 3 times, as 9 is like 3×3 for 33.. also 999 is like 3 sets of 333.
    40 divided by 6 is 6.66 repeating forever. so code for 666!

  127. Ex 2) Times Sq Hoax–2 Men Stabbed 2 Men In Front of 2 Places in Times Sq “Ripley’s Believe It or NOT”!!! & “Madame Tussauds”! Both Victims 25! Lol

    Yes & on 42 Ave..42 & 22 is 64 (8×8) Anyway let’s add the third 2 onto 64.. 66 like 2- 33 degrees.. Freemasons often wear two 33’s inside triangles hanging from ribbons or strings around their necks…

    & You know anything at Ripley’s Believe it or not! & Madame Tussauds is real! Right??? LOL!


  128. Ex 3) Times Sq Happy Hoax Stabbing Liar Reporter Ali Bauman Loves A Good DHS Hoax! Interviews DJ Cruz the Dancing DJ Crisis Actor! He damn near comes right says it’s a hoax! Lol

    “A stabbing here in front of Ripley’s Believe It or Not with all the cops?? Highly Unlikely!”

    Ripley’s never says all their exhibits are all true..just Believe it Or Not! Lol!


  129. Ex 4) Times Sq. Hoax Stabbing Crisis Actor Dwayne Cruz Busted! The Dancing DJ & Jack@$$ of All Trades! DJ Cruizin’ Entertainment Accountant, Computer IT man, Fraudster ActWhore https://ph.linkedin.com/in/cruzin4djs

    Alias Dwayne Santa Cruz wife fellow Crisis Actor & CIA spook Darla Cruz alias Darla Santacruz & Umpteen other aliases

  130. ExA) Alan Thick Fake Death Hoax @69 Predicted In His Song: “You see, this great big hoax, the way they bought it” Dumb Goyim!

    So Alan Thicke Fakes his Death at 69 just Like David Bowie & Alan Rickman!


  131. Ex 6) Times Sq Stabbing Hoax Crisis Actor Dwayne DJ Cruz wife Darla Cruz CIA Spook @ Science Application Corp– CIA front! Mega Aliases

    Intelius Search:
    Darla A Cruz
    age 53


    New Orleans, LA; Gretna, LA; Guntersville, AL; Huntsville, AL; Birmingham, AL ; Phoenix, AZ; Little Rock, AR; Wappingers Falls, NY; Sells, AZ; San Antonio, TX; Marrero, LA; Hopewell Junction, NY


    Mildred Cruz, Louis Cruz, Stephan Collins, David Cruz, Carmen Hernandez , Don Collins, Sherry Collins, Stacey Cruz, Esperanza Cruz, Clarence Cruz, Cristina Cruz, Deanna Cruz, Luis Cruz, Jeanne Collins, James Collins


    Science Applications International Corporation; Wci Communities Inc


    University Of Kentucky
    Darla Marie Santa-cruz
    age 47


    Katy, TX


    Dwayne Santacruz
    ————— Radaris Search:
    Darla A Cruz ~52
    Little Rock, AR

    Known as:

    Darla Ann Cruz
    Darla Collins
    Darla Cruz
     Darla Fuller
    Darla A Aloisio
     Darla A Collins
    Darla A Fuller
    Darla Ann Chandler
     Darla Aloisio
    Darla Ann Yarbrough Fuller Collins
     Fuller Darla Collinsless
    (Marie Lambert)

    Related to:

    Marie Lambert, ~52
    Darla Aloisio John Collins, ~72Rose Collins Collins Wells, ~48David Uckett, ~53Mary Chandler, ~82Carmen Cruz, ~63Byron Chandler, ~57Marie Puckett, ~52Marie Lambert



    Iberiabank – Little Rock, AR Jul 2011


    Financial controller, vp



    University of Kentucky, College of Business- Lexington, KY Dec 1991


    Bachelor’s in Accountancy

    Skills & Activities:


    Microsoft Office: Excel • Outlook • Word and Powerpoint. Applications: • MAS90 • BCP/Everest • SAP • IFS • JD Edwards • Timberline. Proven excellent communication and management skills.


  132. Ex 5) Times Square Hoax Stabbing Crisis Actor & Jack@$$ of All Trades Busted Dwayne Cruz alias Dwayne SantaCruz False Witness CIA Spook!

    Dwayne Cruz
    DJ Cruz
    Dwayne Santa Cruz
    Dwayne S Cruz
    Dwayne Santacruz
    Dwayne Santa-Cruz
    Dwayne Walter Cruz
    Dwayne W Cruz

    Dwayne Walter Santa Cruz
    age 47


    Baton Rouge, LA; New Orleans, LA; Houston, TX; Katy, TX


    Tameka Hardison, Darla Santa-cruz, Walter Santacruz, Hardison Cruz


    City Of Houston; Cruzin; Dancin Dj’s; Maxwell Pr


    Louisiana State University And Agricultural And Mechanical College, St. Augustine

    Dwayne S Cruz


    Houston, TX


    Tameka Hardison, Hardison Cruz


    • Rudolf’s a shill! He got kicked off Heathen Women because of it. Now he’s dragging you into that too. Implicating you were involved.

      Why don’t you disavow him?

      Explain yourself

      • Sis…

        Should you like to receive a couple recent pics of Prof Rud (Academic Award in Fitness & Endurance) feel free to log into his blog or drop a like on his G+ account. You’ll promptly be contacted back. I’m confident we can become some kind of intimate friends, too.

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