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Holocaust Against Jews is a Total Lie – Proof

What an arch-fabrication it is, what degree of absolute treachery, one that exceeds all limits of human deceit and corruption, that is this claim that there was an actual Holocaust against European Jews. It was a Holocaust which supposedly occurred during World War II, where Jews were not only targeted, for instance, for displacement and deportation but also gassed and burned to death, ‘because of their faith.’ It’s all a fake. Who can prove otherwise?

See the real nature of WWII-era European Jewry. They were never oppressed. Rather, they were the great oppressors of the land in every way conceivable:


Does anyone see any malnutrition, any emaciation, in these Zionist agents even to the least degree?


It’s three smirking, happy arch-Zionists in a role, including the arch-cowardly rabbi well-hidden in the middle. What greater proof does anyone need other than this that it is all a hoax, fully staged? They were laughing and smiling with glee at the murderous scheme that lay before them. By no means were they an abused, tormented, and exterminated people.

How could they be exterminated? Throughout the war they were busy conquering and usurping Palestine. How does a subjected, oppressed, and gassed to death people achieve that?

Prominent Jews say the Holocaust is a fake

In his interview with Ernst Zundell, the scholarly R. Dommergue, Jewish professor, said it was a total fake. He proved prophetic and died a man of absolute truth.



The Professor had sound reason for his position. According to official Red Cross records the numbers of people, all people, who died in German concentration, actually, work or holding camps, was some 270,000. That’s throughout the entire war, including those who died of communicable diseases such as typhus (rampant towards the end of the war) and cholera.

What happened to the six million? Where were they killed? If they didn’t die, as is obvious, in the holding camps, then, what happened to them? Moreover, since there weren’t even six million Jews in all of Europe at that time, then, how did the extras die? Did they import them from Khazaria?

Yet, wait a minute. It can’t be. Really, the Germans didn’t target the Jews after all? Weren’t those Nazi’s exceedingly brutal? Sure they were, right. In times of war the Germans were the barbarians. Despite this claim history vindicates them. Instead, it was the arch-cruel and terminally corrupt Khazars who proved to be the true barbarians and who were responsible for the mass slaughter of the innocent, including mass killings in Germany, Russia, Poland, and more.

The Zionist criminals used the war as the leveraging point to drive their plot home, which was the near complete imperialistic conquest of Palestine. The social strife they created led to the basis for mass emigration of European Jewry from their homes to Middle Eastern land. Without the war, an occupied Palestine would have never occurred. It was also the means by which well-placed Zionists and also low-level operatives could enrich themselves through theft, not only of the land of the Palestinian people but also through the usurpation of the assets and wealth of European nations.

So, Hollywood-style Jewry imposed the fake: upon the whole, unsuspecting world.


“Boo-hoo, poor Jews. See what happened to them. Just because they were Jews they were tormented, tortured, killed, even gassed alive.” Sure they were, right. Plenty of evidence for it, too.


Like the lamp shade made from Jew skin. Sure, it was, absolutely. Lots of proof from this, too:


Right, the SS officer’s wife called in the skin lamp order. Who in the world believes such nonsense? Of course, it is fake. That should be obvious to all observers, no exceptions, particularly Zionist Jews:


Vellum was during that era, that is the 1930s through 1940s, a common material for the creation of lamp shades in Europe. It was a conniving act by the Zionists to create shock reactions in the people, to paint the Germans as evil, while portraying the thieving, arch-corrupt, hedonistic Jews as the victims. An absolute lie; no one can demonstrate otherwise.


What a side-show it is, a mere joke: a cartoon-plus. It’s as if the Zionists were spitting in the people’s faces, knowing full well that the vulnerable, gullible goy would succumb, assuming much of it as real.


It’s cops and robbers in real life, arch-Zionist moles playing both roles. The sacrum appears to be from a mold, mere plastic. The drawings were made by the rabbis, just for the fake exhibition.

Where in the world did the Zionists get these wax heads? Did they import them from Zio-Wood?


Really, the Germans were into tribalistic head shrinking techniques, too? These are mock-ups of African-origin ladies? Were there black Jews with American-style conks who were roasted alive, gassed, and shrunk in those chambers, too? If they were shrunk, how did they keep those hair wave patterns so intact? Well, since they are wigs, it’s not a big accomplishment.

It’s all wretched propaganda, easy to confirm. No one can dispute it. History was written by the conquerors. The World Wars were Zionist fabrications.


Even the purported impressed number on that arm is a clear fake, as is this image, which was constructed in the Zionist photolab studios. Nothing about the Holocaust is real: absolutely nothing.

Moreover, here is the final, categorical – and undeniable – proof.


Document courtesy of one of our emailers.

Is it not categorically clear, signed and sealed – undeniable? In 1948, the year of endless corruption, that year of the establishment of that arch-vile entity, the Zionist strip: in that year a U.S. Major calls the Holocaust an absolute lie. Not only this but he also deems anyone who claims otherwise a liar to be held accountable under the laws of perjury?

There is no need to revise anything. The facts are already there. It is merely a matter of republishing the information or uncovering it, then disseminating it. Facts are facts. Equally, fakes are fakes. The fact is there was no Holocaust against European, even Russian, Jewry. That was a hoax. What is fact is that it was both European and Russian Jewry who committed the Holocaust: against the gullible, vulnerable goy and the equally gullible, vulnerable Islamic people. It was they who paid the price in blood and far, being subjected to great tyranny in the land – the real victims of any ‘holocaust,’ not the Zionists.

How much control has been exerted, how much money stolen, how many funds/assets purged, all because of a treacherous, arch-Zionist lie. It’s the lie of the Holocaust, and it is a “fake,” just as Professor Dommergue had made so abundantly clear.

Zundel, among others, is not the anti-Semite. The anti-Semites are the Zionists, proven by their treachery, their plots, their schemes, and their actions.



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  1. Sandy Hook Massacre: Disturbing Anomalies in Pozner Coronor’s Report


  2. 1st pic, woman on the right looks like a mature Anne Frank

    • Could be. Wouldn’t that be a hoot.

      • An absolute one. Even some pics quality is bad/questionable u can still see the evil in these individuals’ eyes/expressions (IMO)….

  3. I forgot about the soap. Scented or unscented?

    • Oh my God, it beats the HoloHoax for the biggest lie of all time.

      • Yes, but people react very strange when telling these lies. They come like angry and why?
        I started to look more of this “holocaust” as if this thing is forbidden to investigate and talk in many countries in Europe. That makes is like a lie. If you can not say anything against it is then a lie behind, that is my opinion.

    • You people really are batshit crazy!!! I mean I find your crap highly offensive, yet I also kinda feel bad that you clearly think the world is out to get you! Must be exhausting!

      • This stupid shit is like a group of people disliking the 1970s. So they collectively decide as a group, it didn’t happen. It doesn’t matter people lived in the 70s, that there were photographs, literature from that era, physical evidence that this decade happened, all that matters is their perspective. This website like all other antisemitic websites offers evidence but delivers non. You but cases better get you shit together. What I don’t get is if Jews are so terrible, why deny the Holocaust at all? In your view wasn’t it a noble cause? Again, get your shit together.

    • Scented with mendacity.

  4. Interesting? It appears you got their number too? https://jamessssmith.wordpress.com/2015/04/04/john-woodman-an-epilogue/ Oh they’re murdering somebody all right.

  5. About the Macedonia drill again – NATO, EU urge ‘restraint’ as Macedonia clashes leave 22 dead


  6. 666 times rather, lol….

  7. It is also very important to understand that the Zionist narrative about late German Chancellor Adolf Hitler and German people are simply lies.

    Adolf Hitler is the greatest politician (and statesman) who ever walked this earth. He was the creator of the German miracle and he was a very inspiring leader whom the Germans loved! He was a terrific artist, a vegetarian and an animal lover and a well disciplined person who advised his fellow soldiers against drinking alcohol and smoking and was a deeply caring person who loved his country and people.

    It is important to uphold the truth thereby refusing to go along with lies of the Zionists, their agents and other cowards who continue to parrot lies about this unique human being. And the unfortunate thing is that these lies have totally replaced the truth after repeating them for over decades – even by otherwise well meaning people who have done that for fear of Zionists who can be very cruel. But there should be no excuse for repeating lies and it is shameful to lie or repeat lies!

    As long as politicians, journalists, columnists, bloggers etc choose to remain ignorant about Adolf Hitler’s government and German people Zionist Communist Jews and Jewish owned Mainstream media will continue to spread false propaganda about the so called Jewish “Holocaust” and innocent people like Ernst Zundel will be in prison for doing no harm to anyone but for having spoken the truth. The time has come where all these ignorant people and those who lie on behalf of Zionist Jews and Israel need to be exposed and or boycotted for being irresponsible about presenting factual information to the world. Justice will not be served to its true extent by merely saying what Zionist Israel does to people in Gaza and Palestine is wrong as long as these same people refuse to learn the truth and/or continue to deceive the world about what happened in Hitler’s Germany by saying Hitler killed millions of Jews which he did not. How difficult is it for these people to learn the truth about what really happened during and after WW 11 to Germany and German people?

    Are they waiting till Holocaust lies fill the heads of every little child in every remote corner of the globe?

    Many people have paid a high price for telling the truth about the so called Jewish “Holocaust”.

    One such person who has greatly suffered is the aforementioned German Artist and Activist: Ernst Zundel who is still sitting in a German prison for having committed no crime. His crime was speaking the truth. His prison sentence was orchestrated by Zionist Jews who hated him for having challenged the Jewish narrative of the Holocaust. Ernst Zundel hired a US engineer and with his expertise scientifically proved once and for all that there were absolutely no gas chambers (which was only a Jewish fabrication) that were used by Hitler’s government to kill Jews in Germany. This enraged the Zionists who used all their arsenal against him to get even.

    Under the Patriot Act he was secretly taken away from his home in the US which he shared with his wife Ingrid Zundel.

    Ernst Zundel’s house was fire bombed by some Jewish extremists while he was living in Canada several years ago.

    Ernst Zundel’s story is a heartbreaking one where the Zionist controlled corrupt Judicial system and the corrupt government in three countries (US, Canada and Germany) conspired against an innocent and decent individual.

    To learn more about the talented Artist and Activist: Ernst Zundel


    • sometimes i worry about the health of the human race.

    • Ya. ‘reel’ fake.

  8. Thanks to the author of Hellstorm: Mr Thomas Goodrich for a job well done!

    Available at Amazon (Thanks to Gordon for the link)


  9. The following article by Journalist Shenali Waduge [and we need to watch for her safety and the safety of all people who do real work of truth like Dr K, Stew Webb, Gene (Chip) Tatum et al] describes the atrocities committed on German people orchestrated by the Communist Jews and world Jewry [and this is not about individual Jewish citizens] which we don’t hear about. All we hear repeatedly is about the “6 million Jews” who were “murdered by Hitler” and we are supposed to believe these lies. Jewish Holocaust is a lie which has been kept alive through the continued deception by Jews who have made an industry out of this Holocaust hoax.

    Now is the time to dispel these lies.

    “The Untold Holocaust : Allied Forces treatment of Germans” by Shenali Waduge

    We are told enough times about the terrible crimes committed by Germans but why is there stoic silence on the crimes committed by the Allied forces (UK, US, FRANCE and SOVIET UNION) on Germans? Germany was defeated in May 1945 with that ended World War 2. What gets conveniently hidden from history’s tell tales are the horrible crimes that covered destruction, looting, starving, rape, ethnic cleansing and mass killing of the vanquished German people. Why were innocent German men, women and children persecuted and thrown out from their centuries’ old homes? If there was ever an example of triumphalism it was seen in the manner the victors ” the US, UK, France and Soviet Union treated the losing nation and its people. There is no other more suitable word to call it other than holocaust and it remains ‘unknown’ or ignored because the perpetrators like to depict themselves as magnanimous victors and not the barbarians they really were. When the story is written by the victor would they include their crimes? They want the Allies to remain Heroes and the Axis to remain the Villains. Now some of the same Victors have written the international human rights laws that do not apply to them as they continue the same crimes.

    Read more:


  10. Hellstorm – Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany (Full Documentary)



  11. There is a lot of propaganda against the late German Chancellor Adolf Hitler which are deeply inaccurate. He came to power at a time Germans have lost everything and Germany was totally under the control of Jews.

    There were only 500,000 Jews (among 60 millions of ethnic Germans) – but the entire country was under their control.

    Millions of Germans have lost their savings because of “Jewish banksters” and the German society suffered immensely due to what was going on.

    It was Adolf Hitler who changed that dire situation restoring prosperity and pride for German people which was termed the “German Miracle”.

    Chancellor Adolf Hitler is the greatest statesman who ever lived. What has been circulating about him for decades are lies.

    What They Did To The Germans



    • Ya’ll need some some haulin’ of jesus. If the Holocaust didn’t happen, why is are photo graphs, survivors, and people who fought in the war. This website is a load of crap and everyone who believes this site is a dumb fucktard.

      • First off, the Holocaust wasn’t a war buddy. You’re thinking of WWII. And second, the site isn’t saying that no Jews died, it’s denying the claim that 5-6 millions Jews were rounded up, shipped to cells and gassed/shot to death. Less than 500,000 were rounded up, and most of them that died weren’t put into gas chambers but rather died to disease, etc.

        Keep believing what your US History teacher is telling you.

  12. Why did Hitler came to power?

    Ernst Zundel: Why did Germany turn on the Jews?



  13. Ernst Zundel – Interviewed by an Israeli journalist (1996) GREAT !!!



  14. Financial crimes against humanity

    Excellent article by Michael Rivero except the details about Adolf Hitler!


  15. Oh, yes, another Boko H. liar


  16. Thankx for the great input, Rudolf

  17. There is a movie called: ‘Symphony of 6 Million’ about a “jewish doctor with a passion for healing”. The date of the film: 1932!

    • 6 million was the population of New York in 1932 you muppet.

  18. Plan to depopulate the earth revealed?

    And who erected the Georgia Guidestones?


  19. In Daily Fail’s regular anti-German fake news

    How Nazi guards offered starving workers a break – and shot them if they accepted: Mauthausen survivors recount horrors of life at ‘The Bone Mill’ concentration camp


  20. Microwave Weapons Military Convoy In Jade Helm 15 Nevada



  21. Who makes Cluster Bombs?

    “Saudis Drop US-Made Cluster Bombs in Criminal War on Yemen”

    Costa Rica condemns Saudi Arabia’s dropping US-made cluster bombs on Yemen, in defiance of international law, including the Convention on Cluster Munitions that specifically outlaws the development, production, distribution, stockpiling, and use of cluster munitions, including the cluster bombs the Saudis have used since March 26 in their uncontested air attack on Yemen with an estimated 215 jet fighters from nine countries. (The Saudis are also bombing people in Syria and Iraq.)

    Read more at:


  22. Zionist terror and hoaxes for the benefit of Zionist apologists and Zionist shills who continue to defend Zionists and their crimes:


  23. Propaganda of Swindlers List (1 of 2) Ernst Zundel on Schindlers List



  24. Propaganda of Swindlers List (2 of 2) Ernst Zundel on Schindlers List



  25. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38O8uBDvvhk

    Ernst Zundel is still in a prison in Germany

    How Ernst Zundel’s political kidnapping happened


  26. Hartford Courant asks that Adam Lanza files be released in Sandy Hook fakery under FOIA.


    Portion of article: HARTFORD — State police must make available to the public personal documents seized from Adam Lanza’s house during the course of the investigation into the 2012 killings of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the state’s Freedom of Information Commission unanimously ruled Wednesday.

    The ruling came as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request from The Courant seeking copies of documents mentioned in the state police’s report into the massacre but never made available to the public. The Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, which oversees the state’s police force, has blocked The Courant’s efforts to obtain those documents since January 2014.

  27. How retarded do you have to be to think this is remotely empirical? Y’all are literally the biggest degenerates in the world. What do you actually do on a daily basis? Jerk off to this crap? 7,000,000,000+ people recognize the fact that you are mentally, physically and emotionally retarded. Have fun in whatever magical world you live in, you hunchbacked fucks

    • Are there that many people on Earth capable of providing an opinion like that? And was there a poll given to the planet’s population that I’m unaware of?

  28. Plan to steal: Sri Lanka yet another sovereign nation deceitfully through corrupt NGOs!

    “With over 3000 NGOs/INGOs operating in Sri Lanka during the conflict it would be no exaggeration to say that these foreign-government funded entities were paid to do multiple tasks:- covertly assisting LTTE, carrying messages/advice from foreign governments, using their NGO status to on the pretext of research, gather information on all aspects of the Sri Lankan polity to be analysed by teams abroad, converting Buddhists and Hindus, studying the soil, the water, the minerals, the resources, tabulating information on the businesses, the products/services all in a larger plan.

    This plan was to eat into and draw the locals onto the foreign fold best seen in the manner the local media functions and the recent news that the Lawyers of Sri Lanka are virtually in the pocket of USAID SL Bar planning to put the organization under the control of the USAID’ and fits well with the USAID funding of the Bar for law & order and the giveaway behaviour of the former President who is silent now that he has landed himself with a plum State job. It should also make us understand that the legislative changes taking place currently (19a/20a etc) must have all been drafted by foreign minds rather than those now installed under dubious and immoral means. This fits in well with the manner the PM wishes to eternally run to the West for guidance on reading the local laws and their judgements!…”

    Read more here:


  29. “Israel ‘disappointed’ over Thai royal’s holocaust denial”

    Israel’s embassy in Thailand expressed its disappointment Thursday over statements made by a minor Thai royal denying the holocaust.

    Ambassador Simon Roded expressed “disappointment and regret” over the comment by ML Rungguna Kitiyakara, a descendent of 19th-century King Rama V and a distant cousin of HM Queen Sirikit.

    On his Facebook, ML Rungguna praised Nazi leader Adolf Hitler as a genius and patriot, and said the holocaust was “propaganda”.

    Mr Roded’s statement, written in Thai, said it was “a shame that someone with such opportunity, and education… would perpetuate a myth that history has proven false.”

    Around 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis during the Third Reich.

    ML Rungguna wrote of his appreciation to Hitler on April 20, he Nazi leader’s birthday, He said he beleived Hitler made some mistakes but he was a genius and a patriot, so his life was worth studying.

    ML Rungguna viewed that Hitler was a statesman who had been destroyed by Jewish bankers and Zionists and been imputed as the bad guy for the holocaust which ML Rungguna claimed did not actually occur. It was propaganda to establish sympathy to expel and kill Palestinians from their homeland so the Jews would have their own state, he wrote.

    ML Rungguna, 46, is a son of MR Kiartiguna Kitiyakara and Thailand’s former Miss Universe Apassara Hongsakul. He had become a monk for several years and now is a farmer and activist for energy reform.


  30. Federal Whistleblower: Stew Webb, CIA Whistleblower: Gene (Chip) Tatum and other excellent people are the hosts on this network.

    Stew Webb and Gene Tatum are the real American patriots as opposed to fake patriots who are Zionist agents and assets.

    Thank you for supporting the Veterans Truth Network Radio


  31. What is the objective of letting lose hard core LTTE terrorists?

    The media has highlighted news of requests by LTTE-created-TNA to release LTTE prisoners. For whose benefit, why and for what reasons would a political party request to release hard core LTTE cadres into society when they had flatly refused to follow the rehabilitation & reintegration program? More importantly why would a government assuring the people that it would not allow terrorism to arise wish to consent to an absurd request to release terrorists who should be charged for crimes upon unarmed civilians instead of setting them free to be amongst us challenging our safety and security?

    Read more:


  32. 9/11 was an inside job! Straight outta Johnstown, PA!

  33. Where the hell do you live? Not in Europe that is clear. There is no proof at all in what you wrote up here.

    • In my country we never been educated about the holocaust or the nazi’s. But reading this blog esp the human soap(emagawd.more brutal than Palestine human shield) really made me thinking like lol those Zionist is really been through a lot of difficulty since the jew holocaust then helped by the britts,transfered them to the Palestine(that suddenly informed by the Zionist that the Palestine was never existed) but their struggles didn’t stop there. them Arabs steal thier(Zionist) land but thanks to American weapons we get our revenge and the Palestine partition by UN that were mostly now become ISRAEL and lulz yes the Arab are greedy, they deserve it that’s why their partition land became smaller each year them . and no its not a propaganda that it’s only us,the jews that been through a lot of ROUGH SHIT and bring blood death drama whenever we go except them americunts or formely known as our scape goat.THEM AMERICANS WERE TO GULLIBLE TO GET BORED OVER THE SAME SHIT.WHY DOES THE PALESTINES CAN LIVE TOGETHER WITH THEIR NATIVE JEWS AND CRISTIAN BUT CONTROVERSY HAPPENS AFTER THE RIVAL OF THE ZIONIST?

  34. YOU ARE LITERALLY TOO FUCKING STUPID TO INSULT MY FUCKING GREAT GRANDFATHER WAS AT AUSCHWITZ HE TOLD ME STORY AFTER STORY AFTER MOTHER FUCKING STORY, WE The jewish people have suffered too much for idiots like you to put us down with this ridiculousness… you “conveniently” forgot to mention how at the end of WW 2 a supreme order given out to destroy, burn, bury ALL evidence of their killings at all camps SO theres where you god damn documents went. Look this up before you accuse me My family and my great grandpa of this bullshit. That is just one of many facts I know and can backup with evidence.. Now anything you want to say?

  35. Where did the six million dead jews from the holocaust go then? Just disappear, or perhaps they really died, and were REAL, unlike your bullshit evidence.

  36. This was too funny to read. At first, I thought it was a joke, but I quickly realized that you are all serious. The majority of you are very lucky to live in the US, where even the most disgusting and vile thoughts tend to go unobstructed by the government. As far as the actual people who come across this garbage, well, we all know you’re light in the head and so, no one cares. Oh, if only you lived in Germany, where Holocaust denial is an actual crime.

    Natural selection will take care of you eventually.

    • Aw the poor little Jews got killed huh? LOL moron,I really wish 6 million were gassed and burnt alive but its not true. I hope you get whats coming to you Jew lover!

  37. “document courtesy of one of our e-mailers” isn’t really a sound source

  38. Of course there was a Holocaust. Everyone knows that there was.

  39. When you’re not allowed to investigate it – you know it’s a lie.

    • Hi Adolf

      Ups, I mean Rudolf.

      Nice meeting you.

      Are you a fake too?


      • Dear Adolf Rudolf Hitler

        I never was and never will be at war with anyone.

        All I care about is the truth.

        You fear the truth do you?

      • HÖLLENSTURM – Die Vernichtung Deutschlands:


      • Rudoff is the true troll of this site. See how he revisits threads after almost 12 months so he can spray his territorial piss upon anyone who dares venture in

      • Here is Crudolf AKA Giovannino Settebellezze. Quite an effortless and predictable slug to track.

        A dirty and pretentious Italian coward.


    • Pictures of dead corps are misused to proove jewish extermination. Who is to say that these corps are dead jews? Could be germans. In fact they are germans, not jews! Proove me wrong.

      • You asked for it, ever heard of the diary of Anne Frank? She was a Jew and so was her family, even before they were forced into a concentration camp. Now, her father survived and their friends, well they weren’t so lucky. It is true that Anne and her sister died from Typhus or another pandemic disease, but we KNOW that Jews died from gassing and burning. The Nazi’s were systematic genocidals. They gave all identification tattoos, and once a body was identified, someone could report their death to the family who would KNOW they were a Jew. The Nazi records themselves can show that they killed Jews, and if you say that is false or that they conspired, it would be impossible. There were millions of people who went into concentration camps, but there were 23 camps. Those camps are divided into subcamps and there are probably more then just 23 main camps. To be able to coordinate between all of those camps, the same story, would be IMPOSSIBLE. along with that, why would there be gas chambers if they didn’t gas people? Deadly Febreeze? No! They were there for gassing.

        • Pathetic Lier:

          You NEVER found any corpse of a gassed jew! Because no one, ever has been gassed: Lier!

          You never had american witness apart from the pathetic show offered on msm by paid zio clowns. They are all debunked zionist Fraudsters like your wiesel.

          The holoHoax is a dead Hoax and nobody can show differently.

          Your zionist jews have been killed by laughter, since then.

          Despite legions of holo-paid ‘experts’ you have been unable to present a single PROOF of what you are claiming: FRAUDSTER!

          A handful of Revisionists have been able to debunk your ROTTEN Lie. Shame on you, mental pervert!

          I dare you to provide a single proof of what you say: you could win millions from the dersperate zios who rely on Thought Police to survive the drawning of their treacherous Lie.

          Or, you may win a free tour to your yad vashem, kindly offered by my NaZZi Boot!

        • Boobus, the lesbian Anne was the daughter of another zionist fraudster herself.

          A zio bankster which had been convicted for financial fraud: that’s why he escaped from Germany, IDIOT!

          The story of the gassing is material for a cartoon or a cabret show.

          You are desperate since NO ONE PROOF able to withstand a trial has EVER been produced. From the Wannsee conference to the fake gas chamber in Poland (built by polish and soviet zios AFTER the war) that never-ever could habe been working as a real gas chamber, There is NOT a single argument in which you, low-life braindead and your gang of zionist perverts have not been debunked and bashed to hell.

          Identification tattoo? Like the one of wirsel whioch is a number of PURE Fantasy!

          EVERYBODY can apply to the infamous vad yashem brothel. No proof is required to show you are a victim.

          What a shame on you, Liers and psychopaths, zionist scammers!

          Millions went to the working camps..? Which millions, braindead Boobuss…?..if the number of jews at the end of the war was the same of before….?

          Now: time to yank your chain. You’ll be in company with your butt buddy mr wiesenthal, the real mask of the zombie (a tattooed one, maybe).

          Read the posts and messages posted here and build up some culture about the Holocau$$t, looser!

  40. Germans are gay the holocaust hella happened you guys are just mad you lost both world wars. drink bleach fags. <3

    • Homopath wigged oma,

      instead of blabbering as the etarnal loser and sucker that you are,

      you should work to send sista to my SSpecial Therapy.

      I have helped a few zio chicks and bet your butt she’ll come back as new, Aryan loving gal.


      I offer a free bonus: the full blown history of the holoHOAX……….:))

      • Oh shut up you piece of shit I’m sorry to say this actually I’m not sorry but really the holocaust not being real if it wasn’t real why would there be so many museums about it this whole article was absolute stupidity i get it you hate jews dint try to erase history though and calling people gay because they write about their experience through this hard time as people were being gassed and burned is fucking childish damn educate yourself

  41. Oh my gosh you IDIOT this is not ain’t hung to joke about stupid!!! People f*cking died in this MILLIONS of people, and you go say it’s fake!!??!! Go to h*ll stupid a*s

    • Why did the author of this even allow comments you will never be able to convince these stupid brainwashed lefttard idiots that the holohaust never happened. No matter how little of evidence there was to support it. Theyve just been conditioned for years to believe. Like they say if you repeat the same lie over and over people will believe it that has happened to the holohaust

  42. I love how conspiracy theories like this can be shot down by basic logic of, oh, i don’t know, the fact the Nazi’s had record, we DID find bodies of gassed Jews, we had American eyewitnesses, we had seen them, the fact that there are many Jews, German accounts (like Schindler). Obviously, the Holocaust was real and all i takes is to look at the evidence, no specific instances. The amount of inductive reasoning on this post is immense, when you should be using deductive. Finally, between the Slums, the 23 main concentration camps, the many sub camps, and that many people during a war, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to coordinate a story around it, and not everyone would’ve followed.

    • Seriously,

      you have been pinned as a pathetic Lier and mental abort. You cannot provide not only a single proof, but a single element matching the putrescent narrative of the six, cabalistic millions (now, conveeeenientlt reduced to 1.4. Time for sell out!)

      Let’s say ir clear & loud: all elements, from evidence to German’ characters and working routine yell the holoHOAX is aa mental rave party.

      Good news for you: your hoax is dead!

      Your scam of the holoHoax has been buried. May it rest (not) in peace.

      May the zios who are responsible of one of the biggest scams of modern history be persecuted for ever.

  43. I would like to ask where some of this information comes from. My true belief is that the Holocaust did happen but I’m not telling any of you that you are wrong but where do you get this proof. i am working on something and would like some more information. Thank you.

    • Hailey, where did you get your proof that it did happen! Did the perpetrators of this myth present any forensic evidence or physical evidence or perhaps it was the professional Jewish liar which it turns out to be most of the time?
      You have been bombarded by Hollywood and the Jewish media lies and know their side of the story, so keep reading and researching revisionist history and you will eventually sort things out.

  44. Whoever wrote this is an ignorant lying piece of shit. You obviously have no soul of you can write a bullshit article like this. Kill yourself.

    • Don’t get so upset Schlomo! Every time someone disagrees with a Jew it seems they always blow a fuse and curse and call people names!
      Now calm down and take a Zoloft….LMAO!

  45. The military document is a very pathetic forgery, it says “signed Major Miller” “witnessed by Lieutenant Lochout”. When something is signed in the military it is used with a full name and your title is abbreviated

  46. Dr. K is a muslim nationalist and I think whites on RBN better become aware of this quickly. Dr. K has spoken of having a blonde companion and was predujiced against by the police because of his dark skin. Most muslims have the same attitude that all whites are “racist” against them and it is only because they are in small numbers here in the USA that whites aren’t familiar with this phenomena.

    Mark Glen (although says he’s christian) has the same preoccupation with racialism and (used to) speak of his “integrated” family and his mixed race children all the time. He even told a story of how his father was bigoted against his marriage. Even though he is christian the racial component comes out when he speaks of his “italian wife”. To those in the know this is code for his “white” wife and is a jab at white racialists who listen to RBN.

    Hesham Tillawi has the same preoccupation and what all of them have in common is that they care more about the middle east than america. Whites think that because they themselves think race doesn’t matter that everyone else feels the same way. This is arrogant and condescending and will be their undoing because while non-whites are telling YOU to not be a hater THEY THEMSELVES are facilitating ethnocentricity amongst themselves.

    I’ve lived in Europe and in Australia and the muslims are in much greater numbers there. They are in a race war with the whites in both of those continents and are basically trying to dispossess them. Yet all we hear from the muslim broadcasters on RBN is about the middle east and how muslims are being victimized by the jews and the west. Make no mistake, whites and jews are viewed as one in the same and when “america” or “christian” is used in a derogatory manner make no mistake; what they are really saying is “white”.

    One last point. 99% percent of muslims tow the line of the holocaust. Their take on it was that hitler was an evil racist and did bad things to the jews. The jews now are in palestine because of hitler and are committing the same crimes against the muslims which hitler perpetrated against them. In actuality, hitler stands as a white racial icon for nationalistic whites and if this nationalstic thinking were to spread throughout europe then muslims wouldn’t be able to immigrate to europe anymore. You see, the muslims ride on the coat-tails of the jews yet all the while condemn them. Muslims have completely over-run parts of australia and europe and there are no-go zones (due to muslim invasion) in many areas like there are here in the USA.

    I believe the USA shouldn’t be in the middle east at all and definitely shouldn’t be supporting israel yet I also feel that listening to events in gaza day in and day out is very near-sighted. Americans need to travel, especially those who seek answers. You will find that whites are among the LEAST racist ethnic groups in the world. Australia specifically has a pack-rape epidemic being waged against the white australians, primarily committed by muslims.

    These are facts which whites need to understand as well, otherwise the only message being taken in (by whites) is that of collective white guilt. The message these muslims are trying to brainwash you with is that whites/jews are committing genocide against the muslim people. I say that it’s muslims, jews and other non-whites which are part of a white extermination campaign and being whites are tiny minority in the world it stands to reason that whites will be exterminated LONG before any other race.

    Yet, what are whites predisposed with? A small branch of arabs at war with the jews thousands of miles away. You white man/woman are going EXTINCT in your own homelands! Wake up and start protecting your own people! Go to ANY country where whites are a minority and are ruled over by non-whites. You know what happens? Miscegenation until the white gene is exterrminated.

    White genes are recessive (which is why obama still looks black) while non-white genes stay dark. THIS is what you need to preserve; your own culture, identity and racial makeup. When this is lost you will have no reason to fight the jew or anyone else; you will become part of zog. This is why sarkosy (in france) has recently demanded that whites mix with the other races. There is no longer a racial heritage to protect and therefore no nationalism to fight for. White guilt is the main weapon used by zog to uproot whites; it is the #1 tactic which has allowed jews to gain as much control as they have and is being used by ALL non-white peoples of the world.

  47. If the holocaust was fake, does that mean hitler was a good person?

    • Nothing wrong with the “Great One”! The US was on the wrong side during WWII and WWI for that matter!

      • get lost neo-nazi scum

  48. weakling, i was gassed 170 times!

    • Anne Frank was a lesbian,and she commited sucide at Auschwitz.

      • Hey kyla you nitwit, you’re probably one too !..fantasizing about Anne Frank cos you couldn’t in real life you sick moron!

  49. The Jewish banksters in the Federal Reserve are causing most Americans to lose as much as 80% of their wealth through hijacking of bank interest and unlawfully manipulating up the stock market where the responsible people are compelled to be in, short selling the now 3-4X overpriced market per historical measures for an economy in the toilet. Never before had the market been so manipulated and for so long. It was one thing to endure 7 years of tribulation of the Jews manipulating up the market until early February 2016 but on Feb 11, 2016, something strange happened at the time Yellen made a phone call to the Bank of England – the stock market stopped going in the direction of fair value and reversed course mid-day and continued to soar 30% in just 6 months after all the prior years of manipulation but this time it’s when corporate profits are falling. The many who sold their souls to the central banks 666 are getting big undeserved gains off the majority of the population.

    What Hitler did was saved the country from Jews. I believe it’s too late to expect a savior in the form of a human. I think it will require Jesus to come down and knock down the financial towers of babel. The United States is under a Jewish stranglehold and I see no person in power willing to stand up to them. It’s amazing that the illicit treasonous Federal Reserve hasn’t been raided already by the FBI for being a weapon of mass economic destruction and the heads placed in Guantanamo Bay awaiting trial for treason and equity market manipulation for they are truly economic enemy combatants against the American people.

    • It’s scum like you that makes me sick to the core. You can’t just hate on the Jewish religion like that. What gives you the right to hate an entire religion of people? You’re just as bad as Hitler was you scum bag. I hope you burn in hell for all eternity.

      • Gosh Pete, are you afraid of the truth? Are you a SJW or maybe a Baptist or an Assembly of god whacko who defends the synagogue of Satan?

  50. Google or Youtube Shulamit Aloni.And get informed on the tricks the Zionists use to label anyone who criticizes Israel.

    • Listen to all the Jews pleading their case in the biggest lie to be perpetuated upon the world. Holocaust is a MYTH.. a huge Jew lie.

  51. Thank You…so glad to hear this was just another hoax…thanks for the jokes…it helped ease the pain of being duped once again…now is a critical time for all the untruths we have been fed daily to be EXPOSED. No one hates an entire group of people…its a big fat lie! Yay! We can now finally unite as humans…except for the hopeless haters. Oh well…cant please everyone…

  52. Is it a neo nazi site? I am not sure about the Holocaust, but it seems that nazism believe in social darwinism and racial supremacy/eugenics, I just want to say that I deeply hate the ideology of darwinism and racism, I believe everyone should be treated equally and the weak should be protected!

    • If you read this article, you are on the path to freedom! You may have your doubts but we all have been bombarded by the lies of the Jew owned and operated major media with holohoax lies.

  53. The Jews held a Miss Holocaust Pageant in Israel. What a bunch of beauties! LMAO! Next year maybe they will have a Miss Lamp Shade Pageant? If a Jews lips move, you know he is lying!
    Jews are parasites who cannot live by themselves. Take Israel for example, they hire foreigners and Palestinians to do much of the manual labor that these lazy louts refuse to do!

  54. Do you think prisoner comfort was high on their priority list? Also, not a barber shop. Assembly line of head-shaving. Removing their humanity, systematically, taking their clothes, herding through corrals directly to the gas chamber, or veering them the other direction to have them tattooed, shaved, and deloused.

    1. Anne Frank, along with her mother and sister, Margot, were at Auschwitz’s sister camp Bergen Belsen. Wait, let me rephrase that. Anne and Margo were; their mother was gassed on arrival. The van Pelts, same thing. Only the young and strong were “kept.”

    2. I’ve always been suspicious of Anne’s and Margot’s “friends” who saw them there. You’ve seen the pictures; the inmates are practically indistinguishable from one another. Frankly (no pun intended), I think the surviving “friends” were wanting to add themselves as a footnote to the story.

    3. That Otto survived is a testament to how late in the war they were “discovered.” Typhus rampaged through the camps toward the end of the war. It’s not surprising that two young girls, already weakened and ill, died as a result.

    4. All of that being said, I believe the Diary is real. Heavily edited, sure, but real. Growing up, I thought Anne Frank had more credibility than Carrie Ten Boom, whose work I thought was fiction. For whatever that’s worth.

    • Ann Franks father lost a civil suit in New York where it was proven he had stole someone’s fictional writing and passed it off as his daughters.
      P.S: its also been proven the diary was written with a ballpoint pen which didn’t exist until 3 years after the war.
      I can give you the court case if your actually interested in facts.

  55. egg

  56. eggg

    • I agree

  57. Nothing like a whopping serving of TRUTH PUDDING to restore my faith in humanity…I’ve divorced 2 husbands when I found out they were brainwashed Semitic puppets.

    • I aint no Semitic puppet Barb, and I still love you

  58. I believe in the Holocaust.

    *DAB AWAY*

    • #theHolocaust

    • The real holocaust was the murder of 65 million Christian Russians, Ukrainians and Poles and the hands of the Jewish Bolsheviks.

  59. i believe in the holocaust….. i just cant believe that you guys are so ready to turn your backs on this act of hate ….it saddens me

  60. all this is is a person saying that a picture isn’t true “clearly it’s this” “absolutly fake” “no one could believe this” blah blah blah.

    Most likely twenty people will disagree with me but i don’t care. Why don’t you go to the Holocuast museum? Prove all of those pictures fake.

  61. You make me sick. The holocaust was absolutely real. My family was killed in the holocaust. U don’t know a shit about it so don’t try to delete history. People like you should be punished!!!

  62. How dare you make fun of children elderly PEOPLE being gassed wake the fuck up this whole article was fucking bullshit news flash honey the holocaust happened! I don’t give two shits if you believe it or not because you’re clearly a fucking moron for not but have the common decency to show people respect! And dumb ass if this was a “lie” that the Jews made up why the fuck did Germany take full responsibility over it and even made it ILLEGAL to wear the nazi flag? Educate yourself before you open your mouth seriously disgraceful! Oh and thanks for calling my dead family liars they would have love to have heard that while they were dying in the holocaust.

    • You sound so fucking ignorant and condescending, If you were not there then you CAN NOT say that it happened. People like you are what is wrong with society right now you just believe what you are told…You can say you think it happened but you can in no way say that it happened unless you were there. You people are so fucking stupid

      • Wow, you’re so right. If I wasn’t there, I can’t say it happen. Like I wasn’t there when George Washington was elected president. Then well shit, I guess it didn’t happen, nor was Elvis real, because I wasn’t there for it, so is that a hoax too? Wow, and I also wasn’t there when my brother was born, or my mom. Guess that didn’t happen either. Same with the fall of Rome, and World of War one. Or the America Revolution!
        If you are going to try to make a point, at least make a point I can’t easily break apart.

        • Oh my god. You Sir, are a cretin of the highest degree. Completely brainwashed like the majority of the population, and incapable of ever seeing the truth before your eyes. Wake up!

        • So question, why do you want to resort to insults? Put some evidence in your claim, before making a fucking fool of yourself. You have jack shit, so you’re insulting someone who dares call you out on your neo nazi bullshit. There are hundreds of memoirs of nazi Germany. This bullshit is like saying slavery never existed, though you probably hate black people too. If you want fucking proof, read the stroop report. Read the damn Nuremberg trial. Be sane.

          • I honestly Don’t know what to say to anyone. I believe the holocaust happened, but I’m not going to insult someone who believes otherwise. In my opinion it doesn’t matter if someone thinks it was a hoax or not, as long as something like this never happens again.

        • You think George Washington was our first president? Thats funny . After the Constitution was established yes. But first ? No. Far from it. What about oil a well known “fossil fuel” now being disproven. Its an abiotic self regenerating substance. But knowing its not running out sure makes it hard to charge so much for it.
          Our government who has been establishing a world government through false flag attacks and provoking fear has been proven on many occasions to lie and cover things up that dont suit them well.. Why be so against the possibility of the Holocaust was exaggerated and lied about. Neither side has a way to for sure decide due to the fact that neither side were there. But if you were told information by someone who has lied on multiple different levels and occasions and has everything to gain from lying as opposed to then being told information by someone who has nothing to gain and has never lied. Who would you believe.

    • You give HUGE shits. Hundreds of them. If you didn’t, why would you bother commenting?

    • Spot on mate. Well said. This whole article is evil bullshit.

    • Only fools and uneducated will still believe today that 6 million jews were gassed and killed by Hitler. since 1900 the zionist jew paper NY times commented about 6 million jews being killed in Europe. 45 years before . and never was another number mentioned since the beginning,but 6 million.

    • See most ppl wont look into this bc they do not want to be disrespectful. But if you look into it you will have a much different opinion. And yeah they took responsibility and made the flag illegal, but they just lost a war and their new government was appointed by the Allies not the ppl of Germany. So not shit they can claim responsibility for it. If these murderers were so terrible why did America and the rest of the Allied Forces import most of these criminals into high ranking positions in the CIA, NASA, and many other Federal Agencies? Other than a few scape goats that were sacrificed and sent to jail most of the Nazi Party, scientist, and soldiers were imported over here. Doesn’t that seem the slightest bit odd to you? The guy that made the V2 rockets and many other bombs that killed lots of innocent ppl became the head of NASA immediately after. Not one moment detained or questioned. Yeah we are the morons……

    • But I do agree that this article is poorly put together and lacks most of the important evidence. You can’t say they lied bc they smiled in a pic and dumb shit like that

    • I am unsure where your anger is coming from; if you do not believe the document, fine. May I suggest googling the concentration camps. They have plaques that clearly state no gassings ever occurred? I will give you a link to the investigation that proved zyclon B was ever used in the accused gas chambers and that they could not have ever been used as gas chambers…if you are interested in actual science.
      As for photos; yes photos were altered. And many more were misrepresented. I can easily show you official Holocaust photos that were actually published before world war II about the Ukrainian Genocide.
      I am a staunch white seperatist but I used to mock people who wore the swastika and endeared Adolf because I too believed in the Holocaust. Once I started to examine things myself, I could not logically deny that things didn’t add up.
      You may call me ignorant for asserting the Holocaust is fraud, but then the Chess Champion Bobby Fischer , Steven Hawkins and John F. Kennedy must all be ignorant as well.
      There is not a shred of physical evidence to support the notion that millions of Jews were killed in Nazi Concentration Camps. Zero.

  63. Come on Dumb-asses what about the first hand accounts? If they were lying Many differences wouldent add up, but NO! It all adds up, and to the poeple who think the holocaust was fake, why? I mean i dont care about your I.Q. but this is just STUPID. I feel bad to all of the losers with no life that think the holocaust was fake. They are probably sitting in their moms basement trying to make others as sad about thier lives as they do.

  64. the holocaust happened! Hitler was good and even gave all of the jews free candy! they just went be hind his back and made him look evil!

  65. It was a hoax! All Hitler ever did was lead Germany! Proof In This article: http://www.damplips.com/?s=fucked+when+sleeping

    REALLY GUYS??!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! IT WAS FAKE SO FAKE!!!

  66. This is literally the dumbest thing I think I have ever read in my entire life. To say that a huge genocide such as the Holocaust was a hoax is ridiculous. If you believe this to be true then you obviously did not finish grade school or do any research on your own. The pictures are not fabricated… they didn’t have photoshop back then you ignorant assholes. There are actual pictures and videos of bodies being pilled up in the concentration camps. How could you even begin to think that this is a hoax? Maybe try getting a life and educating yourself on what actually happened. Don’t listen to arrogant people on the internet who clearly do not know anything about the history of the Holocaust.

  67. #belivetheholocaust

  68. Oh this is hilarious, is this the clubhouse of Retards United? Or is this where the Oxygen Starvation Children play soccer? So,hilarious that, it really is difficult to type, the retards the people who have been starved of oxygen since birth, those who were stillborn, still cannot comprehend, that nobody ever claimed that the following concentration camps ever used poison gas, since the following camps were not classified by the Germans as the ‘Vernichtungslager’, but as ‘Concentrationslager’: Bergen Belsen, Buchenwald, Dachau, Flossenburg, Gross Rosen, Mauthausen, Natzweiler, Neuengamme Niederhagen (Wewelsburg), Ravensbrück, Sachsenhausen, Stutthof and Theresiënstad.

    I can append this list, poison gas was also never used in the concentrationslager Westerbork, Amersfoort, vucht, Bolzano, Skrochowitz, Mechelen, Malchow, Soldau, Drancy, Vaivara, because these camps were designated as Transit, or as labour and transit camps. It is rather difficult to get the work done, when you use gas on the labour of the labour camps, the Germans were smart enough to not gas the prisoners they needed for labour. And it is rather stupid to first gas people and then send them from say Italy to southern Poland, to be gassed again, when they are already dead? If you ever wonder why people call you beyond stupid, than it may be caused by the fact that whole world is aware of the facts that in the Model camp Theresienstadt, no gas was ever used.

    Theresienstadt, was an exceptional concentration camp, since that camp had been marked for the use as model to show the International Red Cross that every inmate had swell life. Theresienstadt was the concentration camp, where famous people of Jewish origin, homosexuals, socialists, communists, Jehovah’s and many more known all over the world were kept alive to write a postcard so now and then to their friends like Albert Einstein and Theo Roosevelt who lived in America. If the plan is to keep these people alive until they die of old age, as a cover for the Holocaust, than I think that the Germans were smart enough to simply not use poison gas there, since using poison gas on people who you need to stay alive, is not a smart thing to do, since letting them live until they die is a proposition one cannot accomplish together with the proposition of using poison gas on them. Somehow, I am convinced, that the German intellect was far superior back then to the intellect of the Holocaust-deniers.

    Map, miracle word, map, a map is a mystery word for Holocaust-deniers they have no clue what a map is, John Ball, idiot and brain-dead and he still owes me 100,000 Dollars, and from that fact, thus also a liar, did research after the massacre of Babi Yarr, so did I. He counted 170 members of the SS, who were present during the days of the massacre, I counted 1670, maybe he does not comprehend how to write a 6. I do know that despite him having a nice degree in some Earth science, he can’t even read a map, he did all his research meant to be done in a Ravine, on the wrong side of ‘in the Ravine’, he can read map so well, that when he must be IN a ravine that he does his research OUTSIDE the ravine. That is beyond ridiculous, I sincerely hope that people like him, will never understand, ‘In the Ravine’ when such people have the chance to impregnate a woman, since that will make my world a whole lot better, less idiots, who you can’t educate.

    Idiots, who cannot even look up on Google maps: CTRL C Flossenburg ==>> Google maps CTRL V ENTER. So difficult pushing a few buttons and Holocaust-denier will fail. A large number of the German concentration camps were either built in towns and villages or directly adjacent to built up areas. When The Nazis wanted to exterminate people, but did not want everybody to know, who would be so stupid to think that the Germans would then do the Holocaust on the streets of Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and every other city? Well apparently Holocaust deniers would think so, well the Germans did not, Germans smarter than Holocaust-deniers, undeniably so.

    I can name a shitload more concentration camps where poison gas was never used, these camps were designated Arbeitslager. What is the most stupid thing one can do when one has just sent 3 million of their factory workers, bakers, shipbuilders, singers, and architects to the Eastern Front? The most stupid you can do, is exactly what the Holocaust-deniers would do. Apparently Holocaust-deniers would gas the slave labour Germany so desperately needs to create tanks, make ammunition, rebuild roads and railroads. There is of course a profound reason why intelligent people are not among Holocaust-deniers, intelligent people look at a map of for instance Flossenburg or Dachau, and then say: “Hey the fucking concentration camp is in the middle of town,” and then say, “Nah, the Germans would not be that stupid.” And those people are entirely right, the Germans were not that stupid, on this planet only the Holocaust-deniers are that stupid and will always remain that stupid, the rest of the world knows this and that is exactly why you will never get elected. The Labour party simply does not like it when you are so stupid to use poison gas on their electorate.

    One of the rather special testimonies of a Jew who survived the massacre of Babi Yarr, Autumn 1941, speaks of the Germans using an MG42, and this of course is used by by denier idiots, whose personal collection of brain eating Germs are starving, to claim: “The testimony is false MG42 is from 1942, the massacre took place in 1941,” and that is the supreme form of idiocracy, rule by idiots, The MG42 started production in 1941, under the original designation MG39/41, since the MG42 is actually from 1939 and had a few adaptions made to it in 1941, hence the original designation MG39/41, meaning Machine Gewehr aus 1939 mit neues Anlage von 1941, I do not trust my own German, but it is close enough. John Ball is stupid enough to not even understand that the first units which received the new machine gun, were exactly those units present at Babi Yarr.

    Well the Germans were right in one thing, they were Übermenschen, when you compare them to the Untermenschen who deny the Holocaust.

    How long does one need to hold one’s breath to become an oxygen starved zombie of your quality, when you mark and present a letter which simply confirms the fact that all and that means all vernichtungslager were placed far from western eyes, since the USA for instance was not yet an enemy, when the Germans planned the first stages of the Holocaust and as such had chosen to build all the vernichtungslager there were they were to exterminate the greater mass, far away from prying western journalist’s eyes deep in the forests of Eastern Europe. For the fucktards here, if you only knew, the camps were in Poland and the Soviet Union, not because the majority of the Jews living there, but simply because of Generalplan Ost. The utter extermination of all Polish witnesses, 39 million in total, the utter extermination of all Russian witnesses, close to 100 million in total, the utter extermination of all Lithuanian witnesses, millions, the utter extermination of all Belorussian witnesses, oh shit I’ll copy and paste:

    Percentages of ethnic groups to be destroyed and/or deported by Nazi Germany from future settlement areas[2][12][13] Ethnic group Percentage subject to removal
    Latvians 50%
    Estonians 50%[14]
    Czechs 50%
    Russians 50–60% to be physically eliminated and another 15% to be sent to Western Siberia
    Ukrainians 65%
    Belarusians 75%
    Poles 80–85%
    Lithuanians 85%
    Latgalians 100%

    Removal is Nazi-speak for: “Through the chimney.”

    The creator of this Überdumb page, has proven to miss completely that, what separates humans from him, the capacity to even have an original thought……

    For the deniers a few simple facts, Auschwitz is a 1.1 million star Hotel and Diner most definitely 6 million stars to good for you.

    I will start worrying when I see the official writing from Supreme Judges like Jackson or the writing from Benjamin Ferencz, claiming that gas was never used in the following Vernichtungslager:



    Jasenovac concentration camp



    Maly Trostenets





    Where does the un-idea arise, that the article from the Allied Committee of inquiry was meant to state that Poison gas was never used by the Nazis? All concentration camps named are inside Germany which means that the Nazis took all the steps to hide what they were doing from the German population, and those are exactly the things that lawyers Judges and prosecutors like the still living Benjamin Ferencz would like to know. The Germans outside Germany in Poland, in Russia and by the Ustasha under Archbishop Stepinac and the Franciscan order in camp Jasenovac, operated by ordained filth of the Franciscan kind, like Fra Satana, chaplain of the Franciscan order, after the war he was allowed by Tito’s communists to be hung is his priestly garment, looks very good priest on a rope. That kind of celebration we should have more often, more than plenty poison gas was used.

    And for the idiots, who will start bugging me, about the fact that Theresienstadt is not in Germany but in The Tsjech Republic, I will only show that region is called: Sudeten-Deutschland, when you do not understand that, than you also won’t understand, why Chamberlain Prime minister of the Brittons, was waving a piece of paper when he got off the plane from München.

    This cannot be anything else than the school voor de X-man, the condemned mutants, suffering from one Chromosome too much. Beware here be dragons, un-ideas, un-think and I wish un-exist.

    I remain flabbergasted, where do these retards come are they bred here on Earth? Do they come from outer space? Or is there a special brother-sister inbreeding project of the Roman Katholiks? How come, that the internet is so old and these retards have not even made one successful search query to the google map of Europe, to see what that collection of names means. The WWW. was actually created from CERN so, scientists could exchange important data vaster for analyses, how come that it is used to promote tribe, not unlike John Ball’s Bull shit, which took me a few hours after work in the evening to entirely debunk with all the evidence presented.

    John Ball owes the man who debunked his Bull Shit 100,000 dollars, “I am still waiting Fagot.”

  69. Dear brainless and braineating, brainrobbing ZOOOOOOMBIIIIIIEEEESSSS, what’s for

    What can we infer from the fact, that the author of this website, underlines in red,
    a phrase, which says: “Poison gas was never used.” For one thing it looks like he
    thinks the phrase ended there, and it does not, he apparently finds it important to
    direct us to those 5 words, and I think he never read the rest of the phrase. There
    is a very special reading technique, that he has most likely used, you need for that
    a candle, a bird in a cage and an pick-axe, because it is quote mining en quote
    miners do very dangerous work, they mine unsupported, there is no context between the
    quote they mined and in the process undercutting their own position, because the idea
    the miner has, is to present absolute evidence that no gas was used.

    But the original text he snitched the quote from cannot even bother him and he has
    never tried to read it or understand it, how do I know that? Easy, quote miners lack
    something, a rather important thing in life, the will to understand and by
    understanding represent truth. The quote miner is not interested in the greater web
    of relations between the words used and phrases written and places named. The quote
    miner does the quote mining, because He already knows everything, everybody else is
    stupid, he only needs the quote, not the reality of what is written, of the real
    meaning of the article, or what or with what intend the committee had brought that
    out and someone had made an article of it.

    How do I know that? Very simple, really really simple, when one reads the list of
    concentration camps named, one will miss 4,5,6,7 names, which will for ever and ever
    ring in infamy as the most wel known names from the World War two Era, names like
    Auschwitz, Treblinka, Chelmno, mali trostenets, jasenovac, Maidanek. When you live in
    the 21st century and you do not know even one of those names, than I guess you were
    born three minutes ago, but before the decade is out, you will have an understanding
    of at least one of those names, Auschwitz is the most likely.

    So, the author of this page mined and underlined his jewel, the only part of the
    article that made sense to him, since he was not even interested in reading the list
    that followed, for had he done such, he would have missed Auschwitz in that list and
    that would have made a bell go off, to take a little bit more care in reading that
    article. And while reading that article it might have dawned upon him that the quote
    he mined, was in there for a very different reason than that author of this web-page
    needs it. The Author is a Christian and a Nazi, those are always inseperable.

    Heinrich Himmler, by word and by letter in 1937 and July 1944: “I have never
    tolerated an Atheist within the ranks of the SS, every member has deep faith in the
    Lord God.

    We know from the letter to a pastor in 1937, that he capitalized the ‘G’ and my
    language, which is almost German, my language is actually Plat-Deutsch, and in
    Plat-Deutsch as well as in Deutsch aka German, only one god is ever capitalized. If
    you know a bit about German and writing German, capitalization is überstrict, nouns
    are names for objects and the rule is name means capitalization, thus the average
    German phrase contains a lot more capitals than most other European languages will
    show in their phrases. And the other thing is, when you speak and write the language
    of Goethe, Schopenhauer en Nietzsche than people born before the Second World War,
    would have had a military kind of education in writing, that is why the excuse that
    he capitalized the word God by accident, is exactly that, what Occam meant to cut
    away with his Razor. Do not multiply your assumptions beyond necessity.

    To add some flavour to my stew:

    The Auschwitz SS self-labelled as Catholic (42.6%), Protestant (36.5%) or Gottgläubig
    (20.1%; the word means God-believer or devout, and was the term favoured by the
    “German Christians”); not one was recorded as “without faith” (atheist). Indeed
    Himmler declared that: “I have never tolerated an atheist in the ranks of the SS.
    Every member has a deep faith in God”.

    The author of this website has utterly no feeling for what it means and for what it
    takes to make one, the author does not have the tiniest spec of evidence, he has
    quotes mined and he has posted the article from which he mined the quote and exactly
    that is what shows what he is, a Christian and a Nazi, with an intense hate for Jews.
    He is utterly not interested in even the faintest attempt find truth, he does not
    care, that is why he failed to understand that the list following his quote actually
    is confined, by this list, to a number of concentration camps which were most likely
    known to every German. Dachau is named, which means that first concentration camp is
    in that list, every German knew that one, and its commander, Theodoor Eicke, who for
    his friend Hitler created the biblical judgement of everybody God hates. Theodoor
    Eicke is interesting for historians, since he became inspector of the concentration
    camps years later, since he created Dachau in 1933. Theodoor Eicke is very
    interesting since he is likely the only person who has thus seen every German
    concentration camp. Thus what he wrote to his friend Hitler is interesting, since he
    is the pot of gold.

    Theodoor Eicke visited Jasenovac death camp he visited the second biggest camp, these
    Holocaust-deniers never heard of. Jasenovac 750,000 people were murdered, among them
    Jews, Gypsies, Serbians, Homosexuals, well you know the drill. This camp is like
    Theresienstadt an exception, but in the exact opposite part of the spectrum, this
    camp only used Zyklon-B on a handful of occasions. The ordained filth of the
    Franciscan kind, under Archbishop Stepinac, being rushed to sainthood now, friend of
    pope Pius XII and the Proklavnik (excuse my Croatian) Ante Pavelic, also regular
    visitor to the pope, were a totally different class of nasty. The Priests operating
    Jasenovac did not have the luxury of gas-chambers, only experiments were done,
    neither did they have crematoria, thus the evidence is beyond measure, we have the
    photographs and we know that River Sava ran red with blood, green with putrifaction
    and white with the bodies of the slain.

    The General of the SS, who is the only one who has seen them all, wrote a letter to
    his friend in shock, he begged Hitler to make these insane priests stop this horror.
    Theodoor Eicke, the blueprint of the concentration camps, was discusted with that
    what the Roman Katholik priests did to people. Hitler’s personal stromngarm in the
    NDH (Greater Croatia) General of the SS Von Horstenau wrote quite some about his

    General von Horstenau, Jasenovac

    The Nazi general, Edmund Glaise von Horstenau, Hitler’s plenipotentiary in the
    Independent Croatian State, described in his book, Ein General im Zwielicht, his
    visit to Jasenovac, as follows:

    We now entered the concentration camp in a converted factory. Appalling conditions. A
    handful of men, many women and children, without enough clothing, sleeping on a stone
    tablet at night, screams all around, cries and sobbing. The camp commander – a
    scoundrel – I ignored him, but instead told my Ustasha guide: “This is enough to make
    a person vomit.”
    And then worst of all: a room along whose walls, lay on straw which had just been
    brought for my inspection, something like fifty naked children, half of them dead,
    the other half dying. We should not forget that the inventors of concentrations camps
    were the British during the Boer War. However, these camps have reached the height of
    hideousness here in Croatia, under the Poglavnik [Ustasha leader] installed by us.
    The greatest of all evils must be Jasenovac, which no ordinary mortal can

    Von Horstenau also described how Serb villagers were transported to Jasenovac,
    following a massacre perpetrated by Ustasha troops, in the nearby village of Crkveni
    Bok[133] (the quote below was translated by R. West):

    At Crkveni Bok, an unhappy place where, under the leadership of an Ustasha
    lieutenant-colonel, some 500 yokels (Lumpen) of from fifteen to twenty years old met
    their end, all murdered, the women raped and then tortured to death, the children
    killed. I saw in the Sava river a woman’s corpse with the eyes gouged out and a stick
    shoved into the sexual parts. This woman was at most twenty years old when she fell
    into the hands of these monsters. Anywhere in a corner, the pigs are gorging
    themselves on an unburied human being. All the houses were looted. The ‘lucky’
    inhabitants were consigned to one of the fearsome goods trains; many of these
    involuntary ‘passengers’ cut their veins on the journey.[134] Wiki

    The commandant of the camp is the only person I am aware of who has ever been
    convicted by an SS nazi court for cruelty against people, you know Jews and such,
    that is bizar, Christians full of themselves believing to be good people, are the
    only ones capable of making Nazis think: “That went too far.”

    Miroslav Filipovic-Majstorovic, an Ustaše infamous for his command periods in
    Jasenovac and Stara-Gradiška,[135] called Fra Satana (Brother Satan, where “brother”
    is used as “member of a monastic order”) was captured by the Yugoslav communist
    forces, tried and executed in 1946; he was wearing his priestly garb when he was
    hanged although some sources indicate he had been defrocked. Wiki

    Miroslav Filipovic (5 June 1915 – 1946), also known as Tomislav Filipovic and
    Tomislav Filipovic-Majstorovic, was a Croatian Nazi collaborator, Franciscan friar
    and military chaplain. A convicted war criminal, he was executed in 1946.

    During World War II in Yugoslavia, he participated in mass murder of Serbs, Jews and
    Roma, as well as Croat and Bosniak dissidents, by the Croatian Ustaše regime,
    particularly in the Jasenovac concentration camp. His savagery earned him the
    epithets “The Devil of Jasenovac” and “Brother Satan”.[1]

    During the war, Filipovic was convicted of war crimes by a German military court, but
    then released to officiate in a prison camp. In 1946, after the defeat of the Ustaše,
    a Yugoslav civil court executed him by hanging.Wiki

    In addition to the horrendous conditions in the Jasenovac camps, the guards also
    cruelly tortured, terrorized, and murdered prisoners at will. Here the most varied
    forms of torture were used: finger and toe nails were pulled out with metal
    instruments, eyes were dug out with specially constructed hooks, people were blinded
    by having needles stuck in their eyes, flesh was cut and then salted.

    People were also flayed, had their noses, ears and tongues cut off with wire cutters,
    and had awls stuck in their hearts. Daughters were raped in front of their mothers,
    sons were tortured in front of their fathers.

    The prisoners and all those who ended up in Jasenovac had their throats cut by the
    Ustaša with specially designed knives, or they were killed with axes, mallets and
    hammers; they were also shot, or they were hung from trees or light poles. Some were
    burned alive in hot furnaces, boiled in cauldrons, or drowned in the River Sava.

    The acts of violence and depravity commited in Jasenovac were so brutal that General
    von Horstenau, Hitler’s representative in Zagreb, wrote:

    “The Ustaša camps in the NDH are the “Epitome of horror”!

    For those who do not deny reality and, do not plan to do so ==>>do not search the
    pictures made at Jasenovac, even though they are black and white and often rather
    grainy, better not see, because you cannot unsee……I Knowwhat effect theuy have on
    andwhen I have been doing a lot of research I see someof those pictures when I close
    my eyes it doesn’t bother me that much, since I let it feedmy hate and I amactually
    rather attached tomy hate, not everybody has nice mechanism like I do, and falling
    asleep can be more difficult then.

    I was rather prepared, since I am an officer of my countries most agile force, I am a
    reserve officer still, I studied the history of modern warfare and philosophy, and I
    studied the Holocaust for thirteen years

    How do I know that, that the Jews are not lying, but that the Christians once again
    are promoting their hate. Neither the Jews nor the Muslims are the problem in this
    world, Christians are the problem, They have always been so.

    The first Holocaust against the Jews took place in A.D. I love tousethat Acronym
    it took place in 325 The Christians had not even finished the Council of Nikaea, and
    all Jews met a Christian expulsion of them all right into the deserrt.

    1349 in ashort while more Jews were murdered,tortured to death,andburnedalive than
    Christians were killed during 200 YEARS of roman persecutions.

    782 Charlemagne orders 4500 Saxon Nobleman exterminated fortheir wish not to be

    1648 The Ukrainian Christians have quarrelwiththeir landlords, instead of getting the
    landlords Christian filth start murdering an insanenumber of Jews, this will remain
    the biggest Holocaust until 1938.

    10 November 1938 a Day famous as Luthertag, the 455th birthday of Martin Luther who
    wrote the book: “On the Jews and Their Lies” with in that book the 8 stepplan to
    exterminate all Jews, step one: Burn All Jewish Schools and Synagogues. The Nazis
    implement step one to the perfection and the letter of the man whose Birthday they
    celebrate on Kristallnacht,de Night of Christ and the Nazis.

    Notzri Is Hebrew andit is the root of the word Nazi. Notzri is Hebrew, from the
    Talmud and means Nazireth, Lord Notzri, said:

    But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them—bring them here
    and kill them in front of me.’”

    The words of Christ, the commands to Holocaust, time and again.

    “[The Spaniards] took babies from their mothers’ breasts, grabbing them by the feet
    and smashing their heads against rocks. . . . They built a long gibbet, low enough
    for the toes to touch the ground and prevent strangling, and hanged thirteen
    [natives] at a time in honor of Christ Our Saviour and the twelve Apostles. . . .
    Then, straw was wrapped around their torn bodies and they were burned alive.”

    Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas (1474-1566). Bishop of Las Chiapas Mexico.

    The deniers deny because the followers of pure evil want Auschwitz working again and
    again, they are the most horrid death Cult that ever existed.

    That is not even close the following used to be a death camp of the Christians, and
    the name of that Katholik camp will make anyone understand when they read it, that
    The kind of pedophiles they really are:

    Sisak Children’s extermination Camp, Croatia.

    What does a Katholik priest with a boy’s but, before he cuts open that boys throat?

    The only good Christian is a slaughtered Christian

    Gott Mit Uns! (Isaiah 7:14 & Matthew 1:23), Atheism was banned within the SS with all
    SS men being required to list themselves as Protestant, Catholic or “believer in God”
    (Methodists) (German: Gottgläubig [not Odin/Wodan gläubig]), BUT GOD WITH US!

    (To the Germans it was a rallying cry, “a Christian as well as an Imperial motto, the
    expression of German religious, political and ethnic single-mindedness, or the
    numerous unity of God’s altar, throne and Volk”) – most people get so confused with
    Heinrich Himmler and the “Ahnenerbe”, which in simple English terms means Ancestral
    Heritage (not pagan heritage, if it was pagan, it would be called “heidnischen Erbe”)

    In Talmudic Yewbrew notzri (pronounced “nazi”), literally “Followers of Jesus Christ
    of Nazareth,” means “a Christian;” being that the Third Reich was the most
    Christianized Nation in Europe.

    In the Wewelsburg castle there was also a Christian Chapel — The Latin inscription
    above the entrance “Domus mea domus orationis vocabitur” (My House shall be called a
    House of Prayer) reminds of the prince-episcopalian chapel which was placed in the
    ground floor of the tower originally (before the allies covered it up for the world
    to know about it).

    The green mosaic “sun wheel” is in fact a representation of Christ (John 8:12) and
    His Disciples in The Last Supper! The sun represents the Holy Scriptures, the Gospels
    (Malachi 4:2), “sun of righteousness”, symbolic of Christ.

    Truthforgermans.com hitler war Katholik (Website, by and for the nazis, this is the
    nazi site, historically correct)

    That is why they deny the Holocaust, because that way they can create a Holocaust time and again, Vietnam 5 million, Martin Luther King spoke of American concentration camps, now they exterminate children in Muslim countries.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omnskeu-puE <<=== Holocaust by Clinton administration on Muslim children

    And now they wat to exterminate some Europeans, before Trump is entirely gone from the White House the Nazi Warmongers will already be audible blaming Putin for American crimes, just like the Americans have always used their Media to blame Holocaust on the Atheists. The followers of Adolf Christ will only stop Holocausting when they are dead, and that day is coming.

  70. I am astonished at the treacherous nature of these people they screwed the Germans in ww1 after they was welcomed to Germany.
    Poor Germans had to be mind bended after the war and carry the bag of bricks that was bs Holocaust.
    I am ashamed to be British these mongrels stand for all that is wrong in this world and infiltrated London Washington Paris Moscow .
    Now the ADL has circumvented the 1st ammendment having made freedom of speech antisemitism.
    The Rothschild family is behind the lot of it please keep fighting to quosh this bull shit

  71. Basically everything we were taught when we were younger is a lie? I actually believe this. I always wondered why Nazi Germany would do this? If they killed 6 million supposed Jews that would be 6 million theoretical troops they could have had fighting them. Not only the cost of fuel and distracting troops from enemy lines to kill 6 million Jews is a little too far fetched. My cousin married a Jewish man. Completely untrustworthy and rather annoying. Too bad the number was closer to 271000 than 6 million.

    • what in the fucking world could possibly be wrong with you? You’re sick in the head and a fucking idiot if you think this article or any of it’s claims are legitimate. Stupid inbred fuck, i hope to god you and the rest of the neo-nazis will burn in hell one day

      • Hi Dave – the lamp shade and shrunken heads were proved fake many years ago. Which parts in particular do you believe are fake?

  72. This holocaust nonsense has gone on for far too long. The preposterous 6 million number has been used countless times since the late 19th century. There is no documentary or forensic evidence of homicidal gas chambers. During the sham Nuremberg trials there was no scientific proof of any exterminations. So, the Allies did what every coward has done for centuries. They used eye witness testimony and the liars showed up in droves. There isn’t very much difference in the 17th century witch trials and what had occurred at Nuremberg. Different times but the same result of prosecuting and executing innocent people. Nuremberg was nothing but Talmudic vengeance against the German people who had the nerve to follow Adolf Hitler. But the holocaust storytellers tale’s ring hollow. All they have is silly anecdotes and no scientific evidence at all.

    • 19th century?? it happened in the mid 20th century you complete fucking imbecile

  73. Martin Gilbert’s Churchill biography is some of the best unconscious comedy I’ve ever read.

  74. I don’t think the Holocaust is real, but where is the date on the document? On the top right, it says 1979. So is the doc fake or a later document? Please don’t get enraged, I just need to be informed.

  75. Oh dear lord. You are all so retarded. What makes your supposedly real documents supporting your bullshit any more believable than ones supporting the fact that it happened? Seriously. A real question. Why would any one believe ur fake as shit documents to ones that are corroborated all over the world saying it happened? Can’t your documents just as easily be faked? And why are you also blaming Jews for all the shit that radical Muslims are doing…

  76. Today, the Jews perpetrate the exact same crimes against Palestinians, as they claimed the “Nazis” did to them.

    Don’t look like victims to me…

    • …blame the arabs 126, tried to wipe Israel off the map and what happened?….captured ground by them is theirs right?…sounds legit to me, anyway why start something they can’t finnish ? and especially against ISRAEL!

  77. So…you don’t like Jews, I’m guessing? Just because you don’t? Or purely because you think the Holocaust is a lie? Or a mixture of both? Or something else?

    If only there were some evidence somewhere that the Nazi regime in Germany didn’t like Jews and sought to exterminate them…I guess your wealth of info on this page puts paid to any suggestion that the Nazis thought the Jewish people were sub-human and treated them as such.

  78. I only have one question for you nimrods: When did you join the SS?

    You sickos. There is SOLID evidence the Holocaust occurred. Photos cannot have been photo shopped as photo shop didn’t exist back then.

    If the Holocaust never existed, then Germany never went through an economic bust. You are all neo Nazis. I refuse to respond to your ignorant responses to this. You will burn and hopefully continue ridding the world of its sheer ignorance

  79. Hitler was a jew

    • So was Obama

      • 卐Rise brothers卐

        • 6 million will rise up in your worthless big asshole you imbecile!

  80. This site and the comments posted on it are disgusting. You people revolt me.

  81. No rudolf Hess you were raped by 6 million saints you nazi retard!

  82. Hey rudolf hess, sounds like you woke up from a wet dream about adolf riding you like rudolf the reindeer! …better change your shit stained sheets before your wife finds out you’re a poofter!

  83. All of your “evidence” is not enough to say that the holocaust was a hoax. According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Hermann Goring, the highest official at the Nazi State tried at Nuremberg testified openly about the prosecution of Jews from the rise of the Nazi party to power in 1933. Also Einsatzgruppe D killed 90,000 Jews in southern Ukraine in 1941 and testified. Most importantly Rudolf Hoess, testified about the gassing more than a million Jews at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Accoring to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum there were numerous survivors to explain their experience. Marie-Claude Vaillant-Couturier who testified at Nuremberg about her experiences at Auschwitz. And plenty more to explain the hard brutal experiences they faced. According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, allied prosecutors submitted 3,000 tons of records at the Nuremberg trial.

  84. You know that multiple Nazis have testified and openly stated that they DID commit these crimes, right? Where did you even get the idea for this? None of this is “proof”, it’s outright anti-Semitism. I came here to do research, but I am absolutely appalled at what I’ve read here. And every survivor of the Holocaust shares a similar story. Are you going to claim that every single Jewish person on the planet convened to plot this?

  85. I’ve just skimmed through this site and the denial comments, it makes for sad reading. The Holocaust was proven to have happened. There was a landmark UK court case in 2000: David Irving vs Deborah Lipstadt. The court documents are online and well worth looking at. This case should’ve helped to quash denial theories but the internet has allowed these ideas to resurface.

    Up to 6 million people died at the hands of the Nazis; yes, this is an estimate. It is impossible to put an exact figure on the amount of people who died due to relevant evidence being destroyed, lost or hidden towards the end of the war. And no, they didn’t all die of starvation or disease, some were thrown into gas chambers or shot on sight. Not all were Jewish, either.


    Himmler was the architect and organiser of this extermination program, no doubt driven by a lot of Hitler’s ideology and pseudo genetic nonsense about a master Aryan race. Some argue that Hitler was a Zionist but this obviously changed after 1941. Some argue he was unaware of the death camps, he allegedly never visited one. I suspect he knew exactly what was happening, Himmler would’ve been in regular communication with his Fuhrer.

  86. I can’t believe this. First of all they are happy in the train because they are being liberated. Secondly, the human skin lampshades, how do you even know they are lamb skin because you weren’t there and you have never seen them in person. You can’t get evidence from some pictures you need to have seen it in person. How can the Holocaust not be real? When people are still alive who have experienced this. I have heard a first person account on a Jewish experience of the concentration camps.

  87. Also the picture of the Jews where they are led down and there is a circle at the top of the screen. You have cut out a Guy which is malnourished and is clearly enough evidence for it to be real. To be honest you are a fake.

  88. Also the picture of the Jews where they are led down and there is a circle at the top of the screen. You have cut out a Guy which is malnourished and is clearly enough evidence for it to be real. To be honest you are a fake.

    • We’ll deal with you and every other kike on the Day of the Rope!

      KILL ALL JEWS NOW! It’s either them or us! KILL THEM ALL!


  89. We’re taking down the zog machine jew by jew by jew,
    The white man marches on

    Glory, Glory Blood of Honor
    Glory, Glory Blood of Honor
    Glory, Glory Blood of Honor
    The White Man Marches On!

  90. yes total fake BS by the Rothschild

  91. This website is an abomination

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