Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 05 July 2013
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Egypt’s New President Adly Mansour is a Jew

Note: a warning to all the people of Egypt and throughout the Middle East: Egyptian President Adly Mansour is a Jew, as demonstrated in this post. This puppet has been imposed upon the Egyptian people. The fine and brave people of Egypt must not be shy to depose him, just as their elected president was deposed.

The Muslim Brotherhood was right when posting on its Website an article from al-Jazeera about the Jewishness of the newly installed so-called interim President, Adly Mansour. While the former ruler of Egypt was obviously far from a popular representation of the will of the wide masses of the Egyptian people, what about the new one, AdlyMansour? In this case a man has been put into power who has no representation of any degree from the people and who was in contrast to Morsi put into power secretly. Regardless, even if he entertained the support of a strong minority, any unpopularity is no basis for a violent takeover of his presidency merely by a cabal of thugs.

Who is he? Is he a man who will represent the needs and desires of the people, an improvement over the seemingly incapacitated Morsi, or will he be a phenomenon far worse, a conduit to tyranny and repression?

One issue is certain. In no way will it benefit the people of Egypt to suffer under the tyranny of imposed rule: in other words, a dictatorship. Worse than this, how will it help Egyptians to have forced upon them rule by the Zionist entity, actual rule by Jews who are placed in power in a secretive way? The Egyptian people must rise up against such a fraud, an actual hoax: the hoax of a fake popular revolt.

It is truly a hoax of unprecedented proportions, all orchestrated by Zionist masters. It is high time for the Egyptian masses to shout to the world that, once again, they have been subjected to a great, brutal oppression, which is the imposition of secret rule by Zionist operatives, yet another Jewish Adly, just like despise former Security Minister, Habib El-Adly.

Look at him: he looks like a puppet, even down to the dress.

Everything about the man is secretive: it does not bode well for the Egyptian people. Who will this clandestine one release from Egyptian prisons, Hosni Mubarak himself (if he really is in prison)?

People were free to do and say what they will under Morsi, according to opposition leader Amr Moussa, despite his American-Zionist-based rule. Is Mansour independent of such influence, or is he merely yet another Zionist puppet? They are no longer free. It is not a benefit to have rule forced upon the people’s backs: only a detriment.

He was, after all, put into power clandestinely. The people of Egypt and throughout the whole world have a right to know his real nature.

According to a report published on al-Jazeera there is a revealing basis for the selection of this individual. This is the fact that rather than a Muslim person of any kind al-Mansour is instead a Jew. Thus, the installation of this man is a specific plot aimed against the Egyptian people, who have been clearly duped, once again. In other words, there is nothing beneficial for the people of Egypt in the placement of this man in power, whether temporary or otherwise.

The installation of a Jew ruling over the Muslims is categorical proof that rather than a spontaneous people’s revolution this was a plot, a counter-revolution of sorts, instigated and achieved strictly by Zionist powers:


In fact, for the Zionists the game, that wicked scam of deception and subterfuge, has only just begun:

An Egyptian sign, or the kind of signage produced only on the behest of the Mossad?

Arson: Zionist moles are the likely culprits are culprits, not the regular people on the streets. Those Muslim Brotherhood buildings were targeted in advance through a specific, organized plot. There was nothing chaotic about it.

Already in the post-Morsi climate innocents have been brutally murdered in the street; the country is under complete militarization. The imposition of a secretive Jew over the Muslims has already had dire consequences. Just what the Zionists want: more bloodshed and chaos to keep the Islamic world in a tail spin of tyranny and oppression.


Then, there is this recent report from the Muslim Brotherhood, courtesy of its English-language Website:

Arab Revolutions > EGYPT
Millions of Egyptians Rise Up Against Coup; Republican Guard Massacre Peaceful Protesters

Millions of Egyptians Rise Up Against Coup; Republican Guard Massacre Peaceful Protesters
Systematic brutality, widespread atrocities and plain downright bloody massacres are back on the streets of Cairo and all provinces across Egypt as security forces face unarmed demonstrators with live bullets.
Friday, July 5,2013 23:10

A raised stage set up in Rabaa Al-Adaweya Square announced that the number of demonstrators reached 3 million who reject the treacherous military coup against elected President Mohamed Morsi. More mass marches are still pouring in onto the already packed square.

From the same stage, it was also announced that there are 3 million-man marches and demonstrations in Cairo, at Rabaa Al-Adaweya Square, Nahda Square and Republican Guard compound.

Dr. Bassem Ouda, the Minister of Supply (who has already resigned in protest of the military take-over), was carried by demonstrators high on their heads, leading a massive march to the University Bridge and on to Nahda Square platform.

Signaling the return to the era of persecution and state-sponsored massacres Friday, the Republican Guard opened fire at thousands of peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators demanding the return of President Morsi.

Republican Guard forces fired tear gas canisters and live bullets into crowds of demonstrators, killing dozens and wounding hundreds, according to eyewitness reports.

An increasing number of demonstrators are joining a massive rally outside the Republican Guard compound where additional marches coming from Rabaa Al-Adaweya mosque joined a sit-in in peaceful support for the victims of the massacre there.

Meanwhile, more masses of Egyptian people rallied in most of the governorates of Egypt to denounce the heinous, brutal military coup.

Make no mistake about it this coup toppling the Democratically elected Egyptian leader is a Zionist plot confirmed by the fact that Adly Mansour is a Jew, while al-Sisi, too, is a Zionist asset. That means that those who helped organized military rule, who fully back Mansour and al-Sisi, are Zionist collaborators imposing their will upon the Egyptian people who can in no way be considered an improvement over the existing regime. Why else would anyone establish a secretive Egyptian Jew over the 90% population Muslim country–and do so under cloak of deception–unless it is a plot?

Rather than fake protests with inflated numbers publicized in the Zionist-controlled press the evidence for this is on the hard facts on the ground. Dozens of people have been cut down and killed in senseless violence. Buildings have been set afire and destroyed. There has to be a basis for this other than mere disgust with the then current leader. In other words, this was an organized, systematic effort to impose a foreign rule over the Egyptian people, rule by hostile, repressive Zionist Jewry, which will be proven in this post.

Zionist plot proven

See this incredible revelation occurring in the Egyptian press a mere 48 hours after the coup. The statement that the Jews are in no way strangers to Egypt is particularly revealing:




No Muslim is going to be named after what is, in fact, a rare first name marking the only operational synagogue in Cairo.

If it is considered, this is an in-the-face admission by local Jewry that they are back in full charge of the Egyptian system, which, in fact, they never relinquished. Morsi, too, was under their control. Note the name of the street of the synagogue. Adly is distinctively a Hebrew-Jewish name:



The Zionists are proud of their achieve of once again imposing Jewish rule over an Islamic people, just as they did in the Shah-era Iran, just as they are doing in the current Jordan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and more. The Zionists don’t reveal much, but occasionally their pride gets the best of them, and the nature of the plot is unleashed:



Moreover, Mansour he is, the new Zionist-authorized King of Egypt. Did the Zionists do a preemptive strike against Morsi, realizing his declining popularity and through their intelligence assets take command before any real revolution held sway?

Here is more proof regarding the Jewish surname Mansour:




Note all the derivatives. Mansour is distinctly a Jewish surname, although, surely, it is occasionally adopted by Christians and Muslims. Yet, the point is with such a well-established Jewish surname plus a common Hebrew first name, the nature of this imposed leader as a Zionist operative becomes evident:


What follows is clear proof of the distinct status of this name among North African Jews:



The first name itself is clearly Hebrew with ancient notoriety:


Once again, the fame of this name as it relates to ancient Jewish institutions:


The fact that Adly is exclusively a Hebrew word, simply not used by Muslims to any degree, is seen, here:
adlymansourjewevi  mansour

The Jews of Mubarak’s rule

Then, too, was the murderous Mubarak a secretive Jew? El-Adly is directly tied to the bombing of Alexandria’s Coptic Churches, an event which preceded the revolution in the streets.


…this would explain the claim made by members of an Assyrian nationalist NGO that Egyptian security officials abandoned their posts at the church in Alexandria just an hour before the attack—and that it may not have been the first time:

Eyewitnesses confirmed that security forces guarding the church withdrew nearly one hour before the blast, leaving only four policemen and an officer to guard such a big church and nearly 2000 people attending the midnight mass. “Normally they would have waited until the mass was over,” said [Copts4Egypt’s Hany] el-Gezeiry. […]

On January 6, 2010, just before the [Coptic] Christmas Eve Massacre in Nag Hammadi, security withdrew its forces from guarding the church a couple of hours before the shooting of the Coptic congregation took place.

Thus, in all likelihood, El-Adly himself, bearing a Hebrew name, was a secretive Jewish operating masquerading as an Egyptian national, even a Muslim. Is one of the reasons for this plot to release the now imprisoned Jews and Zionist assets of the former Mubarak regime as a promised favor of the Zionists for previous complicity? Will, then, El-Adly be reinstated, either openly or clandestinely, to, again, wreak havoc upon the people, brutalizing them, torturing them, and murdering them?

Two Zionist moles in a row: will they now be exonerated of all charges and released at-large?


No doubt about it the Egyptians are now under the rule of the Wizards, just as the scriptures proclaim: the Wizards of Tel Aviv and American Jewry.




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  1. Good to know that. Jews/Zionists stealing everything they can from the countries they settled up in. Names, traditions…. Mansour/Mansur is actually a Muslim/Arabic name, but scums stole it too and made it one of “theirs”. Just like with the Spanish/Portuguese name “Diaz” or “Rosenfeld” or “Einstein” in Germany etc….

  2. The Hebrew “Adlai” becomes “Adel” in Arabic too.

  3. The Sephardim Jews, generally speaking, are Muslims/Arabs converted to Judaism centuries ago. Changing one’s religion doesnt equate changing one’s ethnicity/race/blood. The enmity between Ashkenazim and Sephardim is well known. Its the stuff Holohoax was made for, to set just an example.

    • was made of, sorry

  4. Egypt’s interim president Adly Mansour signs ‘anti-protest law’


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