**Breaking News** — 02 December 2016
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The Hoax Presidency of Donald Trump

Updated, Dec. 5, 2016, again, 5:00 CST Dec. 5.

By no means can a Presidency by Donald Trump be regarded as anything but an arch-phony. What about it is a real movement on behalf of the people? What about it is sincere and deliberate? What element of it offers real hope for change and improvement? No doubt, Ms. Clinton was the media favorite or darling. Even so, a Trump victory was never rejected as plausible. However, many people held that somehow, despite a lack of popularity, the win would be secured for Clinton. With landslides of votes on his side it was decided otherwise. A win was allowed for Trump, if not assured all along. Moreover, it is all a game. There is nothing real about it. This is a mere side-show, a staged act: a fake, like all the others.

Others on the net have published on this issue, in this case per Newsweek. The article, though, is biased, emphasizing the criminal nature of WASP elements, such as G.W. Bush, Jr., and Dick Cheney, while giving the Zionists a pass:

Trump’s vice president holds the neocon warmonger and CFR stooge Dick Cheney in high regard.

“I frankly hold Dick Cheney in really high regard in his role as vice president and as an American,” Pence said on ABC’s “This Week.”

NOTE: He holds on a pedestal Dick Cheney, really, the arch-combative, self-aggrandizing war criminal? Pence could not find a VP figure more in disrepute or more of a demagogue than he. It also means Pence is nothing other than a controlled agent of the arch-Zionist cabal.

Pence admires vice presidents who are “able to take the vision of the president and champion that on Capitol Hill,” ABC News reports.

Cheney did not take George W. Bush’s “vision” to Congress. Cheney and his cabal of neocons used Bush and his administration to launch the war on terror, invade Afghanistan and Iraq (more than a million dead in the latter), direct the CIA to create an unmanned aerial assassination force (that has killed Americans without due process), and accelerate a police and surveillance state at home.

“[Bush was] an ignorant person who wanted to show his mother he could do things his father couldn’t,” Thomas Buergenthal, who served as a judge at the International Court of Justice, said last year.

“Some of us have long thought that Cheney and a number of CIA agents who did what they did in those so-called black holes should appear before the ICC,” he added.

Bush let Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Bernard Lewis, David Wurmser, David Frum, Bill Kristol, and other neocons drive his foreign policy.

Is it possible there will be a rerun with Pence and president-elect Donald Trump?


The Zionist appointment Buergenthal said nothing, though, about the various arch-Zionist mobsters who infest Washington and who were/are the real impetus behind the disastrous, murderous acts of the presidency.

Even G.W. Bush, Sr., noted the great wretchedness of Cheney, that influence peddler, that self-serving monstrosity who merely filled that role for his own wretched gains:

Former President George H. W. Bush criticized Dick Cheney as serving his son George W. Bush poorly, saying Cheney “built his own empire” and asserted too much “hard-line” influence.

Pence has employed many top Koch staffers in his political offices, and vice-versa, while a steady flow of Koch money has filled Pence’s campaign accounts. Indiana, which Pence has governed since 2013, has become a testing ground for many of the network’s conservative policy ideas. “Indiana is one big free market, [and] much like Koch Industries, Mike Pence … picks the right fights,” said pollster Kellyanne Conway in 2014. (Conway is one of many people who has worked for both Pence and Koch-affiliated groups, and she now works for the Trump campaign.)

Pence began traveling in similar lanes to the Koch brothers early in his career. In 1991, Pence became president of the Indiana Policy Review Foundation, which is part of the State Policy Network. Those are innocuous names, but as a Center for Media and Democracy report explains, SPN affiliates “push an extreme right-wing agenda that aims to privatize education, block healthcare reform, restrict workers’ rights, roll back environmental protections, and create a tax system that benefits most those at the very top level of income.” The IPRF was a small group back when Pence was president, but in the years since it has amassed an enormous budget thanks in large part to the largess of the Koch network of donors.

When Pence eventually made it to Congress, he became a favorite of the libertarian megadonors by opposing a lot of George W. Bush’s big-spending programs, like the Medicare Part D expansion. Both Koch Industries and Koch Enterprises became top donors to Pence’s Congressional career.

As governor of Indiana, Pence earned even more admiration for his enormous tax cut—-the biggest in Indiana history, which Pence signed only a few months after taking office. The cuts were so big they actually met resistance from some Republican members of the state legislature, but many Koch groups loved them. “He’s made Indiana a leader when it comes to moving forward with greater economic freedom” Tim Phillips, the president of the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity, told the Washington Post.

There are deep staff connections between Pence and the Koch network as well. His long-time adviser and past chief of staff, Mark Short, is now president of Freedom Partners, another Koch group. When Pence endured a series of political embarrassments last year, from his support of an unpopular “religious freedom” law to a botched attempt to start a state-run news service, Pence hired Koch Industry’s then-communications director, Matt Lloyd, to come work for him in Indiana. Lloyd was a longtime Pence staffer in Congress and during his political campaigns before leaving for the Koch job.

As the 2016 election approached, the Koch brothers were widely reported to be urging Pence to run, which he ultimately declined to do. His name on the Trump ticket—-if that happens—-still doesn’t guarantee the Koch network will lend financial support to the presidential campaign. Politico and theWashington Post already both reported Thursday that the Koch network’s dislike of Trump will keep them from spending money on the presidential race even with Pence on the ticket.

That might change, or it might not—but either way the Koch brothers will have a powerful advocate for their ideas in the room. And Trump will have his very own “puppet” of the GOP’s “highly sophisticated killers.”


A Big Red Flag Is Raised As Trump’s VP Sees Dick Cheney as His Role Model



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  1. BUSTED Crisis Actor Fake Cop Alan Actor (W)Hor(e)ujko!!!

    ExS-2) Ohio State Hoax Attack- Active Shooter Training Drill Starring just hired Crisis Actwhore Alan Horujko (alias Lewkowicz) Fraudster Traitor! In Sept. 2015′!

    (& Possibly also Alias as & playing Keith Alvin Papini in Kidnapping Hoax see my posts on last thread)

    Also the first month Ohio State hired this actor Jan-2015) he did an interview about terror & Shooting attacks. Why would a new officer, non chief, non- manager, rookie campus cop who you just hired being doing interviews of shootings, drills & terror attacks??? Lol! Because he was already scripted & scheduled to be the (Hoax) OHIO STATE Super Hero Jew Cop to kill the Eeevile Muslim African Terrorist Goyim Boogeyman!

    Also I earlier found an article that he was Israeli trained & bragging it was his Israeli superior technics he employed to to savw tge day & kill the (fake) Eeevile Mossadlim African Killer whose fake Middle name is K(h)azar backwards!


    And yes I have an an article that it is him capturing the evil terrorist/Active shooter in this propagnda film disguised as a training video!

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    • Hey that sure worked well for you on HW. Ha ha

  3. ExM-9) 33° Code-Ohio State Hoax Busted Crisis Actor Joe Smeltzer Is Now Finally Getting Named in Videos! Busted By Ohio State Youtuber & Real Hero Brian Andrew!

    This one is an excellent video! Watch & forward it & also repost & forward Brian Andrew’s original video! He did an incredible job of busting this punk sleazebag, ziotrash Crisis Actor Live in person at Ohio State! He knew a drill & a PsyOp was underway & he jumped into the middle of it! Textbook case of how to bust a Crisis Actor & a PsyOp on the spot!


    This is even better than catching sumbag Robbie Parker laughing at the fake death of his fake daughter Emi-Lie Parker! But it needs to go viral & quick while it’s hot!

  4. ExM-10) 33, 888, 666 & 13 Coded Ohio State Crisis Actor Joe Smeltzer

    Joe Smeltzer in Jewish Gematria Equals: 1485 1+4+8+5=18 aka 666 is Mark of the Beast, Star of Moloch # & # of the AntiChrist/AntiMessiah
    & take 1485 & if you it 14+8+5 you get 27 which is 3– 9’s 999 & upside down it’s 666 again. So horrible Crisis Actor bozo loser Joe Smeltzer was only picked for this job because of his short version of his name spelling!

    Joe Smeltzer in English Gematria Equals: 888 Which is number of Lucifer & the Devil

    Joe Smeltzer in Simple Gematria Equals:148 1+4+8=13 beloved occult number..


  5. Oh! The Zionist hasn’t had any good luck lately?

  6. Both him and Clinton are scums. America had to “elect” out of 2 evils. Both play for the same team. Both are cryptos. Needless to go on. Elections have been stolen for eons all over the world, no news.

    • Needless to go on and no news but I will tell you anyway. I’m a dull narcissistic cow.

  7. So stop singing odes to war criminal and (literally) witch Clinton. Everyone has seen her real face, including her double’s….

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  8. Romanians and Italians were the shittiest WW2 allies of Germany. They cost Hitler the war. Losers.

    • It’s very funny that you call yourself Militiaman when you know nothing of the art of war. You’re unable to identify your own weaknesses and continually set yourself up as a target. That’s why you were banned from fundies and HW. What’s next? You wouldn’t have a fucking clue…but wait.

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        If only they made them for men…

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    • If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

  10. Are you serious! ARE U SERIOUS!
    UN despots vow to split Jerusalem and request that the Zionists leave the Syrian Golan heights. Paul says the UN will use force if the Zionist Entity refuses to leave. Poor Zionist still doesn’t understand they will get back what they dish out.

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  13. Ex1) 777 Coded Redding California Hoax Kidnapping & Torture of Jogger-Super Mom Sherri Papini.

    This is a heavily coded hoax with multiple zionist PsyOp agendas & media profits at play!
    They repeatedly mention she was kidnapped for 3 wks & Also say 22 days. Well 3 weeks is 21 days or 3- 7day weeks for a 777 code. 22 also gets repeated with 2020 show also 22 code.
    They say two hispanic woman kidnapped her and beat her for no apparent reason. If they kidnapped her they would do it to:
    a) Have her as a lesbian sex slave for themselves.
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    d) Demand a ransom for money.
    e) If they were Satanists or something they would have done ritualistic torture with her & would not turn her lose alive.
    f) If they were some sort of extreme racist they have made it known to her, etc…

    The point is there is no motive for the two hispanic woman to do this atleast not one at play in this stupid script so you know this is a zio media & zioDHS hoax.Yet gor the ziotrash the motives are massive!…. If you script a hoax like this you can set it up & orchestrate it by the script exactly as you want for the agendas you want to push with it! You won’t be live, so it won’t go wrong, since you use actors and prerecord it all…except for people who expose it & point out all of this! Aka truthers who they have no control over…(except for having fake truthers on their pay!!! Lol!)

    Also her fake crisis actor husband Keith Alvin Papini looks almost exactly like Ohio State Hoax Terror Attack fake cop, fake hero, Crisis Actor Alan Horujko (with his super fake name!) Only a handful of people have this ridiculous name (especially for non Hawaii & non-Asian people) & all of them are related. And they all seem to have other alias last names!
    Also the kidnapped Crisis actress “Sherri Papini” looks an awful lot like Ohio State fraudster, Air Force embeded Crisis Actor Nicole Kreinbrink. Not as much as the fraudsters Horujko & KEITH Papini look alike but an awful lot alike. Like it’s a subliminal PsyOp of using twinlike Crisis Actors in Two major PsyOps in rapid succession & while both are ongoing heavily & simultaneously in the media…


  14. New ZioJew New Orleans Race War Road Rage & Gun Confiscatipn PsyOp!

    Ex1) 33, 777, 88, 66& 666 zio coded & Hoax NFL Player Road Rage Murdered in (Zio Jew run) New Orleans- “Night McNight” phrase used in coded Scripted News Story!

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    Night Mcnight in English Gematria Equals: 792 7&9&2 is 18 which is 6,6&6 for a 666.
    Also 79&2 is 81 which is 9×9 for a 99 & an upside down 66 code!

    Also 9 represents 33 from 3×3 so it is like two 33 degree codes represented. You can also look at it as 3x3x3x3 is 81 for a more obvious 2– 33’s. And even one more way to get a single 33 from 8&1is 9 aka 3×3 aka 33!

    Backsward 81 is 18 for a 666 code!

    If that isn’t enough….lol..
    Night Mcnight in Simple Gematria Equals: 132 & 1&32 is 33! Lol …Not done yet 1&3&2is 6 which is 3&3 So yes yet another 33 Gematria code!


    This Hoax PsyOp & it’s script is completely zionist RaceWar & Gun Confiscation Agendi based! Divide & Conquer the Goyim thru PsyOps!

  15. I was WRONG!!! But it’s still totally a hoax, PsyOp! The subtitle spelled it Night McNight. Rest of Ex1 correct

    Ex2) New Orleans NFL Player HOAX Road Rage Killing & Still has 666 & 777 & 66 Gemtria from “Night McKnight” phrase & still 33 & 777 from Symbology in NEWS VIDEO found by Kristopherson!

    Night Mcknight in Jewish Gematria Equals: 371 13& 7is 20, 20 divided by 3 is 6.66 repeating forever! For a 666 code

    Night Mcknight in English Gematria Equals: 858
    8&5&8 is 21, 21 divide by 3 is 7,7&7 for a 777 Order out if Chaos– the main hoax code used in video news stories!

  16. Ex3) NFL New Orleans Hoax Shooter (Eeevile White) “Man Who Admitted Shooting Joe McKnight Is Freed Without Charge”..A Perfect Race War PsyOp Title Script!

    Pure Divide & Conquer!
    So to the White goyim conservatives the ziomedia portrays it as justifiable self defense killing & to the Black goyim & liberal goyim it is simultaneously portrayed as an evil racist White man over-re-acted & killed a black unnecessarily & callously!! & Then he outrageously got released scot -free!


  17. mobile.nytimes.com/2016/12/02/sports/football/suspect-in-killing-of-joe-mcknight-former-jets-player-is-freed-without-charge.html

  18. Ex4) New Orleans NFL DHS Race War Agenda Hoax Road Rage Killing By Eeevile Whitey! Crisis Actor Ron Glasser (ZioJew) Casually Cuffed Next To Dead VicSim NFL Player Joe McKnight! Yes VicSim &Shooter 5 feet apart!

    This Crisis actor on pictured here on scene as Ron Glasser looks very little like the other official media picture of Ron Glasser! Where is his supposed mugshot?

    Shot @ 2:43 aka 7 minutes to 3, aka 7,3 aka 7×3=21 or 777 Order Out of Chaos Hoax Code.

    Also 2+4+3= 9 aka 3×3 for 33 code!


    • His last name is “Gasser”; not “Glasser”, you exceptionally stupid idiot.
      Stick to your flat earth theories, LOL!

      • Another disinfo fraudulent post by ziotrash jew Gabbriel fagboy troll posing as Stephan! But atleast the ziofag let me know I got the fag zio jew’s name wrong as Glasser instead of Gasser! No I can better exposed this sleazy crisis actor better!

        (Brokeback fag Gabriel ziotrash fake version of) Stephan DECEMBER 4, 2016 AT 9:49 PM
        His last name is “Gasser”; not “Glasser”, you exceptionally stupid idiot.
        Stick to your flat earth theories, LOL!

        Prove the earth is spinning ball Gabriel fag!
        It’s a flat stationary, level, plane! Flat as a pancake!

        • Cowboy, none of your hyperbole can detract from the fact that you can’t even get a name right.
          I guess that I’m Gabriel too?

          • No its jew boy gabriel aka wayne

          • Nope it’s just retard boy hassan, aka hassan

          • Come and meet me at Papa’s Pizza place near the corner of Maine & Grove. The whole Family is looking forward to it.

  19. ExV) Ohio State ISIS Crisis Actor Attack- DHS Crisis Actor Liar ZioJew Joseph Noll doing some earlier acting in class with a wig!

    He looks like a little Israel Saphardic Kew but his mother Sandra Heydorn is white or AshkeNAZI & his girlfriend is very Sephardly jewy looking like an Israeli.

    His script is largely ti deny any shooting took place…Well certainly no real shhoting took place , nor any car or knife attack! However they did include a shooting drill as I have said & they did have a fire srill as well. It makes more cover in case they have to abort the event as being real. And the confuson gives them order out of chaos. Like I said by changing the script it ironically makes the event seem more real & programs the masses to lose their ability to use common sense & critical thinking skills to becomes malleable to believe any ridiculous, nomsensical story the media & government tells & even to believe the story when the script is completely flipped/ changed!

  20. Ex 01) Oakland Ghostship Warehouse stage fire & fake deaths! 1Billion percent DHS & zioPuppets staged fire! No one died at All! All Fake musicians & other sleazebags used as Crisis Actors Perfectly clean! No dust, or soot on them from fire!!!


  21. Who aint got no job exposed

  22. All shootings are hoaxes.
    All stabbings are phony
    All car accidents are fake.
    Bus crashes? Pure Bullshit.
    Celebrity deaths? They don’t really happen.
    The earth is flat.
    There are no satellites or planets.

    Can you fucking imagine what it must be like to live in this guy’s head?
    Poor fuck.

    • Fires also. Fires are Zionist hoaxes.

      • If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

    • jooo boy being an immigrant thats real aint got a job thats real being on benefits thats real a jooo boy scamming the system

      • Unfortunately, that’s a good stereotyping of Muslim immigrants where I come from. jews aren’t known for their reliance on welfare round here.

  23. Ex1) UnivSouthernCalifornia Hoax Stabbing of Professor Bosco Tjan alias Siaufang Tjan
    1 billion % Fake! Relative named Sukyee Pang alias Suk Fang Tjan!! LMAO!!


    From Intelius Search
    Bosco Siaufung Tjan
    age 50 alias
    Siaufung Tjan
    age 50
    Get Full Report on Siaufung

    Cerritos, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Plainsboro, NJ; Minneapolis, MN; Bloomingdale, IL; Houston, TX

    Sukyee Pang

    University Of Southern California; Usc Dornsife Cognitive Neuroscience Imaging Center; Brain And Cognitive Science Area Of Psychology

    University Of Minnesota-Twin Cities

  24. Ex 2) 666, 99, 66 CODED USC Los Angeles Hoax Stabbing of “Bosco Tjan” ALIAS of Siaufang Tjan

    Bosco Tjan in Jewish Gematria Equals: 936 aka 9+3+6 is 18, &18 is 666..Also 99 upside is 66
    Bosco Tjan in English Gematria Equals: 594 again 5+4 +9 = 18 for another 666 & 66 code
    Bosco Tjan in Simple Gematria Equals: 99 yes we hit the Trifecta all three forms of Gematria give both the 66 & 666 code! lol
    This is why this alias name Bosco was given to Siaufang Tjan..probably assigned to him al long time ago when he joined freemasonry or a college fraternity in Minnesota!

  25. Ex 3) USC Stabbing Hiax Super Boring, Bored Happy Hoaxer Crisis Actor Chris Purington CoWorker/ Friend of Fake Dead Victim/ VicSim “Bosco” Tjan alias Siaufang Tjan


    Published on Dec 4, 20163 hours ago…
    Chris Purington remembers Bosco Tjan, who was fatally stabbed by one of his students. Los Angeles Police have identified the University of Southern California student who fatally stabbed a professor Friday afternoon at the school’s L.A. campus. David Jonathan Brown, 28, a graduate brain and cognitive science student, was arrested on suspicion of killing Bosco Tjan, a professor of psychology with USC’s Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, who oversaw his work. Brown was one of just five students who worked in the lab with Tjan, and colleagues told The AP Tjan was a mentor to Brown.

  26. Ex 4) USC Los Angeles Fake Stabbing Of Professor- Blind Crisis Actor Chris Purington Fake Cries For his Scripted Fake Mourning of “Bosco” the fake Stabbed to death Chinese Professor! Two sellout ziopuppet frauds!

    No tears & ridiculous script ” We were gonna’ do great things together in science..And now I have to do great things in science without him!” LMAO! ZioHollywood corny hoaxy script! Pure BULLSH#T! Only a ziotrash liar clown like gabriel troll will prentend this is not fake as can be!


  27. Ex5) 666 & 888 Coded USC Professor Stabbing Hoax By Assistant & Grad Student

    David Jonathan Brown in English Gematria Equals: 1170 1+1+7 is 18 aka 666 also 99 upside down 66
    David Jonathan Brown in Simple Gematria Equals: 195 19+5 is 24, 8,8 & 8 aka888 Lucifer or Devil #
    David Jonathan.Brown

  28. Ex5) Saving Attempt Video of New Orleans NFL Player Hoax Road Rage Killing of Joe McKnight by Crisis Actor Ronald Gasser

    This is totally fake! He never got shot, not real CPR on him! Fat black buttcrack man in blue fatigues is a view blocker Boston Bean Eater Hoax Marathon Bombing Style! in real life Ambulances & EMS & Firemen amost always get to the scene before the donut eating cops! But in these hoaxes cops always get there way ahead of rescue people. Also cops will usually let you die or taser or cuff you before giving you CPR or any help!

    Ronald Gasser is professional stage & theater lighting man & movie & TV lighting man like his hoax dead father also named Ronald Gasser in Nashville who worked for the Hee Haw TV Show & is still alive in Nashville & not dead like he supposedly is in this PsyOp!


  29. Ex 6)NEW Orleans NFL Player Killing RaceWar Hoax Anytime the Crypto Jew “The Young Jerks” are covering & pouring Gasoline on a fakey story you know it’s a hoax! A Ziotrash RaceWar Hoax!


    Somebody watch these bozos & tell me what you think…I can bear to watch these idiots! (That means somebody other than Gaybriel fag! I don’t care what you think or say under any stupid fake troll name or fraud post name you use ziotrash clown!)

  30. (((Christinne is Right as usual Finland Random Shooting is a ZioTrash Hoax!)))

    Ex 1) 33 coded Finland Shooting Hoax Revealed by Rothschild’s Reuters Title: Local official & 2 journalists shot & killed in Finnish town (in Random Shooting)!! LMAO! ROTFL!

    How does a random shooter just happen to randomly shoot a politician & two local journalists!! 1 billion percent ziotrash Hoax! Gun Confiscation hoax! The evil zionist jews want to disarm the Finnish people! Tiny Finland courageously defeated zionist Communist jew led barbaric murderous USSR during two long wars, Before & during WWII! 1 in 4 men died defending Finland from the USSR’s murderous attacks! And all of Scandenavia & Holland cowardly violated their treaties & gave Finland no assistance against these zioJew Communist led USSR barbarians! Then after Finland amazingly defeated USSR the despicable cowards in Sweden & Denmark & Netherlands & Norway negotiated for Finland to give away land of it’s tiny country to it’s enemy Soviet Union instead of the other way around & instead of demanding USSR pay for it’s savage attacks on Finland! And the USA & Great Britain disgracefully declared war on Finland & helped USSR against them! What a disgrace! Now the ziotrash psychopaths want to disarm the Finns so next time they can crush them & enslave them without resistance! Finns should start hanging these treasonous hoaxers!

    Anyway..Story mentions 833 mile Finland border with Russia! Ofcourse to get the 33 degree zio Talmudic -Baal code in there!


  31. Ex7) NFL New Orleans Newell Normand Hoax SpokesLiar Sheriff Scripted Hoax Shooting Press Conference – Big Fat Crisis Actor Cop Liar from NYC or NJ!

    The always bring in corrupt cops & officials into New Orleans from Super Corrupt places like NYC & Chicago & Boston & New England & Northern New Jersey & Philly, PA-NJ area!


  32. Ex 8) New Orleans NFL player fake Killing- Crooked Republicrat Sheriff Newell Normand became Sheriff after Chinese Sheriff Harvey Lee Got Cancer Treatment Murdered by M D Anderson Hoax Cancer Treatment Center in Indiana!

    The poor bastard must hard been zio targeted for Cancer Treat Murder! He should have went to Mexico & found a laetrile treatment Doctor to cure his cancer instead of getting murdered by Injection, chemo, Radiation death rachet in USA!

  33. Ex9) New Orleans NFL Player Hoax Shot & Killed by Eeevile White Supremist- Newy Normand on scene & Crazy Crisis Actwhores! See Happy hoaxer smiling @ 3:36!

    Zionist Treasonous Race War & Gun Confiscation & Police State Multi Agendi Hoax PsyOp!

    Watch these Crisis Actors, they are off the wall, having a ball pushing this Hoax!


  34. Ex 10) NFL Player Killing Hoax- Local Westbank NAACP Chapter In on RaceWar PsyOp Hoax like good little zioPuppet$$$! Shabis Goyim! Pouring Gasoline & Throw’n matches on ZioAgenda RaceWar!

    Way to go! Serve the zios & their lies, help get a real Race War like they want & have the blood on your hands black goyim ziopuppets! Take your $hekel$ & sellout your people!


  35. N’Orleans NFL Player Killing Hoax Dummies Detected!!!

    Ex 11) Is New Orleans NFL Player Hoax Killer Ron Gasser played by Stand-in “Joe Sitter” Dummy with Sunglasses & Reddish-blonde Wig???

    Also even more certain, I am, that former NFL Player Joe McKnight is not the one getting CPR, Chest Smashing!! Impossible! He’s much too short & much too small even with fat black buttcrack actor blocking the view along with another blocking crisis actor black female!!!

    Looks like we have a case of double dummy duping delight staging in this New Orleans ziotrash RaceWar & Gun Confiscation Double Agenda Hoax!


  36. Double Dummy Duping Delight Hoax Movie Dummies Detected in New Orleans NFL zio RaceWar PsyOp Hoax!!!

    Ex 11-b) Is New Orleans NFL Player Hoax Killer Ron Gasser played by Stand-in “Joe Sitter” Dummy with Sunglasses & Reddish-blonde Wig???

    Also even more certain, I am, that former NFL Player Joe McKnight is not the one getting CPR, Chest Smashing!! Impossible to be him! He’s much too short & much too small even with fat black buttcrack actor blocking the view along with another blocking crisis actor black female!!!

    Looks like we have a case of double dummy duping delight staging in this New Orleans ziotrash RaceWar & Gun Confiscation Double Agenda Hoax!

    As I immediately noticed earlier the supposed handcuffed, unattended Ron Gasser, sitting 5 feet from VicSim Joe McKnight, on Scene looks nothing like the supposed official picture of Ron Gasser (the hoax shooter)!

    I also thought he resemble a dummy I’d seen & having the hair color of some of them too. However I though it would be too stupid for them to use a dummy for this, but the more I see of these outrageous scripted Crisis Actors, & the more I look back at the picture, etc., the more I believe this is in fact a dummy. I was the first to spot & post about the dummies in Paris Theater Eagles of Metal Hoax Concert Attack & some other times, so I not so dumb at Dummy Detecting! Lol!


    Also I am trying to find the slim dummies I’ve seen with that same reddish blonde, strawberry, ginger, colored wig

  37. Ex6) USC Hoax Professor Stabbing Death- Is Blind Crisis Actor Chris Purington really Blind?
    His Youtube Channel with his Picture seems like He is also lying about being blind…

    …maybe he is legally blind some legalistic definition but not as he acts to be!

    His youtube channel certainly shows he has sight! This picture sure looks like him. There are only a handful of Chris Puringtons in the USA & the world… So I doubt two look just alike!

  38. Does this blind Crisis Actor Play Video games by sense of smell like The Who’s Pinball Wizard??

    Ex6-b) USC Los Angeles Hoax Professor Stabbing Death- Is Blind Crisis Actor Chris Purington really Blind? How does he play video games? By Sense of Smell??? LMAO!

    His Youtube Channel with his Picture seems like He is also lying about being blind…
    …maybe he is legally blind some legalistic definition but not as he acts to be!

    But His youtube channel certainly shows he has substantial sight! This picture sure looks like him. There are only a handful of Chris Puringtons in the USA & the world… So I doubt two look just alike!


  39. Fake Blind USC Crisis Actor Busted 100% by Me! Is a Fraud & proven not blind!

    Ex 7) USC Hoax Professor Murder Blind Crisis Actor Chris Purington Is a Fraud & Liar & Is Not Blind! His 2013 Book Review Proof!

    The lying CrossEyed Sack of zio$h#t proves by reading Paperback books! And he opens the book with no glasses,( no visual aids of any kind!) to check (by reading) how many pages the book has on camera! These DHS hollywood script writers decided to make him a blind character due to his cross extreme eyes! But he has very good vision obviously to read paperback, small print books & to be able to play video games! Both things I have proven he can do with his own videos on Youtube!

    You, Chris Purington, are a liar, a fraud, and a traitorous DHS Crisis Actor! A despicable ziopuppet spreading zionist agenda hate & lies & police state policies thru your Crisus Acting!


    How can these evil ziotrash bastards be this stupid??? They don’t give a crap as long as most people are too intelectually lazy & too media brainwashed to see anything!

    A halfway decent made video on this coukd easily go viral & wake up a lot of people! He clearly is proven by this video not to be blind at all, but merely very crosseyed with good vision!

    Rudolf & everyone else do me a favor & load this video onto your hard drive!

    • I appreciate that. Can you also make sure you record both those aforemention videos onto your harddrive from fake blind Crisis Actwhore Chris Purington’s youtube account in case he or DHs pulls his account or the incriminating videos??? Please do it! a viral video needs to be made exposing him. If you or someone has a youtube account you could send a discription & link to RussianVids or Peekay truth or another truther channel’s comment section so they could see it and make a video about it! Dr K could do it but he is barely posting here, I wish he would & jumpstart his channel with a viral video about this!

  40. Ex12) New Orleans DHS RaceWar Road Rage Hoax Eeevile Whitey Shoots Kills Black NFL Player Ziotrash Media & DHS Hoax-PsyOp – More Gematria Coding Zachary Hubbard Video…


  41. Ex 8) USC Stabbing Hoax Fake Blind Crisis Actor Jerk Does Movie Review Admitting he watched the Hunger Games Movie! What a lying jerk! Also he admits living in Michigan in 2013 & being from Auburn NewYork!

    Did I mention this zionist Jew Crisis Actor is a jerk & a liar & fraud??? What kind of jerk pretends to be blind? A really lowdown ziotwisted, zioscamming fraudster!

    Also, despite his extreme crosseyedness, I believe he also is Embeded in the US Air Force, as some of his aliases indicate, atleast as a shell position, like so many of these Crisis Actors!


  42. Ex 13) USC, LA (Los Angeles) Stabbing Hoax Meets New Orleans, LA (Louisiana) Shooting Hoax!! NFL Crisis Actwhore Joe McKnight Played @ USC Football

    All these Hoaxes-PsyOps are tied together! Often reidiculously tied together like two breeding dogs stuck together by a swollen dog knot!

    Both these hoaxes are fake as Santa Claus & Rudolf the rednose Reindeer & fagboy tranny-lover troll the A-hole Gaybriel!


  43. Ex9) USC Hoax Stabbing Fake Blind Crisis Actwhore Chris Purington’s own Twitter exposes the Fraudster: “Vision Science student, boxing fan, PC gamer, avid reader”! Sure you are blind! Lying Ziotrash!

    @ chrispycrittr
    Berkeley, CA
    Vision Science student, boxing fan, PC gamer, avid reader

    He’s blind like The Who’s Pinball Wizard & he reads books, watches boxing matches & movies & plays videos games by “Sense of smell”! Yep!

    Even Pete Townshend would’t write a song a hoaxy ziofakey or dishonest as Chris Purington’s fake blindness!


  44. Ex 10) USC Hoax Stabbing Inspiration for Ridiculously Fake Blind Crisis Actwhore Chris Purington: The Who’s Pinball Wizard (Deaf, Dumb & Blind Kid Plays by Smell)

    Starring The Who’s Lead Singer Roger Daltry as TOMMY & as The Pinball Wizard, & Costarring & Sung by Elton John on stilts in this 1974 Video from The Who’s insane, amazing Rock Opera film “Tommy” wrote by The Who’s song writer & lead Guitar player & famous guitar smasher & amp smasher & drum set smasher, the one & only Pete Townshend!


  45. Ex15) Rearrest of New Orleans Road Rage RaceWar Hoax Killer of NFL Player–3rd Apparent Different Crisis Actor used as Shooter Ron Gasser in this Mugshot! Some resemblance to 2nd pic (Dummy pic) of Gasser & no resemblance to 1st picture!

    No way is this the same man used in first picture! And why the arrest for Manslaughter if nothing changed in the evidence??
    a) Do protests mean you bend to pressure, regardless of supposed facts & evidence?? Mob rule?? …or..
    b) Is it just a pre-planned flip of the script to increase the race war agenda intended anger on the white side of the RaceWar PsyOp???

    “b)” Is the most likely answer!


    Still I am very glad they released this official mugshot photo it gives me something clear to work with in further exposing this fraud!

  46. Ex14)N.O.LA.Ridiculous Road Rage RaceWar PsyOp- View Blocking Staging Buffoonery PVC canopy/Curtain Detected!

    Pay no attention to the hoax Stunt dummy behind the curtain! …Or you will ruin the movie (PsyOp) for everyone!


    But I love ruining Ziotrash Hollywood fake movies!

  47. Oakland Jewish Lightening Staged Fire!!!

    Ex 2) (33 Coded Hoax) “Ghostship” Dance Party Warehouse Fire Death Toll Climbs to 33, & Includes Teens (now in new scripted PsyOp version)

    Ziotrash Jewish Lightening Hoax Absolutely! $$$ & A way to push for zio tyranny new laws against property owners to let crooked government & developers more easily comdemn, lien, steal & demolish properties more quickily & cheaply & ruthlessly for massive crooked developer profits & massive payoffs & bribes to crooked politicians & public officials from crooked developers!

    Lots of drama in the script but don’t be fooled it’s still total bullcrap! Pure Fiction! Pure scripted fakery! Also the script is claiming an Unbelieveable 33 of 100 people killed! So 33 goes 3 times & a third into 100 or 3.33 repeatly infinitely! Lol! And most people at a rave party like this would be well under 35 & relatively healthy, making it far more unlikely a third or more of them would not escape and die in such a fire! Plus it was supposedly a party so the people would be wide awake & not sleeping thus even more greatly reducing the likelihood of such a high death toll ratio!
    Also the script in this hoax news story threw in a 77 CODE by mentioning 17 & 7 consecutively!


  48. They will be moving into your neigborhood, taking your job and marrying all your eligible female relatives.

    • Dr Kaaaay!!!

  49. The Tranny Fag Adventures of Crypto Jew & Half Jew Zionist Obama Michael Tranny Fag Robinson!


  50. Ex X) Ohio State Car & Butcher Knife Attack Hoax 2 Crisis Actors Claim Victim Was Flying Thru Air Like A Rage Doll!

    Watch after 54 Seconds Especially to hear these ridiculous lying DHS Crisis ActWhores!

    Also notice has zionist jew Crisis Actor Noll is doing a script flip correction to deny that any inexplicable gun shots took place in this car & butcher knife attack hoax PsyOp!


  51. Nobody reads your blog Rudulf

  52. I’m back this time I got it figured out. Ever hear voices. Its not government the technology has been around since the mid 70s. Also i belive when I was born i was implanted with an auditory implant, but also grabbing frequency on peoples heads is advanced technology that gives people voices in the head and people can see out your eyes this is whats referred to as a ‘bodybu’ and mental health fuckers don’t want people to find out cause they make money off telling people there ill and drugging them up. But anyway go Trump!


  53. I’m back this time I got it figured out. Ever hear voices. Its not government the technology has been around since the mid 70s. Also i belive when I was born i was implanted with an auditory implant, but also grabbing frequency on peoples heads is advanced technology that gives people voices in the head and people can see out your eyes this is whats referred to as a ‘bodybug’ and mental health fuckers don’t want people to find out cause they make money off telling people there ill and drugging them up. But anyway go Trump!


  54. he’s too cosy with kikez for my liking…..still….he may not even get to the Inaugaration……assassination or dis-endorsement by Congres…..

  55. Dont worry I wont be here a few days im going to be busy

  56. Yeah doing what dressing as a tranny or gayborting stalking little boys weirdo

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