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Are the Zionists Plotting Against Bill Cosby Because of His Endorsement of Islam?

Could the criminal Zionist cabal be attempting to destroy Bill Cosby for his pro-Islamic stance? After all, a mere year before the massive onslaught against him he gave an endorsement for Islam and its ways. He gave two separate endorsements in the public light, which is rarely done by major players in the entertainment industry, if ever. The most significant endorsement occurred in a June 9th, 2013, edition of the New York Post, the relevant quote being as follows:


Essentially, Mr. Cosby said, ‘Adopt Islam or, rather, at least its principles as a way of life, you millions of America-resident black people. It would be to your benefit if you did so.’

Immediately, by Zionist assets he was extensively attacked:


West is a major asset for the arch-Zionist cabal and one of their key Islamophobes. Eddie Murphy also weighed in against the comedian, as follows:

Eddie Murphy’s response was to quote Richard Pryor: “Tell Bill I said have a Coke and a smile and shut the f**k up.

Clearly, then, the Zionists found the words of Mr. Cosby to be a threat to such a degree that they sent their attack dogs against him. No one, truly no one, in Zionist-controlled Hollywood makes such broad, positive statements about Islam without this being taken under great scrutiny and without it resulting in a vigorous, antagonistic response. After all, virtually all that Jewish-controlled Hollywood represents is the most extremes of the polar opposite of Cosby’s words, that of Islamophobia, in fact, the outright black-listing of Islam.

It was even prior to this that Cosby made another endorsement, where he gave encouragement to a great Zionist taboo, which is a TV show that would paint Muslims in a positive light. Per Islamophobia Today:


“If you hear philosophies that come out of the readings and the religions, some of these sayings are absolutely fantastic,” he said. “I remember a Muslim woman said to me . . . ‘There’s a saying: Trust in Allah, but tie up your camel.’ Now that’s wonderful! And I think everybody could have a good feeling about that.”

“Trust in Allah” is wonderful, actual words of Mr. Cosby? Does anyone think the arch-criminal minds of Jewish-controlled Hollywood will take this lightly? He is ready to go (down with) a plan for an upbeat Muslim reality or sit-com type of show? He thinks it’s a good idea, and he tells the major media so?

These are highly positive commentary in a sea of darkness and corrupt accusations. Does anyone believe the Zionists would let this stand down? Does anyone believe that they would take such words, even intentions, of Cosby lightly. He was fully capable of making a family oriented Muslim show, and it appears from his statements that he may well have fully intended to do so. No wonder they have sought to destroy him.


This was 2011, some two years-plus before the new-fangled, massive assault against him. In this regard it should be considered what other major, world renown entertainer ever made such statements before the international press? He was planning, perhaps, or agreeing to making a sit-com about Muslim family values to create a greater understanding of these people and their faith? Who would believe this would be allowed without a major assault against it?

It was that fully revealed the Zionist plot against him, attempting to scandalize him by deeming him as having a “Love for Islam:”


He’s a lover of Islam just by making a pragmatic comment about it, that is about some of its valuable and practical aspects? Here is Mr. Cosby interacting briefly in an airport with a Muslim preacher, Yusuf Estes.

They were playfully interacting for a few minutes, even discussing the Islamic greeting, Asalaamu Alaykum or peace be upon you.

Now, if Cosby were to decided to put in place a positive-based show on ‘Muslim family values’ that would be a great threat to the criminally minded arch-Zionist cabal. It appeared he had every intention of framing such shows, regardless of the main focus:


Who talks about such kinds of shows in this day and age other than the Cosby group? Regardless, how could it be a coincidence that all this is happening prior to the intensive assault against him? Then, too, when did the heavy hitting slanderous pieces come out against him? It was in the same month as the ‘lover of Islam’ article:


Regarding the accuser Dickinson, as listed above, for instance, there can be no doubt that she has falsified her story and that her claims of being accosted and abused are contrived:


The existence of even one false accuser given play and substance by the Zionists is hard proof of a plot. Even so, the common thread is the revelations of the accusations not through police reports or lawyer interactions but instead through the tabloid media and other Zionist-controlled mouthpieces:


Does anyone really believe that the tabloids and the local news media are common, initial outlets for rape victims, especially in the event of threat of prosecution? The media is conspiring with these women to spread these messages. At the hand of the Zionist mob there is a willing and pre-meditated effort to take this man down, regardless of any indiscretions in his past.

There is a constant emphasis on forced or violent sex in these reports. Where is the evidence to substantiate it?


In addition on Dec. 11 Beverly Johnson announced her case against him through Vanity Fair in which she wrote a long piece in considerable detail. Surely, this was not for free; surely, there was pay for such a project.

It’s TMZ, the Washington Post, Philadelphia Magazine, New York Daily News, Vanity Fair, and the DailyMail, along with Facebook, which are the outlets.

Why didn’t the accusers go to the police versus the media? Why not speak to a lawyer first, if this was legitimate, instead of going to the arch-tabloid press? Why would anyone who was raped give a round for their first publicity on Facebook or TMZ? In particular, why would anyone post the or sexual abuse claim on Facebook, as did Linda Traitz, as the initial source?

It is certain that a number of these accusations are not true. This means that some of the accusatory women are being put up to the role. It is likely that they were paid considerable sums to spread this slander, despite any real or prior history of the individual involved.

Then, there is the commentary of his former TV wife of The Cosby Show fame, Felicia Rashad:


This is highly telling. In order to achieve this it was necessary to procure false witness through people who would fabricate sexual abuse claims, one of the most prominent of which is arch-fabricator and known criminal mind, Janice Dickinson.

Addendum: here is another statement by Mr. Cosby in this case regarding the so-named ‘black’ Muslims:


With their Islamophobia plot there is no way the Zionists would let this stand. Thus, they took him out through false accusations, innuendo, slander, and libel.



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    • Your olfactory apparatus is in tune with rodent breath: for sure.

  1. I’ve been wondering why he became such a target. If only the people would realize this. Thank you for solving the mystery of the plot to smear Bill Cosby!

    • You are welcome. This was an extensively researched op-ed which took hours upon hours. Anyone with further info in this regard please post it in the comments.

  2. For me it is hard to believe that he would not be on board in this incident.
    I just watched his interview. It was revealing.
    Plus: conider he is a main-stream-actor and comedian.

    This incident is not about Islam
    It is possibly about “divide et impera” (this time: men versus women) and about money maybe.

    • You underestimate the vile hatred of the Zionist mob for this grand faith. Let us not forget that Princess Diana was assassinated because she was to marry a man of Muslim background and could well have been pregnant by the man.

      • I do not underestimate their hate for humans (including Muslims). Indeed their hate againsts Islam could be a motive / indication for your opinion.But there are other opposite indication for my opinion (above all his facial expression / possible latent laughing? in the interview maybe..

        First of all I am on the side of all decent Muslims. And I appreciate the many good values in Islam (especially love, honesty, forgiveness etc). I have studied the Islam and Koran and came to the conclusion that it is mostly full of good values. But unfortunately it is not 100%-pure, but it contains errors, because it was infiltrated by pharaohs / hoaxers since it´s very beginning.

        The pharaohs/ hoaxers rule our world for thousands of years. They called their god Isis, Rah and El (Is-ra-el). And they called themselves in ancient Egypt “Rah-mon”/men and in India “B-rah-mans”. Later they created the God of Islam El-rah = Al-r*ah = Al-lah = Al-Rah-man and Al-Rah-im.
        The similarities of the religions are no coincidences, but indicate that most big religions were made by the same pharaoh-caste. For examples the similarities between Judaism / Kabbalah and Buddhism and between Judaism / KabbAllah and Islam/Kaba (= Stone in Mecca) /Allah. I truly wished that at least the Islam would be independent from them. Fortunately their influence is not so strong because of the millions of Muslims who have pure intentions and hold/keep the values of the Islam high.

        *: „r“ and „l“ are very similar sounds. Btw, when I was 14 years old, I learned the so-called “rolling rrrrrrrrr” (which is common in Italy) through a staccato “lllllllll” (my own invented methode to learn it).

  3. It looks like Cosby accuser PJ Masten alias Patricia Masten was also used in the Marv Albert PsyOp. Yes, PJ’s actual name is Patricia. I’m not saying Marv didnt sodomize & bite Vanessa Perhach but it was not rape it was a sex ritual perverted zionist Jew Marv Albert did with his longterm high paid Mistress/call girl often for over ten years. But she was angry that he was about to marry ESPN reporter Heather Faulkner & that her services would be needed less often & so he income from Marv Albert might greatly decrease. Anyway Masten was used as a crisis actor by the ziomedia & NOW (Patricia Ireland CIA & Mossad agent runs NOW) to help really make a freak show & PsyOp of it & zioScam/$$$/raise money for NOW & push the zionist sex perversion & any man is a likely rapist agenda!
    Here is People magazine article with Patricia Masten:
    Others are not so forgiving.
    “I am appalled,” says Patricia Masten, a hotel employee who testified at Albert’s trial that he had made sexual advances to her in a hotel room while wearing panties and a garter belt but that she had escaped after distracting him by yanking at his toupee. “I don’t think he should be in a public forum yet.” 
    “To see him rehired so quickly just encourages that kind of a wink and a nod that we’ve seen in the sports culture about violence against women,” says National Organization for Women president Patricia Ireland. “What many of us are looking for from him is some real sign of understanding, some real sign of his having looked in a mirror.” 
    In fact he has done so, insists Albert, who plans to continue seeing a psychotherapist after his court-mandated year of treatment ends next month. “It’s been great for me,” he says. “I think I’m a better person now, although I’m still a work in progress. While I still have a sense of humor, I’m much more serious about things than I was. And I’m talking more to my family.”,,20126462,00.html
    And ofourse Marv Albert has all his former jobs & positions back with Madison Square Gardern, NBC, & ESPN with two years & even was back as NBC’s #1 announcer in less than 3 years after the PsyOp began!! Zionist Jew Bob Costas even admitted stepping down as NBC’s number #1 sports announcer so that Marv Albert could regain his former spot at #1 announcer!

  4. Clearly it was this same mossadomite fraudster hit woman Patricia Masten & Gloria Allred who magically appeared out of no where in the middle of Merv Albert’ trial & caused Marv Albert to go along with this zionist & Allred & NOW-Patricia Ireland & ZioMedia PsyOp & to plea bargain & plead guilty to lesser charges..when he intended to fight the case as consentual sex & Sadomasocism. The plan anyway was never to destroy their own zionist Jew Marv Albert but just shake him down & forward the zionist perverted PsyOp agendas against Americans & the goyim. It’s not they they ever bothered mentioning he was Jewish, as they indeed certainly would have if Albert was Muslim, Christian, Scientologist, Catholic or whatever.
    From Court TV:
    Masten, the woman whose surprise testimony that Albert also bit her and tried force her to perform oral sex was the turning point in the trial, was not pleased at all with Albert’s sentence. Masten, who was accompanied by her lawyer, Gloria Allred, had released a statement the previous day in which she said that Albert should serve time in jail. In this statement, Masten also regretted that under Virginia law, she would not be permitted to give any testimony that would influence Albert’s sentence. After the hearing, Masten said that Albert’s sentence of no jail time sent a wrong message to the youth of America. Allred said that Albert’s punishment (or lack of) was another example of a male perpetrator being treated as a victim and a female victim being vilified.
    This above is from an article from Courtroon TV that is copied here on this website below:

  5. PJ Masten aka Patricia Masten playboy bunny zioAgent con artist working for zionist Jew Perverted old Lecherous slimebag Hugh Hefner a zionist Israeli firster. How many young girls did he drug & rape??? How many men did Hefner & his bunnies secretly photograph & setup & blackmail & extort from & compromise & co-opt for the zioMafia from the 1950’s until the present??? Hundreds??!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_400/article-masten3-1205.jpg

  6. Yes, he endorsed islam however before that he tried to nbc and his son was killed! His sons death is interesting reading!

    • He tried to buy NBC !

    • Yes, it was a contract hit. There are two new posts here on this. NBC/GE likely played a key role in the assassination.

  7. With all due respect, same subjected were discussed here last year, when the Cosby scandal first emerged. The murder of his son, Ennis, his dad’s statement about Islam and so on….

  8. Why does a popular guy like Bill Cosby need to jump on that cheap tart Janet Dickinson.

    This allegation is just not convincing. I’d like to see her take a lie detector test… and keep a straight face, despite her unfair advantage.

    • I have it from a prominent man in London that Ms. Dickinson is one incredibly bizarre person. Selected to be her attache for a gala event in London about five years ago he said “She was a nightmare.” Dealing with her was so stressful for this man that he said he never again did such work. Dickinson got drunk and made quite a scene, No one wanted to deal with her.

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