**Breaking News** — 11 July 2016
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The Hoax Press Conferences and More of the Dallas Cop Shooting Hoax

In an elaborate psyops the Dallas Police Department, in concert with other government agencies, has attempted to prove to the world that there really was a deadly attack upon the department. Yet, there can be no doubt about the actual nature of all this, which is that it is nothing other than an inane hoax, a fake: an absolute phony.

Through the press conference it becomes abundantly clear, that is the actual nature of this fraud. Yet, it was preceded by additional hoaxes. These include the recent (early July) supposed killings of two black men, one of which was the issue of Mr. Philando Castile, who was supposedly shot dead in an extra-judicial killing, where he was supposedly shot at least three times in the shoulder/arm. In this regard it is claimed that he rapidly bled to death in the car. Yet, it makes no sense that these were real, as they were the perfect preamble to the absolutely inane Dallas policeman shooting hoax. In fact, the Alton Sterling shooting was  also a hoax, fairly well designed, but a hoax nonetheless.

Thus, once again, the timing cannot be a coincidence. The Fraternity of Police is up to its old tricks again, courtesy of the arch-Masonic, arch-Zionist DHS.

Even so, there is endless evidence for the degree of this fake, for instance, the numerous obviously staged photos of police officers roaming about, also the smiley faces, which are throughout the event clearly evident, including the man, right screen, talking out of the corners of his mouth throughout his interviews.

hoaxdallasfake smileyfacehoaxdallas

Can anyone imagine it, for a mere $200.00 hundreds of people participated in this scam. As well, no one can find it plausible, no one can find it believable to any degree that such an image, as below, could be real:


Shining flashlights into the air serves no possible purpose in the scheme of things for a real shooting or terror attack.

DALLAS, TX - July 8, 2016: Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings (R) conducts a press conference at Dallas City Hall as Dallas Police Chief David Brown looks on in front of a diagram showing the area of downtown which is closed to the public during an investigation of the five officers who were fataly shot and seven more injured at the end of a demonstration on July 7, 2016 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Stewart F. House/Getty Images)

The area marked off is the key. It was closed to the general public and is a demarcation of an area where only hoax crisis actors and their collaborators were allowed.

It was, no doubt, a set-up. Yet, it was presaged by the shootings of both of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling:

castilehoaxandmore2 castileandmore

In the Castile shooting there are a number of anomalies which have yet to be explained. For instance, while Castile is supposedly dying with “his arm blown off,” she is seen smirking before the camera, paying no firm attention to what has happened to the man, showing no shock of any kind. Nor does she seem to be in shock regarding the consequences of her daughter.

She should be smirking it up, as the money has flowed every since in vast quantities, more so than she could have ever deemed possible:


Regarding Sterling, it has already been demonstrated, here, that he is also faking it, through the discovery of the fake blood packet on his chest:


In many respects the righteous rage of an anti-white-cop killer was in this case baseless. So, there was no cause for the Black Lives Matters Dallas protest. Regardless, Black Lives Matters entity is nothing other than an arch-scam and, in fact, an entity of the divide-and-conquer plot. Moreover, clearly, then the agents of this element are nothing other than paid moles working for mere material gain, all on behalf of the arch-Zionist New World Order cabal. Regardless, it was all staged, nationally so, and just like one of the crisis actors stated, in Dallas they had been “trained” to act that way.

What a terminally corrupt arch-Zionist plot it is, all done through the most deceptive, vile means possible, while funding it all through the taxpayer largess: as vile, wretched, and hideous as it could ever be.








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