Paul Walker Hoax — 30 April 2014
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The Hollywood Props and Prop Stars of the Paul Walker Hoax

UPDATED with new images and commentary

The deaths of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas simply did not occur. The car crash was faked. It simply did not happen. Even so, it is not possible to fake a car crash, as proven by the Hollywood-style pyrotechnic moles surrounding the scene, setting the vehicle on fire, and, then, still have actual fatalities in that car.

It’s one or the other: fake or real but never both.

It was all an elaborate hoax conducted by the various tightly connected elements, including Paul Walker’s friends and a former girlfriend, the various cohorts of the Fast and Furious clique, along with the agents and fraudsters of Universal Studios.

It was not by any means a low-budget operation. It require the presence of producers, stunt men, pyrotechnicians, and also police and fire department officials. After all, they were setting fire to a car in a public place, and there are risks, including risks to people. Fire/rescue had to be called and put into place, the evidence for this being extensive.

CORRECTION: The fire truck were there in advance, that is for sure, but not in the parking lot,. rather, at the phony accident site.


What’s it the reason for them being there? There is no reason for their presence other than as an element of the plot and hoax.

During the early phases of the propped up fire the following image could be seen, which is a most incredible finding. It is an actual fire truck in position on-site, even before the flames were roaring:


The same fire truck is seen here (with the arrow pointing to a man who is aiming his left arm straight out):


…and also here:


This is a crucial finding and on its own acts as hard proof of a hoax. The point is that there was no fire at the time that the fire truck was initially seen. There was only the pyrotechnic burst, following by smoke, some of which arose from smoke bombs (Note: the fire truck was there before the pyrotechnic matter was ignited, which is a requirement for any such fake fire-based event):


The smoke bombs were real and, like all such Hollywood props, non-toxic, as can be demonstrated by the large crowd of PW moles huddled next to the matter as it is emitted:


There is also, of note, a line-up of cars, including high-end sports cars, parked rather neatly along the left side (right screen) of the road.

It was Walker mole Herrera who was responsible for the uploading of many of these images. Once again, there is no fire, yet there are plenty of prop agents standing close to the vehicle, in this case a group in a huddle. No one seems to be concerned about the burning to death of their friends.

Nor were the people operating the fire truck the least bit concerned. They allowed the pyrotechnic hoax flames to stoke to the maximum, paying no heed to any danger, to human or otherwise:

No one can see a fireman anywhere near this scene, only prop stars toting non-used fire extinguishers such as the man in the white shirt.

Yet, the fire truck is right there, complete with its firemen watching over the pyrotechnic display:

Note the obvious fire extinguisher in-hand, which would be played up extensively by Zionist-controlled media outlets, especially the various Hollywood gossip sites, like TMZ. It would detract from the plot to have the firemen involved at this time. The Hollywood-style heroes had to gain preeminence initially, committing acts bigger than life. This includes fake heroes such as Our Man Newt, who in a panic to safe his best friend and comrade Paul Walker purportedly reached into the fire with his bare hands, burning both arms:

Poor Newt, they virtually had to choke the stunt man to death to get him away from the fake fires:

It also includes the actor-firemen, doing their great duty, attempting to put out the fire and ‘save lives:’


Once again, the social media upload is from Walker and Universal Studios mole Herrera. Yet, when the pyrotechnic metals were burning red hot to the extreme, such men where nowhere to be found, despite the fact that they and there vehicle were only a few feet away.

Too, there were plenty of inanimate props fixed into the imagery. Returning to a previous, the image lightened up:


Two fire extinguishers can be seen, including one placed at the side of the curb. It must be remembered, here, that the fire truck is on-site, just off-screen, though no one is doing anything to douse the ‘flames.’

It was all planned well in advance, with Walker himself giving a hint of the scheme just prior to its orchestration:


Walker is saying, essentially, that he, as well as Rodas, with plenty of money in their hands, can do whatever the want, regardless of the consequences.

The key to the fraud was the attempt by the hoaxers to make a realistic simulation of a car crash plus a crash-related fire, an act requiring an extensive degree of fraud and deception. It was all achieved through a kind of magic-like display, complete with all the standard props and prop agents as is typical of a Hollywood-style scene.

It has already been established, here, that the crash and fire were faked, proven by the advanced presence of fire department vehicles. All, now, that is needed is to analyze just how the hoax was achieved.

Initially, even before the uploading of cell phone images by Herrara and others the orchestrators attempted to create verification of the event through CCTV images. These were uploaded and disseminated by gossip sites and social media. One such image is as follows, which shows a pyrotechnic explosion, the initial one before the smoke is disseminated. Note the whitish-yellow detonation denoted in the circle, which is nothing other than the ignition of magnesium and/or other pyrotechnic mineral salts. Magnesium prominently has a whitish-yellow flame.


In contrast, a crash-related petrol-based fire never ignites with such a broad ignition and certainly never exhibits such colors. Note, too, that the parking lot surrounding the region is empty: not a single car is seen in the parking lot, left screen.


Suddenly, as if within second, prop-star-filled cars rush to the scene, including some facing in the opposite direction. They can be seen on the CCTV camera video racing into place just as soon as the explosion occurs, which defies all that was said by PW fraudsters regarding their reaction and response to the ‘crash.’

Too, in the far right top screen in both images there appear to be people working the fake crash site:

paulwalkerprops1 paulwalkerprops2

Vague images can be seen, including a person in a grey top kneeling down.

Kneeling down like this man, who is using a flame thrower to stoke the fires.


It is a real person. His head can be seen, even his eyes and nose, as he turns away from the source of the fame, shooting it toward the car.

To do so safely many of these pyrotechnic moles wore protective suits, such as this one found in the Walker-Rodas car studio prior to the event:


It was found laying atop a ‘hot’ red sports car, actually, a Carrera GT.

Then, too, it was necessary to make the fake deaths appear real. This is through the use of cadaver dummies. In this case, apparently, inflatable dummies were used, hidden during the preparatory phase in a large red bag:


This image was taken on the morning of the event; without doubt, the red bag contains props which were used in the set-up of the phony deaths.


Walker’s hat was also used as a prop; he was sure to show it off in the preparatory phase. Yet, in the early images posted in this blog, the hat is nowhere to be seen. It does show up, though, eventually:

Clearly and categorically, the hat was placed as a prop at a later time. Moreover, it was laid there nicely and neatly, right on the boundary line.

This acts as hard proof that the deaths of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas are a hoax.

Too, as further evidence the moles who have promoted this as a real event have largely gone underground, offering no further comment.

This is a preliminary post and other imagery and descriptions will follow shortly, God willing.








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    “Car photographer John Zhang was one of the first on the scene, his description of the events are so sad and frightening.
    To all those adding/messaging me on my personal Facebook page because you saw my sticker on the car (not my car btw..) in the Paul Walker crash video… To answer your question, yes, I one of the first few people there on the scene. When my 5 friends and I got there, there was already a couple on the phone with 911. The passenger side (Paul Walker) of the car was already crushed and burning and the driver (Roger) was unconscious/dead. The first thing I did was get out of my car and call 911 while walking towards the burning porsche with a couple of the friends while a couple of them sped back to AE Performance to find help. The fire was burning so hot that you could feel it across the 5 lane street. We tried to walk towards the car and sparks started to pop out of the car which made it extremely unsafe to go towards more than 30 feet. By the time help was on the scene the whole car was engulfed in flames. Nothing will ever get rid of this traumatizing and shocking experience out of my head. Forever RIP Paul Walker and Roger…”
    Source: his website is if anyone wants to look more into that. Thx.

    Rex Torres sorry bro. thank you for coming back to get us at the shop. we all did what we could. such a tragedy. just lift up their families in your thoughts and prayers.
    December 1, 2013 at 2:28am

    Aimee Shackelford Any idea who video taped it catching on fire? It was from a LSB M3?
    December 1, 2013 at 1:18am

    Emmanuel M. Lewis **** I saw the sticker on the M3 too but didnt even think you’d be there too. This is just too heartbreaking.
    December 1, 2013 at 5:39am

    Brad Miller I saw the video with you guys. Super unfortunate circumstances. Lucky you weren’t nearby in hindsight. All the best
    November 30, 2013 at 11:51pm

    Jay Jayasiri both you , Will and Leonard were Heros today , you did everything you could to respond ASAP. Rip to Roger and Paul .
    November 30, 2013 at 11:56pm

  2. E Hoax, here is that link where it looks like the Audi R8

    Hopefully this link works this time….

    • @R
      Thanks for the link. Yeah that’s weird considering that all the cars came out at once. Do you think this was before all the other cars came up on that street?

  3. Will’s Profile: Will Wattanawongkiri
    Will’s IG: <so apparently he is with the AE racing team? Or was a guest there? pic of toy drive another one

    this might be his personal one but I’m getting an error

    Leonard’s Profile:

    James Ingram The blue BMW video?
    November 30, 2013 at 11:50pm

    ^^So apparently the original poster was one of the people in the blue car. He says he didn’t own it though…?

    JDM Scene

    Via 1013MM :
    To all those adding/messaging me on my personal Facebook page because you saw my sticker on the car (not my car btw..) in the Paul Walker crash video… To answer your question, yes, I one of the first few people there on the scene. When my 5 friends and I got there, there was already a couple on the phone with 911. The passenger side (Paul Walker) of the car was already crushed and burning and the driver (Roger) was unconscious/dead. The first thing I did was get out of my car and call 911 while walking towards the burning porsche with a couple of the friends while a couple of them sped back to AE Performance to find help. The fire was burning so hot that you could feel it across the 5 lane street. We tried to walk towards the car and sparks started to pop out of the car which made it extremely unsafe to go towards more than 30 feet. By the time help was on the scene the whole car was engulfed in flames. Nothing will ever get rid of this traumatizing and shocking experience out of my head. Forever RIP Paul Walker and Roger…

    ^^How come we never heard his 911 call?? We heard the other 911 call of a lady supposedly calling 911 I think…..

    • OH my god that’s his story.. Wow I would hate to seem him repeat that a few time..each time would never be the same. Firstly was there 5 people in that car? Secondly how the hell could he see RR? 5 lanes and it was burning so hot – REALLY- this is not what it shows on the video. Thirdly how did he know to send his friends to AE.

      Isn’t he the guy that said he was trying to get Paul out of his seat belt? And didn’t they say on video let’s go (as in leave the scene)

    • You can almost smell the BS in that “story telling” to me it sounds almost scripted.

    • @R
      I’m not really sure. In all honesty it sounds like another Torpedo if you know what i mean lol. If you wanna look at the friends Will and Leonard for more info. I put links. 🙂

      yeah it’s all one big charade that we are slowly figuring out lol.

  5. Translate link –
    New photos from a witness who saw a Porsche went, Roger was one according to an eyewitness!

    • @R
      This link doesn’t work either 🙁

  6. Translate link-

    Hammer came to the funeral of Paul, but the driver did not come out and look like a Paul !!!

    • How is possible that anyone can think,that person who faked dead(i am not saying that he did,i’m just reading comments),would be a part of his own funeral?!Jesus and OMG

    • @R
      Thanks for the link. I don’t think he would show up to the funeral unless UnSt made him for whatever reason. I think it would be too risky, but that’s just my opinion.


      • Thank you so much @E_HOAX

  7. got this pic from mm’s profile and if you look at the bottom right car in the corner you’ll see the logo that looks almost exactly like AE’s. Remember the flag shirt thing that PW wore a lot with the logo? blue car guy’s car(he said it wasn’t his but who knows)
    blue car guy

  8. interesting article. look on the stairs case railing. There is a black thing hanging on it. It wasn’t evident in other pics if I remember correctly. Also look in the bottom left corner? What is that? It doesn’t look like a firetruck to me…
    They made a good point by mentioning that since it was a hoax people would get confused and not look into it further.

  9. <jofel contributor <jofel

  10. <mention of Justin Fong? (this article might be a repeat for some, but you can review the gallery again and see if there is anything you noticed. I saw the same tornado potato girl in the toys pic for example. Something that just popped into my head was Antonio Holmes being filmed inside AE. Remember he was standing in front of the green AE trailer truck thing? Unless I’m just slow. But I don’t see the green trailer parked inside in these pics. <<gallery

  11. remember how I was talking about another pic with the similar logo to AE? Well they are called LB motor sports and they were at the event apparently.

    Truthly Speaking It makes you wonder if that Porsche they was driving came from AI they have yet to show any condolences on their page, of his passing….R.I.P. Paul n Roger…..
    December 1, 2013 at 1:28am

  13. description this reminds me, how come RR or PW didn’t race around the time of their death? Like they went hardcore for a few years and then suddenly lost interest in those professional races? Both of them?

  14. All the below comments come from this thread on reddit. Source:

    fartsinthedark 513 points 8 months ago
    “Just confirmed with his rep … it’s def not a hoax.”
    “@MyFoxLA has confirmed through source close to the Walker family Fast and Furious star Paul Walker is dead. . #RIP”

  15. Jo-Shi 10 points 8 months ago
    There is only about 2-3 weeks left of filming in Atlanta and then heading back to LA to finish it out. Total there was only supposed to be 7 weeks of shooting left. I’m not sure what will happen now or if I’ll even have a job on Monday. They might put it on hold for at least a few weeks.

    Jo-Shi 12 points 8 months ago
    It’s not in post-production, they’re definitely still filming. Source: I work on set.

    Jo-Shi -1 points 1 year ago
    Nothing like tossing some Nerds around on a Saturday in Athens. Go Dawgs! <<<(Athens is in Georgia, just FYI. Since FF7 was filming in that state.)

    NocarpoolforU 38 points 8 months ago
    He was actually part owner of which is located in the building next to my family's business and it seemed to do very well so he was definitely not wild with his money. Really sad to have happened to such a good person.

  16. veni-veni-veni 69 points 8 months ago*
    Brother, I will miss you very much. Heaven has gained a new angel. Rest in peace xxx
    EDIT: Instagram post EDIT 2: strike through in response to FredoPotato’s info.

    [–]FredoPotato 19 points 8 months ago
    Vin doesn’t have a twitter.

    ericgcollyer 81 points 8 months ago
    My father is the Bishop for the Walker family in La Canada, CA. Paul was living with his mom and daughter there. My dad is currently consoling the family. Unfortunately, it is true.

    [deleted] 63 points 8 months ago
    I saw him just three days ago… He’s been staying in my building while filming the new FF movie. :\ jesus

  17. E here is somebody to u to check. enrico delmar/ enrico del mar/ enrico del mar jr.
    Has a car shop and was the register agent for boone automotive what paul owns or owned, also i think he had something to do with the hyperel buildings, there is hypercell in both buildings.
    i lost the link i had to connect him to these buildings.

    Also i think that roger is hernandez or vasquez or rodriguez family and (i was just thinking that michelle rodrigues has much of halfbrothers if i remember right). But thousands uses that last name.

    And check erick marroquin and u know why i think that miguel and erick and roger are brothers :))

    • @Follower
      Thank you for sharing 🙂
      The latest from ModernImage (@EnricoDelMar). President of Modernimage Inc. San Diego <<I think this is PW's old MS profile. His top has BB and that EDMJr.

    • on EDM Jr’s MS page he is friends with MRod, but to be fair, she could technically just add anyone automatically from her end. He’s also friends with BB.
      Enrico E. Delmar Age 37
      Aliases: Enrico Jr Delmar Enrico S Delmar Enrico V Delmar Enrico Del Mar
      San Diego CA Huntington Beach, CA Downey, CA Temecula, CA
      Possible Relatives: Alberto Delmar Angela Delmar Careminta Delmar Carmencita Delmar

      Enrico S. Delmar Age 70
      Aliases: Enrico S Mar Enrico Sanico Del mar Enrico Sanico Del Enrico Sdelmar
      Downey CA San Diego, CA Norwalk, CA Alhambra, CA
      PossiblRelatives:Careminta Delmar Carmencita Delmar Carmon Delmar Emma Delmar Enrico Delmar

      Enrico S. Delmar
      Aliases: Enrico S Del mar
      Downey CA Norwalk, CA Alhambra, CA San Diego, CA
      PossiblRelatives:Alberto Delmar Careminta Delmar Carmencita Delmar Carmon Delmar Emma Delma

  18. I went crazy. took one hour examining this blog especially this photo 🙁

    • @espana
      thank you 4 the links!

  19. @Follower
    Thanks to you I found an important little link 🙂 Note the caption on this pic “Roger’s Jetta”

    Ok so I had a hunch that he was from the east coast cause I kept finding distant family members from there. He also mentioned on another forum that I can’t remember the name of right now that he knew someone from there and was traveling through there.

    Luckyluke XV Extreme Posts: 2368 Joined: Thu Jun 28, 2007 6:36 am Location: Heideveld CT
    In this forum the topic is about Jettas.
    Ugh are my comments not gonna go through?

    • @Taboush
      Thank you for letting me know 🙂

      Thank you for making a new page :)))))) I appreciate it more than you know lol.

      • Hi e, where’s the new page?

    Re: Brospeed branch for MK2 Golf/Jetta 8v
    Postby Luckyluke on Mon Feb 23, 2009 10:25 pm
    ^^Gatevil is either in maryland or pennsylvania.(I think) and idk if th #s are a phone #? It show up as a romania phone #???

  22. Paul Walker is dead Meadow could not act as though he was dead if he was not. That would be a wickered thing for anybody to expect their own child to do that. Too many people would be involved & someone would slip up somewhere. A suit is pending in court with Porsche so its not a hoax unfortunately.

  23. There are a few interesting videos on YouTube about this “event.” Go to YouTube and type in “paul walker fake death.” For example, there is this one, entitled: PAUL WALKER’S DEATH IS HOAX !!!

    It shows the crash site, conflicting license plates, suggest different cars used, use of pyrotechnique suits, etc). Some good eye-opening, albeit plagarized clips/info. CAUTION: You might want to watch it WITHOUT THE VOLUME!!! The editor uses an obnoxious, overbearing rap song as the soundtrack. He provides no voice over of details. Raise some good questions!

    • Anybody can see these pics are photoshopped they dont fit in with the covered bodies ! Apparently Paul’s dad is to make a statement with regards to hoax rumours to quash them because of the effect its having on the family

    • I wish people would stop referring to fake number plates its very obvious that it was put there in loving memory from a fan what did you expect a coffee jar !

    • Am sorry but that is not a man in the smoke thats just like the eye seeing pictures in clouds the car with fire suit on is not at AE the red cars in line with ferrari is not at AE and neither is the pic of other careera gt its a collage of different images put together dont waste your time looking at these. Some people are having a good laf at your expense that you are actually beleiving this **** . Do your intelligence a favour

    • what happened with the lightpost I do not know and the 15mph sign does’nt have half the items on it now as it did then ? Instead of looking at silly things and blowing them right out of proportion look at the scarece real questionable inf o under a true light its there !

  24. Paul is dead these videos or pics mean nothing stiop looking for waht is not there he is dead !

  25. His family are traumatised they need time to heal this is very disrepectful pics of them laughing if you look close enough of his mums pics her eyes are swollen. Cody did a very emotional interview that was not acting leave it be. Let people heal and move on they are dead!

    • No ‘Paul’ psychic dreams where you can see into the future, then, Samantha? Lol!

  26. He was a very good actor.. Rest in Peace Paul Walker

  27. Firstly, fire trucks are sent to almost all engency medical calls for extra man power. Secondly, this guy was one of a kind, one of the realest actors who acted like a normal human who loved his family friends and fans. Listen/ watch any interview of him or ask anyone who had met him and you’ll soon realize just how real and genuine this guy was. Yes, wish it was just a hoax but unfortunately its not and to try and pretend it is is immature. A conspiracy can be applied to everything.

  28. @Rippw firstly? You mean first of all? Go follow E_Hoax blog contact @E_Hoax it will give you new insight, don’t be fooled liked the rest of the public….

  29. I am not saying PW is alive or dead but, something that has always been fishy to me since this story broke, is the security camera video that TMZ released. When TMZ first released the video immediately following the crash. There was a black SUV racing away from the scene of the crash instantly. This video was quickly edited and the original has never again been seen on the internet. Below is one version that is edited. All other versions are edited as well. There is missing footage in this video. I feel like I am the only person who has seen the full original version when it was first released. I should have saved it. The following video is edited at the 7 second mark. The edit can clearly be seen with in the smoke. Other videos such as this, you can also see the edited from the shadows of the trees. Why edit if this is a legitimate car crash?

    • All Videos are edited and shouldnt be TMZ are a major player in all of this probably was brought in to do all of this no word from them on Pauls managers robbery

  30. This is Anuts. I have decided that to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of the day my blog began, I will open it up for all to review, start up old conversations and take whatever info they would like. I will keep it open until December 30th , an exact year since I wrote my first post : “Paul Walker Hoax: Plausible Maybe”.
    Unsure of why I have been called a liar and I have read some nasty stuff. Guess thats the way it goes. I have no hate though kiddos, and I more than likely wont join in the conversations…it is back up there for you all to see as of midnight tonight.

    • Just don’t spam the site again; you posted this three or more times. Two are now deleted.

      • Was just posting on open conversations where people were saying stuff about me is all.

  31. @Dr.K @E_Hoax…so in the pic. in the opening, Roger has a hat with a bunch of logos. Paul didn’t have a hat on on the day of the hoaxes. the hat that was left on the street to look like part of the hoax looked plain…so who’s hat was that then? Also, I was telling @E_Hoax that Roger and Paul were the primary only ones wearing sunglasses…also why wasn’t Paul pictured? Please respond whomever or you can email me too…thanks

  32. Omg I just read that vin has a twin brother named Paul who is a film editor!! What if all those “this is for u Paul” “making Paul proud” **** is for his brother and not Walker??? Omg I feel like I just had a break through

    • Why is that a breakthrough? So they are not talking to Paul.

    • Tmz has a hand in this for sure. Notice how they were doing like a **** ton of interviews with Paul right before his “death”? They did one about future Fast movies, talked about him wanting to get out of the biz at 40…it was like they were always around him. They covered the crash site, broke the news about him and keep posting pics of his grieving family, btw I have not seen one pic that shows any of them grieving, not even on the day of the crash. Now they keep coming up with stories about stuff that just seems out of character as if to make sure we all remember what happened and to keep his name out there, kinda like a fish to bait…..if everything else doesn’t make up question everything this should make u raise an eyebrow

      • I do not trust tmz. They do not seem honest. Amber you believe that he is alive and this was so he could go away?

        • I do believe he is still alive. Idk what to think anymore when it comes to why he did it….i want to think he did it for the movie for some reason but idk how that would work out, what reason he would have to do it for the movie. The cast of the movie etc had to be involved cus the way they acted and keep acting is so fishy weird!

          • My feeling is he is alive. I want it to be a movie prank. I speak like it is. I hope for his return. I thi no he is gone for good. He wants a private life. How would theyexplain the return. They pushed the movie back so far. All of them act weird. At the trailer conference. There was tension. Jordana seemed calm. She is absent. Vin did not seem like himself. Normally arrogant. Seemed sad or lost. Michelle is hurting. She has heart. Tyrese and Ludacris act as if nothing iswrong. Can not take them serious most of the time. They may be worried that the franchise i. Over after 7.

  33. If he was to be found out he was alive all the money that has been sent to ROWW out of sympathy would need to be paid back. I know he is being kept in the news but I think it is for the benefit of movie sales, and people are still in shock and disbeleif cos it was such a very sad tragic death. It just seems so unreal that they were so stupid to drive like idiots but I suppose when you are an adrenaline junkie and you push the limits this is what happens ! I really cannot see him doing a stunt /hoax crash it is conning many people and his daughter accepted an award on his behalf surely he would’nt want his daughter to be lying to people who have a lot of sympathy and probably suffer a terrible backlash if it were a hoax! and awards have been given in his memory… The negatives of a hoax outway the benefits and you can run but not hide it would crack him up psychologically.
    Kristine Rodas took Porsche to court and 2 men have been put in prison for stealing car parts from the wreck. I think too many people jumped on the bandwagon at the time of the accident posting pics and videos from before the actual crash claiming that these were the last pics which people hung on to which have now found to be false. I think it is time to move on as no real evidence is being found and it is just wishful thinking and reading too much in to interviews and pics and looking at and wanting to beleive what is’nt there. Actors/actress’s involved with Paul would not go along with a hoax it would put their reputation at risk and lose fans and any future contracts for being part of a scam and could incurr quite violent reactions from the backlash. As for grieving, people deal with it in different ways and hold it together in many ways especially in front of the camera its their dignity and they still have a job to do.
    Unfortunately Paul will never be seen again and once the film is released in April you probably will hear no more stories in the media after this sad but true !!!

    • I hear what u r saying, u make some good points but…..regardless of having a job or not…vin, tyrese, Michel, even Paul’s father, etc were never ever photographed crying. Ur telling me that if ur son or daughter died in a crash like Paul supposedly did,u wouldn’t cry or show any kind of grief? Job or no job that’s bullshit! Someone is thought to be dead but u have a job so u can’t show grief?? I didn’t know him and the thought of him never showing his face again brings me to full blown tears! I have a hard time believing no one showed emotion just because they had a job to do!!! I think they didn’t show emotion cus the whole thing was bullshit and yes ppl will keep quiet if they are paid enough and told to shut up

  34. TMZ have a hunger for being the first to report news like any other media company and plus media companies have made terrible mistakes in news reports in the past that their reputed as stumbling quite often so I would’nt take everything as gospel from any reports in the media, the media pay a lot of money for stories because they make a lot of money from the public who read their news first, the competition is rife between each company so the battle remains fierce. True saying never beleive what is written in the papers !!!

    • @Amber @ DA Tram both you guys are on it. You guys should follow E’s website. She/he opened up my eyes. Her stuff is the real deal:


      For those who do not believe in the hoax, then I discourage you then. This is a forum for hoax believers. If you simply want to dispute okay but do so elsewhere. Thank you:)
      Like E told me, you know Roger was in trrouble with Fraud right? Read on the media, many people in the world including celebs have disappeared because of these financial woes. It’s a legit, HUGE reason to disappear. Don’t let people think for you, think for yourselves. Stand up

      Much Love

      • @PWB I will have a chance to look at the site this weekend. I wnt to compare RODAS info. @Anna seems you are involved. Give your people a message. When the movie comes out and they clause his social media accounts then people will move on. Until then people will talk about it. They want everyone to move on then start with an announcement of when his social media accounts will be closing. This will let everyone. Know that it’s time to face truth. To let it sink in.

  35. Does anybody actually know about the outcome of Rodas fraud hearing in April of last year ???

    • @anna

      an expert to ask would be E Hoax. Go to her website

      • I have nothing been mentioned but thanx anyway 🙂

      • PWB I went to the page. Could not find what I was looking for. I am on cell. Will take a look when I am on desktop.

        • @anna ?

          @DA TRAM

          okay try it again..if not I will resend it:)

  36. still cant find plese resend it many thanx

  37. @anna


    if not email me and i can send it to you via email

  38. @anna @DA TRAM did it work?

  39. fakes
    See this for proof…

  40. where is everyone? i don’t like the silence lol.

  41. I have two questions, First, If these deaths were faked, what about the reported dental records, which is usually a given in a individual that is un identifiable???
    and secondly, What’s the guestamation on HOW MANY were involved, OR involved in this hoax???Thirdly….WHY, what is the end goal here, or to be accomplished??? I did read something to the effect, that he wanted out of Hollywood, spend more time with his daughter….but, man, I don’t know what to believe about this…
    I WAS, I mean…. I AM a Paul Walker FAN….I can only hope, that if he (Paul) and Rodas…is indeed ALIVE, that something GOOD will, come out of all of this…
    Peace and Love

    • @ron

      I was once in the same boat. Check out this changed my disposition and view forever

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