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Islamophobe Ayaan Hisri Ali Revealed as Diabolical Rothschild Agent

Regarding that arch-fabricator and terminal Islamophobe Ayaan Hirsi Ali aka Ayaan Hirsi Magan make no mistake about it all that she spouts is wretched lies. Too, her main claim, that she was mutilated in a supposed tribal or Islamic ritual as a young girl, is a fabrication. Even her claim of being a Muslim is a lie. She is an arch-Zionist Jew, not a Muslim:

A Large Selection of Sephardic Jewish Surnames


She is absolutely a Hebrew who has disguised herself as a fallen or reprobate Muslim. Recall the Magai of the Bible? Her real name is a derivative of this:

Magan: to deliver up, deliver

Original Word: מָגַן
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: magan
Phonetic Spelling: (maw-gan’)
Short Definition: delivered

מָגַן verb only

Pi`el deliver up, deliver (denominative from מָגֵן; on connection of meanings compare סָגַר) —

Perfect מִגֵּן Genesis 14:20; Imperfect3feminine singular suffix תְּמַגְּנֶ֑ךָּ

Proverbs 4:9 אֲמַגֶּנְךָ Hosea 11:8; — deliver up to adversary Genesis 14:20; Hosea 11:8 + Isaiah 64:6 ᵐ5 ᵑ6 ᵑ7 Ew Che and others

וַתְּמַגְּנֵּנוּ for ᵑ0 וַתְּמגֵנוּ; also deliver, give, with accusative & suffix of indirect object Proverbs 4:9.

Who is she attempting to fool? She is a creature of the dark, a wretched one, an agent of great Satanic evil:



She is a Magai, surnamed “Magan.” She is a fake, a mere well-paid Zionist mole, posing as a disgruntled, abused, and mutilated Muslim. Self-mutilation or the commission of mutilation of others is banned in this faith. Her attribution of ‘genital mutilation’ and other abuses to Islaam is hard proof of her real nature, that of a Zionist mole. They hide; they deceive; they corrupt. This is the nature of the arch-Zionist mole, which infest the peoples of the worlds at all levels in in every degree, all for mere vile corruption and treachery.

Despite having what appears to be a Muslim father she is clearly a Zionist mole, living the life of a polar opposite to an Islamic-minded person. Upon completing her role as in the Netherlands as a Mossad infiltrator she married an arch-Zionist agent, Niall Ferguson:

Belfer in Brief

Belfer Center Director Graham Allison (left) hosted a celebration of the recent marriage of Center board member Niall Ferguson (right), and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Harvard’s Charles Freid joined in.


The Belfer Center is merely a derivative of the arch-war mongering, pro-Israeli Council on Foreign Relations (CFR):



From one of our posters, paraphrased:

This demonic creature Ayaan Hirsi Ali an obvious arch-Zionist Mossad agent and extreme Islamophobe and Muslim/Christian hater. She is even a hater of the land of her origin, Somalia, a hater of her own people. She was the writer of the arch-Islamophobic, hate-mongering & Satanic psyop, “Submission” movie, that is demonic cohort and business partner with the premier of all Islamophobes, Theo Van Gogh.

Once she made her name and gained her claim to fame this Mossad agent was sent to America by her Zionist handlers, quickly becoming the partner of warmonger and Rothschild cohort, NiallFerguson’s, then becoming his wife. This happened after the war-soliciting Rothschild agent divorced his previous trophy wife, even though he had three children with her.  \

It was Rothschild collaborator Ferguson, a Satan-worshiping Harvard Professor, who apparently said on behalf of his masters in the CFR and Rothschild cabal that America should occupy Iraq atleast 40 years. He lusts on war between Christians and Muslims and any non-chosen goyim.

Thus, it is no surprise what is the company kept by that filthy, treacherous Zionist agent Hirsi Ali. She cavorts with the likes of arch-Rockefeller/Rothschild agent Graham Allison, among countless others. What could she be other than an arch-Zionist Jew, a Mossad infiltrator?

Million-pound bash for rising star of the super-rich

Nat Rothschild throws three-day party for 40th birthday at glitzy resort in Montenegro
Nat Rothschild
Nat Rothschild’s birthday will be celebrated in Montenegro. Photograph: Richard Young


Make no mistake about it Hirsi Ali aka Hirsi Magan has reached heroic status in the realm of arch-Zionist agents. This is because of the effectiveness of her treachery in demonizing Islaam. According to the Zionist-established DailyCaller:

Author and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for his resolve during Israel’s latest conflict with the terrorist group Hamas (A Nobel Peace Prize for murdering babies and defenseless citizens locked in an open air concentration camp?)

“I really admire Benjamin Netanyahu,” Ali told the Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom.

NOTE: She admires the great haters of the people, including one of the most terminally rabid anti-Christian and anti-Muslim individuals known. She admires those who butcher people to death, including pregnant women, elderly women, and tiny little girls, who defile them, brutalize them, and even sodomize and rape them. A real feminist she is, rather, a most wicked anti-woman agent, who promotes all that demonizes women, all that diminishes their status.

“[H]e is under so much pressure, from so many sources, and yet he does what is best for the people of Israel, he does his duty,” she continued. “I really think he should get the Nobel Peace Prize. In a fair world he would get it.”

Born in Somalia, Ali was granted political asylum by the Netherlands in 1992. Living in the European country, she renounced her Muslim faith and became a campaigner for women’s rights in the Muslim world. Elected to the Dutch parliament in 2003, her outspoken criticism of radical Islam led to death threats and the need for round-the-clock security.

Ali, who moved to the United States in 2006 and has penned several books about her life and the plight of women in the Muslim world, says she agrees with Netanyahu that Israel can’t negotiate with an organization like Hamas that seeks its destruction.

“Everyone was upset with Netanyahu when he said that he would not negotiate before the other side said that they recognize the existence of the State of Israel,” she said. “That is a basic demand. Without that it is pointless to go to the negotiations table. It is Negotiations 101.”

NOTE: there is no other possibility other than the fact that Hirsi Ali is a Zionist Jew.

Hamas’ charter, written in 1988, calls not only for the destruction of Israel, but for a worldwide genocide of Jews.

With an organization like Hamas, Ali elaborated, it is impossible for Israel to find “common ground.”

“You can negotiate with fellow human beings with whom you have some kind of common ground,” she said. “The assumption as we negotiate is that there is fair play. The problem with negotiating with Hamas is that they have a vision, a certain kind of utopia. And for that utopia to be realized, the State of Israel must be completely destroyed.”

“Shariah law has to be established, ideally, all over the world,” she continued, explaining Hamas’ worldview. “You can never trust a Jew, you can never trust a Christian. That is the utopia. Women have to behave a certain way, they have to be locked up, it is very totalitarian. You can negotiate until you are as blue in the face as the American flag, but it will never yield anything on the other side.”

Ali says the basic difference between Israel and Hamas is that the Jewish state values life while the Palestinian terror group values death.

“Israel is investing everything it has into life on earth,” she said. “Hamas is investing everything it has into life after death.”


That Hirsi Ali aka Hirsi Magan is a fraud is beyond even the slightest doubt. Her claim of suffering the ill consequences of harsh ‘Islamic’ customs such as forced marriage have now been proven fabricated, as demonstrated on the Blog-Post, http://www.amnation.com/vfr/archives/005639.html. On immigration documents she has even lied about the date of her birth.

Clearly, Hirsi Ali is a vile, hedonistic Zionist mole, nothing other than an agent of the Mossad. She is heavily reimbursed for being one of the most effective Islamophobes known, working directly for the arch-terrorist Zionist Jews, in fact, at the highest level of Zionism, an agent of the Rockefeller and Rothschild cabals.







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    • This a relative of Mossad fraudster Ayaan Hirsi–probably her sister She goes by Halima Ali and more by Halima Anderson she is hotel & Restaurant Management in Philadelphia & New Jersey & Dubai. She also is a feminist anti Black Male extremist & writes columns and blogs pushing black women to date white men. She misses no chance to attack men but especially black men. She uses This slimeball zionist Neill Crypto Ferguson hatemonger/warmonger as the perfect male in one of her columns.

    • Who trained Ali for how many months/years to become such an ice cold presenter (which, of course, only works in a sealed environment where no persons answering Ali’s rhetoric question if Judaism is a religion of peace are allowed).

  1. The Rothschilds Family are REPTILLIANS…just look at them…and The Rockefellers Family…pure EVIL!great article DR.K!

    • 911hoax-oklahoma hoax-sandy hook hoax-boston hoax-mh370 hoax-mh17 hoax etc…Rothschilds Family-Rockefeller Family-The Bush Family-The Clinton Family-The Dutch Queen-Pim Fortuyn-Theo van Gogh-Ayaan Hirsi Ali-Obama..etc…etc..it’s all in the MIX….and Christinne maybe She is a HE(Ayaan Hirsi Ali)at least a…REPTILLIAN!;)

  2. Can anyone prove shes 100% woman? Coz she doesnt look so to me in the least….

    • Maybe JUNGLE SURFER can Transvestigate…:Ayaan hirsi Ali..?

    • Possible; Ayaan is traditionally in Arabic a male name. Perhaps this accounts for the genital mutilation of which she speaks; good thought.

      • Michael/Michelle Obama-John/Joan Rivers-Princess/Prince Kate Middleton….all DUDES….The british Female/Male singer-artist:SADE…looks like Ayaan hirsi Ali….same forehead….source:JUNGLE SURFER CHANNEL

        • Dont forget the Gorilliams sisters and Kate Griffin. Sorry I disagree with u, TL, but no way Sade is a man.

          • Who Knowes?..nothing supridsed my anymore…Sade-“THE SWEETEST TABOO”..;)

          • YOU TUBE:Sade Transvestigation-Jungle Surfer Channel…judge it, for yourself..

          • YOU TUBE:Sade Visist………….(2010-The Wanda Sykes Show on FOX!)…just look at him/her,AND listen to the Man Voice of SADE…i say it’s a DUDE..;)

          • SADE-“King of sorrow”..song…why not “Queen of sorrow”?

          • SADE-:”You Think,You Know”….;)

          • Beyoncé……check Jungle surfer channel..his vids on her/him…

          • Singer Sinitta is definitely a man

          • TL, Im sorry I cant give much credit to that Jungle Surfer guy. Hitler was a woman, excuse me? Thats another Zio finding, dont believe the hype so to say.

          • Christinne look also at the other links-video i did post in the case of SADE,,,please…:)and Jungle Surfer is not on everything right,that’s true…but in the case og michael obama-kate middleton-sade..he is..but check please the other video..NOT from jungle surfer-dsade visist-2010-YOU YUBE…listen to “her”voice and just look at “her”…look it a couple of times..?GOOD LUCK!;)

          • sorry for my spellingssssszzzzmistaaaakezsz…;)

          • And i do believe BEYONCÉ is a dude…has nothing to do with Jungle Surfer…

          • Hitler was…..Charlie Chaplin..hahahaha

          • Check All the vids of the transvestigation vids from jungle surfer…in 75 % he’s 100% right…,10% maybe and 15% not…but that’s my opinion..Christinne;)

        • As further below is no reply button, I put it here: Hitler was a femme, the opposite of a butch. Could it be that someone transformed femme into woman?

    • “Can anyone prove shes 100% woman? Coz she doesnt look so to me in the least….”

      One would have to find a picture showing that Ali’s ring finger is longer than the index finger, which would be 99% proof.

      • Significant short ring finger on both sides compared to the index or pointing finger is a sign of goodly testosterone levels, this is true. If the fingers are a bit stubby, then she would definitely be a man. If long and slender, could be either.

  3. “Nat Rothschild throws three-day party for 40th birthday at glitzy resort in Montenegro”

    This poor guy looks like 60.

    • He looks like 60,because he’s pure Evil.

  4. Lawrence Auster, quoting a British reader:

    Hirsi Ali, fraud

    Lawrence Auster, May 15, 2006

    1. She lied about her name and date of birth.

    2. Her father had been jailed as an opposition politician in Somalia but had subsequently lived in Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and Kenya. The family had lived comfortably and safely in Kenya for the last 10 years prior to Ali’s departure for Europe and Hirsi Ali would have no reason to claim asylum or fear persecution.

    3. Her marriage was by choice and it would appear that her husband was callously exploited and then dumped after he bought her a ticket for Canada and got her a visa. He claims they were in love and spent a week together after the marriage, very happily. He left for Canada and had made arrangements for Hirsi to follow him there. She embarked from Kenya and absconded from the airport in Germany. After sometime, she spoke to him and told him that she was in a refugee camp in Holland. He came from Canada to visit her there and asked her to come back to Canada with him. She refused and told him the marriage was over. He could not persuade her to return.

    4. The husband was a Somali, a distant cousin, who had emigrated to Canada and settled there. The marriage was in Kenya just before she claimed asylum in the Netherlands. One week after the marriage, she took a flight to Canada via Germany but got off the flight in Germany and disappeared over the Dutch border. She told the Dutch that she had come from Somalia, as an aunt advised her to do, because at that time there was a famine in Somalia and it was easy to get asylum. That explains why she went to Holland and did not claim asylum in Germany. If she had claimed in Germany, the Germans would have been able to trace her arrival on the flight from Kenya and that would have invalidated her claim. She is a fraud!

    5. She made up a story which she thought (correctly) would get her asylum and then went on to work and study in Holland and the rest of the story we know.

    6. She was an African Moslem living safely in Kenya who fancied her chances in the West, probably could not get a visa to travel and so used the marriage as a means of obtaining a visa and an air ticket out of Kenya. Once the husband had come up with the goods, he was ruthlessly dumped and then portrayed as an abusive monster. Some gratitude! Given these facts, she has systematically lied her way into obtaining asylum, citizenship, education and political office. One must wonder how genuine her criticisms of Islam are and if these are just a means of getting her attention and adulation. She is untrustworthy. The Dutch should send her back to Kenya.


  5. Thanks for posting it Dr On this Evil Woman Ayaan Hirsi Ali thanks for including my comments on her & Ferguson. I want to research Ferguson’s family history more too. It’s rare to find a couple who are both as diobolically evil as those two! Even among zionists!
    Please do one on the Zionist DHS West Virginia HOAX Shooting PSYOP for Gun Confiscation! The sooner the better & it will draw a lot of people to your site. Many people in West Virginia are very Independent minded & distrustful of government & they need to hear the truth now & see who the real deadly enemy of America is!
    Also I find no connection by this identity search between these two, husband & wife, demons from hell! Slimeball Ferguson admitted he almost never saw his last trophy wife & said they lived 6000 miles away. So maybe he is Homosexual & it’s just a mossadomite arranged marriage between two of Lord Rothschild’s favorite mossad agents.
    Also she is the evil demonic Template/blueprint for this little devious mossad actor Malala demon!
    Also does look Ferguson has positions at Dartmouth & Lehigh Universities as well.

  6. 1st of all Frum is an exclusively Jewish name.
    Apparently they took 2 identities or 4 (of one or two Frums probably two aliases of the same zionist agent named Frum) and made a new character for the Zionist DHS West Virginia PsyOp Hoax Shooting. There is a Michael Frum of West Virginia with relatives lives with two ages
    (48 & 52) given two ages to seem as two people. The 48 yr old has relatives: Brenda & Melissa. 52 yr version has relatives Terri, Paul & Donna Then there is a “cutout” character Michael David Frum with no relatives no age listed none found (to be invented later or added, perhaps, in the gradually released zioHollywood style Script of the WVA Shooting PsOp). And victim Michael David Frum character is now supposedly 28.
    Ok but if we type in David Frum we find the real zionist agent using an alias of his or with perhaps a son’s picture or younger one of himself etc to profit from and serve the Zionist Enemy’s Gun Confiscation agenda against Americans! He is also age 50 and connected to the zionist controlled emerging healthcare/genocide monopolist industry. He is also Robert David Frum because searching that name reveals all the exact same healthcare companies and age 50 , & LSU & University Alabama -Birmingham etc & alladresses all over West Virginia and TN, KY, VA, Maine, Alabama, Louisianna,CA, etc. Another older Robert David Frum, perhaps his father supposed age 66 is directly shown to be admitted zio-run CIA scum on Intelius search. Also a Michael Frum version age 50 mentioned above is linked to Vienna, VA which is a CIA heavy spook town after Langley CIA Headquarters & Herdon, VA.
    This zionist demon as ridiculously named David David Frum:

    • The word frum is yiddish for religious, observant, and the word religious in German is fromm or religiös.

  7. A series of very apparent series of aliases of mossad slime enemy agent fraudster & pathological liar Ayaan Hirsi Ali:

  8. Spawns of Satan together! Muslim & Christian & goyim hating genocidal maniac witches from the depths of hell:
    Pamela Geller & Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    Not Hoax! Real evil zionist, Babylonian Occultic demons probably both big fans of Elizabeth Bathory! This monsters can give Hillary a run for her money in an evil competition!

  9. Chabad Pyschopaths & pathological lying maniacs’ lying stories about their Satanic Babylonian Lord & False Savior Mayer Anschel Rothschild!
    Everyone who exposes & opposes their evil is against them for no reason always. Always they are innocent or have a devine right to do their evil. Evil Abe Foxman says all races except his chosen master race have antisemitic genes for opposing their evil agendas.

  10. Rothschild’s Black Gold Empire!

    • Great links…like always…Cowboy

  11. Meet Jody Hunt–the real one– playing Zionist DHS Hoax Shooter The West Virginia PsyOps Mass Murder Shooting Hoax
    Creative Agent/change agent/Zionist Enemy DHS CRISIS ACTOR —->Jody Hunt
    Busted Mossadomite Scum!

  12. CIA-Big-Oil-Connection to SSDF-leader Hirsi Magan Isse (Hirsi Ali’s father)?

    CIA Islamists & The Destruction Of Somalia | Left Hook by Dean Henderson

    The US had often used Somalia to dump surplus commodities which could be fed to the cattle. The Somalia schilling had gone from 15.6 per dollar in 1983 to 38,000 per dollar in 1991 due to a series of IMF-mandated devaluations. The IMF encouraged the export-led cattle economy, while small farmers lost land and the country became a desert.

    General Aideed tried to form a government but was forced to fight off the Islamist extremists which the CIA unleashed. The day the US Marines came ashore to back the extremists President Bush stated that the war “may have to be extended into northern Somalia”. That very same day Chevron Texaco board member and former Secretary of State George Schultz called for air strikes on Yugoslavia.

    The CIA funded extremist warlord Ali Mahdi Mohammed, who seized the northern section of the Somali capital Mogadishu. They also backed the Somalia National Movement’s successful attempt to seize northwestern Somalia and declare an independent country called the Republic of Somaliland.

    In northeastern Somalia, which includes the strategic Gulf of Aden ports of Berbera and Boosaaso, the Company supported the separatist Somali Salvation Democratic Front, which had called for foreign intervention in Somalia.


  13. For storage in a safe file and/or other use or transfer to another location!

    We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook – Full Video in Higher Quality



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