**Breaking News** — 06 March 2018
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Hypocritical Zionists Murder Children and Teenagers in Cold Blood then Demand Gun Control

There is no doubt about it the latest attempt to manipulate the people of the land through the Parkland, Florida, shooting hoax is a filthy arch-Zionist plot. Virtually all the high-level, pro-Zionist spy agencies and their collaborators have been leveraged for the terminally corrupt, arch-Zionist Parkland, Florida, shooting hoax. This includes the Mossad, SPLC, Shin Bet, and, of course, the ADL.

Yet another extremist entity is that is orchestrated by Jewry is the so-called Everytown for Gun Safety element, this being both both bankrolled and founded by anti-American extremist, Michael Bloomberg. 

It is strictly such Zionist Jews who are behind the plots to undermine America, in particular, through leveraging the latest fake shooting, the Parkland School Shooting Hoax:

No doubt, “push,” aggressively so, is the correct term for these agents of treachery. Really, the world is supposed to listed to such Jewish coalitions, even submitting to their demands, while they are responsible for treachery such as this?

Palestinians mourn over the body of boys from the Baker family, whom medics said was killed with three other children from the same family by a shell fired by an Israeli naval gunboat, in Gaza city on July 16, 2014.

Knowing these were youths, the Israelis fired their American-made shells regardless. It’s taxpayer-funded murder, and the victims are defenseless children as well as teenagers, real victims versus the fakes of Parkland, like Fuentes and Israel:

Parkland is a plot by Jewish spies leveraging the entire America-based Zionist operation, including various anti-American entities such as the ADL. According to the Jerusalem Post:

Image result for jonathan Greenblatt; gun control

The rabid Zionist extremist and Mossad mole Greenblatt is on the attack, all through mere lies and deceit, including leveraging the arch-fake Parkland shooting hoax.

Why isn’t the ADL, if it really has any basis for its claims, doing anything about the pandemic of murderous gun crises within the Zionist strip?

Image result for images; palestinian; child; shot; dead; zionist

It is as demonstrated. The hideous Zionist is pointing his weapon not even at the adult but, rather, at the child, surely traumatizing these children psychologically.

It is the same type of cowardly Zionist element, as above, who were responsible for the premeditated killing of yet another defenseless youth, Fatima Hajiiji:

“Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian girl in Jerusalem. According to witnesses Fatima Hajiiji, 16, was standing at least 30 feet from the nearest Israeli officer, when a soldier shouted, “knife, knife,” and five soldiers fired a barrage of bullets at her chest.” The Zionists then pepper sprayed all those who attempted to come to the martyred youth’s aid, injuring a nine-year-old child and then closing off the scene.

All these Zionists know is murder, though the most cold-blooded variety conceivable such as, in fact, slaughtering teenagers and children. It seems that they can do nothing other than slaughtering innocents: as if this is what they are made to do. Cowards to the extreme they could never prevail in an actual war against a legitimate, armed enemy. These criminal minds regard the American people as their enemies. This is why the are launching their Mossad-based attack, based an deceit and deception. They don’t seek a lack of guns. They just seek to create a climate where all the weaponry is in the hands of the Zionists and where there is no opposition to their crime syndicate-based clique.

Image result for Fatima; Hajiji; images; palestinian; shot;

How many pieces of lead must a cruel, hedonistic, arch-cowardly Zionist fire into an innocent child before his bloodfest is satisfied? By the way, there is the knife, as advertised?

The Israeli Jews are the most wretched, treacherous of all that exist, may their souls rot in hell, while may this little, innocent rest in peace with her High Lord:

These Zionists riddled this innocent with bullets from a significant distance. It’s real murder by long-guns versus the Parkland fake, where nothing other than blanks were fired.

Let us hear Chabad extremist Scott Israel now call for gun control over fellow Zionists based on the real  spillage of blood and much bloodthirsty murder versus the arch-fake over which he presides.

Here is one of the youths who attempted to come to the martyr’s aid, harmed by the noxious spray.








No one can say that the Zionists are anything other than cowards, who seek to attack only those who could never defend themselves. Let the arch-hypocrite Greenblatt respond to this.

Parkland has the hands of Jewish criminals all over it such as arch-fake white nationalist Jordan Jereb, yet another mere ADL mole:

Image result for jordan jereb; ADL; images

Jereb is supposedly the head of a white supremacist group the Republic of Florida militia. It was this Zionist who said of this fellow Jew, Cruz:  said of Nikolas Cruz, that “he had some involvement” in so-called white nationalist activities.

Clearly, he is an ADL spy who is under their auspices using diversionary tactics to make himself out as its adversary:

Image result for jordan jereb; ADL; images

Now, some 40% of Parkland’s residents are Jews, and these Zionists are active with a number of entities attempting to spread corruption in the land, for instance, Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety.

Virtually all the powerful ones in the arch-Zionist line-up are attempting to spread this corruption, including the JAC Education Foundation’s Ann Lewis, who said she was outraged by the shooting, and echoed the ADL’s call for action.

Yet another entity is the so-called NFTY, which is amassing all its powers to commit a hideously vile anti-American action:

“I don’t know how to talk about this without getting angry,” Lewis added in her interview with The Jerusalem Post. “I can say we must express our sorrow, and our anger, and our commitment, as active citizens, voters and advocates, to work to reduce the level of gun violence in this country.”

What a terminally rabid, extremist Zionist she is, another obvious hypocrite. She seeks to crush Americans’ inalienable rights but says nothing about the child murders committed by those fellow Zionists, which she upholds. The girl the Zionists slaughtered was 16. Nothing these vile ones say can be regarded as anything other than hostile attacks. They are the enemy, not only of Americans but, rather, all of humankind.

The Jewish powers are doing all that is possible to manipulate the world based on the phony Parkland massacre. Most of the fake dead were not only Jews but were, in fact, Zionist extremists:

They are all Zionist extremists. This is why they are so rabid in their attack.  The same is true of the fake dead Aaron Feis, which this Website found to be alive at one of the funerals:

These hideous ones can spill all the plot they plot to spill. It is irrelevant. They go to Hell, doomed to roast in their misery alive, while their victims are at peace with their almighty Lord. None of the blood they spill will be wasted. It simply acts as hard proof of the degree of their treachery and criminality, including all those who support them such as their so-called evangelistic cohorts.



Jewish Youth Groups Now Behind Burgeoning Gun-Control Effort

Jewish Dad Of Florida School Shooting Victim To Trump: ‘It Stops Here’



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  1. I got see this lady Ella Fitzgerald in 1994 or 5 by accident at a hotel where they were throwing a formal party for her. I think she only sang a song or two. But she could still sing…. This about 28 years ago here doing a song with Sinatra that he made famous.


  2. This is what you call a woman of class vs a sleazebag hag ziotrash of no class at all! Ziotrash Joan Rivers has on Jane Russell as a guest and tries to embarrass her over & over & get her to talk about sleaziness. She even has her on with two hollywood homosexual sleazy men including a movie critic Rex Reed to try to goad her into a fight or anything sleazy. But ziotrash sleazebag Joan rivers aka Joanne Molansky fails miserably!


  3. Filthy Zionist did a gassing and kill Kurds then pin it on Saddam. Saddam never gassed his own people instead he work with all faiths even Islam to keep Iraq stable and free from Zionist spies!

  4. Ex100) Dunblane Scotland Fake Massacre Shooting Crisis Actwhore Traitors Send Letter In Support of Gun Confiscation To Parkland Crisis ActWhores! As they Ziotrash celebrate 22 years since they disarmed most UK supposed citizens (rightless subjects subject to the power of the inbred Queen & her masters!) VIA Zio TRICKS & TREACHERY & Treason!


  5. Abdul Sisli MARCH 13, 2018 AT 12:31 AM
    Filthy Zionist did a gassing and kill Kurds then pin it on Saddam. Saddam never gassed his own people instead he work with all faiths even Islam to keep Iraq stable and free from Zionist spies!

    Abdul Sisli MARCH 13, 2018 AT 12:59 AM
    Saddam he call Bush “The Devil in the Whitehouse” I see nothing to change saddams statement. Lies all lies about Saddam!

    THE ZIOTRASH Psychopaths murder the Kurds & then blame other goyim & they get the Kurds to murder Muslims, Arabs, Christians & other goyim! AS long as Goyim are killing other goyim the Zionists are happy, belly LAUGHING in Satanic glee!

  6. MORE Fraudulent & perverted disinfo Posts by Ziotrash Jew Gabriel the Israeliophile, homosexual & extreme Deviant talmudist weirdo troll!

    (Brokeback *** Zio Gabriel fake version of-> Cowboy MARCH 13, 2018 AT 5:59 PM
    I am a dumb goyim. How can you tell? Just look at all the dumb stuff I post here day and night. And the Zionists just keep getting more powerful. Now that’s dumb! Lol.

    (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of–> Cowboy MARCH 13, 2018 AT 6:01 PM
    Abdul Sisli – go **** a goat. The camels don’t like you. lol!!!

  7. Ex101) 32yr old Fake Parkland High School Student Bloodthirsty Traitor Ryan Deitsch a Jewish genocidal Supremacist Is Pushing Gun Confiscation for common rifles & handguns of Americans While Simultaneously advocating Jewish Terrorists from Brooklyn & USA be given fully automatic USA Made Machine guns & bought by US Taxslaves to murder innocent Palestinians as soon as they arrive in Israel & West Bank Palestine!

    HE is an theater actor in South Carolina & a magician, escape artist as well!

    (Intelius search)
    Ryan C Deitsch
    age 32

    Anderson, SC; Millersburg, OH; Venice, FL; Dover, OH; Saint Augustine, FL; Boynton Beach, FL; Port Charlotte, FL; Farmingdale, NY

    Wbpl Deitsch, April Deitsch, Phyllis Deitsch, William Deitsch, Maggie Deitsch, Randy Deitsch

    Electric City Playhouse


  8. Ex102) Fake Student Israeli Celebrated ZioJew Crisis Actwhore of Parkland PsyOp doing a Houdini escape trick ten years ago in Anderson South Carolina! He would have had to have been 8 yrs old, 10yrs ago to have done this trick in 2008 LMAO! But in reality he was 22 ten yrs ago!


  9. Ex103) The Zionist & Israel Newspapers are heavily celebrating these fake students/ Mossad Agents like treasonous Zeif and despicable David Hogg & Ryan Deitsch & the Marinkovich sisters & Lauren HOGG for their TREASON against the HATED American goyim in this Parkland PsyOp Push for Gun Confiscation!


  10. Ex104) Parkland Horrible & Ridiculous Crisis Actor Ryan Deitsch Trotting his filthy Lying mossad Jew @$$ Around the Country in Tallahassee, and South FL & New Jersey, etc.. pushing his Zionist Gun Confiscation paid script of lies & committing treason!


  11. Saddam was very good friends with Castro and Castro is a good friend of Che. They all hate Zionists. Zionist controlled Cuban exiles try to illegally invade and overthrow Castro and wreck Cuba, what a failure for the Zionist eh!
    Saddam Che and Castro what martyrs they are!

  12. Another idiotic fraudulent disinfo post by pitiful Talmud occult fundie-mental- case zionist jew troll Gabriel. & There was no bloodbath at Parkland, obviously, there was no shooting at all, it’s a PsyOp, a zionist jew Gun Confiscation agenda PsyOp! It’s psychological terrorism & treason being perpetrated against the American people!

    (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of–> C 0 W B 0 Y (Expose All Crisis Actwhore Traitors)MARCH 13, 2018 AT 11:27 PM
    Ex 105) I am not a COWARD and I am not scared of your threats to expose my identity you little *** Ziotrash Jew troll Gabriel! Now go back to your tranny call boy, you little perverted Israeli mossadomite freak! You think Parkland was a bloodbath? You have know idea what I’m capable of doing to people of your ilk!…..blah…blah…blah…blah……..
    ……….and more cut & paste gibberish by Gabriel the perverted ziotrash jew weirdo!…..etc….etc.etc

  13. Ex105) SecretService &Fed Agencies Visited Parkland before the Fake Massacre & Many heard of a Red Alert Active Shooter Drill was scheduled for the Day of the Fake Shooting!


  14. EX106) Parkland PsyOp Old Pictures Of Fake Shooter Ryan Deitsch with his supposed older brother Matt immediately prove Ryan is Actually much older than Matt who is claimed to be 20 whereas Ryan Is supposedly 18. Actually Ryan is around 32 and his brother is atleast 24 to 26 I’d guess since His brother looks 6 to 8 years younger in this picture!

    Also he is from NY like so many of these radical Zionist jews used as Crisis Actors in these PsyOps!


    Ryan Deitsch is an ASHKENAZI Jew & a hard core Zionist & Israel proponent who believes in American jews call settlers (who are terrorists) & Orthodox & radical zionists immigrating to Israel & being immediately issued fully automatic military Machine guns to harass & murder innocent unarmed Palestinians in West Bank, Palestine & in Israel as well! Yet this jewish supremacist hypocrate simultaneously advocates gun Confiscation for Americans of regular semiauto hunting rifles & handguns & shotguns & other firearms!

  15. Ex106b) Parkland Zionist 32 yr old Jew Fake Student Fraudster set up his Facebook account originally using alias Bobby Johnson!


    HE has his magician and actor websites temporary blocked to try to hide the fact he’s not an an 18 yr old High School Student!

  16. Ex107) Parkland All Zio Jew Crew old Grown Men & Woman Prentend to be Students running school Newspapers & Drama clubs & Crisis Acting & Committing Treason pushing the Zionist Gun Confiscation Agenda Via Fraud, Lies &Hoaxes/PsyOp!


  17. Ex108) Despicable Parkland Ziotrash Jew Actwhores David Hogg, 28 & Ryan Deitsch, 32 Demanding they are “only children” & Demanding Gun Confiscation of Americans Guns & Self Defense protected by the Bill Of Rights Be Destroyed Through Their TREASON & Fraud & PsyOps!

    Watch these two ZioJew buffoons screw their lies up over & over as they lie and threaten politicians & official to support Gun Confiscation & demand that no one should criticize them because they are just children!!!


    FROM intelius Identity Search:

    Ryan C Deitsch
    age 32

    Anderson, SC; Millersburg, OH; Venice, FL; Dover, OH; Saint Augustine, FL; Boynton Beach, FL; Port Charlotte, FL; Farmingdale, NY

    Wbpl Deitsch, April Deitsch, Phyllis Deitsch, William Deitsch, Maggie Deitsch, Randy Deitsch

    Electric City Playhouse
    ((((((Busted Grown man theater Actor!!!!!))))))

  18. Ex109) Parkland PsyOp Ridiculousness
    Drama Club Crisis Actwhores Sing Angry Gun Confiscation Song (Prewritten Long Ago) On Live TV!


  19. EX110) Parkland PsyOp Zionist & Crypto Jew Singer Demi Lovato Brings 5 Fake Parkland Students (Crisis Acwhores) to San Diego Concert to promote Zionist Jew Gun Confiscation Agenda!


  20. Ex111) Parkland PsyOp Lying Jewess Demi Lovato ridiculously claims she just discovered she’s jewish! She says she thought she was Italian but is not! Then she says her Schizoid father told her he was French & Italian! This lying Actwhore as always known she’s a Jew! A Crypto Jew told to pretend she is not to get her career going as an Italian American so it’s not so obvious how many (disporputionately) jews get acting & singing jobs in, stage Theater, record contracts, & movies & news & sports media!


  21. Ex112) Parkland PsyOp Mayor Christine Hunschofsky is connected to Zionist Terrorist Group Haddassa & other Zionist & Jewish Supremacist & Chabadist groups…


  22. PARKLAND PSYOP Busted More Each Day!!!

    Ex113) AP Video!! Parkland history Teacher Ernest Rospierski Admits He Was Told Feb 14 Morning There Would be A Code Red (Active Shooter) Drill That Day! SO When The (PsyOp) shooting begin He thought it was a fake shooting aka Drill going on & it was!!


    THIS video is an Associated Press Video Interview of
    Ernest Rospierski, a history teacher ADMITTING it was a preplanned drill! NOT a so called Conspiracy or Truther video!! LMAO!

  23. http://www.AnnaVonReitz.com and

    FL Global Documents at



    States Rights and The American Sovereign

    You have airtight FRAUD and other claims against your Zionist / Israeli slavemasters and we have the skills and guts to file class actions nationwide.

    Problem is, you’re too stingy to justly compensate us, so we’ll just sit back and watch you get slaughtered, as the Rothschild Zionists / Satanists bleed you dry, illegally foreclose on your homes, repossess your cars and trucks, render you homeless and destitute, and ultimately haul you off to extermination camps.

    You did it to yourselves, pathetic cowards and slaves.

    Here’s a sample of what we can do – the unbeatable OKON (decorated combat vet) / STOLLER versus SANCTUARY CITY of PHOENIX INC immigration law enforcement class action is now on the desk of US SUPREME COURT JUSTICE NEIL GORSUCH and is going to all nine SCOTUS LEGAL BRAINIACS, who are expected to grant certiorari.

    Recent worldwide press release:


    THe OKON (decorated combat vet) / STOLLER versus SANCTUARY CITY of PHOENIX INC IMMIGRATION LAW ENFORCEMENT MEGA CLASS ACTION is now on the desk of US SUPREME COURT JUSTICE NEIL GORSUCH and is going to ALL NINE SCOTUS JUSTICES. We expect that certiorari will be granted.

    arguing this case in the High Court, Washington, DC.

    They are allowed 30 minutes, as are the despicable desert rats (if they even show up – they have already defaulted and never filed any responsive pleadings.)

    STOLLER is a native New Yorker, as are SCOTUS Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan, and Sonia Sotomayor, who will undoubtedly side with him and the injured class of plaintiffs.

    These no-nonsense Justices have no love or respect for the cartel-owned Arizona Inc secessionists and international criminals.

    Their heinous crimes include complicity in international CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING.

    The unbeatable pleadings are published at


    Brad DeShane, Press Agent for FL Global Documents at http://www.fb.com/legalfl and

    Sovereign CT America at http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/125501

  24. EX114) Parkland Teacher/Crisis Actor Ernest Rospierski Was Brought In from Michigan in 2016 in preparation for this treasonous Gun Confiscation PsyOp! JUST LIKE IN Sandy Hook Crook PsyOp where the fake parents & teachers were brought in 2 to 3 yrs before the fake Massacre!


    Don’t worry Ziotrash scum Jew Gabriel this will all be deleted soon! Too much damning evidence! Like where this A-hole admits it was an announced drill going on!

  25. Another disinfo Fraudulent post by Ziotrash Jew Troll Gabriel!

    (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of-> C0WB0Y (Expose All Crisis Actwhore Traitors) MARCH 15, 2018 AT 6:18 PM
    I am a dumb goyim (jew named for Gabriel). How can you tell? Just look at all the dumb stuff I post here day and night. And the Zionists just keep getting more powerful (evil, lying & satanic & dangerous to Americans!). Now that’s dumb! Lol…..
    ————————– ——————
    Indeed you do post idiotic stuff called disinfo all day like the psychopath Ziotrash Jew you are Gabriel!! LMAO!

  26. Ex114b) Parkland Teacher/Crisis Actor Ernest Rospierski Was Brought In from Michigan in 2016 in preparation for this treasonous Gun Confiscation PsyOp! JUST LIKE IN Sandy Hook Crook PsyOp!


    FROM Intelius Search:

    Ernest Adam Rospierski
    age 36
    Vestaburg, MI; Pompano Beach, FL; Center Line, MI; Marquette, MI; Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Andrea Enes (aka Andrea Kowalski/Rospierski) Melanie Rospierski, Constance Rospierski

    Broward County , Inc.

  27. Ex115) Parkland Fake Teacher/ Horrible Crisis Actor /Actwhore Judenrat Ernest Rospierski Fake Hero Says His Kids( fake students/Crisis Actwhores/ Sayanim) Are Doing a terrific job [pushing the Gun Confiscation Agenda Against the HATED Goyim Americans!]


  28. Ex116) Parkland Fake Student Mossad Actwhore David Hogg-sucker, 28, Is Doing Joint Interviews with **** near every Parkland Crisis Actor! He’s a one man traveling clown show too! He’s flying all over the country $$$ unlimited expense account pushing the treasonous zionist jew agenda to destroy The American Bill of Rights & Constitution!

    One day he is in Livingston New Jersey, then NY then back to Florida! All over the place! They’re flying these hoaxwhores to LA, San Diego CA & all over!


  29. Ex117) Parkland PsyOp MossadAgent CrisisActwhore Ryan Deitsch, 32yrs old now, Doing French Film As Student a few years ago As A Victim Again! Poor jewish geek picked up by Evil Goyim Frenchies! This series of videos came up when I searched his name earlier but I just now discovered this one with this AshkeNAZI Chabad Lubavitcher Zionist Psychopath Fraudster in it! Previously I posted one of him doing a Houdini style Escape from a straight jacket trick while hanging from a crane & cable! That trick was done in 2008 and he was already a grown man in ’08 proving he is not 18! This is a very devious, evil treasonous *******! Just like this other fraudster David Hogg, 28 playing an 18 or 17 yr old! Even though Hogg already Graduated from High School in Redondo Beach several years ago olaying a fake student. And Hogg also played a high school student in South Carolina! They recycle these slimely Mossad trash Crisis Actors over & over!


  30. Ex 118) Parkland Creepy AshkeNAZI jew Zionist Crisis Actwhore Ryan Deitsch the 32 yr old Fake Student & Pathological liar & Treasonous Mossad Agent Enemy of All Americans! Doing A Gene Rosenslime Impression here it seems!


  31. Busted Hart Family Cell of Mossad Agents Playing Characters in Parkland PsyOp!

    Ex119) This little Zionist Agent Crisis Actwhore plays Alfonso Calderon supposed student GunConfiscation Activist- His name is Wyatt Hart of Port Charlotte FL he is atleast 20yrs old & not a teenager! He keeps calling himself a child like fellow traitors Ryan Deitsch & despicable David Hogg!

    He has severe acne from being a meth-head gamer addict & sometimes a bodybuilder wanna’be! You can see his exact same face, severe acne, ears, and hair style and voice.This is him as Alfonzo Calderon in this PsyOp:


    I have discovered several members of his family & friends Crisis Acting in this PsyOp!! Emily Hart, Susan Hart, etc..

  32. Ex119b) This little Zionist Agent Crisis Actwhore plays Alfonso Calderon supposed student GunConfiscation Activist- His name is Wyatt Hart of Port Charlotte FL he is atleast 20yrs old & not a teenager!

    This is him as Wyatt Hart! It’s undeniably him!


    He has severe acne from being a meth-head gamer addict & sometimes a bodybuilder wanna’be! You can see his exact same face, severe acne, ears, and hair style and voice.This is him, clearly Alfonzo Calderon is Wyatt Hart!

    I have the real/alias identities of Rebecca Boldrick, Lauren Hogg, Kevin Hogg as well! [email protected]#k this evil ziotrash treasonous bastards!

  33. Zionist Jew Troll Gabriel posting as–>Central Casting at Crisis Actors, Inc.MARCH 15, 2018 AT 9:37 PM

    Hey Cowboy – do you see how many people are responding to your non-stop nonsense?.


    Nobody cares you babbling fool.

    You seem like the type who would also talk to himself on the street.

    You are truly the last man standing. You’ve scared everyone away from this place, which is now a pathetic ghost town.

    Soon Dr. K will trash all your libelous posts, as he’s regularly done in the past. All your hard work for nada.

    Poor Cowboy.

    We will see zio scumbag Gabriel…. We shall see…I scared no one away! Allowing your disinfo & perverted & gibberish & fraudulent posts under other real posters’ names here did disgust & confuse people into leaving, not me. Anyway there is nothing libelous about exposing fraudsters & treasonous Crisis Actwhores & mossad agents & other such criminals! I will keep on doing it. They can all go straight to hell if they don’t like being exposed!

  34. Cowboy – you haven’t EXPOSED a single fraud. The only thing you EXPOSE is your micro-***** to little boys. It’s all there in the police report and you know it!

  35. Ex120) Parkland Gun Confiscation Con PsyOp!!
    An Impossible Shooting Happens In UK After Beloved Zionist Orchestrated Gun Confiscation After Fake Dunblane Shooting PsyOp!

    How Can this be??? Once you disarm the law abiding citizens ” no another shooting” ill happen that’s ehat our beloved zionist jew Crisis Actwhore Fake Students tell us!


  36. Ex200) Hoax Homo Holocaust Pulse Nightclub crappy footage used or Kangaroo Court Trial of Fake Shooter Mateen’s Wife! World’s most Fake, Pixelated phoney footage ever, for phoney baloney-est ever massacre!

    No shooting massacre ever occured in Orlando! It’s more phoney than NASA & Disney’s Fakery in Orlando!


  37. Cowboy, thanks for all your info on these rat faced kikes. A lot of people read the information you lay out. We will get these kike bastards, thanks to people like. We will be victorious.

  38. Chicago Cop, on way to shooting, Wrecks & injures 2 Cops & 3 woman & injured woman Apple “®facetimes” her mother live feed as she is fitted with a neck brace & as other are placed in a ambulances!

    HOAXY SOUDING AS HELL! An advert for Apple’s Facetime livefeed video! Like all these fake shootings broadcast live on Facebook! Apple must have demanded some shooting advertisent product placement too! LMAO!

    And mother says she was “howling for her momma the whole time”!


  39. Yez my deer Cowz. We will win at Waterloo!

  40. Amy Jean Klobuchar is an Zionist owned treasonous traitor. Amy J Klobuchar and John ISIS McStain have committed treasonous acts against the united states of Jewmerica. See the photos of Amy Zio senator Klobuchar and John ISIS McStain and his lover Leslie G together in Ukraine plotting with Zio installed puppet government. God we earnestly pray swiftly destroy the Satanic United states and Israel in one hour with nukes. This Zio demonic scum now controls the whole world and enslaves all and consumes the adrenalized blood of sacrificed and Tortured and raped to death Goyim infants. The Zionists are the seed of Satan and will destroy the world. They relished starving to death 10 million Goyim in Ukraine and genociding 100S of millions of Christians. I regret that I have but one life to give bringing retribution upon Demonic Zionist Entities.

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