9/11 Boston Bombing Other Hoaxes — 23 May 2013
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Islamphobia, the Zionist’s Crutch

Islamphobia is a tactic used by Zionist Jews to generate support and sympathy for the Israeli regime. It is a created phobia; in other words, it has been falsely instilled in people’s minds. It is easy to prove that this is the case. Islaam (spelled in this manner for phonetic and pronunciation purposes) has been maliciously and wrongly blamed for terrorist acts—and false terror acts—committed exclusively by Zionist Jews. 9-11 is the most brazen example where Israeli moles placed explosive charges in the World Trade Center complex, then detonated those charges, while blaming the entire act on innocents. Once again, those innocents were people of Islaamic background and thus by proxy laying blame on Islaam itself.

The demonization of the Palestinians was also a Zionist crutch, where Israeli agents created terror in their name in order to demonize them. For instance, Entebbe, the Operation Gladio in Europe, the Achille Lauro hijacking, and the murderous acts of Abu Nidal, were all Israeli orchestrations. Abu Nidal himself, known for his ruthlessness, was Jewish, not Muslim.

The Shah of Iran was also ruthless, yet, rather than a Muslim he was a Russian Jew. Put in power by the Rothschild and Rockefeller families his entire purpose was to suppress Muslims and their religion. He was finally ousted by an old man, Iman Khomeini, who exposed him for what he really was: a Zionist agent working on behalf of the Zionist entity, not his people.

In the mind of these wicked ones the only way they can maintain their control over the people is through the installation of fear. That fear is upheld through the Islaamic boogeymen, an individual who simply doesn’t exist. Rather, the real boogeymen are Israeli operatives, who butcher and murder people at will—and if not this, imprison them and torture them. They do so not for any crimes such people commit but, rather, as a cover for Zionist crimes, like the innocents in Guantanamo.

Most notorious, though, was the vicious actions of Zionist moles, including relatively high-level operatives, such as Larry Silverstein, Frank Lowy, Jerome Hauer, and Dov Zakheim, on the wild and brutal attacks on the WTC and Pentagon. Still blaming Muslims, it was strictly Zionist Jews who perpetrated these attacks. It was also only such Zionists who benefitted from the attacks—zealots that they are, always lusting in greed—using the attacks as the guise for great financial gain. The ‘puts’ placed on vulnerable stocks were done by the Zionists. Then, too, it was arch-Zionist mole Silverstein, who with that standard crystal ball only available for such vicious ones, placed not one but two insurance policies, one for each Tower, for remuneration in the billions in the event of a “terrorist” attack. There was such an attack, but rather than Islaamic it came strictly from Silverstein and his ilk. Truly, the death and carnage that was the result of the detonation of those building is strictly on the shoulders of such Zionist operatives. That scar does not belong to Islaam, which had nothing to do with it. In fact, for instance, regarding the London Tube Bombings, which was also perpetrated by Zionist Jews, it was a Muslim elder who tried to prevent it. A mosque elder in East London attempted to warn authorities about a hostile individual, named Osman Hussein, who was abusive and threatening, saying he could be violent. No action was taken. When the bombings were perpetrated, he was eventually arrested for his role, while attempting an escape in Italian. There, Italian police discovered he was part of an espionage ring, where his real name wasn’t  ‘Islaamic’ but was actually Hebrew: Adus Isaac. Turns out, Isaac is a Mossad operative who was disguising himself as a Muslim for purposes of casting blame on Islaam for the bombings (see Wrongly Blamed, same author). This is the methodology of the Zionists. They murder and create carnage, brutally destroying the innocent, buildings, infrastructure, and more while in a premeditated fashion casting the blame on Islaam.

Why should this grand faith bear that scar? It had nothing to do with it, and, rather, its entire purpose is to prevent such public terror. Its entire basis is to prevent people from brutalizing each other, even over matters of faith with its dictum “There shall be no compulsion (no use of force) in matters of religion.”

Moreover, so it is, as people in this world begin to realize that Islaam is not the enemy and is, rather, the friend to humanity Zionist agents crank up the pressure, laying the basis for more terrorism that Islaam did not commit and, in fact, incredibly is the victim—the recipient, like the Tsarnaev brothers who were viciously set up and brutalized by a litany of Zionist moles, including Andrew Kitzenberg, David Green, and numerous others, along, of course, with those lying hostile ones who own the great media operations, who have spread nothing but lies against these innocents.

For these filthy Zionists the blood of Tamerlan was not enough. Ruthlessly hounding yet another Chechen national, Ibragim Todashev, finally, after convincing him not to leave the area in fear of that hounding, they simply shot him dead, while also wildly blaming him for the death of Jewish drug dealers.

Islaamphobia is the means for the conquest of the people. It was the means for the Patriot Act. It was and is the basis for brutal, murderous wars. It was the platform for the acceptance by the American people of the incredibly murderous invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, “Get them before they come here and get us.” The people were “gotten”, surely, but it wasn’t by any Muslim individuals but, rather, by the committed zealots of the Israeli entity, that arena of wickedness, the great enemy of the human race and, in particular, the American people.

Islaam already is the friend of the American people. It has preserved them from additional harm. Some of the most vigorous opponents to their enemies, the Zionists, are Islaamic-minded people. It is their friend and protector. They just don’t realize it.

That is the great fear of these filthy great enemies of the human race-these powerful ones of world Jewry, that, perhaps, people might well realize it that there is no such thing as “Islaamic terror” or  “Islaamic terrorists” but that, rather, the terror that afflicts this human race arises strictly from Islaam’s enemies, Zionist Jews. They are to be condemned: they commit great acts of terror, while blaming it on innocents, thus causing even greater terror and the continuous murder of the innocent. Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Ibragim Todashev are among their latest victims.

Yet, surely, it is far more dire than even this. A modest list of Israeli-Zionist brutality of recent memory includes 9-11, the Madrid train bombings, the London Tube bombings, the Mumbai slaughter, and the Bali disco blood-bath. Hundreds of people slaughtered and wounded in cold blood? So, then, where is Islaamic terror except a figment of imagination in people’s minds?


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  1. Very few male singers were able to sing high notes as Mohideen Beig

    Pem Sihina Lokey Maya – Mohideen Beig & Rukmani Devi – From ‘Mathabhedaya’ (1955)


  2. Mohideen Beig and Rukmani Devi


  3. This was a young Mohideen Beig singing a beautiful song with Rukmani Devi, singer and

    ‘Hada Giley Ama Mihirey’ (Original) – Mohideen Beig & Rukmani Devi


  4. The sad thing was that even a talented singer like Mohideen Beig was not well off financially for which people who loved him blamed the music industry.

    Mohideen Beg Master Song – Adara Nadiya Gala


  5. No one was able to sing Buddhist songs like Mohideen Beig. Because of his own deep faith in God as a Muslim and because of his kind heart and love for Sri Lankan people he was able to invoke deep feelings in people who were Buddhists.

    Buddhists in Sri Lanka and other countries must always remember this legend and the beautiful songs he sang for Buddha and not get influenced by negative forces that can influence their mind against Muslim people.

    “Sakalasathama” Song By. Mohideen Beg


  6. ‘Adariye Ruchirananiye’ (Original Recording) – Mohideen Beig – Old Sinhala Song


  7. Zionist atrocities perpetrated on Muslim people are based on lies. Islamophobia is one of them.

    There is no reason to believe these Zionist lies anymore.

    Take India as an example.

    The number one man in Indian Cinema is Dilip Kumar.

    He was the light of Bollywood in his young days and he is Muslim.

    He has been copied by countless others whereas he has had his own style of acting and doing things. There are some actors who like to be seen with him in order to be liked by masses on account of Dilip Kumar’s immense popularity with people in India and other countries.

    The following account written on his birthday gives some key points about this special person who can be an inspiration to people of all faiths. And he is a man who loves God.

    “Dilip Kumar – The master and his words”

    “Effortless in tragedy, remarkable in romance, Dilip Kumar is the king of Indian actors. On his birthday, we trace his legendary career through his most remarkable quotes.

    Dilip Kumar has always been quoted as a well-read and eloquent man. His composure and maturity extends to his opinions and one can always count on him for a worthwhile perspective on anything under the sun.

    Of course the most famous of Dilip Kumar’s words were recorded in a courtroom during the Naya Daur case between BR Chopra and Ataullah Khan, Madhubala’s father. Dilip had proclaimed, “I love Madhubala and I shall always love her till the day she dies.” Other quotes from the man are dramatically pale in comparison, but he’s always had a voice worth lending an ear to.”


  8. Young Dilip Kumar and pretty actress Nargis (late mother of Sanjay Dutt) in the movie Mela


  9. The heartbreaking story of Sri Lankan Muslim singer: Mohideen Beig who died in poverty (like many other Sri Lankan artists) which he didn’t deserve. A man who loved Sri Lanka, never consumed alcohol or tobacco.

    A God loving Muslim who went to the temple 5 times a day to pray, a good person who got along with people and who was very kind. In other words a lovely human being.

    May God bless his beautiful soul!

    Here is Mohideen Beig:


  10. Piyalee Kedila Wetuna (Original Recording) – Mohideen Beig – Old Sinhala Song


  11. Late H. R. Jothipala was another popular Sri Lankan singer who was Sinhalese.

    Following was taken from the Wikipedia

    “Jothipala was refused many times by media, because of his loud voice and songs for Hindi tune. Jothipala made his debut as a playback singer on Cyril P. Abeyratne’s Surathalee, singing “Siriyame Sara”, in 1956.[3] Prior to that, he had recorded a song for the late Sirisena Wimalaweera’s Podi Putha. The song didn’t make the final cut, as the Indian film composer on the film didn’t consider Jothipala’s voice good enough.

    Jothi has said that he contemplated taking his life when he went with his friends to watch Podi Putha and found out that his song was not included. Later when Surathalee producer Jabir A. Cader wanted to hear one of his songs to consider him for the film, Jothipala almost passed on the offer as he did not possess enough money to create a record. He was helped out by veteran musician Stanley Omar who financed him for the sum of 35 rupees – a large amount of money at the time. Jothipala’s song on the film, “Siriyame Sara,” still remains popular in Sri Lanka, having recorded the popular number under the direction of T.R. Papa at Wahini Studio in India.”

    Jothipala was also a very kind person like Mohideen Beig.

    Jothipala cannot be blamed for singing Hindi tunes. It was wrong that the Sri Lankan Music industry resorted to copying Hindi tunes. The culprits responsible were the song writers and the dishonest music directors the latter mostly Tamils (not Sinhalese) and they were the ones to be blamed not the singer: Jothipala.

    The veteran musician: Stanley Omar who financially helped Jothipala was a Muslim

    This is yet another example of a Muslim person coming to the aid of another human being!

    When unreasonable people try to insult Muslims and say mean things about them we need to remind these people stories of this nature and they will know they were wrong in their assessment of Muslims.

  12. “For his milestone birthday last year, Saira wished her dearest hubby a good, healthy and long life. “I want him to be healthy and happy forever. He is the best person in this world. Dilip saab is the golden man that God has created. My effort is to keep him and his family happy.”

    –Said Saira Banu, wife of Bollywood Superstar Dilip Kumar

    I fully agree with Saira that Dilip Kumar is the golden man God has created. There have been no one like young Dilip Kumar in the whole world.

    God bless Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu and may them have many more years together!

  13. Talat Mahmood sings for India’s superstar of superstars one and only Dilip Kumar

    Duniya Badal Gayee Meri-Old from Hindi movie Babul


  14. The songs Mohammed Rafi, Talat Mahmood and Mukesh in India sang for Dilip Kumar (or Rajendra Kumar) were in Hindustani (Hindi-Urdu) language which is one of the Indo-Aryan languages.

    Similarly the language of the songs Mohideen Baig sang in Sri Lanka namely the Sinhala language (the language spoken by the Sinhala majority and Muslims in Sri Lanka) is also an Indo-Aryan language.

    The common origin for Hindustani and Sinhala languages explains the affinity and love of Sri Lankan Sinhala and Muslim people for Hindustani songs.

    In contrast the Tamil language spoken by the Tamil Nadu Tamils in India and Tamils in Sri Lanka is a Dravidian language with a totally different origin.

    Tamils with the help of Jews are trying to lie about the origin of Sinhala language as an Indo- Aryan language with ties to Northern and Eastern India in an attempt to steal the Island of Sri Lanka from the Sinhala majority and Muslim people just like the Jews stole Palestine from the ethnic Arabs in the region.

    These two groups of enemies of humanity have gotten together to conspire against Sri Lankan Sinhala and Muslim people in order to steal their land as well as destroy Buddhism which is the main religion in the country and the practice of Islam in Sri Lanka. Jews are trying to destroy all cultures and civilizations and are capable of erasing pages of history and pertinent information from Wikipedia. Tamils with the help from Jews have invaded the Southern parts of Sri Lanka in order to marry into the Sunhala and Muslim families to destroy the Sinhala and Muslim way of life and culture of Sri lanka.

    Sinhala language as an Indo-Aryan language can also be proved through its connection to Pali the language of Gautam Buddha which is the language of Buddhism and Sinhala Buddhist monks.

    Indo-Aryan languages (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

    The Indo-Aryan or Indic languages are the dominant language family of the Indian subcontinent, spoken largely by Indo-Aryan people. They constitute a branch of the Indo-Iranian languages, itself a branch of the Indo-European language family. Indo-Aryan speakers form about one half of all Indo-European speakers (approx 1.5 of 3 billion) and more than half of Indo-European languages recognized by Ethnologue.

    The largest in terms of native speakers are Hindustani (Hindi-Urdu, about 240 million), Bengali (about 230 million), Punjabi (about 110 million),[1] Marathi (about 70 million), Gujarati (about 45 million), Bhojpuri (about 40 million), Oriya (about 30 million), Sindhi (about 20 million), Nepali (about 14 million), Chittagonian (about 14 million), Sinhala (about 16 million), and Assamese (about 13 million) with a total number of native speakers of more than 900 million.

    Eastern Zone (Magadhan)

    These languages evolved circa 1000–1200 CE from eastern Middle Indo-Aryan dialects such as the Magadhi Prakrit, Pali (the language of Gautama Buddha and the major language of Buddhism), and Ardhamagadhi (“Half-Magadhi”) from a dialect or group of dialects that were close, but not identical to, Vedic and Classical Sanskrit.[4]


  15. Enemies of humanity Jews and their Tamil friends are doing everything possible to destroy people of Aryan heritage because of hatred and jealousy for their origin as well as all religions: Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. We need to watch Sri Lanka and all countries bordering the Bengali Bay in addition to all Muslim countries. By causing artificial weather disasters in the Bengali Bay area the mischief makers can attempt to destroy many lives to reduce the population as well as to grab their land.

    Dilip Kumar, Muslim actresses Madhubala, Meena Kumari, Nargis Panjabi Rajendra Kumar and Sunil Dutt–they all come from Northern India and are of Aryan heritage. So are Muslims like Mohideen Baig and Sinhala people in Sri Lanka whose ancestors also have connection to Eastern India.


    The terms North Indian and South Indian are ethno-linguistic categories, with North Indian corresponding to Indo-European-speaking peoples and South Indian corresponding to Dravidian-speaking; however, because of admixture, these two groups often overlap.[43][44] Certain sample populations of upper caste North Indians show affinity to Central Asian caucasians, whereas southern Indian Brahmins’ relationship is further.[42][45]

    The Sinhalese (Sinhala:සිංහල ජාතිය Sinhala Jathiya) are an ethnic group native to the island of Sri Lanka.[12] They constitute 74.9% of the Sri Lankan population and number greater than 15 million.[1] The Sinhalese identity is based on language, historical heritage and religion. The Sinhalese speak Sinhala, an Indo-Aryan language, and are predominantly Theravada Buddhists,[13] although a small percentage of Sinhalese follow branches of Christianity. The Sinhalese are mostly found in North central, Central, South, and West Sri Lanka. According to legend Mahavamsa they are the descendants of the exiled Prince Vijaya who arrived from East India to Sri Lanka in 543 BCE. But the popular Sinhalese folklore and some references in Mahavamsa to times before Vijaya, indicate the Sinhalese are actually descendants of earlier inhabitants of Sri Lanka; (Raksha,Yaksha,Deva and Naga) who intermixed with Vijaya and the other Aryan invaders from India.[14]

    The Sinhalese speak Sinhala, also known as “Helabasa”; this language has two varieties, spoken and written. Sinhala is an Indo-Aryan language[13] brought to Sri Lanka by northeast Indians who settled on the island in the 6th century BCE.[20][21] Sinhala developed in a way different from the other Indo-Aryan languages because of the geographic separation from its Indo-Aryan sister languages. Sinhala was influenced by many languages, prominently Pali, the sacred language of Southern Buddhism, and Sanskrit. Many early Sinhala texts such as the Hela Atuwa were lost after their translation into Pali. Other significant Sinhala texts include Amāvatura, Kavu Silumina, Jathaka Potha and Sala Liheeniya. Sinhala has also borrowed words from other Indian languages and the colonial languages Portuguese, Dutch, and English.[22]

    Sinhala (සිංහල siṁhala [ˈsiŋɦələ]), also known as Sinhalese /sɪnəˈliːz/,[2] is the mother tongue of the Sinhalese people, who make up the largest ethnic group in Sri Lanka, numbering about 16 million. Sinhala is also spoken, as a second language by other ethnic groups in Sri Lanka, totalling about 3 million.[3] It belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European languages. Sinhala is one of the official and national languages of Sri Lanka. Sinhala, along with Pali, played a major role in the development of Theravada Buddhist literature.[citation needed]

    Sinhala has its own writing system, the Sinhala alphabet, which is a member of the Brahmic family of scripts, and a descendant of the ancient Indian Brahmi script.
    The oldest Sinhala inscriptions found are from the 6th century BCE, on pottery;[citation needed] the oldest existing literary works date from the 9th century CE.


  16. Tamil which is a Dravidian language is not one of the Indo-Aryan language. The following paragraph is from the Wikipedia:

    “Contemporary Indo-Aryans are spread over most of the northern, western, central and eastern regions of the Indian subcontinent, Hyderabad in southern India, and in most parts of Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Non-native speakers of Indo-Aryan languages also reach the south of the peninsula. The largest groups are the Hindi, Bengali and Punjabi. (Hindustani) or Hindi/Urdu speakers of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan number more than half a billion native speakers, constituting the largest community of speakers of any of the Indo-European languages. Of the 23 national languages of India, 16 are Indo-Aryan languages (see also languages of India).


  17. Today is Bollywood Superstar Dilip Kumar’s 91st Birth Day.

    Happy Birth Day Dilip Kumar!

    God bless you!

    “With a career spanning six decades and more than 60 films in his kitty, not to mention the highest number of Filmfare award wins (a record he shares only with Shah Rukh Khan), he is hailed by critics, contemporaries and audiences as the greatest actor in Hindi cinema.

    And even as he brings in his 91st birthday today, Dilip Kumar, born Muhammad Yousuf Khan, continues to inspire generations of actors setting foot in the film industry.”

    –Times of India

  18. CHC to celebrate 91st birthday of Dilip Kumar

    Cultural Heritage Council (CHC), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Tuesday decided to celebrate the 91st birthday of the Bollywood legend Dilip Kumar (Yousuf Khan) scheduled on December 11, 2013. This was decided in a meeting of the CHC held here with Younas Qiyasi in the chair. Besides, Ibrahim Zia, Nasir Hussein, Syed Bukhar Shah and general secretary Shakeel Wahidullah Khan and other members of the council also attended.

    The meeting further decided to invite important personalities from all around the country to the ceremony and leaders of political parties including ministers, Governors and Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa would be dispatched special invitation.


  19. Here is real talent and they all happened to be Muslims from India!

    Dilip Kumar and Meena Kumari, Mohammad Rafi and Naushad




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