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HoloHoax WWII Pictures of Jewesses Being Hung are Total Fakes

It must be stated, categorically, that despite popular opinion otherwise it was not Jews who were the major victims of any of the massively destructive world wars. Rather, it was they who were committing the atrocities, while the victims were largely people of Christian extraction as well as to a certain degree Islamic people, the latter being particularly victimized in the latest world war, so-called WWIII: the proxy war against the people of the Middle East.

WWIII is exclusively a Jewish war, the slaughter being orchestrated and perpetrated by rabid, extremist Zionist Jews. Regarding WWI and WWII these, too, were perpetrated by powerful Jewish elements, largely for the purpose of establishing simultaneously the illicit Zionist strip.

Regarding the so-called Holocaust this is a physical impossibility. It was, once again, powerful Jews who initiated WWII. So, it is not possible that European Jewry would allow its fellows to be slaughtered wholesale.

It just didn’t happen. That’s why the photographs had to be faked and manipulated. If tens of thousands, even millions, of Jews were slaughtered, where is the photographic evidence proving this to be the case?

One example of a group of fakes are the supposed gruesome images of brutal Nazis hanging poor Jewish women alive. However, when these photos are carefully analyzed, they are all proven to be fabricated. Here is a classic example, one never before published, analytically:

Notice what is seen. There is a stark-naked woman, obviously Germanic or Anglo Saxon, who is surrounded by ‘evil Nazis.’  What is she doing? Why is she looking to the right? That’s to coordinate with the attempt to make the Germans appear wicked, the image pointed directly at the German with the camera.  Yet, notice the nature of that image. In the background the people are casting shadows. Yet, the camera-man doesn’t do so, nor do any of the others in the foreground, a physical impossibility.

Clearly, then, the camera-man has been put into the image artificially. Look at the nature of the fingers. What kind of fingers are these?

What a mangled mess it is, entirely fabricated, make no mistake. The two final fingers were obviously painted in. Notice also the light source. It is strong in the woman, non-existent in the chief German:

Clearly, then, the images have all been artificially placed in the frame, all of those in the foreground:

Notice the bizarre, straight white line against the image of the woman’s thigh. That could only be there through photographic manipulation. As well, the light source against these men is non-existent as compared to the woman.

Even so, the Zionists employed the world’s greatest experts to make such fakes, as demonstrated by the following image. It seems real enough, although the woman is quite tall, just as tall as the commandant:

There is even a shadow being cast, seemingly, by her image. Then, how could it be take? It is absolutely fake, as proven by the known, original image. Oh, but it is a poor Jewess being hung, once again, by anti-Jewish, anti-‘Semitic’ Nazis.

What kind of an entity is it? The fact is it doesn’t even have actual eyes, a real nose, or an actual mouth. The rope, too, is obviously not real, hanging out in defiance of gravity, merely a painted cord. Even so, how clever it was by the Zionists to paint in the shadow to give it a sense of realism.

What about this image? Was this Jewess really hung by gleeful, gloating Germans? In fact, she was not hung at all, as demonstrated by the actual image:

It was a fairly good job by the Zionists, as they super-imposed the female image within the foreground, while applying, artificially, the hands of the German as a part of the scheme. That is a very long arm, though, to come that far in the foreground:

Close-up inspection reveals, once again, the use of photographic manipulation, also to falsify shadowing. There are numerous cut lines, or brush lines, visible in this image, especially within the fake shadow.

Here is a close-up of the real hand versus the fake one from photographic manipulation:

Why is the supposedly hung, poor Jewish woman not casting a shadow? Why does she not do so in the same direction as the post? Why is her image just as fuzzy as that of the background?

Image result for holocaust; jewish women; hung; nazis; images; photos

The shadow from the post is clear and evident. The same should be true of the woman’s casted shadow.

Then, there is ultimate and final proof in the German’s with the geese images:

It is certainly macabre enough, with the appearance of a German child looking on. Yet, the problem is it is not real and is, rather, an absolute fabrication, like all the others:


It is clever photographic manipulation, make no mistake. The center was widened, so the young boy and the fake hung Jewess could be inserted in. The Zionists were careful to use stock photos which showed Germans in either a serious or gleeful mood.

It is worthy to put images of men in the post. This is proclaimed as evidence of Jews being ‘executed’ in the Lodz Ghetto:

Image result for holocaust; images; jews; hung; hanging; Nazi; photos

These are not really Jewish victims. they are nothing other than cartoons:

The one on the far left bears no resemblance to a real human, nor does the one on the far right. What is that bar of matter on the entity’s forehead?

Thus, the entire Holocaust is a fake and arch-phony. Great money has been fraudulently purged on the basis of this lie. It is, in fact. lie upon lie, compounded. Can anyone fathom it? Something as basic as an antique lampshade being deemed to have been made from WW II-era Jewish skin?

The Holocaust in real life is being committed by Zionist Jewry against the people of the Middle East, notably the people of Palestine. The Germans, too, suffered, with the Zionists ordering mass slaughter of the people of Dresden, virtually all of which were non-combatants.

Image result for murder; palestinians; jews; pictures; massacre;

As in Sabra and Chatilla where filthy Zionist criminal minds orchestrated the slaughter of the defenseless, with full US cooperation. Yes, in fact, the Holocaust is fake while extensive massacres by Zionist Jewry are proven and undeniable.





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