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ISIS is Trained to Murder Muslims and Destroy Islam Says One US Sponsored Commander

UPDATED, July 6, 2016, 10:00 CST

Criminal element and arch-corrupt thug Khalimov, aka Halimov, is US-trained proxy, a fact which he freely and categorically admits: publicly. This treacherous ones was trained for “years” in the US in so-called counter-terrorism capacities. This was at the head of the Diplomatic Counter-Terrorism, sponsored in full by the Department of State. The Department of State is merely a front group for the Department of Defense (DoD). The purpose of Khalimov’s schemes is to give backbone to the DoD’s thirst for power and money. “I had special training at a Blackwater base,” Khalimov proclaimed, in which he and the others were “trained to fight against Muslims and Islam.” Can there, then, be any further proof regarding the real nature of ISIS and its agents as nothing other than an arch-Zionist proxy?

The special plot he was advised to spread is that, now, he is made about it and he is, therefore, “turning his gun” against the Western powers. This is a smokescreen to cover his real motive, which is to wage a murderous war against Islam.

This ‘defection’ video is a smokescreen, that is as a means to confuse, to obfuscate in regard to anyone who would question his real nature as an embedded State Department mole.

Moreover, there can be no doubt about this fact although, ultimately, he is a Zionist mole using the Department of State as a smokescreen:

This known previous head of  Tajikistan Special (Black Ops) Forces was specifically recruited by the US because of his propensity for brutality. He is a hardened criminal, make no mistake about it.

As part of his propaganda role it was he who said, once again, as a means of obfuscation:

“Listen, you American pigs, I’ve been three times to America, and I saw how you train fighters to kill Muslims,” he said. “God willing, I will come with this weapon to your cities, your homes, and we will kill you.”

Sure he will, right. What a smoke-screen it is. His purpose is to serve America’s foul, swine-like leadership, support it, not undermine it. The fact is America’s power-brokers are his cohorts, as is demonstrated by the following image, where he is in a photo-op with Tajikistan Ambassador, Susan Elliot:


The individual has been reared for a number of years by the US Department of State to be a murderer, specifically against Muslims:

Moreover, slaughter them he did, though under the guise of attempting to unseat the rule of Bashir al-Asad. Yet, ultimately, his role as a renegade Department of Defense, trained agent is a ruse. He’s no renegade. He is precisely doing the State Department and DoD’s bidding.

Of no surprise is the fact that the facility where he trained to perform his debauchery is none other than Academi, the new name for the scandalized Blackwater entity. Academi is owned by a hard-core Zionist agent, Erik Prince: or at least he was the initial owner.

Prince is a mass murderer. Apparently, now, the arch coward has fled the United States:

It says he worked and operated, and trained, at the Blackwater mercenary base, all at the expense of American taxpayers.

Clearly, rather than a Muslim or Islamic radical Khalimov is a hard-core petty criminal, a mere Zionist proxy and thug. He has nothing to do with Islam and is, rather, its adversary. Moreover, he raised a bear specifically as a disguise for his previous self as in the anti-Muslim Tajik police forces.

This will be updated, shortly. This is hard proof that the Zionist world crime syndicate is fully responsible for the mass murder of Islamic people in Syria and far more. Let it be screamed from the root-tops. Islam is the opponent of public terror, in fact, the world’s protection against it. The fact is it and its adherents are the victims of global schemes of mass terror, not the perpetrators.



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    Established in 1871, the National Rifle Association is America’s oldest civil rights and sportsmen’s group. More than five million members strong, NRA continues to uphold the Second Amendment and advocates enforcement of existing laws against violent offenders to reduce crime. The Association remains the nation’s leader in firearm education and training for law-abiding gun owners, law enforcement and the armed services. Be sure to follow the NRA on Facebook at NRA on Facebook and Twitter @NRA.

    • I’d say it’s you being bashed on all threads, euro-douche. And you keep coming back for more!


    • Another Fraud post by ZioJew troll Gabriel I certainly do not support the NRA which pretends all these zionist Hoax Shootings are real! And they repeatedly have supported fake Conservatives & Gun Grabber like Bob Dole & Phil Gramm!
      Gabriel *** Fraud Post:
      Cowboy JULY 6, 2016 AT 11:35 AM
      NRA and Smith & Wesson partner to Share the Safety

      Fairfax, Va.— American cities are hotbeds of crime, from gang violence to police brutality, but a major part of the problem is that the most vulnerable populations cannot afford to defend themselves. A new program from the National Rifle Association, in partnership with Smith & Wesson, seeks to change that…..blah…blah…blah…etc…

    • Did he get that face from chasing parked cars?

  3. “It says he worked and operated, and trained, at the Blackwater mercenary base, all at the expense of American taxpayers.”

    Please note dear readers that ‘Dr’ K need not regard himself as a taxpayer in light of the tax fraud he has perpetrated upon the citizens of this great country.

  4. Not exactly news, but thats good to remember.

  5. The ‘key’ MI6 source who described scenes from Hollywood blockbuster The Rock: Iraq report ridicules shambolic intelligence and says chiefs failed to stand up to Tony Blair over ‘dodgy dossier’

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  8. Phew. I’m glad I don’t live in San Diego!

  9. Note: This is my post on this thread all others made were fraudulently under my name were by zionist jew troll & pervert Gabriel.please pull his fraudulent, perverted disinfo & gibberis post as you finally agree to do.

    (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of:) Cowboy JULY 6, 2016 AT 7:43 PM
    Fake, disingenuous, hypocrite, liar, self-adulating, weak, wrong, criminal, delusional, weasel. Boy oh boy Ruduff, if he’d just used homo, pedo, perve, I’d think he was talking about you! Lol!o
    (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of:)
    CowboyJULY 6, 2016 AT 7:10 PM
    I’m a HUGE Santana fan. I’ve booked a ticket to Tel Aviv already!

    Vivian JULY 6, 2016 AT 8:14 PM
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  10. Exhibit 1) Zio DHS RACE WAR PsyOp Cop Shots Black Man Alton Sterling Is Complete Hoax proven in video here clearly!
    a)No reason to shoot him
    b) & he did not shoot him or the 2nd & 3rd bullet would have clearly hit his own partner!
    c) Even the first bullet hit Crisis actor Sterling it would have been in the shoulder, neck or head not ridiculously way down the center of his gut!
    d) No revoil from this gun & 40 or 45 Caliber Glock, Ruger or S&M would have had plenty of revoil!
    e) Impossible that he got all three bullets to hit gut when he moved between& during all 3 shots, & again 2nd & 3rd shot would have hit his partner.
    f) Phone Cam recorder Crisis Actor turned camera so fake blood pack(s) could be placed!
    g)No way in hell would this cop so openly murder this guy knowing witnesses were there & he was being filmed!
    h)Also this release & shooting was time perfectly weeks after Orlando Hoax to bring back Race War Agenda & piggy back off Orlando & Hate by evil straight goyim whites…And more reinforce programming of Ferguson & Baltimore & other zionist DHS Race War-Divide & Conquer PsyOps -Hoaxes!

  11. Exhibit 2) Alton Sterling Race War Hoax Cops vs Blacks PsyOp & agenda gets Pushed Hard by Zionist Jew Radio DJ Rosenberg!

    • Meet Alton Sterling: blood gang member, convicted pedophile, and registered sex offender. He has been arrested 10 times for drugs, weapons, and assault. Sterling never gave two shits about anyone’s life, so why should anyone feel bad for him?

  12. Rapper- Truther “ODD” TV Has had his main channel & Backup Channel pulled by disgrace zionist Google ZioJew Tube-Youtube.
    This is a Video he did exposing CIA-zioGovt’ Project Blue Beam. A long term planned fake invasion of the Earth by Fake Aliens to get the people to accept a One World Government & give up all their rights & freedoms & Independence!

    This includes recent ridiculous US Air Force TV Commercials with Alien Invasion recent zioHollywood tie-ins!

    • More Fraudulent disinfo gibberish post by ZioTroll *** Gabriel the cowardly deviant…
      Brokeback *** Gabriel Fake Version of:) CowboyJULY 7, 2016 AT 1:39 AM
      In fact I don’t know anything at all but that won’t stop me crapping on like a butthurt conspiracy loony!LOL

      CowboyJULY 7, 2016 AT 1:44 AM
      Cowball Investigations Inc

      Do you know someone who never existed?
      Know a person who was involved in a major event and mysteriously disappeared?
      Weren’t satisfied with a funeral where there was no open casket? ……Blah…blah…blah…This perverted freak Gabriel had posted this idiot cowballs one dozens of times.

    • Satan is a near powerless punk & will perform no miracles. His Zionist & Talmudic Jews & Freemason followers will perform hoax & PsyOp (fake) miracles to trick people that he can perform miracles using the latest technology available to them!

  13. Exhibit 3) Baton Rouge, LA Hoax Killer Cops Race War PsyOp -ZioTrash ACLU & other Race Hustlers-Fake Rights Groups Get in on the RaceWar- Police Vs Black PsyOp!

  14. Ex 4) Baton Rouge Race War Shooting Hoax Crisis Actor Just Can’t Shed Tear for Supposedly Just Murdered Husband! She just keeps on reading her ZioHollywood Prepared Script! Never going off her script, never consoling her supposedly 15 yr old son!… She keeps delivering her script like she is paid to do by treasonous, zionist DHS scumbags!

  15. Oh look here’s documentary evidence.

    Something of actual substance as opposed to the wild theories I pull out of my ***! LOL!

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      Brokeback *** Gaybriel Fake version of:) Cowboy JULY 7, 2016 AT 1:55 AM
      Oh look here’s documentary evidence.

      Something of actual substance as opposed to the wild theories I pull out of my ***! LOL!
      Now of this Crisis Actor Anton Sterling is a pedophile of other sex deviant like you Gabriel why would that surprise me??? But this treasonous Crisis Actor, pedo or not, is certainly not dead! This a a DHS orchestrated Zionist RaceWar Hoax!
      And since a lowlife piece of ziotrash, pathological liar like you Gabriel is posting about it & telling us how he deserved to die then it only more greatly confirms that this is a Race War Agenda PsyOp! You really are as big of a fool ss you are an A-hole Gabriel! You were too stupid to even keep posting as BRPD. lol!

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  17. Another Fraudulent, perverted, disinfo gibberish comment by zionist jew troll *** Gabriel..
    (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of:)
    Cowboy JULY 7, 2016 AT 6:48 AM
    Certain religious interests have sabotaged a vital industry that is as close to us as our skins- the condom manufacturers. Uniting under a belief that any sort of sexual union is for the purpose of producing babies only, these fanatics have infiltrated condom factories throughout the world with the intent of degrading their product. In subtle ways unnoticed by the managers, these zealots poke holes, rip out tips and put gashes into the rubber ‘volcano-pluggers’ thus ruining their intent- to make sex safe not only from diseases but from the bearing of children.
    The theory behind this vigilante action is that sex is for making babies and no other purpose thereby anything that attempts to stop or inhibit it is immoral and against God, forgetting of course that God is supposedly the only who has ever conceived a sexless baby (ie.- Jesus).

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  18. Exhibit 1) Minnesota Race War Killer Cop PsyOp
    Fake Name & age of VicSim Actor says it all Lol:
    Philando Divall Castile AKA…
    Philadelphia Orlando Devil Slave (Caste)
    (Reinforce Programming of Previous recent hoaxes ofcourse!)
    Age:…Drum roll please…Yes..33!! Ofcourse!
    ZioFreaks & their insane Gematria coding in their Hoaxes!

    From Intelius Search:
    Philando Divall Castile
    age 33
    Minneapolis, MN; Saint Paul, MN
    (Notice he is connected with-has addresses in both the “Twin Cities”
    Valerie Castile, Allysza Castile

  19. Ex2) DHS RaceWar Twin Cities Killer-Cop PsyOp Murder of Philando Castile

    Philando Divall aka Philadelphia Orlando Devil reinforcement programming..also possible predictive programming for an upcoming Duval County Florida Hoax Shooting or massacre or terror event PsyOp…

  20. Ex3) Rent-a-Mob Crisis Actors Crime Scene Taped-Up Governor’s Mansion Gate In Minnesota Killer-Cop PsyOp
    Hoax Tape Makes the Hoax Real! Yep! Put that Emergency Hoax Tape all over this PsyOp! Wrap it up it’s a Race War Agenda Hoax by the Zionist Racist Psychopaths!

  21. Ex4)Twins Cities Killer “Chinese” Cartoon Cop PsyOp -Ms Reynolds is world’s Calmest witness of her Husband Just being murdered in front of her..While crazed Chinese cartoon character killer-cop screams at her & dying husband crazily!
    He’s like a Jerry Lewis version of a Chinaman Caricature!

    Then on demand-times scriptedly she suddenly delayed-reaction style starts crying. And her kid appears from no where! Where was the kid when the cartoon character cop was still insanely pointing the gun around inside the car after he shot the VicSim??? Huh???

  22. Ex 5) Twin Cities Killer Cop PsyOp
    Yes there is blood! The zios & DHS & Hollywood gave us fake blood! But everything else proves both the Latest Killer Cop Shootings (DHS Race War -Cops Vs Blacks Agenda) are fake with Crisis Actors! The Baton Rouge & Minneapolis Killer cops are PsyOps! & Chucked full of kabbalistic & Talmudic & Masonic Gematria & predictive & reinforcement programming from past, present & future zioHoaxes!

  23. Exhibit 6) Twin Cities Killer Cop Hoax- Cartoon Crisis Actor Family of VicSim Philando Divall Castile – No Tears Just Trying to get the script & anger acting right!

  24. Ex7) Minneapolis Killer Cop PsyOp Occult Symbology & Numerology & Predictive & Reinforcement Programming Coded Into The Hoax “Murder by Cop” of VicSim Philando Divall Castile…
    Again Think: Philadelphia -Orlando Devil & Slave (Caste)

  25. Ex5) Baton Rouge Race War Agenda PsyOp -Zionist Crypto Jew Colin Flaherty Pushing the Zionist Race War Agenda & Cops Vs Black Agenda from the “Cops side”, supposed law enforcement side & fake conservayive side. He’s back by zionist Jew genocide lusting fake Conservatives like Michael Savage(real name Weiner) & David Horowitz & Zionist Jew run Brietbart (Cohen took it over after Brietbart was murdered).

    Divide & Conquer

    Conquer & destroy & enslave the dumb, hated goyim thru Race Anger, Hate & a Race War!
    I am not saying that plenty of what Flaherty says about Black on White violence in America is not true. But he mixes in lies & uses all these & hoax shootings to promote the zionist hatemongering & divide & conquer & the race war agenda! And he never attacks the cause of the violence & programmed screwed society & his master$ -the Self-chosen master racist zio Jew Psychopaths orchrstrating it all!

  26. Ex6) Baton Rouge Killer Cop PsyOp – Notice thst all the supposed shots are all together-as they would not possibly be, and no blood is smeared not splattered on 2nd Cop, or elsewhere but the victim is completely moved-turned many degrees clockwise! And he keeps moving his arm like in an old cowboy movie with 3 or even six bullets supposedly in his chest! ” Oh you got me right in the heart, partner, tell Emma Sue Ranch is her’s now.”

  27. Exhibit 7) Baton Rouge Killer-Cop PsyOp –
    Buffoon LA Governor wear 777 Coded Tie- Order Out of Chaos HoaxCode!

    This degenerate Satanic Freemason Governor is named:
    John Bel Edwards- Bel is a Satanic Babylonian god & just another name for the Tranny god Baphamet! LOL!
    These Freemason & Talmud Judeic Freaks are too twisted & insanely perverted to believe in their hoaxes, psyOps, False flags, genocide & occultic coding of it all!

  28. Ex8) Twin Cities 33 Killer Cop PysOp Freemason Fraudster Clarence Castile DHS Crisis Actor..Yes Uncle Clarence is a high level Freemason traitor pushing the Zio RaceWar & Cops vs Blacks Agenda for the Zio Psychopaths

  29. Ex9) Minnesoto Killer Cop PsyOp GoFundMe Scam Takes Over $17,000 in just 1st 13 Hours Race War Agenda PsyOp

    Note to brain dead & all:
    Philando = Philadelphia & Orlando Hoaxes
    Divall = Devil – & Castile = Cast or Slave
    Minnepolis Minnesota =mm =33
    & We Have:
    Twin 3’s &
    Twin Cities Saint Paul & Minneapolis, MN
    & Twin Killer Cop “Murder” Shootings of Black males…
    2nd Note:
    Ca it get anymore **** obvious that this is a Hoax & a PsyOp! Both these twin Cop Killer Shootings are PsyOps, Hoaxes & Treason!

  30. NASA Gets A New MK Ultra Mind Control Robot As An AstroNot, Freshly Created, & Delivered Straight From CIA & Ft Quantico!
    Listening to her is like listen to that Miss South Carolina Butterfly Robot!

    Her head barely moves & eyes barely blink & stay wide open! She’s like that female sex slave George “Skull & Bones” Bushwacker Sr had that he did the airplane parashoot jump….while Barbara Bush stayed home & chopped wood in Kennebunkport, Maine! (lol)

  31. Twins Of the ZioRaceWar Hoax Cops Shooting Blacks & Blacks Shooting Cops Triple PsyOp!!

    ExA) TX Twins Cities COPS Killed Hoax
    By Black Ninja Hoax Snipers
    In Hoax Response & Revenge for
    Twin Cities MN & Baton Rouge,LA Twin Shootings By Killer Cops PsyOp!

    800 protestors & 100 cops in TX Cop Killing PsyOp aka 900 & shooting started just before 9:00. lol

    & This very story has 666 coded in the Link… 4 Cops Dead, 11 Cops Shot for an occultic 44. Six combined Hoax dead in all 3 Hoax Shootings

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