Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 10 May 2015
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Holocaust Against Jews is a Total Lie – Proof

What an arch-fabrication it is, what degree of absolute treachery, one that exceeds all limits of human deceit and corruption, that is this claim that there was an actual Holocaust against European Jews. It was a Holocaust which supposedly occurred during World War II, where Jews were not only targeted, for instance, for displacement and deportation but also gassed and burned to death, ‘because of their faith.’ It’s all a fake. Who can prove otherwise?

See the real nature of WWII-era European Jewry. They were never oppressed. Rather, they were the great oppressors of the land in every way conceivable:


Does anyone see any malnutrition, any emaciation, in these Zionist agents even to the least degree?


It’s three smirking, happy arch-Zionists in a role, including the arch-cowardly rabbi well-hidden in the middle. What greater proof does anyone need other than this that it is all a hoax, fully staged? They were laughing and smiling with glee at the murderous scheme that lay before them. By no means were they an abused, tormented, and exterminated people.

How could they be exterminated? Throughout the war they were busy conquering and usurping Palestine. How does a subjected, oppressed, and gassed to death people achieve that?

Prominent Jews say the Holocaust is a fake

In his interview with Ernst Zundell, the scholarly R. Dommergue, Jewish professor, said it was a total fake. He proved prophetic and died a man of absolute truth.



The Professor had sound reason for his position. According to official Red Cross records the numbers of people, all people, who died in German concentration, actually, work or holding camps, was some 270,000. That’s throughout the entire war, including those who died of communicable diseases such as typhus (rampant towards the end of the war) and cholera.

What happened to the six million? Where were they killed? If they didn’t die, as is obvious, in the holding camps, then, what happened to them? Moreover, since there weren’t even six million Jews in all of Europe at that time, then, how did the extras die? Did they import them from Khazaria?

Yet, wait a minute. It can’t be. Really, the Germans didn’t target the Jews after all? Weren’t those Nazi’s exceedingly brutal? Sure they were, right. In times of war the Germans were the barbarians. Despite this claim history vindicates them. Instead, it was the arch-cruel and terminally corrupt Khazars who proved to be the true barbarians and who were responsible for the mass slaughter of the innocent, including mass killings in Germany, Russia, Poland, and more.

The Zionist criminals used the war as the leveraging point to drive their plot home, which was the near complete imperialistic conquest of Palestine. The social strife they created led to the basis for mass emigration of European Jewry from their homes to Middle Eastern land. Without the war, an occupied Palestine would have never occurred. It was also the means by which well-placed Zionists and also low-level operatives could enrich themselves through theft, not only of the land of the Palestinian people but also through the usurpation of the assets and wealth of European nations.

So, Hollywood-style Jewry imposed the fake: upon the whole, unsuspecting world.


“Boo-hoo, poor Jews. See what happened to them. Just because they were Jews they were tormented, tortured, killed, even gassed alive.” Sure they were, right. Plenty of evidence for it, too.


Like the lamp shade made from Jew skin. Sure, it was, absolutely. Lots of proof from this, too:


Right, the SS officer’s wife called in the skin lamp order. Who in the world believes such nonsense? Of course, it is fake. That should be obvious to all observers, no exceptions, particularly Zionist Jews:


Vellum was during that era, that is the 1930s through 1940s, a common material for the creation of lamp shades in Europe. It was a conniving act by the Zionists to create shock reactions in the people, to paint the Germans as evil, while portraying the thieving, arch-corrupt, hedonistic Jews as the victims. An absolute lie; no one can demonstrate otherwise.


What a side-show it is, a mere joke: a cartoon-plus. It’s as if the Zionists were spitting in the people’s faces, knowing full well that the vulnerable, gullible goy would succumb, assuming much of it as real.


It’s cops and robbers in real life, arch-Zionist moles playing both roles. The sacrum appears to be from a mold, mere plastic. The drawings were made by the rabbis, just for the fake exhibition.

Where in the world did the Zionists get these wax heads? Did they import them from Zio-Wood?


Really, the Germans were into tribalistic head shrinking techniques, too? These are mock-ups of African-origin ladies? Were there black Jews with American-style conks who were roasted alive, gassed, and shrunk in those chambers, too? If they were shrunk, how did they keep those hair wave patterns so intact? Well, since they are wigs, it’s not a big accomplishment.

It’s all wretched propaganda, easy to confirm. No one can dispute it. History was written by the conquerors. The World Wars were Zionist fabrications.


Even the purported impressed number on that arm is a clear fake, as is this image, which was constructed in the Zionist photolab studios. Nothing about the Holocaust is real: absolutely nothing.

Moreover, here is the final, categorical – and undeniable – proof.


Document courtesy of one of our emailers.

Is it not categorically clear, signed and sealed – undeniable? In 1948, the year of endless corruption, that year of the establishment of that arch-vile entity, the Zionist strip: in that year a U.S. Major calls the Holocaust an absolute lie. Not only this but he also deems anyone who claims otherwise a liar to be held accountable under the laws of perjury?

There is no need to revise anything. The facts are already there. It is merely a matter of republishing the information or uncovering it, then disseminating it. Facts are facts. Equally, fakes are fakes. The fact is there was no Holocaust against European, even Russian, Jewry. That was a hoax. What is fact is that it was both European and Russian Jewry who committed the Holocaust: against the gullible, vulnerable goy and the equally gullible, vulnerable Islamic people. It was they who paid the price in blood and far, being subjected to great tyranny in the land – the real victims of any ‘holocaust,’ not the Zionists.

How much control has been exerted, how much money stolen, how many funds/assets purged, all because of a treacherous, arch-Zionist lie. It’s the lie of the Holocaust, and it is a “fake,” just as Professor Dommergue had made so abundantly clear.

Zundel, among others, is not the anti-Semite. The anti-Semites are the Zionists, proven by their treachery, their plots, their schemes, and their actions.



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  1. I don’t think the Holocaust is real, but where is the date on the document? On the top right, it says 1979. So is the doc fake or a later document? Please don’t get enraged, I just need to be informed.

    • It says January 10 1948.

  2. Oh dear lord. You are all so retarded. What makes your supposedly real documents supporting your bullshit any more believable than ones supporting the fact that it happened? Seriously. A real question. Why would any one believe ur fake as **** documents to ones that are corroborated all over the world saying it happened? Can’t your documents just as easily be faked? And why are you also blaming Jews for all the **** that radical Muslims are doing…

    • Please, present any proof you have so the world can finally know it actually happened.
      I for one would love to see it. Set my mind at ease as it were.. also your info would be worth millions of dollars.
      I hope you realise that if you have proof then you are the only person on earth that has it!
      Please present your evidence and put this debate to rest!

      • You, Sir, are a moron beyond belief. Not even worth debating. Some people are too stupid to realize they’re stupid.

        • You think he’s stupid because he just told some hard evidence of why Holocaust didn’t happen, but you rather believe in what media says. You sir are the stupid weak-minded one. Also if you think it was real, where did 6 000 000 corpses just DISSAPEAR? Even the ashes of 6 million corpses is unhidable

          • Yes, dumb people will never understand. Of course the Nazi’s killed a lot of people including homosexuals, jews etcetra. But no fking way 6 million Jews. Somebody counted how many you have to put ina oven to burn them at all those camps. It was impossible. Not to mention what to do with all those ashes, and how about the people who were ‘burned’….. I heard as story from a man who is almost 100 years….. he said; ‘Hitler was knew what the jews were planning because he used to deliver letters. He did not trust it and wrote they had plans’

            Anyway you got still a lot of a good jews, but a few are fking the world and lives up right now every second.

    • Actually they have gone down on the numbers and most of the magazines now talk about a million versus holocaust websites still site 6, 000. Scientists also did some studies and found out that most of the so called gas chambers didn’t have a shred of chemical evidence of using cyanide in the walls. But seriously do your research and a lot of magazines now say on a million got killed in auswitch.
      Also they used flimsy wooden doors to keep gas at bay. Not very smart since you can’t actually control the gas then.
      Also if you listen online some of the witness testimonies they tell you that the dead people who were gassed looked blue etc other descriptions when in reality cyanide poisoning will make your body pink/red.

      • I know for a fact after studying the so called holocaust, now holohoax of course, for almost 40 yrs. I can go on with scientific proof it didn’t forever, so much non proof. I’m almost 66yrs old my dad was part of the Berlin contingency to enter but was trumped by what my dad called Zionists killers with skull and crossbones collars and knives triangular shaped to kill many Nazies before Russian troops got there, triangular shaped so cut don’t heal, can’t be sutured and outlawed by the Geneva Convention. Anyway we need to stick together on this. I challenge any Jewish or anyone to a debate. I not only want Hitler and Germany vindicated but monies in the Trillions paid back to us, YES THE FREAKIN TAXPAYERS WHO WERE SCAMMED BY TOTAL MALICE DECEPTION… ALBEIT MACHT FRI,hard work did not set thier soul free, simply cause they pocess none…

    • meant to write down 6, 000, 000 . six million

    • The publisher of this article didn’t do enough research. Here, you poor indoctrinated fool.
      Typhus was spread by lice.
      Auschwitz crematory ovens impossible.
      The opening for Zyklon B forced in by Soviet soldiers.
      Death camps debunked.
      Here’s that pamphlet zoomed in.
      The ((newspapers)) were pushing the 6 million narrative since 1869!
      Strange how it was suddenly believed after the fall of Hitler, isn’t it?
      Jewish total population in 1933: 15,315,359
      Jewish total population in 1948: 15,753,638
      Oy vey! But what happened to the 6 million?!??

      ALL THOSE LICE SOULS! Won’t somebody please, think of the lice? 6 gorillion died in WW2.
      The evil Natsocs shaved heads and burned clothes, spraying insecticide.(<-Zyklon B is this)
      https://i.imgur.com/8SmWUMz.jpg < Poor lice being gassed.
      https://i.imgur.com/r8tWYlr.jpg < Here's some more on the "gas chambers".
      https://i.imgur.com/hSicWSx.jpg < The "evils" of German soldiers.
      https://i.imgur.com/uFTHtzY.jpg < "Jews waiting to be gassed", uncropped, actually Germans.
      Actually waiting for a train, but it was used for the false narrative.
      https://i.imgur.com/pBA7Kr0.jpg < Some poor Auschwitz jews suffocating from all that Zyklon B gas.
      Forget that it's a solid pellet that releases gas when treated with heat, therefore cannot be "dropped in".
      And cannot release enough gas to poison a human unless the temperature reaches over 2,000 degrees celsius.
      The main ingredient is hydrogen cyanide. Cyanide poisoning and carbon monoxide http://www.nazigassings.com/NewLogo3.jpg < does this to corpses.
      Typhus was a problem, confirmed: https://i.imgur.com/3wgLsBY.jpg
      Here are some jews being poorly mistreated at the Theresienstadt camp.
      Jews at Westerbork camp in Holland FORCED to celebrate Hanukkah!
      Belsen camp, as they shaved all new arrivals' heads, the children's hair grew back.
      http://i.imgur.com/UMqmgAq.jpg They're so mistreated. Look at those frowns 🙁

      Round 2!
      http://i.imgur.com/5MOevjU.jpg < Regarding the ovens again.
      http://i.imgur.com/69wBxkd.jpg < Sports teams allowed at camps.
      http://i.imgur.com/MiZOwbv.jpg < Very unhappy prisoners.
      http://i.imgur.com/Px67Thr.jpg < The Soviet versus modern version of Auschwitz "millions".
      http://i.imgur.com/CBTET0r.jpg < Same thing, plus what Zyklon B does to walls, Treblinka, and the most famous forged images.
      http://i.imgur.com/2jmxLAA.png < Phony "portable gas chamber van" debunked.
      http://i.imgur.com/6ANbYB4.jpg < Himmler explaining why the crematoriums were necessary. DISEASE.
      http://i.imgur.com/kZJQaDq.jpg < Herman Rosenblat's debased LIE.
      http://i.imgur.com/kYoLJe6.jpg < Human skin lamp shades, soap made from jews, shrunken heads? Disproved bullshit.
      http://i.imgur.com/yfKqxOV.jpg < They'll take anything and doctor it to make it more sinister.
      http://i.imgur.com/fJcHtMx.jpg < The Bergen Belsen camp's delousing chambers.
      http://i.imgur.com/LjfxkQT.jpg < British soldier heartlessly driving a bulldozer through the allied bombing of supply lines starved corpses.
      http://i.imgur.com/50UNEkQ.jpg < Read it all. Every single word.
      http://i.imgur.com/g94yW1g.jpg < Depressed ((concentration camp)) men off to their deaths!
      http://i.imgur.com/oho3x3m.jpg < Certificate of release? That isn't right, is it? Why would they release those they intended to murder?
      http://i.imgur.com/RKorExR.jpg < Disguised as "shower rooms", never gas chambers.
      http://i.imgur.com/1BwKyY0.jpg < Children told to reveal their arms, as the "tattooed kids" lie was being spread already.
      http://i.imgur.com/4JCHNMr.jpg < Joseph Burg, an Auschwitz inmate, disowned for stating there were no gas chambers.
      http://i.imgur.com/gh2N2ar.jpg < Prisoners and guards died of Typhus.
      http://i.imgur.com/vVyU4qf.jpg < Typhus ward.
      http://i.imgur.com/6Cjak4k.jpg < A pool? Maybe they intended to "drown" them too!
      http://i.imgur.com/lDXTAAi.jpg < The radar results from Treblinka.
      http://i.imgur.com/xeDEhqa.jpg < Not even all of the victims of the confirmed not six million deaths were even jewish.

      • thank you.

      • Zyklon B turns to gas when in temperature at or above 78.8 degrees fahrenheit. A hydrogen cyanide (HCN) concentration of 300 mg/m3 in air will kill a human in about 10 minutes.

        Just clarifying.

    • Die jew
      jews are the problem to the world. they should all be eliminated of
      They are moronic and children of the devil
      I H8 Jew

    • oy vey goyim no need to defend our lies oy vey

    • I believe the Red Cross. We know governments, including our own, lie all the time. This particular lie was because we destroyed an aggressive but sovereign nation and sided with communist Russia, which was far more brutal than the Nazis ever dreamed of being. There is also the Zionist movement, which needed to create sympathy for the Jews. The RC had no reason to lie, but we did.

  3. Today, the Jews perpetrate the exact same crimes against Palestinians, as they claimed the “Nazis” did to them.

    Don’t look like victims to me…

    • …blame the arabs 126, tried to wipe Israel off the map and what happened?….captured ground by them is theirs right?…sounds legit to me, anyway why start something they can’t finnish ? and especially against ISRAEL!

  4. So…you don’t like Jews, I’m guessing? Just because you don’t? Or purely because you think the Holocaust is a lie? Or a mixture of both? Or something else?

    If only there were some evidence somewhere that the Nazi regime in Germany didn’t like Jews and sought to exterminate them…I guess your wealth of info on this page puts paid to any suggestion that the Nazis thought the Jewish people were sub-human and treated them as such.

  5. I only have one question for you nimrods: When did you join the SS?

    You sickos. There is SOLID evidence the Holocaust occurred. Photos cannot have been photo shopped as photo shop didn’t exist back then.

    If the Holocaust never existed, then Germany never went through an economic bust. You are all neo Nazis. I refuse to respond to your ignorant responses to this. You will burn and hopefully continue ridding the world of its sheer ignorance

    • Duhhhh, I dunno how to fake a photo without a computer! Hey, why don’t you go study analog photography, you stupid dipshit.

    • You do realise the program is called Photoshop because with it you can what you could to pictures with the equipment at a Photoshop?
      This is the less than critical thinking that allows tyrants to use misinformation as mind control.

    • Example: Photograph in a British museum purported to be “nazis bulldozing hundreds of dead Jews that they murdered” Upon actually looking at the photo, it is a British bulldozer moving the disfigured and emaciated corpses of those who died from Typhus. I mean, if you’re going to put this photo in a museum and claim it is one thing while it clearly shows something else…are you stupid or too lazy to think through your propaganda? Anyone can produce pictures and say “these are such and such people who died such and such way and their location was this or that”. Need proof.

  6. Hitler was a jew

    • So was Obama

      • 卐Rise brothers卐

        • 6 million will rise up in your worthless big asshole you imbecile!

          • Jews need culling!! They are vermin and have to be treated as such!

        • Fuckin right, hey Jew bag, we’re STILL HERE

          • goyim pls

  7. This site and the comments posted on it are disgusting. You people revolt me.

    • What should really disgust you is the lies perpetrated on the world that have cost Germany billions of dollars in “compensation” to people who were never persecuted, and the lies that continue to be taught to our children in schools all around the world and the fact that it’s literally illegal to even question this lie in many countries. That should disgust you.

      • Bullseye, Vincent.

  8. No rudolf Hess you were raped by 6 million saints you nazi retard!

  9. Hey rudolf hess, sounds like you woke up from a wet dream about adolf riding you like rudolf the reindeer! …better change your **** stained sheets before your wife finds out you’re a poofter!

  10. All of your “evidence” is not enough to say that the holocaust was a hoax. According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Hermann Goring, the highest official at the Nazi State tried at Nuremberg testified openly about the prosecution of Jews from the rise of the Nazi party to power in 1933. Also Einsatzgruppe D killed 90,000 Jews in southern Ukraine in 1941 and testified. Most importantly Rudolf Hoess, testified about the gassing more than a million Jews at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Accoring to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum there were numerous survivors to explain their experience. Marie-Claude Vaillant-Couturier who testified at Nuremberg about her experiences at Auschwitz. And plenty more to explain the hard brutal experiences they faced. According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, allied prosecutors submitted 3,000 tons of records at the Nuremberg trial.

    • I am currently reading ‘Tell the truth and shame the Devil’ a fascinating and factual account by a Jew who talks of the absurdity of the holocaust claims.If the evidence for ‘the’ holocaust is so strong why aren’t we allowed to question it?No one speaks of Morgenthau?

  11. You know that multiple Nazis have testified and openly stated that they DID commit these crimes, right? Where did you even get the idea for this? None of this is “proof”, it’s outright anti-Semitism. I came here to do research, but I am absolutely appalled at what I’ve read here. And every survivor of the Holocaust shares a similar story. Are you going to claim that every single Jewish person on the planet convened to plot this?

    • EXACTLY!! did every jew at that time team up to fool the world?? were they trained to lie about such horrific things?? NO, BECAUSE IT HAPPENED!!

    • It begins with one lie at the end of the war or after. One soldier claimed he liberated a camp…then he said he liberated a different camp..then a different one again…problem was, he wasn’t in these locations on the dates he claimed. Yes, people lie, then are paid for their stories. One Jew sees there’s money in it then everyone is going to come for the attention and money grab because after all, all that’s required is a story. No proof, just stories. It’s as simple as that. If Hitler was against the Jews and wanted to kill them all, he would have done so swiftly and that would have been that. The Jew genocide accusation was created out of the opportunity to do so and seeing the direction the accusations was going in, the money being handed out to those that could tell scary and sad stories. This completely dismisses the others who were also “rounded up”. Hitler was against communism. He spoke of the Jews maybe twice? If he was so out to get them then why doesn’t he mention Jews in his numerous recored speeches, documents, books, etc? If the genocide of Jews really happened then why are people generally forbidden from investigating this supposed incident in history? We can investigate every other thing that ever happened going back for as far as we can yet this Jew genocide accusation is off limits. The truth fears no investigation. What are the Jews afraid of? Why do they lobby governments to make laws that imprison and fine people for questioning a supposed historical event? The truth doesn’t need protection.

  12. I’ve just skimmed through this site and the denial comments, it makes for sad reading. The Holocaust was proven to have happened. There was a landmark UK court case in 2000: David Irving vs Deborah Lipstadt. The court documents are online and well worth looking at. This case should’ve helped to quash denial theories but the internet has allowed these ideas to resurface.

    Up to 6 million people died at the hands of the Nazis; yes, this is an estimate. It is impossible to put an exact figure on the amount of people who died due to relevant evidence being destroyed, lost or hidden towards the end of the war. And no, they didn’t all die of starvation or disease, some were thrown into gas chambers or shot on sight. Not all were Jewish, either.


    Himmler was the architect and organiser of this extermination program, no doubt driven by a lot of Hitler’s ideology and pseudo genetic nonsense about a master Aryan race. Some argue that Hitler was a Zionist but this obviously changed after 1941. Some argue he was unaware of the death camps, he allegedly never visited one. I suspect he knew exactly what was happening, Himmler would’ve been in regular communication with his Fuhrer.

    • Towards the end of the war?????

      Documents destroyed????

      What a load of bollocks…. we cracked enigma dickheads… we were intercepting EVERYTHING.


    • Oh waaaa…. What about to 45 mil killed by Mao Zedong, or the millions and millions killed by Commie Russia? How about the US dropping the Bobbie killing innocents in Vietnam, Korea, Gulf War? Get a fucking grip! Poor Jews…. Aww…. I doubt even 1 million were killed on purpose. Maybe 250k died as a result of disease or something. This is a worldwide conspiracy

      • think henry kissinger will be held to account?
        for what he did?

  13. I can’t believe this. First of all they are happy in the train because they are being liberated. Secondly, the human skin lampshades, how do you even know they are lamb skin because you weren’t there and you have never seen them in person. You can’t get evidence from some pictures you need to have seen it in person. How can the Holocaust not be real? When people are still alive who have experienced this. I have heard a first person account on a Jewish experience of the concentration camps.

  14. Also the picture of the Jews where they are led down and there is a circle at the top of the screen. You have cut out a Guy which is malnourished and is clearly enough evidence for it to be real. To be honest you are a fake.

  15. Also the picture of the Jews where they are led down and there is a circle at the top of the screen. You have cut out a Guy which is malnourished and is clearly enough evidence for it to be real. To be honest you are a fake.

    • We’ll deal with you and every other kike on the Day of the Rope!

      KILL ALL JEWS NOW! It’s either them or us! KILL THEM ALL!


      • ANTISEMITE! Shame on you! It’s because of ignorant people like you that genocides happen!

        • A short list of what makes me be the number one anti-semite ever! I am, anti-War, anti-Slavery, anti-Poverty, anti-Tyranny, anti-Usury, anti-Animal cruelty, anti-Occupation, anti-False propaganda,anti-Suckers of Baby’s dicks, anti-Human sacrifice rituals, anti-Lobbyist, anti-Making money out of thin air, anti-One world religion, anti-One world government, anti-One world currency, anti-Kosher tax, anti-The so called chosen ones, etc etc. Can you see why I love being Anti-Semitic?

          • You’re more like anti-brain. Clearly a loser who’s looking to blame an entire religion for your lowly lot in life.

            “Jews will not replace us! Jews will not replace us!”

            Um, no Jew is looking to take your job at the town gas station, buddy.

    • I am not saying it was or wasn’t. But, you people who are saying, “it must be real because I read somewhere people testified so” or “it did happen because there are museums/memorials for the victims.” It has to be real anyone who is anyone knows that…… You people obviously do not step outside your biased box very often. If you do not believe that we have been lied to by historians or groups with an agenda then go somewhere else and leave this person alone. Go **** on someone else’s studies,time and effort on their personal beliefs. They aren’t physically hurting you just stating what they feel is truth. I personally believe it. Hell, I am of Jewish descant. I’ve in years past have practiced Judaism. After studying evidence in recent years of so- called “common knowledge” allegations such as Egypt’s Pharoahs (which are total BS) it has never been in Egypt’s history, they were Kings and slavery wasn’t part of their culture during the time of Moses and the Exodus. It was just not in that area. Unless someone has intelligent info to bring to the table and not middle school sarcasm bull ****, why don’t you go do something worthwhile with your life. You guys aren’t helping your pro Holocaust cause in the least with the idiotic immature replies I’ve read… Just helping you out. You’re making the author of this content sound like a genius. So, for your own mental health, get outta that rut of being a Debbie Downer. As I said before, I am not saying it didn’t happen. You guys replies aren’t helping assure me it did. That’s all. Way to go.

      • Well the problem with the holocaust is that you cannot challenge the facts or you are labelled a ‘denier’.

        The other problem is that it was mainly based on the testimony of a single camp warden. Could it be that the testimony was forced?
        Further more are the facts that jews were over-represented in positions of power and still are btw. It was said by jews about the position they were getting themselves in in Germany before WW2.

        I have believed the holocaust narrative for about 25 years but the fact that the number of 6 millions is being published in the press (mainly new york times which is held by jews) and mainly the balflour declaration is what makes me believe that there is a hidden agenda.

        Certainly if you take into account what physical evidence is being put forth to prove that there were gassing chambers.

        Well than you might never have heard about the Deutsche Gründlichheid. It’s very hard to believe that the gassing of people would have been done in such a make-shift manner: throw some Zyklon B capsules in a room full of people. Knowing that it was a known de-lousing agent, for which there were ovens which included a heater to make sure that the Cyanide gas was formed and effective.

        So no I will not accept the label of an Holocaust denier, I just can’t believe that the truth needs laws to protect it from critical thinking or scientific research methods.
        If all this really happened the way it is claimed, then we all have to gain by an open debate and a transparent research into it.

        The way it is now presented only makes it suspicious and makes one wonder what are the true motives behind the story that is being told.

    • So you guys mean to tell me that amidst a war that they took the time to account for every Jew, vagabond, homosexual, gypsy, sick person? Also, they kept them in camps for months and fed them and then after draining all their financial resources lied and said they were gonna go take a shower but lied and burnt them???? Does that make sense in the middle of a freaking war people? Really? No! Another thing…. Okay people…. SIX MILLION PEOPLE, JEWS…. In Europe. ****, where did they all come from? Anyone here ever, I dont know, do the Math? Maybe pull up some Statistics a decade or so beforehand and see if they could get the numbers REMOTELY close to that? No and no. You wouldn’t.

  16. We’re taking down the zog machine jew by jew by jew,
    The white man marches on

    Glory, Glory Blood of Honor
    Glory, Glory Blood of Honor
    Glory, Glory Blood of Honor
    The White Man Marches On!

  17. yes total fake BS by the Rothschild

  18. This website is an abomination

    • An abomination? Throwing a word like that around I’m thinking you may be a Christian? If so, isn’t it in the New Testament something about many will be deceived? That just does not pertain to religious deception. It’s on all levels.

      • Jessica – it sounds like the truth is important to you. I applaud this. However, I would go and take your arguments about the veracity of the Holocaust to those who can challenge your presuppositions on the matter and where you can challenge theirs. Have you ever been to the Holocaust Memorial in Washington, D.C.? Perhaps your local university also has people there with whom you can dialogue and with whom you can challenge your analysis. Truth has to be tested. Let yours be tested. This forum unfortunately won’t do that. As I look at this website and forum it is unfortunately a propaganda site that has an agenda. You don’t sound like you want to be part of that but may have some honest questions and challenges to the evidence to the shoah.

        • Truth is that I’m a lonely and bitter woman who needs someone to blame.

          • Jessica, thanks for your honesty. I know of only one thing that can actually remove bitterness. It is interesting, on the Cross, as Jesus was strung up, tortured, cruelly beaten and then finally crucified He in essence took the blame for sin. That’s all I do know. As for history, the Holocaust, victims, perpetrators – those are secondary. Jesus dies in your place and takes the blame for you. Sorry – I get preachy.

          • Lolz, being trolled by the best. “I’m frustrated and I want someone to blame”

            People will believe anything that confirms their box. Yes I am aware that I am subject to this too. This is why I came to things like this place: I wanted to know for myself, not because I was told to believe a certain way.

            But seriously, on this forum you are free to post, there is no censorship. They surely must have an agenda!

  19. this is page is hilariously stupid. how does anyone think that the holocaust was fake ???????

    • i know right!! i can’t believe people actually think that. this page makes me want to throw up

    • Read the text so maybe you understand, don’t trust everything the media says. Also do some math of 6 000 000 corpses being hidden somewhere, even in ashes it’s it would have been impossible to hide

  20. I know right like what the heck!!!!

  21. I cant even deal with this page

    • Well so you arent 11XS, angry leave the page. Why the hell were you here in the first place? Do you go to Satanic websites and leave angry comments? If you don’t like something or if it endangers your health due to raising your blood pressure, exercise common sense and don’t do it…

    • 6.000.000 x 3 hours cremation time = how many hundreds of years and according to Jewish encyclopedia’s there were only 4.5 million Jews in the WHOLE of Europe before the war STARTED. And remember, if Germany were to somehow cremate 6.000.000 they only had a 2.5 year time frame to do it in and had a SEVERE SHORTAGE OF FUEL..
      How long is a million hours?
      Well, a day is 24 hours so 1,000,000 hours is 1,000,000/24 days.
      That is, 41,666 days and 16 hours.
      If a year is 365 days, then in terms of years we would work it out as 41,666.67/365 years, which is just over 114 years.

      THINK people. Is that so much to ask? Apparently

  22. hol·o·caust



    noun: holocaust; plural noun: holocausts


    destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire or nuclear war.
    “a nuclear holocaust”

    synonyms: cataclysm, disaster, catastrophe; More
    destruction, devastation, annihilation;

    massacre, slaughter, mass murder, extermination, extirpation, carnage, butchery;

    genocide, ethnic cleansing, pogrom

    “fears of a nuclear holocaust”

    •the mass murder of Jews under the German Nazi regime during the period 1941–45. More than 6 million European Jews, as well as members of other persecuted groups, such as gypsies and homosexuals, were murdered at concentration camps such as Auschwitz.
    singular proper noun: Holocaust; noun: the Holocaust


    a Jewish sacrificial offering that is burned completely on an altar


    • I can tell you what that is…. Cut and paste…. Again, not saying I am for the guy. It’s just if this were a debate with valid intelligent info, he has won….. That’s all. Thanks for helping convert people to his side… Way to go…

    for even daring suggesting such a preposterous lie that the holocaust, the world’s worst genocide never happened!
    Those fabricated and fake proofs you accumulated prove nothing more but your IGNORANCE and PERVERSITY!
    Go ahead and tell the more than 6 million people who have been brutally murdered that their deaths were a lie!!
    Or maybe you’d prefer being haunted by the victims of this deadly genocide?!!!!?
    Your ignorance and pigheadedness disgust me.
    AND you continue to SPREAD HATE and ANTISEMITISM!!

    • Ok, 6,000,000 jews (allegedly) were “exterminated” and we are all supposed to kiss their asses and put them up on pedestals, huh? So…… why are we not supposed to do the same for the 27,000,000 Russians who perished during the Great Purge? I havent been shown ANY clear proof this Holocaust (which means burnt offering to a God, practiced by Jews, because Hitler wasnt sacrificing anyone to a God)) actually happened. Oh theres photos! I can show you a photo of someone doing the Heimlich on a person choking on something, but if i told you it was showing an SS officer attacking a jew from behind in a bear hug, and the next photo wouldve shown the SS slamming the jew to the ground, i bet youd believe it 100%. Like the photos of nail scrapes on the gas chamber walls… am i the only one to notice all those photos are in the exact same spot? (The marks are identical in every “scrape” photo ive seen). Not to mention i dont listen to or trust a group of people that refer to us as Goyim (human cattle). And besides that, if i was put in a room with 1000 other people, as SOON as i saw what was happening, i wouldve just charged at the WOODEN door to get out, assuming at least 10 others joined me, that wooden door wouldve been a pile of sawdust in seconds. Why claw at a concrete wall when the wood door NEXT to the wall was much weaker? Show me PROOF. Jesus be wit…. oh uhhh, nevermind….

      • You, my friend, are too stupid to know you’re stupid.

      • Ok JesusSaves – I hesitate to even associate the Jewish Messiah with your comments (you do know that Jesus of Nazareth was a Jew, right?). To comment on your denials is almost fruitless but since you bring Jesus into the mix by identifying Him with yourself, you completely blaspheme His Name by associating it with such base ignorance and lies. Do some honest research on the subject. The truth is much more painful here. The Holocaust destroyed ~6 million Jews as well as approximately 5-8 million others in mass killing on an industrial scale. 3.5 million Soviet POWs were also murdered (BTW – did you know that the first victims gassed at Auschwitz were Soviet POWs?). The sources are out there. Read Martin Gilbert’s landmark work The Holocaust. Even if one denied the testimonies of the victims, the testimonies and records of the perpetrators are enough for a conviction. The Einsatzgruppen kept meticulous records of their exploits. The Nazi census data at the Wannsee Conference was relatively accurate – they were going for all 11 million (their Russian census numbers may have been off). The truth is out there. Since you associate yourself with truth (JesusSaves), I hope that you will take the steps to find it – and repent from where you are. Shalom.

        • Ok genius,

          do you understand math and a county fighting a 3 front war against many powerful countries? In this context, can you please explain what is the most important resource you have? I’ll give you a second….It’s human labor, get it, dummy? So I’ll pose a question to you, Who will give you a reasonable chance of winning such a monumental task? It’s humans, Soooooo….let’s kill all the jews! Brlliant i say!

          However, I’ll forgive you on this point, (that your either young, or get your history from the disney/history channel. You must know that over 160,000 jews fought willingly for the evil “nazies” right? One was a field Marshall, right?

          On to the math, (it’s where smart people solve problems) Here we go Einstein: Forgetting the once 7 million non-jews calmed rhetoric for a total of 13 million that has conveniently disappeared. In addition, I’ll also coincide that the killing of the jews started at the beginning in 1938 and continued throughout the war until it’s very end, well whats the numbers you ask?

          circa, 1938 thru 1945, the year beginning to year end is approximately 2555 days dividing that by 6 million equals 2348 people killed every day (weekends and holidays not excluded). So smart guy, please explain to the average village idiot like me how does a county depose of that kind of carnage while fighting a fricking unwinnable war?

          NO, seriously, i want to know how Germany, while being destroyed by the Dresden bombing which killed more people (in three days) than both atomic bombs dropped Japan allowed them to keep gassing the jews?

          Being a police detective for many years, coupled with a thrust for the truth, i summit: your holocaust is a nwo fabrication.

          Good day, assclown!

          • Ok SMGMOPPY. Your post is so full of flaws that it is difficult to decipher your post. It is laden with inaccuracy. Your first assumption is that Germany did this alone. Not true. There were thousands of collaborators from Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Rumania, France, Poland, Hungary – basically most nations had some proportion of persons willing to assist in some way with the destruction of others (and some who resisted too). The disposal of about 1.5 million Jews in Russia and the ‘east’ as the German documents call it, was done by direct shooting in killing units. Some of the killing was done before the German einsatzgruppen even showed up, like in Lithuania and Latvia. These units of volunteers were often nationalists in politics and were brutalized by the Soviet NKVD before Germany invaded Russia. Your second assumption is how did they dispose of the bodies? There were mass graves at first especially in Russia. The direct shooting actions gave way in 1942 to a more efficient killing method. It was very difficult on the soldiers doing the killing. They had to come up with a different way. They were able to come up with alternative solutions such as using gas vans that killed the victims by CO gas. This was especially the method used at Chelmno, west of Warsaw. There was a special unit of einsatzgruppen that later went to sites and had prisoners dig up bodies and burn them in pits. They could not do this everywhere though and places such as Babi Yar in Ukraine and Odessa were not reached. The gas chambers started in 1942 at Sobibor, Treblinka, and Belzec and Auschwitz-Birkenau. The Holocaust was not just about Jews killed though. There were millions of others. The Dresden bombing as well as Hamburg was atrocious, I will give you that. Germany did not begin to really lose the war until 1943 when Stalingrad ended and the Allies pushed the Germans into Tunisia. Even then it was September 1943 when the first allied soldiers really landed in Europe – in Italy. BTW – did you know that the trains going to the death centers were given priority over army trains? This hampered the Wehrmacht in several instances. It is well documented that the killing of Jews and others was a national priority even in the face of destruction. As far as math: if 8-9 million Jews were in Europe before the war, and “so few” are killed in the Holocaust, don’t you think the Jewish population would be far higher than it is today? Where did they go? Where did those 3 million Polish Jews go? They did not go to Palestine or the Americas (some did from Europe but not to account for what the current population should be). The world Jewish population is about 14 million. Wouldn’t it be much higher with normal growth rates? If 8 million Jews were in Europe before WWII, and 100,000 or less were killed, wouldn’t you expect in upwards of at least an additional 10 million Jews around today? But you don’t see those numbers. It is far less than it would normally be. Something happened (hint: it starts with an H…).

          • mrkusin, First when I discuss this issue I’m referring to the entirety of the German occupation of Europe. Second, I’ll refer you to these publications: “Sur L’ activite du CICR en faveur des civils detencus dans les camps de concentration en Allemagne 1939-1945 and “Inter Arma Caritas: The work of the ICRF during the second world war” (Geneva 1947) I completely understand that horrible things happened on both sides, but to suggest that this number of people were killed and disposed of in a manner such as shooting, CO gassing, and burning, burying etc. is simply a physical and logistical impossibility. Furthermore, Non-Jewish reputable agencies attest to the actual numbers before and after the war. Third, I’m not going to rehash your claim of 8-10 million in the area prior to the war when many sources refute this. Did you not read the article above? As far as math, if your original population numbers are WAY way off, than your entire argument falls apart and your holocaust theory is kaput. According to the international Red Cross the world population of Jews prior to WW2 was approximately 12 million, mysteriously following WW2 that number increased slightly. Weird right? Know shall we discuss human skin lamps, and concrete showers conveniently criminally manipulated to look like gas chambers? Stop drinking the cool-aid and open you eyes and look at the big picture. Lastly, are you suggesting that some German trains often didn’t run on schedule, now that is a true conspiracy.

          • This is really for [email protected] since there is no “reply” box to his message. I read your article and I disagree – the problem is your sourcing and your agenda to fit the sourcing. Which “non-Jewish” sources do you refer? Your sources using the almanac numbers is simply a matter of what year the almanac used for numbers and their census data. All numbers that were used even up to 1949 were 1939 numbers. This makes sense as Census numbers back then did not always changed and the estimates of increased were based upon that. After the war, it was chaos in Europe and hard to do a census. In terms of Jewish population, the Nazis themselves had estimates that roughly match other sources except for Russia – where it was difficult to obtain a census. The 1931 census in Poland estimates Poland had over 3 million Jews alone. I think you vastly underestimate the total death loss in World War 2 to downplay the possibility of the Holocaust. Read the history – even if you completely reject the idea of 5.8 million Jews killed by various means, do you discount the millions of Russians and the 3.5 million POWs who died in German captivity? Do you discount the millions of Ukrainians and Belorussians slaughtered or the 7 million Russian soldier combat deaths? Do you discount the millions of German soldiers dying on the Eastern Front? Or How about the millions of Chinese who were slaughtered? The machinery of war allowed nations to literally slaughter each other wholesale. Look at what happened in 100 days in Rwanda in 1994: almost 1 million were slaughtered with machetes and low tech killing by shooting. You don’t think it is possible that such a things could happen in the most industrialized area of the world in 1940-1945 Central and Eastern Europe? Really? With the logistics and infrastructure of Germany and Europe? This whole argument you make is senseless to fit your agenda. That is all it is. Your sourcing, website, and articles are meant to promote your narrative. Just admit that your bias has clouded your judgment here. Curious: have you ever taken a University class on the Holocaust or been to any of the killing centers? What I want to know most is why you feel it necessary to undermine the veracity of the Holocaust? Why would you go through the trouble to amass this website to promote deception and bigotry using faulty sourcing like the Red Cross numbers?

    • Wow……… You need help. I’ll pray for you……. Glad youre a martyr/spokesperson for things you know nothing about…. Again, wow….

      • Who are you responding to Jessica?

        • You do know that a few scientists have gone to check the so called gas chambers and did take samples of the wall and found out no cyanide. NONE.
          Only places that they could actually find out to be an actual death camp was the one’s after russia took over. The allies side have never been found such proof. One of the so called chambers say on a sign: Shower room disguised as a gas chamber. Never used as a gas chamber.

          • To which site do you refer? Auschwitz-Birkenau? Funny that even the commandant himself admitted what they were doing there. Also – don’t confuse with delousing and extermination – both types of chambers existed there. Auschwitz was a whole series of camps.

        • This is for mrkusn,
          Not that it care to carry this debate any further, I will state that you are an obvious troll, with a very limited ability to address any issue other that the death tolls of the jews during WWII. And painfully, you always use the deflect method of: “but wait there were 7 million non-jews also exterminated, etc!!!! Look Pal, I’ve researched the German handbook on penalties for abusing jews in “deathcamps” You’ve been presented a plethora of lies and are towing the company “new world order” line. You remind me of a goldfish gasping for breath as the water escapes your gills. Once again Sir, “WHERE IS THE **** PROOF” ! In Germany It’s now illegal to even mention the above listed nazi worker manual, or anything contradictory to this fake holocaust, or look for actual EVIDENCE under penalty of law! Why? Should we not as honorable humans locate, unearth and give each and every 13 million departed souls a proper burial and the respect they deserve? I say yes!
          You ask the question, “have I ever visited the so called holocaust camps” ? To answer this question, I require a response. Please enlighten me as to why the talmud considers us nothing more than cattle, to which we the “goyum” are allowed to be treated like animals in every respect? eagerly waiting for your response/retort.

          • Sir, I am not here to troll nor debase anyone on this site. I am not a Talmudic scholar and so I can’t speak directly to the concerns you have there. I would not support such statements about anyone. I think the problem here is that you are asking persons like myself and others, who have done extensive research into the history of the Holocaust, to completely reject everything out there in exchange for a revisionist view of what happened from 1933-1945. I bring up non-Jewish deaths in my argument because millions of them were murdered too and that the scale, method, and means were there to do so. Jews were specifically targeted from the records of the Wannsee Conference in January, 1942 but millions of others, Russian POWs being the next largest group, to be exterminated through various means. As far as evidence, recent forensic evidence confirms the existence of gas chambers at the site of Treblinka, which is corroborated by eye-witness accounts. The testimony of the perpetrators themselves reveals the intent and extent of the program of murder.

          • Fair enough, in answer to your question I’ve been to majdanek and auschwitz and in my opinion they were work camps, not execution centers for 6 million jews, logistically impossible! Just look at the Texas cattle market alone that slaughters thousands of pounds of beef every day, the infrastructure alone makes your “death camps” look like a miniature mini-cooper in comparison! BTW, did you notice in your non-studies of the talmud that ALL the supposed “extermination sites” have been conveniently removed and replaced by either a statue or a plaque. Seriously, do you expect inquiring minds to believe in this one sided “Germans are EVIL” nonsense? What I don’t understand is that you’ve engaged people who are not of like mind, (which I respect) and attempted to persuade them to change their entire mindset off some numbers you parrot from multiple jewish sources, numbers sourced from the damm russians! Moreover, these jewish population numbers were proven to be fake since 1913. Lastly, when you freely admitt that your ignorant about the writings within the/your talmud, I counter that by saying that any 10 year old moron with internet access can discover whats buried in your precious talMUD! You Mrkusn seem to be a reasonable and intelligent person, do you ever wounder why your kind has at one time or another been kicked out of almost every country on earth? There’s a reason sir, I suggest you investigate that and stop looking for 97 billion dead jews in forced work camps. Don’t you see that number has a wonderful ring as well, No? Sir, have you visited these “death camps”? I doubt it, it’s quite underwhelming, yes?

    • Hatred is what the people of Israel are and have been doing to the Palestineans forever. Majority of Israeli citizens are Jewish. They Are the worst war criminals to have ever existed. Modern Israel makes the Nazis of so called Nazi Germany look like Boy Scouts.

    • People should not fear posting opinions. And you really still think they killed 6 million when the whole Europe had 4.5 million jews and somehow only 270 000 corpses were found and 5 730 000 corpses just hidden somewhere. Even ashes would be impossible to hide and turning 6M to ashes would have takes 110+ years

  24. Don’t even bother trying to reason with these imbiciles, Jane. They’re too stupid to realize they’re stupid, and are being manipulated by the operator of this site, the Muslim antisemite, Doctor K. Don’t worry, he won’t be around much longer.

    • I am neither stupid nor being manipulated by the author of this site. I could care less about the author of this site. You are obviously mirroring how you feel of your own self because you are the one who made a conscious effort to come to this web page and not only that go as far as to read it in its entirety and THEN read the comments and reply, meanwhile I’m assuming evoking negative emotions and fueling others simultaneously… Way to go champ. Way to go. It isn’t even about the content of this site, it’s that you obviously have problems/issues with…..trolling…? Is that what they call that? Not sure of the definition. Sounds about right. If you think leaving something in the Comment section of a page with **** you disagree with is gonna convert everyone you are grossly mistaken. Not only that, come on, your reply was a piss poor one if in any way you thought you may sway someone back to the team who wear those gawky “They Live” shades…..

  25. holocaust is a hoax !

  26. 6.000.000 x 3 hours cremation time = how many hundreds of years and according to Jewish encyclopedia’s there were only 4.5 million Jews in the whole of Europe before the war started. And remember if Germany were to somehow cremate 6.000.000 they only had a 2.5 year time frame to do it in and had a severe shortage of fuel.
    How long is a million hours?
    Well, a day is 24 hours so 1,000,000 hours is 1,000,000/24 days.
    That is, 41,666 days and 16 hours.
    If a year is 365 days, then in terms of years we would work it out as 41,666.67/365 years, which is just over 114 years.

    • Jessica,

      thanks for the cremation breakdown. Can you just imagine the bio-mass of cremating 2,348 humans with an average weight of 100lbs (starved women and children included) every day for 2.5 years instead of my gratuitous estimation of 2,555 days reduced to 912.5 days approximately? Well the number comes in at: 912.5 days x 2,348=2,142,550 per year (no weekends of holidays off people). Moreover, no help from the enlisted because there busy fighting those pesky allies and russians! Let repeat this: 2 million, one hundred and forty two thousand and five hundred and fifty humans each year for 2.5 years!

      To add to the “Red sea pedestrians” quandary concerning this issue, Most people don’t realize know that bones and teeth cannot be destroyed by cremation, they have to be grind-ed up. So I’ll pose another question to our beloved Non-Goyum, (the truly enlightened ones), Where the F#$% are the grinding machines!!! Do we really need to do the math on this as well?

      I’ll end with this question? Why do you (non-Palestinian-eastern) jews consider us animals? I’ve read the talmud.

      Waiting for a reply.

    • Hi Jessica – just FYI – the population of Jews in Europe was more like 8+ million. I think is a more accurate number to start with. Remember – not all Jews (and non-Jews) were killed by gassing at the extermination centers. About 1.5 million (some say up to 2 million) were killed by direct shooting actions. Many died of starvation in the ghettos and many in the concentration camps. About 2.7 million were killed by gassing at the actual extermination centers (Auschwitz-Birkenau, Chelmno, Sobibor, Treblinka, and Belzec as well as one outside Minsk).

    • what?? not all 6 million jews were gassed or burned….. tons died of disease or were shot. a lot of people were buried in a hole in the ground. also, there was more than 1 concentration camp, so your math doesn’t even make sense.

  27. Most people that like the Jews never had to work with, or live next to these fuckin bastards. I only wish Hitler would’ve been able to finish the job. **** isreal, and all jews

    • What exactly was your problem with Jews? Tom? What don’t you like about working with them or living next to them? Please elaborate.

      • A rational question in which you will not receive a rational answer.

      • Maybe because they have humiliated Germany history and scammed billions on money form Germany

    • Tom – what about the 5-8 million non-Jews that were killed by the Germans and collaborators – including 3.5 million Soviet POWs? Or the 1 million Poles? How about the Gypsies or priests, communists, resistance fighters, even allied POWs killed? Have any heart for them? Or are you going to deny their memories too?

  28. I cannot believe the ignorance on this page. People do math assuming that each and every body was cremated, and that teeth was being ground as well. Bodies were stacked like chord wood and mass buried, or burned in an open pit. As for the reality of the holocaust, I have uncles and close friends who served in the military and witnessed the result of these camps. So, the people were fed, just look at the pictures of those people. They look starved to me. To create a conspiracy on this scale would be totally impossible. It is sad to see so much hatred and denial still existing.

    • i know right. finally someone with some sense



    Where are the movies about that? Oy vey!

  31. Hmm I mean gassing 6 million people is quite a feat considering that there wouldn’t possibly be enough time to kill that much, and gas doesn’t instantly kill.

    I would say yes lives have been lost, but 6 million is too ridiculously high

    But hey, I respect everyone’s opinions, to each their own

  32. Turns out, all you had to do to “survive ” the Holocaust was to be alive in Europe during the war.

    Hmmm, what incentive would there be to say, “yeah, I saw them gas all of my friends! “. ? I wonder…

    Regardless of how it makes YOU FEEL, the Holocaust is an industry. And a booming one at that. Stop getting emotional about it, and be objective. Maybe you’ll end up like me, more sick at the lies they fed me, Than the lie itself was supposed to make me feel.

  33. In regards to the crematoriums, I visited several camp sites , and family being in mortuary and cremation bisiness, the small ovens are way too small to process the numbers claimed. The size of the oven in
    Dachau, would do one body in several days and require all organs and fluids drained prior. Plus the pelvis , and upper leg and shoulders would remain and discarded , much like today. I would believe this if,
    I did not have actual experience in this trade. There is a reason the holocaust denial is a punishable crime in many countries, As it would show the victors in a bad light as well. They do , afterall write the history books.

  34. I believe that the holocaust took place, u also believe in the numbers involved in it. The Jewish people had there lives raped by the nazi war machine and their final solution. All that happened to this ancient people was disgusting! People that deny this tragic part of world history are blinkered beyond belief! What’s worse is how the Jews of Israel can treat a people the same as they were over 60years ago. To kill Mame and expel a native people from their ancestral land. Israel should be ashamed. Gaza is the biggest concentration camp ever, ran by Zionist scum.

  35. If you think the Holocaust was a hell of a lie you should research the flat earth. Just about everything we’ve been told our whole lives is a lie. Trust me we’re not standing sideways on a spinning globe that’s actually impossible if you think about it. Go research it

  36. holohoax is the industry that the zionist will milk to the maximum..poor germany blames for generations.

  37. The holocaust was NOT a hoax.

    The HOAX part was the holocaust did NOT happen against the Jews…it happened against the white russians during the bolshevik revolution which was financed and created by the JEW like all the wars are still today.

    Talmudic communist jewry has murdered EASILY 200 MILLION non jews in the past 100 years.

  38. you people are really stupid… Did you ever hear of the Nuremberg trials which proved that people were gassed and 6 million people DIED. I feel so sorry for the vitamins of these causes. Like really how could someone not believe it. Their are billions of ways to find real evidence. And these are facts not opinions.

  39. They used it then an continue to, so they can be the victim state. Look what it gets them, a free pass everywhere. Billions of dollars sent by US n others. Protection by US n others. Sorry guys. It never happened. An Hitler didn’t disarm his people either. So stop saying that too. **** ignorance is so rampant

  40. After watching the video 6 million it was clear to see the lies and the truths told by Jews and non Jews , even some Jewish people have denied the Holocaust , predominantly the gassing and burning. They showed and proved it better then this article. They discussed the cases in the US in the 70’s & 80’s highlighting the investigations conducted that proved they couldn’t have gassed and killed 6 million people, yet alone Jews , as there were only 3 million Jews in the whole of Europe at that time, so where did 6 million come from??? They also investigated the camps and found no traces of gas and the ovens could not of performed at the rates they claimed. They also showed some survivors who told different accounts at different time , clearly showing how they lied on paper and in interviews. There was also the couple who claimed they met as kids through the fence and married years later, can’t remember the book or movie, but they admitted to the lie. There was a Jewish man who visited the camp he , his sister and mother were held at , he stated that he mother passed, not killed and him and his sister survived, only to find that their records at the camp showed them as dead. The list can go on. Churchills and many accounts of country leaders at the time of the war never highlights or discuss , gassing, murdering etc… of jews. Also why dont they ever discussed the 5 million non jewish people that died at the camps due to diseases etc…??? Therre was also the plaque that originally showed 6 million died at one of the camps, but after the court cases it started changing to 3 million then 2 million tthen finally 1 million odd, so clearly showing that they either didnt have a clue, or had to change it as the numbers based on the court cases showed otherrwise. Also it showed proof of money, credit notes, , a theatre, a brothal, canteen, gym etc… at Auschwitz, so they had money, they hasd alcohol cigarettes but there was a food shortage due to the war. The documentary made me feel physically sick with all the lies, and having Jewish friends and knowing how some are makes me believe more and more in the facts that prove it was a fabricated story to create symphony and a good way of making money from the situation. Theres so many evidence out there to prove the lies, but its mostly buried, hidden , destroyed, but this documentary clearly shows the evidence even testimony from Jewish people and survivors. ” If you want to truly know who your masters are, then find out who you are not allowed to criticise” Hitler had a Jewish girlfriend, and he rebuilt a synagogue that was bombed in ww1, Why would someone like that then order an annihilation of said people??? Its all a lie, text books, history, evolution, religions, etc… etc… An indoctrination in order to enslave us into an imperial system, making the elites richer while bleeding everyone else dry.

  41. love this website and their comments

  42. Holocaust is real. My Mother told me the horror she experienced there.
    I wish no one would suffer this ever again. We need to remember and never forget this terrible dark side of human history.

  43. You wish no one would suffer this agsin???
    What are your sick kindred doing to Palestians for 70 yrs and conting.
    WW2 lasted 4yrs and the fabricated holocaust time line is half that and you kind never shut up about it.
    Jews theft and masacre of Arabs is blood on your hands. You wish no one suffers? You out of touch with reality Palestinians have suffered and your evil seventy years. #free Ahed Tamimi you kike

  44. my name is john andrews of america…. hello my german cousins.

    i have written a paper on the jew holocaust which without question now…. just tears down every iota of bullshit these jews are perpetrating and yes i agree strongly, there are really good jewish people left i knew some!!!!!
    however, never was a JEW HOLOCAUST AND DAMMIT… BUT AM I EVER TIRED OF HEARING SUCH GOBBLEDEGOOK I SWEAR!!!! even the jews know it is all bs….and but what really bothers me more than all…. is what the good german people have had to endure… for so many years and pay so much…. was not fair or necessary… i believe! thinking they are this and that… that they are bad people… when they could be no way… anymore wrong here!!!!! anyho, my paper will tell all and all for and to the world, and to the german people!!! john andrews sorry……….. in pain here….. later

  45. Where is your holocaust paper, John Andrews? Please post a link to it.

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