**Breaking News** — 24 February 2017
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HoloHoaxers at it Again with Fake Missouri Jewish Cemetery Vandalism

‘It’s all about the Holocaust,’ say the arch-corrupt ones behind the fake Jewish cemetery vandalism scams, including that arch-phony one in Missouri. Yet another revelation of fraud is crying foul with the anti-Semitism canard. This is a standard trend by the Zionists as they spread great mayhem upon the earth. In fact, whenever this is leveraged, that is this reference to the HoloHoax and anti-Semitism, then, it can be certain that the element in question is a fake and a scam.

This is the pattern for world Jewry from the beginning, for instance, as demonstrated by this hoax but also criminal act of the late 1800s:

Why would the Missouri ‘anti-Semitic’ attack be any different or any other purported vandalism attack against Jewish institutions for that matter? See what these Zionist moles did in 1963 in order to generate the sympathy canard, all on behalf of arch-Zionist schemes:

Extremist Zionists have a pattern, here. In fact, in any so-called desecration of a Jewish site it is Zionist agents which must first be suspected if not wholly so:

Consider also the more recent arch-fake, the Warwick, NY, cemetery attack hoax. In this case the structure was in great disrepair and the motive was dual, the filthy, and fraudulent, collection of funds, along with the attempt to gain global sympathy for the Zionist ’cause:’

It is in total disrepair, the old wall crumbling down. It was Jewish extremists themselves that did this. No one else was involved. One man said, ‘I didn’t know about it until I came’ and similar nonsense.

No one can find it believable that anyone did this other than the Jews themselves. Regardless, whenever the Nazi or fascist element is leveraged, this, too, acts as proof of an arch-Zionist fake:

Yet, it is said, though falsely so, that:

“Vandals have spray-painted swastikas and other Nazi-related anti-Semitic graffiti on the gates of a Jewish cemetery in upstate New York….the vandalism was discovered Sunday morning at Temple Beth Shalom’s cemetery in the Orange County town of Warwick, on the New Jersey border 40 miles northwest of New York City.

NOTE: Now, here is where the HoloHoaxing comes into play, acting as hard proof of scamming by the Zionists:

Several swastikas, the words “Heil Hitler” and the letters “SS” were written in black paint on the stone wall and pillars at the entrance to the cemetery. The SS was Adolf Hitler’s Nazi security and military force in charge of operating concentration camps.

Here is yet another evidence of the acts of Zionist extremists, as they do this, that is this heaping of a fake upon the goy, in association with so-called Jewish holidays:

The vandalism occurred just days before Tuesday night’s start of Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year.

Moreover, in this case the grave stones were not attacked. Only the object in need of repair, the crumbling wall, was vandalized. In this regard local Zionist agents have implied that the graffiti is difficult to remove and will be very costly to clean up, also that  ‘the attack had something to do with the supporters of Donald Trump,’ once again, implying a ‘neo-Nazi’ or ‘white supremicist’ element. As well, said Jon Gottlieb, President of Temple Beth Shalom, the attack was “very well thought out,” that is malicious. Clearly, then, this was committed by local Jewish elements in order to gain national recognition for their plight, which was the need to repair the decrepit cemetery wall.

Then, what about the Missouri issue? Was it an arch-Zionist fake as well? It clearly is so, nothing other than a publicity stunt, on the one hand to build the stock of the Trump presidency, that is before the Jewish committee and also to gain the much-needed public support and sympathy for extremist, degenerate Zionist plots:

Regardless, if this is such a horrific event why is virtually everyone in the video smirking and smiling?
It must be remembered that Pence had just visited a HoloHoax institution, Drachau. That visit occurred on Feb. 19, the first official trip of the the VP overseas:
Drachau is leveraged by the Zionist fabricators, because of its similarity to the word “Dracula.” Then, essentially, a mere day later comes the latest arch-Zionist scam, the Missouri graves stone fake vandalism. As a demonstration of the fraud the area targeted was the most ancient part of the cemetery. How did the ‘neo-Nazi’ vandals know that?
Most of the damage was concentrated in the oldest section of the cemetery where burials began in 1893. The cemeteries executive director, Anita Feigenbaum, says workers first alerted her to the damage yesterday morning. She said she cried when she saw the extent. Does Feigenbaum look exceedingly distraught, here?
What is there to be crying about? The rabbis themselves did it, merely pushing the old gravestones over, desecrating their own cemetery:
Missori’s governor just happens to be Jewish. How can that be a coincidence?
(Eric) Greitens, a former Navy SEAL whose military awards include the Bronze Star, was elected the first Jewish governor of Missouri in November. He, too, leveraged the anti-Semitic canard. Thus, it is said, “In a post on Facebook he called the vandalism a ‘despicable act of what appears to be antisemitic vandalism.'”

It is all to create the one-world beast system, where all the ‘faiths’ join together in a global Zionist plot for total world control. Per the NPR newswire:

LINDA SARSOUR: We actually met our goal of $20,000 within three hours. And now we are at over 1,500 donors, majority of whom are from the Muslim community across this country.

Note: the fund has now raised some $70,000 dollars.

It is an exceptionally misguided effort. What a treachery it is for the Islamic people to join these corrupt ones in their plots. The attack is a fake, perpetrated by Zionist Jews themselves. This is what they do, routinely, whenever they wish to draw attention for their hedonistic, treacherous plots:

In the above the Zionists perpetrated the act as a cover when Mossad spies had been caught by New Zealand authorities.
Yet, is there really a need to have such sympathy for the ‘poor Jews?’ Is this what Islamic people, among others, should be doing: to support filthy corruption? The fact is this is precisely the plot orchestrated by world Jewry, and the whole world has been fully deceived by it.
Yet, what is the reality on the ground? This is the reality, as the Jews spread vast corruption in the land:

See these criminal Zionist minds gloat as the Palestinian victims suffer horror in despair:







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