**Breaking News** — 16 November 2015
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The Hollywood Props and Props Stars of the Paris France Concert Shooting Hoax

Throughout the arch-Zionist Hollywood-style Paris concert shooting hoax a number of proofs can be determined regarding the nature of the scam. These proofs are in the form of evidences of acting and staging, complete with a prop-like elements, as are seen in Hollywood-based movies.

One of the most obvious props, as pointed out by a number of videographers (Russianvids and others), is the use of a harness for the movie-style acting element, the Poor Haired Frightened Maiden Hanging from the Window Cliff Scene. This scene occurs in the alleyway behind the theater. Moreover, it can be no coincidence that a journalist from the always Islamophobic LeMonde news journal was on-site capturing the imagery. Now, this is proof of criminal Hollywood-based (or its European derivative) elements in action.


In this screen capture from the LeMonde video the strap of the device can be clearly seen above the woman’s hands. This is rather than a frightened, vulnerable woman escaping rampaging Muslim terrorists merely a hoaxer, rather, a stunt woman playing out an act. She is likely a professional in this field. Who can demonstrate otherwise? The purpose of this, though, was highly significant. It was to create a shock effect in the mind. It was to create a sense of realism, that is “How in the world could this be faked? This must be real. Look at that poor woman hanging on for dear life.”


Her hands at this point are virtually floating, obviously away from any overhanging. In fact, she is grasping the Hollywood-style harness rather than the overhanging. This is hard proof of staging. No one can prove otherwise.

There were other props used in this staging element, including living ones. Who in the world stripped that man down? Why would anyone do so, while leaving him to lay on the pavement, leaving him do bleed out without any hope for rescue? It can only be explained as a case for staging, for the fact that this is a fraud, that it is nothing other than a drill.


As pointed out by the arrow, obviously the man has been painted with a wide moulage brush, his back coated in water-soluble reddish paint. There is no need to take him down to his underwear, other than the fact that this is shock value. Another arrow points out how the red matter was merely poured out against the curb in rather large quantities and bears no reference to any possible wounded people suffering from blood loss. Notice what appear to be white bar marks on the pavement. Could these be a kind of guide for the staging procedure, demonstrating just where the hoaxing individuals must lie?

It is, after all, Mossad’s world. That greedy, arch-vile clique can fake all manner of terror attacks, while blaming these on Islamic people. The world will buy it. Inherently, people believe that somehow Islaam breeds violence.  It is categorically the opposite, although as a result of the vile lies of the Zionists no one has any idea of this fact.

The men in black, the so-called SWAT teams, are also prop stars. See them run away for effect after the pyrotechnic charge was unleashed:

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 8.14.27 AM

Make no mistake about it this is precisely what this is, a mere magnesium and other salt charge, detonated just at the right moment or shot in at that moment to mimic an attack by wild-eyed terrorists.


This prop-star runs backwards at the mere thought of engaging in a pitched battle with those fearless Muslim fundamentalist (sarcasm).


What about this prop star? What is it? It is a dummy in a suit. By no means is this a deceased human:


Notice how deflated, how flat, is that arm and hand and also notice the massive size of the hand. What an arch-fake it is, set-up upon this world by criminal arch-Zionist minds.


Massive hands and massive feet, these are typical of Hollywood-style stage prop dummies. Moreover, there can be no doubt about the fact that these are stage props. No one can dispute it. Even so, in most of the slated images no wonder they blocked out the images of the entities in the midst of the theater floor. The pro-Zionist elements got sloppy. They failed to block this one out.

During the video graphic phase, during the phase at night when much video capturing was done by the Zionists and their collaborators, there were endless prop stars to be seen, such as this woman, as follows:

francefake44 franceimage-9ss

They grit their teeth and open their mouths, wide. How does that relate to an actual gunshot wound?

There were such crisis actor/prop stars to be seen at all levels, at all the “seven” different hoax bombing and attack sites, you know, at those coordinated attack facilities, the ones struck by those ISIS moles.


Hoax index: billions upon billions of percent.

This post will be updated as soon as possible. Post relevant information in the thread.


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  1. Exhibit 19) Soft Targets BS & France Zionist Successful Simultaneous Psychological Warfare Terror Treason Attacks Operation Against the French People To take their rights, give their Zionist Enemy yet more power & Get France into Genocidal Mass Murder Wars Against Innocent people only to benefit the zionist agendas like establishing Greater Israel & increasing zionist power, massive profits for: the Zionist Run security Apparatus, Zionist owned War weapons makers, and the Zionist Banksters!
    Though clear now as completely Fake with bombs, no deaths, no shootings, this PsyOp Hoax Series of Supposed Terror Events in France has already been extremely successful to the zionist psychopath jews & Israel behind it all. France & it’s zioTrash, treasonous, zipPuppets–so called leaders– running it are now able to finally manage to begin bombing the good guys (Syria & Hezbollah) for Israel under the disguise & lie of bombing ISIS (& helping the terrorist destroy Syria!), despite the French people’s total desire to stay the hell out zionist genocidal wars!
    And in USA it is being used to put militarized police at Football games & such! The Zionist Terrorist Psychopaths are on a roll!
    I realise these ISIS Crisis Actor Clowns Terrorist Attacks in France is completely fake but the masses are accepting it as real. It seems to big to be fake to them. Only if we pound the hell out of this to millions can they begin to wake them up & then if we keep waking more after each PsyOp, consistantly we begin to win. And the zionist still will do more real terror attacks at some point in Europe & USA & they love do real ones & murdering real people… But these work with less chance of it back firing, since they have absolute control of the media nearly everywhere in the world! But again we can beat them. If you wake a hundred people or ten thousand some of those, maybe just a few will become very dedicated truthers & wake up many more than you ever could & one or two may be so dedicated and so talented at it that he wakes up millions. And with millions a leader can organize protests & fight corrupt stop the evil, stop & repeal bad laws, etc..Role back the beast so to speak which is Israel & the zionist power & all their minions & take back the power these psychopaths have usurped from us & put it back into the hands of the people! And stop the wars, get rid of Zionist Run Treasonous Homeland Security & all of budget & NSA & CIA! To fight and expose the truth & the lies & deception is to win! Because the more you fight, consistantly, armed with the truth, the more people you will wakeup.


    This was a comment on this video:
    Michael Cleveland 23 hours ago
    +MattyD 4Truth
    “I have decided that if i ever make my own suit of body armor, i am going to make it out of nothing but passports. Those things seem to survive plane explosions, houses burning down on them, and suicide bombers blowing themselves up while carrying them. Strongest stuff on earth. And Obama talking about how f#@king terrible terrorism is…acting like he doesn’t bomb dark skinned middle eastern families on a daily basis. Ignorance at its finest!!!”
    ——– My comment here:
    Obama’s mother was a zionist Jew. Her father a Zionist Crypto Jew & freemason. So no matter how racist the zionists are & they are extremely genocidally racist, they used this fact as a level of control & manipulation over him along with his bisexuallity or homosexuality. Also he mentored, sexually abused & raised mostly by zionist Jews & communist Jew males. His handlers are all Zionist Jews. But part of the PsyOp with him is be seen to the right & many others as a Muslim to divide & conquer the populated of America into supporting zionist wars & the zionist race war agenda.

    • Yes, they’re all in the club, let’s look at the queen of England jeez she reminds me of someone, but who? Ah yes! The Bushes now compare them together if you like maybe you may notice something?
      Obama’s in the club too, the club of diabolical cabal bloodlines.
      I wonder which American President wasn’t in club?

      Now the idea of a free vote goes right out the window for this reason etc. in other words it’s all completely rigged, nobody that isn’t in the bloodline club gets to run your nation. Of course your welcome to research this yourself. Maybe ppl are aware of it anyhow?

  2. Exhibit 17) Breaking More Proof! France’s Zionist Criminal Network Practiced these Simultaneous Terror PsyOps for Long Time To Perpetrate it Against The French People Successfully & to draw them into Deadly Zionist Agenda Wars Against It’s Targeted Innocent People Abroad!

    “A multi attack drill “Omega 2010″ simulating bombings at the EIffel Tower, The Stade de France. and a regional mall”
    Busted Some more Zionist Psychopath Enemies of France the world! These monsters are unmatched in evil deception & crazed genocidal intent!


  3. Cowboy on November 15, 2015 at 2:16 am
    Exhibit 10-C) Zionist Orchestrated Simultaneous Psychological Terror Attacks Against Against France were Done Under Disguise of Simultaneous Terror Drills Same Day! Again 1 Billion percent PsyOp Hoax! Unless someone can show any proof they Also Actually Killed any real people in this PsyOp Terror. So total PsyOps & all evidence says 100% Complete Hoax whereas no one died & no one killed!


    Despicable Zionists Criminals also orchestrated the announcement of release of Scumbag Zionist Jew Israeli Traitor Spy Jonathan Pollard to Coincide with all these PsyOp Hoax Terror Event! So no one would oppose his release. This ziotrash despicable Traitor will now become a celebrated hero in Israel. He’ ll be treated like royalty in NYC & Israel. And he should have been hung!

  4. Exhibit 18) Zionist Psychological Terror Treasonous (Hoax) Attack Against The French People To Anger & Warmonger Them Into Genocidal War Against The Syrian People & others abroad Is Working!
    France is bombing Syria Under the Disguise Of Bombing ISIS.
    Read the news reports closely & notice Israel’s ISIS Mercenaries moved-retreated out of all targeted areas before France Started bombing!! As Matty D says Israel is calling the shots–so France will never bomb ISIS, nor Al Queda, nor SFA ever…EVER! Nor any of the Turkish Mercs or any Israeli servant Murderous Mercs under any other label! Because all are serving Israel’s goals of genocidally mass murdering Syrian people & destroying Syria to SET UP (THE GOAL OF) GREATER ISRAEL! Only Syrian Patriots, Courageous Hezbollah & Syrian troops & militia stand in Israel & zioPuppet terrorists Mercenaries’ way!
    Now if you notice carefully it says France is bombing weapons & munitions depots and bases. Well that means it is bombing Syria’s bases Syria’s supplies! ISIS mercenaries are not simply leaving weapons & supplies behind! They got advance notice, they got out & they took their weapons & supplies with them. Remember ISIS’s main bases are in:
    1) Across the Syrian border, in Turkey where protected by ziopuppet Turkey &
    2) Inside Golan Heights, De Facto Israel since 1967 –Israeli occupied portion of Syria! ..Yes since 1967! Nothing more outrageously makes it totally clear that ISIS is a creation of Israel & works for Israel & no one else!


    Please support this Serebra Sana (French???) Lady exposing this genocidal Israel-Zionist PsyOp & War Operation
    against the French people & against Israel’s targets for bombing & genocide.

  5. You can view the photo of the prop dummies in the theatre in the link below, where it’s not blurred out.

    1. No evidence of when this photo was taken.
    2. No evidence that it was a result of a REAL mass shooting.
    3. No evidence that corresponds to the MEDIA’s OWN version of events!

    There IS evidence, however, of a STAGED SHOOTING, with Hollywood style prop dummies, and fake blood, obviously botched up with the sweeping motion of a broom on the floor.

    If you were told this was a Hollywood movie set by the media, then would you STILL believe it was a real shooting?

    THINK FOR YOURSELF, the media isn’t going to reveal the truth, but you can by simply turning off the TV and using LOGIC to figure out how they ran this blatant SCAM.



    • Thanks for the image. The prop dept. did very well in this scam. Will review later.

      • Actually, their attempts to emphasize gore is only designed to dupe the masses who accept the sound bytes on mainstream news and accept everything at face value.

        It is very easy to decipher this case once a person takes just a few minutes to compare the “official story” with this photo.

        They haven’t really improved much from the Boston Hoax, only that they are using a lot more VISUAL drama and placing less emphasis on crisis actor “witness” statements.

    • Ex 21 France Terror PsyOp–This needs to go viral and Now!!!
      Post this damn picture everywhere you post stuff Christinne & Felix & whoever!! With or without my comments but explain & someone needs to make a video fast! This is so obvious! Anyone denies these are dummies is a liar or damned near Blind! If you have a Youtube acount or can just do it with a google account or something request RussianVids or someone to make a vid based on this picture alone and it being dummies!

      Exhibit 21) Dummies Loads of Movie Set Dummies! Zionist France Terror PsyOp Attacks Destroyed If Someone Makes A Good Video Using this Med-Res picture from the PsyOp.
      Thanks Wake the Sheep & Richard Martinez and Sherrie Questions All for leading me/us to this picture!!


      The clearest, most obviously dummy is the one near the bottom front on “his”- it’s back. But also up on the stage may be as obvious another (impossibly human) dummy!
      But something else is yet even better 1 billion percent proof! What is impossibly missing from the stage??? lol Can you find it? What would have to be on the stage?

      • “But something else is yet even better 1 billion percent proof! What is impossibly missing from the stage??? lol Can you find it? What would have to be on the stage?”

        I can only see the edge of the stage on the right side of the photo. My guess is you are referring to the band’s equipment? Obviously the crew would NOT be allowed back inside to undo the equipment as it’s a “crime scene” and only law enforcement/forensics teams would be allowed inside. (Of course, with the exception of the photographer, lol).

        According to Pollstar.com, Eagles of Death Metal no longer show any tour dates for the remainder of the tour (it did as of yesterday).

        According to Setlist.fm, the last song they played before the “attack” was “Kiss The Devil.”

        Again, without the EFIX data from the photo, there is no way to know when it was taken. Prior videos posted on YouTube confirm that the French police and other agencies conducted a “live terror drill” so my guess is the photo and props were staged during that time.

        • Ex 23) The Sound & music & stage & lightening missing equipment proves it was & is a staged event 1 billion percent, yes indeed. As does the clear & present dummies. But also the ridiculous grostesgue dragging of dead or live bleeding bodies! And piling supposed dead bodies up! It looks more like a Jewish Ritual Murder movie than a mass shooting moving like what they admittedly did in 1948 in Palestine or 1917 and beyond in USSR & Eastern Europe or 1492 in Europe! Well if the bodies looked real it would! I mean only in JRM would they be dragging dead & half deead people or goyim to the alter and slaughtering them right?? Or do they do that at fake death metal band concerts??? And certainly they are not even a real heavy metal band just a pop fake metal band.
          Also no one clearly was setting in the theater chairs anywhere! No remnants of anyone leaving anything anywhere in this raggy old theater shut down Sept 11 2015… Which the theater was sold from one zionist Jew to another zionist Jew in preparation for this PsyOp!
          What comes next? Jewish Lightening??? Does it strike and burn the theater down? …for insurance money$$$
          These zioScammjng fraudster criminals will make money at every angle in this Scam! They love it too! Cheat the goyim at every angle. More angles for making a buck by the new owners of this theater than the Satanic six pointed star hexegram with it’s six smaller triangles & it’s six inner cornered hexgram…six six six yes 666. Did I mention the so called Star of David is what the Bible calls the image or mark that represents the number of the beast.. Very Appropro don’t you think so?
          And rented them all those movie dummies?

          • “The Sound & music & stage & lightening missing equipment proves it was & is a staged event 1 billion percent, yes indeed. As does the clear & present dummies.”

            Ah, yes, got it.

            I was looking at the RIGHT side of the photo, however, IF a live band had just played, then it ALSO must have the light and sound crew, and that equipment would appear on the LEFT side of the photo towards the back of the floor.

            I see no evidence of the sound and light crew equipment.

            Again, the crew would NOT be allowed back into the theatre full of “dead bodies” as it’s a crime scene which would take days, if not weeks, to clear up.

            Indeed, it looks like the place was abandoned, perhaps it was shut down like the Sandy Hook school. That WOULD make sense if they were using the theatre for a hoax shooting.

            Good find. ABSOLUTELY ZERO DEFENSE ARGUMENT from any troll/shill/agent to dispute the facts shown in the photo.

          • “Also no one clearly was setting in the theater chairs anywhere! No remnants of anyone leaving anything anywhere in this raggy old theater shut down Sept 11 2015…”


            At first glance from the photo it seems the “raggy old theater” isn’t operative, HOWEVER, if you do a Google search, you will find shows which are scheduled at the Bataclan for December. For example, an artist named Rae Sremmurd is scheduled to play on December 2nd, 2015. You can cross reference his tour schedule via Pollstar.com and indeed you will see that date on his tour among the dozens of shows across Europe, as well as a link to purchase tickets.

        • “Eagles of Death Metal” is a Gay Leather Band.

      • My sister reckons it looks like weekend at bernies lol

    • From the link you posted:

      “On 13 November 2015, as part of a series of attacks across Paris, several gunmen conducted a mass shooting at the Bataclan, killing at least 89 concertgoers and wounding over 200.[8][9]”

      So it’s clear that the “official story” claims 89 concertgoers were killed, and 200 wounded.

      How can there be a photo with 20 to 25 “dead bodies” with NOBODY from forensics? Where are the crime scene markers for the shell casings? Where are the EMT workers, etc?

      Here is another quote from the article:

      “The police later stormed the theatre. Two gunmen killed themselves during the police raid by detonating suicide vests they were wearing. A third was killed by police gunfire before he could detonate his vest.[10]”

      Ok, so again from the “official story” the police “stormed the theatre.” Where did the “two gunmen” detonate their suicide vests? How would the gunmen know when to detonate their vests among the chaos? Did any police officer take fire?

      The official story has no cohesion, just a bunch of conclusive statements that NO JURY AT TRIAL would be able to generate a guilty verdict because the actual FACTS do not support the media’s case.

      This is why there can be NO trial. The “gunmen” must be killed in the story, and indeed, they were all killed.

      The questions are endless, because the STORY IS GARBAGE.

      • Shill – you totally destroyed Wake in your analysis which is 100 percent spot on. The real sheep here are those under the cultish spell of Dr K.

        • The “cult” is in ur head only, sheeple!

    • Duping delight at its finest hour!

      Just LISTEN carefully to what she says. Does it sound like she was actively participating in a REAL shooting, or a DRILL?

      She is so happy for being around dead people.


      • At 2:47 minutes she says the following:

        “I did a bit of cardiac massage to a young man who died under my hands.” “He was dead probably already, but we were doing re-animation…”

        Then she says she knew he was dead, lol!

        They stayed “until the Fireman arrived.”

        Really? She stayed and hung around, for what? For the possible terrorists to come back and kill her.

        How long do you think she would survive under cross examination in a jury trial?

        It’s PURE BULLSHIT.

        NOBODY DIED at the bar, and NOBODY got hurt.

    • Another “hero” of the night from the Bataclan theatre. Amid all of the chaos, this champ:

      1. Dropped to the floor and waited for the gunmen to reload before he decided to flee
      2. Ran up onstage where he saw a woman bleeding.
      3. Made a quick assessment that she was shot in the buttocks and thigh.
      4. Helped her up because she was “losing consciousness.”
      5. Exited the theatre by carrying her with him.

      I thought they weren’t going to bring out as many crisis actors on this hoax.

      Apparently I was mistaken…


    • Geez, these French crisis actors need better acting lessons. Actually, no they don’t. People believe what they see on TV.

      My guess is they gave all the crisis actors the same script.

      “2 gunmen”
      “Very young, in mid-20’s”
      “Dressed in black, no mask”
      “Blood, bodies”

      Just stick to the script, repeat the buzzwords over and over. The sheep will eat it up.


  6. Exhibit 22) France Fake Phoney Shootout of PsyOp Terror Attacks Fri 13th

    Watch this phoney shootout and stop right at the end of 11 seconds and you can see it is stream of sparks up from the ground from sparkler pyrotechnics device, clearly nothing from a gun! Also they are not even using real guns with blanks rounds or blank firing guns. Why? Well it is completely silent when they are not firing– it’s a dead part of town & the set area quarantined –off for the filming set obviously to be free of people…But no trucks or cars honking or driving on any streets nearby, sounds always travels off buildings etc in cities, so you know this a very dead part of town at this time of night atleast. Anyway whenever shots are not being fired you could hear a pin drop. But you don’t any shells hitting. You never hear any shell casings hitting the ground or vehicles or the glass. You would definately, clearly & easily hear them landing after each burst of shooting stopped. Also no targets are being hit at all ever. Many of those bullets would be heard that hit anything hard nearby, and ricochets would be heard. So these were not even blank shooting guns. Just prop guns that go bang or just sound added. And this filming could have been done anytime even months before.


    • Yes, the area is sealed off to the public when they ran the drill.

      Whether it was that day or sometime prior is unknown.

      The pyrotechnic in front of the car is laughable.

    • Yes, the hoax has been already sold to the worldwide audience. Now they must appeal to the emotions by showing “victims” and all aspects of their lives.

  7. Quite clean the floor for such a terrible event, dont u think? No blood there, nothing in disarray…. And what is at the feet of the “patient” covered with a blue sheet and “operated” by a doc in blue? Its like someone kneeling there. Anyway, same fakery all over….

    Stretched to breaking point, surgeons are pictured crammed into Paris hospital as they fought to save the lives of terror attack victims


    • Once again, the theme in all these shooting hoaxes is “SOLIDARITY.”

      This is also part of the psy-op. If you don’t accept the official narrative, then you are not acting in “solidarity” with the victims and those who tried to save lives.

      ALL part of the script, ALL part of the phony fake show.

      “One nurse, known as Catherine, described the night’s events at St Louis Hospital as ‘surreal’. But she said she had been overwhelmed with the ‘incredible wave of solidarity’ among the staff.

      She told ActuSoins: ‘I prefer to remember this incredible wave of solidarity that I have seen: all the staff, the doctors, surgeons, nurses who spontaneously phoned to offer the support and come in the middle of the night without even that we asked them.”

  8. The posters here can’t be serious. Is this one of those fake news sites? Very poor taste. Not at all funny.

    • Marie,

      The only “fake news” is what you are witnessing on television.

      What’s in “poor taste” is when the perpetrators of this hoax submit a STAGED PHOTO to the media for worldwide consumption.

      Did you even look at the picture? Did you even watch the media clips? Or would you rather not find the truth and instead just continue getting brainwashed by your television?

      • These pictures and videos prove nothing of the kind. You have a biased agenda and what you are doing is looking for things that are not there to justify your crazy concocted stories. Shame on you.

        • Marie Bitchie, until u will come with solid proofs to back up ur statements, stick ur cretinism up ur own ass!

  9. Russianvids explains the “33” Free Masonry code.

    He’s absolutely correct, it’s TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL.

    The sheep have been so conditioned to blindly accepting what they see as fact that it puts them in a trance while watching CNN. They cannot differentiate FACT from FICTION.

    Just use your brain and THINK, and the scam will be easy to see…


  10. More clues regarding “pregnant lady” hanging from a ledge and use of media trickery:


  11. Good commentary in this short video, check it out…


  12. American Idol 100% Fake 100% Predetermined On: Who Goes To Hollywood, Who Gets Record Contract, Judges Have No Say!


  13. VicSim #3-b) ZioFrance Mult-PsyOp Fraudster VicSim Fake Victim Fraudster
    Nick Alexander Mossad Agent used in
    Psychological Warfare Terror Treason Attacks Against The French People To Get them Into a Deadly, Bombing Campaign & War Against Against Innocent People To help Zionist Psychopaths Exterminate Syria & Lebanon & SetUp Greater Israel.

    This is a “real” long term identity & picture of this Slimebag Fraudster Hoax Dead ZioPuppet Nick Alexander without his Rock band roady looking wig on!
    In order to set up a history of him as a “Rock Band Merchandizer” aka Concert T-shirt salesman the zionists apparently provided -used this scumbag in a Cats Stevens Tour Recently at his concerts doing the same job as he supposedly did at the fake concert shooting PsyOp for Fake Metal Band “Eagles of Death Metal” really a Pop Rock band dressed up as a metal band-gay biker bar band hybrid band & sold it as a Death Metal Band that admittedly steals all their songs from other bands best songs..(see my other posts for video & audio proof of that straight from the band leaders).
    Anyway this is the same Mossad Agent & Fraudster crisis actor playing dead VicSim Nick Alexander a long haired via wig Rock N Roll version of himself. It is possible other alias identies (with different names) can be found for him searching in London & perhaps in LA & California. I have yet to find an French VicSim or Crisis actor…But we just started…All seem to be from Australia, UK, USA & South Africa and I have found a one from Russia who plays his young beautiful girlfriend. I do not believe she was even his girlfriend. All pics & FB posts on her Polina Buckey character FB are very recent of the two together & like they all apparently came from the same photo set shoot for this PsyOp Oeration of Psychological Terror leveled Treasonously against the French people to trick them into accepting the bombing, missile attacking, mass murdering & genociding & exterminating the innocent people of Syria for the zionist Psychopaths to set up the emerging Grrater Israel Empire upon the dead bodies of millions of Muslims & Christians. Then perhaps they will lie and say the Syrian people are a fiction who never existed as the the zionists actually day about the Palestines after 66.6 years plus of mass murdering & exterminating them & stealing most of their land & country & brutally occupying & blocking the resy of it! Israel is truly the most evil country since the zionist jew run Soviet Union!


  14. Crisis Actor # 5 (b) Zionist France Psychological Terror Attack Against the French People
    (not #3 as I missed #’d her earlier)

    Russan Mossad Agent
    Polina Alexandra Grigoreva aka
    Polina Buckley aka
    Paulina Buckley aka
    Polina Alexander as her Alias Alexandra Iakovleva identity
    (All these Aliases I have Indentified & verified through linkedins, relatives connections & photographic proof & Facebook connections, and twitter and other accounts.)
    She has been well trained as a mossad spy, change agent facilitator, languages, acting modeling, and I only scratched the surface & I doubt she is older than 26 maybe as young as 24. But as a Russian international model she has trained probably in modeling since atleast 14 or 15 and acting since 5 or younger. I bet she can speak some German & Norweigan & Spanish & maybe Portuguese in addition to English, Russian, Finnish, French. She may even be a Monarch buttery type mind. This was they can give her more personalities & personas they can “call up” & use on demand. (Maybe Quantico mind control Psychiatrist scumbag Christina D. Money who trolls here & informed me I was banned here once can explain to us about her knowledge and use & abuse of Monarch Butterflies?? lol Or maybe she can just cuss me out and threaten me under some other zio troll name???!! Monarch is a similar & related program to MK Ultra)


    When I say Russian Mossad it means she serves the Zionist psychopaths & Israel & is merely from Russia, not to say that she has any allegiance to Russia nor any other country she has been stationed in besides Israel. And I don’t know that she has ever spent any significant time in Israel, but that does not matter, that is her only allegiance period.

  15. Israel is a Psychopath State – Ken O’Keefe


  16. The only Australian injured apparently was 19yo chick Emma Parkinson. She has appeared on 60 minutes less than a week after being shot in the following manner. These are her own words , and by an AK47 no less. ” I wad hot in the thigh and the bullet exited my hip, it doesnt hurt as much as you think. It felt like I got slapped hard”. This is just too unbelievable. I dont know what its like to be shot by an AK47:but wont be volunteering any time soon and am tipping it would be complete agony requiring more than a two day stay in hospital. I have been trying to research her background with no luck. Maybe you guys will have more . I googled her name and whaddya know, i get back a jewish chick who is an expert on the holocaust. What are the odds.

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