Medical Tyranny — 07 February 2015
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More Information on the Danger of Man-Made B Vitamins – Thiamine and Riboflavin

In contrast to man-made chemically based substances or complexes it is truly food and/or food-like concentrates that truly have healing powers. Chemicals—drugs or others—have never been shown to have tissue regeneration or organ healing capacities. The consumption, therefore, of chemical compounds, whether in the form of pharmaceutical agents or chemically produced supplements, can achieve for the body no good. In fact, in contrast to any real positive benefit they largely do the body harm. This is certainly true of numerous synthetically produced vitamin supplements, including the commonly available B vitamin formulations.

Yet, the pursuit of the intake of B vitamins is understandable. These vitamins are essential for life. The cells and organs of the body degenerate in their absence. They are necessary for the optimal function of all organ systems. The human body needs B vitamins, even on a daily basis. Yet, should they be derived from chemically produced supplements, GMO-tainted formulations, or real food and/or food concentrates?

It would be superior to get modest or even low doses from foods or their concentrates than to gain seemly high of excessive doses from chemically derived or laboratory produced sources. Moreover, in the early scientific studies on deficiency diseases it was primarily food-based B vitamins which were shown to systematically reverse deficiency symptoms.

Can coal-tar and/or benzene heal?

It is well established that drugs are produced from petrochemical derivatives as well as components of coal-tar. Yet, what about vitamin supplements? Surely, they would not be made from such noxious substances? Surely, when it comes to the manufacture of “our vitamins,” this would be more sacred.

This is not the case. The vitamins, too, are made from chemical substances, mainly coal-tar but also to a large degree, benzene and other gasoline-like substances.

Gasoline components, such as benzene, as a vitamin supplement base? Who could find this plausible? According to Robert Thiel, Ph.D., Naturopathic physician:

Most vitamins in supplements are petroleum extracts, coal tar derivatives, and chemically processed sugar. NOTE: he also adds that industrially processed and adulterated fish oil is the base substance for certain vitamin compounds. “…industrial chemicals, such as formaldehyde (are), used to process” the vitamins during manufacturing.

Therefore, rather than actual naturally occurring vitamins people are consuming, perhaps unwittingly nothing other than synthetic corruptions. To produce such aberrant molecules chemicals must be used, many of which are harsh as well as, more direly, carcinogenic. Let us, then, look at some of these corrupt ‘vitamins’ and comprehend of what they are made and, perhaps, how they are made:


In fact, the synthetic form of this vitamin, thiamine hydrochloride, can prove toxic. Derived from a substance known as Grew Diamine, a derivative of coal-tar it is according to Chiropractic physician R. Schierling “processed with several harsh chemicals including ammonia and formaldehyde (” Even so, some thiamine may be derived from yeast and/or rice bran. However, this more natural derivative is rarely if ever found in the standard dietary supplements.

There is yet another means of production of this vitamin, which is through microbial synthesis. However, once again, there is a corruption, here, since the microbes used are GMO:

10. A recombinant DNA containing a DNA fragment which is derived from a microorganism belonging to the genus Escherichia and is bearing genetic information relating to the synthesis of thiamine monophosphate and/or thiamine pyrophosphate.

Escherichia stands for Esherichia coli, that is E. coli, a colonic bacteria.


Regarding this most crucial vitamin it may be produced from nutritional yeast; however, most of it is produced synthetically or semi-synthetically by Roche, BASF, and Hubei Guangji Pharmaceutical. This vitamin, at least, is not made from the carbon molecules of coal tar or petrol. Instead, it is produced through microbial synthesis. It has been long known that certain yeasts, as well as bacteria, produced vast amounts of the vitamin. The process, in general, is described as follows:

The filamentous fungus Ashbya gossypii (= Eremothecium gossypii) is employed in an industrial riboflavin producing process. Genetically, this filamentous fungus is closely related to S. cerevisiae and able to grow on vegetable oil as a carbon source. An optimized strain (that is a genetically engineered one) produces a large surplus of riboflavin that is secreted into the culture supernatant where it accumulates to extremely high concentrations and finally crystallizes. This biotechnological process produces thousands of tons of riboflavin per year and is more cost-effective than chemical processes for its synthesis. Other biotechnological processes utilize the gram-positive bacterium Bacillus subtilis for the production of riboflavin. Again, genetic engineering (such as the mutation of the ribE gene) was used to increase the productivity of the strain.


The production of vitamins through genetically corrupted strains is hardly safe. Such altered germs may produce dangerous toxins that contaminate the end-product, in this case, riboflavin crystals. A schematic of the processes involved in riboflavin production is as follows. Note that the chemical process, though described below, has been largely abandoned in favor of the fermentation one relying on genetically altered germs:

Notice that glucose is used as a substrate, likely derived from GMO-tainted corn.

Clearly, the schematic states the use of genetically corrupted bacteria for the biosynthetic process. The fermentation of matter through the use of such recombinant germs leads to the production of toxins of unknown severity and toxicity.

Just what is this biomass that is relied upon as fuel for the fermentation germs? Is it human or animal sewage? Why call it biomass? Why not identify it?

Can anyone image all the possibilities for toxicity and reactions: corn derivatives, toxic chemicals, formaldehyde, petrochemical derivatives, coal-tar, solvents, and GMOs? Too, how is it possible to efficiently digest coal-tar, benzene, GMO toxins, GMO corn matter, or formaldehyde, that is without causing great toxicity in the gut? What a contrast it is to consume such corrupted supplements versus those which are made from actual food.

One food-based B complex powder free of all synthetic or biosynthesis-based vitamins is on the market. Let us see what people are saying about this compared to synthetically produced pills. Here, it should be kept in mind that the following testimonials relate only to food source B vitamins. Note the contrast between these and the former intake of synthetic or semi-synthetic formulations:

I am allergic to any synthetic vitamins, so I add this (that is a whole food B complex powder made from high-grade rice bran, heat-killed torula yeast, roasted maca, and royal jelly) to my protein shakes to get my Vitamin B and notice it keeps me in a good mood and also the fiber from the roasted maca helps fill me up which is always difficult since I can’t have any fruit, gluten, soy, or anything high-carb.

I am able to digest this (whole food vitamin powder), where the B complex pills give me indigestion.

Surely, no one can adequately digest mere coal-tar or petroleum distillates, let alone GMOs derived from corn: or GMO microbial toxins. It is far worse than mere failure to digest and assimilate and/or digestive upset. It is organ and cellular toxicity that is at issue. As noted on the blog NewHealthGuide there are a number of well-published signs and symptoms of toxicity as a result of the consumption of B complex tablets. These signs and symptoms are as follows:

Black stools
Abdominal pain
Frequent urination
Changes in urine color
Redness of skin

The black stools, as well as the redness of the skin, are surely signs of coal-tar and/or petrochemical toxicity. Avoid the consumption of synthetically produce vitamins. These vitamins will add to the burden of toxicity within the human body.



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  1. Thanks to Nodisinfo for this vital information!

    And I agree with Rudolf Friedrich 01 about the healing powers of natural substances which the following information can prove beyond any doubt – and it is about Flower Essences and Essential Oils [such as pure Oil of Wild Oregano].

    And big pharma and the rest of the Medical Industrial Complex is not going to like this information.

    Flower Essences and Essential Oils are nature’s greatest healers that have the power to heal any and all of mans ills and they are the greatest gifts from nature. Flower Essences and Essential Oils can be considered as the most effective healing agents although cannot be compared to God and Christ healing through prayer and meditation which comes directly from God as I believe it.

    However a word of caution is necessary when it comes to the quality of these products which depends on who produces and markets the products based on how ethical these people are.

    North American Flower Society is the leader of Flower Essences where the quality of their products can be guaranteed to be of unquestionable superiority and the people who own this company are ethical people.

    It is important to know that I am sharing this information thinking that it can benefit you and your family (and your friends and neighbors) and that I have absolutely no personal or business affiliation with any of the companies and/or people who own them or the people whose books and websites I have introduced already or would introduce here on this page or at a later time here or elsewhere in the future.

    One of the most potent and versatile Essential Oils is the Oil of Oregano which can cure many diseases. Unlike Flower Essences Essential Oils can be highly toxic when used in higher dosage. Even in smaller dosage toxic symptoms can appear based on the type of oil and if the oils are contaminated or corrupted which is a common problem with Essential Oils. There is a lot of fraudulent activity that goes on with Essential Oil production and marketing.

    For instance Thyme Oil or the Oil of Marjoram is commercially marketed as the Oil of Oregano. In fact “Spanish Oregano” is Thyme Oil and Thyme Oil is also very toxic which if mistakenly used internally thinking it is Oil of Oregano can be deadly because it can produce liver and kidney damage as well as respiratory failure due to its deleterious effects on the brain. As such it is quite a dangerous substitute for Oil of Oregano the latter being a safe oil for external as well as internal use with many healing benefits. The best form of Oregano is the wild variety available as the Oil of Wild Oregano. In order to benefit most from these products when and how to use them is important. The most important is also the purity of the product and where to find it. With these in mind:

    The following books and products

    (1) The Flower Essence Repertory by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz

    (2) Bach Flower Remedies by Julian Barnard

    Flower Essences purchase

    Essential Oil Healing

    (1) The Cure is in the Cupboard: How to use Oregano for Better Health by Dr Cass Ingram

    (2) Natural Cures for Radiation by Dr. Cass Ingram

    North American Herb & Spice produce top quality Wild Oregano and other products that are also 100% non-GMO and available at:

    The people who own these companies seem to be ethical and care about producing quality products that are GMO free and unadulterated.

    Research has demonstrated how toxic and harmful GMO food could be and it is crucial to avoid GMO sources of any kind. GMOs are associated with the development of deadly diseases including immune dysfunction and cancer. At the present time most of the studies showing the toxicity of GMOs on the living cell have been conducted through animal studies.

    GMOs are not limited to items of food and other sources include drugs and nutritional supplements which are not facts that are widely known. Within nutritional supplements are included vitamins themselves. Ascorbic acid and vitamin E are routinely manufactured from genetically modified sources thus making them harmful to the living tissue systems. Another substance that is tainted is lecithin which too like vitamin E is derived from GMO-soybean and Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) is commonly manufactured from GMO corn.

    Another problem with most supplements is also the fact that they contain additives and fillers such as corn starch, maltodextrin, glycerin, soy protein isolate, fructose, glucose, dextrose, lactose (from RBG-tainted milk), casein (from RBG-tainted milk), whey (from RBG-tainted milk), colostrum (from RBG-tainted milk), aspartame etc. And these components are just as toxic as the GMOs themselves and in some cases even more toxic because they act as concentrates.

    North American Herb & Spice deserves to be applauded for making well over hundred supplements and whole food formulas mostly wild-sourced and raw and and wild grown spices, herbs, and food derivatives obtained from wild plants that provide high-energy and nutrition for the cellular systems.

  2. Thanks for the article, doc, really useful.

  3. Christinne Radu,

    It’s nice to know you are feeling better!

  4. Monsanto: A real danger to mankind!

  5. I was not able to get Nodisinfo directly through Startpage or Google. I reached this page through a link from The Tap Blog.

  6. Actually, black stools are a sign of internal bleeding, not coal tar. But, that’s just one lie in an entire website chock full of lies. Ignorant people have big gaps in their knowledge, stupid ignorant people fill these gaps with any kind of garbage, like the garbage on this very website. Smart ignorant people fill the gaps in their knowledge with actual knowledge, by getting an education. Promoters of lies and their believers offer nothing to the world. Completely useless. They spend their lives hating things that don’t even exist. What a stupid waste. Reality always wins!

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