**Breaking News** — 11 December 2016
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Hard Proof PizzaGate Shooting is a Total Fake

It is easy to see that the purported PizzaGate event is nothing other than a fake. The pictures surely reveal it, right before everyone’s face.

It is surely a hoax, with all the players being mere actors, despite protestations otherwise. Yet, it is said:

The D.C. Police Department arrested 28-year-old Edgar Maddison Welch of Salisbury, North Carolina, outside the kid-friendly pizza and music venue. Witnesses say that Welch went through the restaurant carrying an AR-15 and tried to enter a staff area in the back of the building. He reportedly fired multiple shots inside, though no one was injured. He reportedly told the police that he’d come to “self-investigate ‘Pizza Gate,” which the department noted is “a fictitious online conspiracy theory.”

NOTE: first it was one shot, then several. Then, it was a shotgun, then, an AR-15. The leveraging of the long gun, AR-16, alone is proof of the scam and the hoax.

Even so, if it was real, then, the imagery should prove it. The fact is it demonstrates otherwise, which is the fact that this is a staged fake, nothing else. Notice the Hollywood-style hoaxing seen in the imagery. Most importantly, notice the police tape. It was up well before the ‘arrest’ incident, proving this was staged:

Notice, too, how the staging officer is pointing her gun down. By the way, where is his AR-15? No camo or bullet proof vests for this faux gunman?

Plus, SWAT was there well in advance. For a mere single man, lone wolf, with a gun walking in a restaurant: SWAT and all other elements of the DC police state were there? Who finds this plausible?

The story-line is the (fake) gunman was motivated by fake news, that is the claim that the restaurant in question operates a pedophile ring, one supposedly associated with Hillary Clinton, among others. The story is, indeed,  a fake, but the issue was made into a movie plot to demonize the American people.

Image result for pizzagate; witnesses; restaurant; shooting; assault rifle; images

Even so, SWAT was there in-advance, make no mistake about it. This is how the tax-dollar is spent, to advance arch-Zionist criminal plots.

Then, too, what are these hoaxers doing giving the Devil’s Horn sign, that sign of the Satans, right in everyone’s face in the pre-hoax phase? Anyone knows that this is a staged fake from such arch-contrived imagery.

The finger of the hoaxer and fake gunman is pointed as “bullet to the head” for the cameras? Who believes such nonsensical, sophomoric inanity as real?

Sure they did, right, absolutely, right before the embedded camera-people, they arrested him and drug him about: sure, right.

Image result for pizzagate; images; gunman

Yet, wait a minute, the eyewitnesses said it was real, all the while being filmed and interviewed by agents of the arch-pro-Zionist Washington Post:

Absolutely, this is a hoax. There can be no other possibility. It was staged on the basis of driving the stake home against the common person, the investigative mind, those ‘conspiracy theorists.’ It’s merely another attack by the Zionists against the American people, making that Anglo-Saxon person out like a crazed individual, that conspiracy-minded, gun-toting, freedom-minded American.


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