Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 10 May 2015
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Holocaust Against Jews is a Total Lie – Proof

What an arch-fabrication it is, what degree of absolute treachery, one that exceeds all limits of human deceit and corruption, that is this claim that there was an actual Holocaust against European Jews. It was a Holocaust which supposedly occurred during World War II, where Jews were not only targeted, for instance, for displacement and deportation but also gassed and burned to death, ‘because of their faith.’ It’s all a fake. Who can prove otherwise?

See the real nature of WWII-era European Jewry. They were never oppressed. Rather, they were the great oppressors of the land in every way conceivable:


Does anyone see any malnutrition, any emaciation, in these Zionist agents even to the least degree?


It’s three smirking, happy arch-Zionists in a role, including the arch-cowardly rabbi well-hidden in the middle. What greater proof does anyone need other than this that it is all a hoax, fully staged? They were laughing and smiling with glee at the murderous scheme that lay before them. By no means were they an abused, tormented, and exterminated people.

How could they be exterminated? Throughout the war they were busy conquering and usurping Palestine. How does a subjected, oppressed, and gassed to death people achieve that?

Prominent Jews say the Holocaust is a fake

In his interview with Ernst Zundell, the scholarly R. Dommergue, Jewish professor, said it was a total fake. He proved prophetic and died a man of absolute truth.



The Professor had sound reason for his position. According to official Red Cross records the numbers of people, all people, who died in German concentration, actually, work or holding camps, was some 270,000. That’s throughout the entire war, including those who died of communicable diseases such as typhus (rampant towards the end of the war) and cholera.

What happened to the six million? Where were they killed? If they didn’t die, as is obvious, in the holding camps, then, what happened to them? Moreover, since there weren’t even six million Jews in all of Europe at that time, then, how did the extras die? Did they import them from Khazaria?

Yet, wait a minute. It can’t be. Really, the Germans didn’t target the Jews after all? Weren’t those Nazi’s exceedingly brutal? Sure they were, right. In times of war the Germans were the barbarians. Despite this claim history vindicates them. Instead, it was the arch-cruel and terminally corrupt Khazars who proved to be the true barbarians and who were responsible for the mass slaughter of the innocent, including mass killings in Germany, Russia, Poland, and more.

The Zionist criminals used the war as the leveraging point to drive their plot home, which was the near complete imperialistic conquest of Palestine. The social strife they created led to the basis for mass emigration of European Jewry from their homes to Middle Eastern land. Without the war, an occupied Palestine would have never occurred. It was also the means by which well-placed Zionists and also low-level operatives could enrich themselves through theft, not only of the land of the Palestinian people but also through the usurpation of the assets and wealth of European nations.

So, Hollywood-style Jewry imposed the fake: upon the whole, unsuspecting world.


“Boo-hoo, poor Jews. See what happened to them. Just because they were Jews they were tormented, tortured, killed, even gassed alive.” Sure they were, right. Plenty of evidence for it, too.


Like the lamp shade made from Jew skin. Sure, it was, absolutely. Lots of proof from this, too:


Right, the SS officer’s wife called in the skin lamp order. Who in the world believes such nonsense? Of course, it is fake. That should be obvious to all observers, no exceptions, particularly Zionist Jews:


Vellum was during that era, that is the 1930s through 1940s, a common material for the creation of lamp shades in Europe. It was a conniving act by the Zionists to create shock reactions in the people, to paint the Germans as evil, while portraying the thieving, arch-corrupt, hedonistic Jews as the victims. An absolute lie; no one can demonstrate otherwise.


What a side-show it is, a mere joke: a cartoon-plus. It’s as if the Zionists were spitting in the people’s faces, knowing full well that the vulnerable, gullible goy would succumb, assuming much of it as real.


It’s cops and robbers in real life, arch-Zionist moles playing both roles. The sacrum appears to be from a mold, mere plastic. The drawings were made by the rabbis, just for the fake exhibition.

Where in the world did the Zionists get these wax heads? Did they import them from Zio-Wood?


Really, the Germans were into tribalistic head shrinking techniques, too? These are mock-ups of African-origin ladies? Were there black Jews with American-style conks who were roasted alive, gassed, and shrunk in those chambers, too? If they were shrunk, how did they keep those hair wave patterns so intact? Well, since they are wigs, it’s not a big accomplishment.

It’s all wretched propaganda, easy to confirm. No one can dispute it. History was written by the conquerors. The World Wars were Zionist fabrications.


Even the purported impressed number on that arm is a clear fake, as is this image, which was constructed in the Zionist photolab studios. Nothing about the Holocaust is real: absolutely nothing.

Moreover, here is the final, categorical – and undeniable – proof.


Document courtesy of one of our emailers.

Is it not categorically clear, signed and sealed – undeniable? In 1948, the year of endless corruption, that year of the establishment of that arch-vile entity, the Zionist strip: in that year a U.S. Major calls the Holocaust an absolute lie. Not only this but he also deems anyone who claims otherwise a liar to be held accountable under the laws of perjury?

There is no need to revise anything. The facts are already there. It is merely a matter of republishing the information or uncovering it, then disseminating it. Facts are facts. Equally, fakes are fakes. The fact is there was no Holocaust against European, even Russian, Jewry. That was a hoax. What is fact is that it was both European and Russian Jewry who committed the Holocaust: against the gullible, vulnerable goy and the equally gullible, vulnerable Islamic people. It was they who paid the price in blood and far, being subjected to great tyranny in the land – the real victims of any ‘holocaust,’ not the Zionists.

How much control has been exerted, how much money stolen, how many funds/assets purged, all because of a treacherous, arch-Zionist lie. It’s the lie of the Holocaust, and it is a “fake,” just as Professor Dommergue had made so abundantly clear.

Zundel, among others, is not the anti-Semite. The anti-Semites are the Zionists, proven by their treachery, their plots, their schemes, and their actions.



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  1. Hoax or not, I find it Satanic that they lied about the earth being a globe.

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