Nairobi Hoax Other Hoaxes — 23 October 2013
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Iconic Nairobi Hoax Jumping Picture is an Iconic Fraud

The woman in the reportedly iconic jumping picture, where the individual is seen leaping to safety and being caught by good Samaritan is a fake, just like the fabricated iconic photo of Sandy Hoax’s Carlee Soto.

Remember this? It, too, is an absolute phony.


This wretch caused great corruption in the land as a result of this fakery. Notice the hand over the heart, the cell phone. It was all a set-up, purely corrupt.

Now, to the most recent AP/Reuters/Israeli iconic fraud. The Zionists are busted to the moon. They faked the entire Nairobi mall event: indisputable. This, too, is corrupt. Because of the acts of Israeli-inspired crisis actors hate against people has been regenerated. That hate has been carried out. Since Sept. 21, people of Islaam, actually, all kinds of people, including Sikhs, have been assaulted and attacked as a result of this fraud.

Desperation: A crowd of people hold their arms out to catch a Kenyan woman as she jumps out from the air vent where she had been hiding from the gunmen–gang-target-victims-Prophets-mother.html

Remember this picture? It is a fake.

The DailyFAIL lies: “Desperation: A crowd of people hold their arms out to catch a Kenyan woman as she jumps out from the air vent where she had been hiding from the gunmen>” A complete fabrication: it was Zionist moles and their Kenyan cohorts that surrounded her, not a crowd of unsuspecting people. Plus, no one was “out to catch” her in the least. That was too risky. No use in hurting a good crisis actor.

Here is another view. It really looks like it appears. That, somehow, she escaped the terror by entering an air vent and then jumped down. Just how all those rescue heroes got there is never described.

She really does appear to be jumping for her life, while the Anglo-Kazarian arm with the watch and another gloved hand rise up. How are they going to catch her, though? They are in the wrong position.

Oh, they don’t need to. It’s a movie set, after all, and like all movies there is the attempt to minimize injuries for insurance purposes.

Right, she is a neophyte stunt girl. Everyone likes to be in the movies. There it is, not much of a stunt: a table was put up against the wall to catch her.


CNN, AP, and that miserable wretched Zionist operation, Reuters, as well as Getty’s entity, Getty Pictures; all the cohorts of the Israeli entity are right there documenting the fraud.



Caught by whom? By no one, instead by the table, with a bit of assistance from an Israeli mole.

A fake is a fake. It can’t be hidden. It can’t be projected as real. There will always be a trail for the fraud.


Who is spotted in the image besides the Western photographer? It is none other than Kazarian Zionist moles, Israeli agents, directly from the Zionist entity.

The fraud gets deeper. Turns out, the woman in the white shirt is more than just a minor player. Rather, she is a multi-faceted crisis actor. The woman plays three separate roles.

There is first the fake jump. Then, there is the fake carry away, as if, somehow, she is being transported to safety. More heroes than the entire world could hold.



The Israeli can be clearly seen, here. No doubt about it the carrier man is a Zionist Jew. Note, too, the insignia on the woman’s shirt. Surely, she is more than a mere crisis actor and is in all likelihood a Frank Lowy employee willing to do his bidding for a price.

It can be seen, here, that she is wearing a wig as a kind of disguise with a white tie. Oh, the treachery of vanity.


Note that wig one more time. It’s the marker proving the degree of her involvement in this hoax.

It’s her, once again, now with two security moles. So, how did she do it? How did she go from being secure with these thugs to, then, running away in fear? Did she run away from her security detail into the air tunnel just for the fun of it? Then, she decided it was too stuffy up there and called them to help get her down?


As found on the lanyards such moles work for none other than Securex Agencies; the pay and benefits are sufficient to commit the maximum degree of fraud.


Note: the contract in Kenya is a big deal for Securex.

Securex Agencies (K) Ltd 

Securex Agencies (K) Ltd

Securex provides complete security solutions from Manned Guarding Services, Cash in Transit to Access Control, CCTV and more. We currrently operate branches in Uganda and have plans underway of opening branches countrywide in Kenya, having recently started operations in Mombasa.

Securex Agencies Kenya Ltd

SECUREX is a leading security provider in East Africa with its Headquarters in Nairobi and offices in Kampala and Asmara.
SECUREX is the first company in East Africa to achieve ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification
Established In 1970, SECUREX mission has always been to provide dependable and reliable security services to the domestic and commercial sectors
THE VISION: Recognized market leader in providing professional security solutions
THE MISSION: To excel in the provision of Security solutions.
SECUREX will be customer focused in all areas of its operations. Competent Human Resources backed by modern technology will drive the company
At SECUREX, in addition to the standard security services, we offer technology that makes all the difference in the modern world of security with current crime trend
We offer the following services
• Guarding Services
For more information please contact us at:
Securex House, parklands road parklands. Nairobi.
P.O.Box 48399 – 00100 Nairobi.
Tel: 3746321 /3 /6, mobiles: 0722-343434, 0733-656556
Fax: 3747017
Email: [email protected] 

This is absolute proof that the entire Kenya mall event was staged. No wonder they drove off the curious or angry locals with tear gas.



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  1. nice work. The ludicrously staged ventilator “jump” photo is credited to Nichole Sobecki/AFP, wife of Tyler Hicks.
    The AFP video
    shows some farcical blood smearing round the fake victim at the start.
    The second “victim” in blue and white striped shirt seems not to be oozing any blood at all. Perhaps he is sleeping.
    About half way through the AFP video, you can see the same bespectacled, egg-headed zionist mole posing with a handgun. He is just visible below at the bottom of the “table photo” against a wall with some Keynans. There is a good full frontal view of him in the ventilator episode in the AFP video. Notice right at the end “ventilator girl” is dropped by her handler and she starts walking. A ridiculous episode. Two other photographers are seen with cameras pointing at her emerging from the ventilator. Total hoax.

    • Look at the guys about one fourth into the clip (after they pan out from the escalator scene). The guy kneeling with the AK47 to the right is smiling while talking to the guy to the left. Then they realise they are being filmed and get all serious. Total hoax and bad acting…

  2. Former spy: Kenya mall attack ‘could have been prevented’

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