Fukushima Medical Tyranny — 10 August 2013
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UPDATED: Holy Fukushima – Radiation From Japan Is Already Killing North Americans

UPDATED: though this article is not written by nodisinfo.com it has been hotly contested by posters. Yet, the premise is held, here, as correct, which is that the radionuclides disseminated as a result of the Fukushima disaster are deadly and that toxicity from these substances is leading to an increase in disease and mortality.

Reposted from: http://www.pakalertpress.com/2013/06/08/holy-fukushima-radiation-from-japan-is-already-killing-north-americans/


See also: http://www.radiation.org/reading/pubs/HS42_1F.pdf

This can be substantiated even with the modest amount of science available after the disaster. Furthermore, the Chernobyl catastrophe proves that radionuclides emitted as a result of the detonation of a nuclear power plant do cause an increase in morbidity and mortality: to deny this is ludicrous, as this is fully substantiated from previous cases, including Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, now Fukushima.

Mangano has shown an increase in disease (thyroid disorders) and infantile mortality in the first six months after the contamination of the American air, soil, and water systems from the Fukushima detonation. Regardless, this is for informational purposes only – no to ‘frighten’ anyone.

The premise of food contamination is also correct – no more Pacific Coast tuna for this author, Fukushima radiation being universally detected – and not confused or run off-track by the claim of it being ‘minimal’..(see Intelihub’s great assessment, as follows):


It should be kept in mind that from the outset every effort was made to suppress any information regarding the scope of this disaster. Do people really believe that there are not trolls and agents who work for the military-industrial complex, who work for the pro-nuclear industry groups, worth multi-billions, which are not attempting to disrupt the flow of information, argue, contest, belittle, demean, and more? Let the people decide from the information available what action, if any, to take.

“C’mon, there’s no way it’s harmful. Trust me: I know; I’m an expert.” Heard that before. Ask the people all over Europe about the suffering that was and is caused by Chernobyl – and that, too, was supposedly not going to be a big deal, unless you lived right next to it. Moreover, Fukushima is a disaster of a degree far greater than Chernobyl and it is ongoing. Nothing is contained – except any information about the potential scope of this catastrophe, which is being continuously minimized.

However, despite the persistence of naysayers, Fukushima toxicity is real and is having dire effects on Americans as well as Canadians. First hand experience: was in Anaheim when the first Fukushima nuclear cloud arrived. Gained 10 pounds by the time I got home (unheard of; weight is always 185-87; never fluctuations), abdominal girth was increased (pants tighter), and so tired had a hard time walking up steps. This happened to two of us, a man and a woman.

Upon interviewing Californians and people from other regions thought to be hit hard in the Fukushima aftermath, including WA state, New Mexico, and Texas, a trend was discovered. Sudden, unexplainable weight gain, exhaustion/fatigue, and in many cases thyroid nodules; in some cases swelling of the lymph nodes, almost a pre-lymphoma type of representation, all occurring within a year of the detonations.

This is a persistent pattern, especially for those exposed to the initial nuclear radiation clouds in the 30-day after math of the catastrophe. Let us hear from real people in the area and learn what they are experiencing, not merely skeptics, even trolls, who seek to derail this investigation.

The author is right that this is no conspiracy theory. There is an increase in stillbirths nation-wide post Fukushima, as there was post-nuclear bomb testing. Let us determine the scope of this crisis thoroughly and begin to take whatever actions are possible to protect the body as much as possible.

One issue: be sure to thoroughly was fresh leafy greens, including spinache, grown in the West Coast; consider soaking them in distilled water. DetoxiWash, highly effective, may also be added and/or calcium bentonite. The same should be done for strrawberries. These are among the most vulnerable for concentrating radionuclides.

You’re going to want to use every share button at the bottom of this article once you’re done reading, so get ready, it’s time to freak out: Maybe.

If you live on the west coast of Canada or the United States, you’re pretty much already screwed at this point thanks to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of 2011.  Radiation levels are already increasing in the food and water, babies born with thyroid issues linked to radiation are rising quickly and governments in Canada and the United States are raising the “acceptable levels” of certain toxic substances in the food being shipped in from Japan. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, this is happening and it’s happening right now. Holy-Fukushima-–-Radiation-From-Japan-Is-Already-Killing-North-Americans-

The fancy little picture at the top of the article isn’t showing you the flow of happy fun time thoughts from Japan back in March of 2012, it’s showing you the flow of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear plant after the devastating earthquake and tsunami of 2011.

Yes, that sharp pain you just felt in your chest is the sudden realization that the image shows the radiation reaching almost past Hawaii more than a year ago. Do the math – If that radiation screamed across the Pacific Ocean that far in one year, just how far do you think it has gotten since then?  Look at what World Truth TV is saying and then you decide.

Samples of milk taken across the United States have shown radiation at levels 2000 percent higher than EPA maximums.  The reason that milk is so significant is that it is representative of the entire food supply.

According to an article published on Natural News, “Cows consume grass and are exposed to the same elements as food crops and water supplies. In other words, when cows’ milk starts testing positive for high levels of radioactive elements, this is indicative of radioactive contamination of the entire food supply.” The  Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Deception Protection Agency, instead of refusing to prohibit the sale of tainted foods and mandatory testing of foods produced and harvested from the Pacific Coast, have simply raised the “acceptable levels”  of radioactive material in foods.

If that doesn’t scare the ever-living crap out of you, then take a look at the list of foods you are now supposed to be wary of, you know, for only the next 30,000 years.

How can we protect ourselves? First, be aware of what items are likely to be highly tainted.

1.)  SEAFOOD:  Question the origin of ALL seafood.  Fish and crustaceans from the Pacific Ocean should all be considered to be poisoned with radiation.

2.)  WATER:  The rainfall and snowfall are all radiated.  Do not drink any water that has not been filtered.   The tap water that flows from your faucet has NOT been treated to rid it of radioactive particles. A recent report from the NY Times stated, “A rooftop water monitoring program managed by UC Berkeley’s Department of Nuclear Engineering detected substantial spikes in rain-borne iodine-131 during torrential downpours …

3.) DAIRY PRODUCTS:  Milk and milk products from the West Coast states currently have the highest levels of radiation in North America.

4.)  PRODUCE:  Leafy Vegetables, Wines, Tomatoes, Strawberries….all produce from California or any other West Coast State are also likely to be tainted.

5.)  MEAT:  If an animal eats any leafy vegetable all along the West Coast, that animal has consumed radiation and is poisoned.  This is any animal from cows, pigs, goats, sheep to wild deer and other game. If you eat the above foods from areas with high radiation levels, you are eating radiation and feeding it to your children. Slowly the radiation levels within your body will build up.

This is PERMANENT. Infant mortality rates across the United States have increased by more than 35% since the nuclear disaster, according to a court statement by Dr. Sherman with independent scientist Leuren Moret, MA, PhD (Editor’s note: infant mortality increased in infants born in the immediate aftermath of the disaster in areas of high exposure such as Washington State and California; an increase of 35% steadily has not been yet been fully documented).  A study published in The International Journal of Medicine indicates that more than 20,000 deaths right here in North America can be directly attributed to the release of radioactive material from Fukushima (this study is a worthy one and should be read by all those who seek a more thorough understanding of this crisis). Radioactive isotopes of the type released from Fukushima have a half-life of 30,000 years.  This means that we must permanently change the way we prepare our food.

  • Wash your food with a natural type soap (Ecover or vegetable sulfate) and rinse it in filtered water. 
  • Be aware of the origins of your vegetables, fish, game and seafood.
  • Keep abreast of radiation levels to help monitor where your food is acquired.
  • Use only filtered water for drinking, cooking and ice.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but that one way trip to colonize Mars is looking pretty damn attractiveright now.

Commentary from nodisinfo.com

Cleansing fruit and vegetables does make a difference. Studies in Chernobyl contaminated regions have determined that three soaks of the vegetables in distilled water reduced the levels of radionuclides significantly, up to 90%.

Fukushima is causing devastation of the health of the people all over the world, but the main victims are those in Hawaii, Alaska, BC, Washington State, Oregon, California, and, of course, Japan.

Regarding radionuclides these are as a consequence of the explosion of a nuclear reactor rather than mere radioactive waves, particles. Upon ingestion, these particles pose a danger from auto-radiation. This has been demonstrated in monkey studies, where a mere few particles are enough to cause lung scarification and, ultimately, cancer.

Surveys have demonstrated an increase in the incidence of thyroid disorders, including thyroid cancer, globally, as a result of the increased radiation load. There is a great danger to the people of this earth, since radiation is continuously leaking into the Pacific Ocean and through mist and rain water, therefore, recontaminates the globe.

It is a real issue, which is cause subtle yet definitive damage and increased risk for certain diseases, especially in those areas most subject to the increases in radiation exposure.

Learn also about the fruit and vegetable soak with activated bentonite and more. Such activated bentonite in a spice oil base will reduce the levels of metallic radionuclides in the food. Bentonite binds irreversibly to these noxious, energetic, destructive metallic ions, reducing and/or eliminating their toxicity.

Additional data:

From ENEWS.com, a Japanese local and  his fairly recent measurements:

A very small portion of the sample have been sent to a certain laboratory for analysis. […]

On 6 Apr 2013, I measured radiation in front of a temple of Onoda area, Namie town of Fukushima prefecture Japan.

I monitored 7.97 micro Sievert per hour in air at chest hight standing on the grass.

I measured 86.09 micro Sievert per hour 1cm from road side dust. […]

The monitoring place is 10km (corrected from 17 km) from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear power plant. […]

RE: thyroid cyst/adenoma rates being assessed near Fukushima –

Rates of thyroid problems in children near the nuclear plant are high

[…] Last December, the eldest of the two was diagnosed with adenoidal cysts, the prelude to a type of cancer that often strikes the salivary glands. “I was told by the doctor that it’s very rare,” [Yoji Fujimoto] says. […]

“I’m convinced this is because of the Fukushima accident.” […]

[Steve Wing, an epidemiologist at the University of North Carolina] says that parents like Mr Fujimoto do have reason to worry. “We know that doses to populations are both unquantified by the official agencies, that evidence suggests relatively high doses, and that children and women are more vulnerable to radiation. So the questions and deep concerns for the people in Fukushima will continue for the rest of their lives.” […]

“I expect a growth in the numbers of thyroid cancers in Japan from next year,” [Dr Alexey Yablokov, a Russian biologist] said. […]

Parents accuse government scientists of making their minds up before the [thyroid] survey began – Professor Suzuki’s team said last July that their aim was “to calm the anxiety of the population”

From Arnie Gunderson, Fairwinds –

Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds chief engineer: For the people in Japan and people on the West Coast there is a wedge of radioactivity working its way across the Pacific — called a plume — of cesium-137, strontium, and other isotopes. The plume is about a year away from hitting the coast of the Pacific Northwest.img_349-Aug.-28-17.55-600x180

It’s not over, it’s not like it’s going to hit and go away. The nuclear plant is continuing to leak. That plume is 10 times more radioactive than the ocean was before (cesium in the ocean from bomb testing was the only source of radioactivity) and now it’s 10 times that — and likely to grow — because the Daiichi site is going to continue to leak into the environment for years to come.

I think what we all should demand is #1: Get rid of Tepco… we need a first rate engineering firm in there to do it…

The other thing people on the West Coast should demand is transparent analysis of fish. There’s no state organization that’s sampling the fish, no government is sampling the fish and telling people what the numbers are. If the government’s sampling it, they’re not telling anybody — and I’m uncomfortable with that.

I want to know what the number is, I think as citizens, our government owes it to us — to tell us how radioactive the fish are in the Pacific. We’re not getting that right now. There’s probably good science being done, but Citizens are not allowed to know what the government knows.

From the work of Joseph Mangano:

The Nuclear Industry and Health
Joseph J. Mangano and Janette D. Sherman
The multiple nuclear meltdowns at the Fukushima plants beginning on
March 11, 2011, are releasing large amounts of airborne radioactivity that has
spread throughout Japan and to other nations; thus, studies of contamination
and health hazards are merited. In the United States, Fukushima fallout
arrived just six days after the earthquake, tsunami, and meltdowns. Some
samples of radioactivity in precipitation, air, water, and milk, taken by the
U.S. government, showed levels hundreds of times above normal; however,
the small number of samples prohibits any credible analysis of temporal
trends and spatial comparisons.

U.S. health officials report weekly deaths by age in 122 cities, about 25 to 35 percent of the national total. Deaths rose 4.46 percent from 2010 to 2011 in the 14 weeks after the arrival of Japanese fallout, compared with a 2.34 percent increase in the prior 14 weeks. The number of infant deaths after Fukushima rose 1.80 percent, compared with a previous 8.37 percent decrease. Projecting these figures for the entire United States yields 13,983 total deaths and 822 infant deaths in excess of the expected. These preliminary data need to be followed up, especially in the light of similar preliminary U.S. mortality findings for the four months after Chernobyl fallout arrived in 1986, which approximated final figures.

See also Natural Cures for Radiation by Dr. Cass Ingram for a reference


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  1. For the commenters saying that’s a picture f the tsunami wave – what kind of wave moves like that ? A wave would go out in a solid curved pattern increasing in size not the sporadic model we see pictured. I do not think the author is a alarmist at all – you want to be on the side of extreme caution when dealing with harmful radiation. It’s not like a wild fire or something you see coming.

  2. nuke japan twice, no problems whatsoever
    tsuanmi washes over a reactor for a day, we are now suddenly all going to die of radiation poisoning.

    makes perfect sense.

    lets also not forget all the mutants in nevada, and the massive threat from the french polynesian islands. right? RIGHT?

    yeahhhhh anyone who believes this is clinically retarded.

    • No problems whatsoever? Are you kidding me? or yourself? Have you done any research on the aftermath of “nuke (ing) Japan”? Here is what one study has found. “Regarding individuals who had been exposed to radiation before birth (in utero), studies, such as one led by E. Nakashima in 1994, have shown that exposure led to increases in small head size and mental disability, as well as impairment in physical growth. Do you work for the Nuclear Industry? Or were you exposed and are suffering from the aforestated consequences? Now we know why
      and where the term “pea brained” comes from. And since you obviously don’t know how to do a Google search, here is a place for you to start before you collect your next check for spreading dis-information. https://www.google.com/search?q=effects+of+nagasaki+and+hiroshima+bombing&oq=consequeces+of+naga&aqs=chrome.2.69i57j0l3.27039j0&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#q=the+study+of+long-term+health+effects+in+the+survivors+of+the+atomic+bombings+of+hiroshima+and+nagasaki

      • Kudos. After nuclear above ground testing there was a dramatic increase in a wide range of cancers, globally, particularly in the United States. These data are easy to procure and if anyone can find those data, please post this, here. Some estimates assessed as many as 1.5 million additional cancer deaths as a result of this wretched testing. Virtually all the military men exposed to this ‘testing’ died from primarily cancers, suffering clear and undeniable premature deaths.

        This single article has elicited a significant amount of aggressive posting by individuals of suspect background who pick and choose the info from sources, like snopes, that lack all credibility.

        Moreover, for all readers, Fukushima toxicity is exceedingly real and dire, and it is having a global impact, a wretched one, on both humans and animals. Let the trolls be condemned. Let us continue to accumulate the facts about the dire danger of this catastrophe on human health – and for certain, I am seeing increased cancer attributable to Fukushima.

        • Regarding increase of deaths from above ground nuke testing.
          “a means of determining the effects of nuclear fallout in the human anatomy by examining the levels of radioactive material absorbed into the teeth of children”

  3. Should I believe a writer who does not have a good command of English? This article is full of bad grammar and typos.

    • You are correct about the need for better grammar in this specific article. Search independently the premises, and you will find the answers, which is the fact that this is an ongoing, highly destructive catastrophe, having subtle, invisible, but real toxic affects on the human race.

  4. Betty, I know lots of people from around the world who are Doctors, award winning film makers, musicians, business owners etc., who don’t speak or write the best of English because it is their second (or fifth) language. Human consciousness and more importantly intelligence and compassion is much more important that whether they write with what you are referring to as “A GOOD COMMAND OF ENGLISH”. Seven billion people in the world Betty and lots of them better educated than you and I. So as Dr. K Research said, you are being warned. Ignore it at your own risk.

  5. Tokyo wins vote to host 2020 Olympics, defeated rival applications from Istanbul in Turkey and Spain’s Madrid. Officials managed to convince judges that fears over the Fukishima Nuclear Plant disaster, which unfolded 150 miles away from Tokyo in 2011, could still cause contamination were unwarranted.


  6. Riddle me this… what molecule would one obtain if they were to have one shaped as a soccer ball? It is called Carbon 60 or C60. It can help greatly with nuclear radiation clean up. Research the chemist Buckyheimer or googld a search under ” Buckyballs” and yes that is the name given to C60 after the chemist forementioned who discovered the molecule.

    • Interesting, very interesting. Please provide links, if possible. Will attempt to get the word out.

  7. Could Colorado be another Fukushima caused by the greedy Jewish bankers who own oil and most other US corporations due to the leakage of radioactive and other toxic substances used for fracking?

    Let’s keep a watchful eye!

    “Residents near Colorado are reporting that the recent flood has taken out multiple fracking sites, releasing toxic chemicals” by J G Vibes

    “According to the Denver Post, “Oil drums, tanks and other industrial debris mixed into the swollen river flowing northeast. County officials did not give locations of where the pipeline broke and where other pipelines were compromised….. One pipeline has broken and is leaking, accoirding toWeld County Emergency Manager Roy Rudisill. Other industry pipelines are sagging as saturated sediment erodes around the expanding river.”[1]

    Industry crews “are shutting in the lines, shutting in the wells,” Rudisill said.

    In a statement, Gary Wockner, of Clean Water Action, said “Fracking and operating oil and gas facilities in floodplains is extremely risky. Flood waters can topple facilities and spread oil, gas, and cancer-causing fracking chemicals across vast landscapes making contamination and clean-up efforts exponentially worse and more complicated.”

    East Boulder County United spokesperson Cliff Willmeng said that:

    “Our concern is that all of these sites contain various amounts of hazardous industrial wastes that are now capable of spilling into the waterways and onto the agricultural land. Many of these chemicals are carcinogenic, neurotoxic, and known disruptors of the human endocrine system. As of today there is no testing taking place, industrial, independent or otherwise to determine the extent of the contamination, nor any talk of it. And one can guarantee that this week the COGCC will be issuing more drilling permits even as the hydrocarbons flow into the

    Read more:


    More people are losing their homes and hundreds are missing. These are all Zionist crimes. Make no mistakes about it.

    “Colorado’s Flooding Becomes A 1,000 Year Event As Rescuers Search For 500 Missing People”


  8. The Nuclear Scare Scam | Galen Winsor – YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejCQrOTE-XA This guy eats radioactive material on camera.

    • This from people that DO NOT work for the Nuclear Industry…Though exposure to radiation can cause acute, near-immediate effect by killing cells and directly damaging tissue, radiation can also have effects that happen on longer scale, such as cancer, by causing mutations in the DNA of living cells. Mutations can occur spontaneously, but a mutagen like radiation increases the likelihood of a mutation taking place. In theory, ionizing radiation can deposit molecular-bond-breaking energy, which can damage DNA, thus altering genes. In response, a cell will either repair the gene, die, or retain the mutation. In order for a mutation to cause cancer, it is believed that a series of mutations must accumulate in a given cell and its progeny. For this reason, it may be many years after exposure before an increase in the incident rate of cancer due to radiation becomes evident.
      Among the long-term effects suffered by atomic bomb survivors, the most deadly was leukemia. An increase in leukemia appeared about two years after the attacks and peaked around four to six years later. Children represent the population that was affected most severely. Attributable risk—the percent difference in the incidence rate of a condition between an exposed population and a comparable unexposed one — reveals how great of an effect radiation had on leukemia incidence. The Radiation Effects Research Foundation estimates the attributable risk of leukemia to be 46% for bomb victims.
      Source: RERF
      LSS solid cancer incidence, excess relative risk by radiation dose, 1958-1998.
      The thick solid line is the fitted linear sex-averaged excess relative risk (ERR) dose
      response at age 70 after exposure at age 30. The thick dashed line is a
      non-parametric smoothed estimate of the dose category-specific
      risks and the thin dashed lines are one standard error above
      and below this smoothed estimate. Source: RERF
      For all other cancers, incidence increase did not appear until around ten years after the attacks. The increase was first noted in 1956 and soon after tumor registries were started in both Hiroshima and Nagasaki to collect data on the excess cancer risks caused by the radiation exposure. The most thorough study regarding the incidence of solid cancer (meaning cancer that is not leukemia) was conducted by a team led by Dale L. Preston of Hirosoft International Corporation and published in 2003. The study estimated the attributable rate of radiation exposure to solid cancer to be significantly lower than that for leukemia—10.7%. According to the RERF, the data corroborates the general rule that even if someone is exposed to a barely survivable whole-body radiation dose, the solid cancer risk will not be more than five times greater than the risk of an unexposed individual.

    • Hazmat suits were not created for no reason…Lets do a test. Lets have ALL the owners and new purchasers of stock in the Nuclear Industry handle radio active material without protective clothing…Ten years or so from now, the problem will be solved!

  9. ▶ Myth: Nuclear Energy and Radiation Will Kill You! – YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOVdqh22ohk

  10. I am on the East Coast, and ever since Fukushima I have not bought any fruits or vegetables from California or Mexico. Peru is better, and Argentina is best, considering sources of foods. Florida? No, the Gulf is toxic. Better yet, I grow sprouts in a jar, and get plenty of healthy, live vitamins and minerals that way. I am also very careful where the fish I buy comes from, and I don’t eat much of that anyway. Why do people insist on poisoning themselves and their families? Is there a death wish bug going around?

    • Yes, please people. Let’s not be ridiculous. You’re calling a massive release of cesium into the ocean “nothing” and relentlessly attacking the article writer and sources. Any scientist worth his weight in centrigrams can tell you that this is a very bad situation. Any information you get from the mainstream media about this is going to be bullshit. So if you want to call this bullshit too, then you’re left to your own devices. Literally, go buy a radiometer and move to the West Coast and take measurements yourself. But it is a VERY bad mistake to believe what CNN or ABC or the CBS or (god help us) what the ‘government’ tells you.

  11. So, from what I gather, if it were not for nuclear energy, we would live forever, lose weight and the world would be an overpopulated place!!, Americans would have less of an appetite, California and the west coast would be the garden of Eden, the Pacific would be the fishbasket of the world and most interestingly radiation and radioactive contamination would not exist.Japan would be the leading proponent of ecological living, Europe and the States would be car free………………….oooooh! One could go on and on. Such claptrap, yes there has been contamination but as yet we have no reports of two headed babies in Japan or baboons with human heads.Still …………………….. there is time after all there was the human with a baboon heart……..ooops ! wait a minute ……..that was engineered by humans!!!

  12. Fukushima – A Global Threat That Requires a Global Response


    Fukushima: A Nuclear War without a War: The Unspoken Crisis of Worldwide Nuclear Radiation


  13. Special Report: Help wanted in Fukushima: Low pay, high risks and gangsters


  14. Dafuck is this bullshit?…

    Why do people on the net improvise themselves scientists and people believe them even with all the false references and bullshits?…

    If you really care for your children then please don’t do drugs, or you’ll end up like all those illuminatis eating tons of salt to stop the radiations (which is pretty dangerous) or soap washing your food before eating it!… Or even sharing bullshit articles from bullshit organizations believing it’s the truth…

    This article is an insult to the people who really suffered from this disaster and if your are eally that much scared for your children’s life, then do like the author of this thread and go colonizing Mars growing tomatoes and potatoes! The water is far much better on Mars, atmosphere and climate too. There is not muchcrime neither. Sure they’ll have a far much better environment to live far from the Atlantic poisonous soapy fishes.


    Please, DDD

    (don’t do drugs)

    • Would love to go to Mars Roxoxor, but the Government is still keeping its Stargate projects secret and not available to non-military types. So how did you find out about it? When are you going? You seem to be saying DDD from experiencing the consequences. Have a great trip!

  15. Very interesting points of views and opinions on this article….. in a few days tepco will begin to remove the rods from the damaged plant…. the assembles will be lifted by a crane.. which will apparently load them into holding tanks….it is going to be a long and very risky challenge, taking up to a yr to complete. Many dangers as these transport tanks still have to be moved to another location…. for all of you who think this threat of radiation is a conspiracy, or fear mongering , just keep you heads in the sand , lack of intelligence is no excuse for ignorance!

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