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Is the doctor in the Syrian ‘gas’ attack video a Zionist mole?

UPDATE: This video appears to be a propaganda piece. The child in the video does not appear to be stricken by a chemical attack.

Could it be any more inane–any more vile–than this? Is this person in the video real, or is he an Israeli agent? It is well established that much of the information coming from the so-called opposition is crafted by Israelis and other Zionist agents. It is possible that this is a set-up. This is made clear by the vocal inflections as well as the scope of the scam he is committing.

The fact that this clip is promoted by the arch-Zionist entity, NBC, which solicits and has solicited murderous wars is also suspect.

Moreover, why not consider the possibility that this is a propaganda stunt? What else could be expected from those wretched Zionist agents parading about as a news agency at that lying entity, NBC? Then, too, what could be expected from arch-Zionist agent Ann Curry.

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The individual refuses to show his face, hiding within his deception, off-screen, ‘underground,’ as a a mole appropriately should.


These are the best shots available. He is a suspicious individual, an agent, no doubt, a liar and a fraud. Yet, could he be Israeli? He has a decidedly obvious Israeli accent; his skin is fair (Syrians can be fair, too). However, the accent: it is Hebrew/Israeli.

There is another propensity of this treacherous one that reveals the scam. This is the fact that he keeps repeating what he says in triplicate, typical of a plotter and liar.


Regardless, he is no doctor and is, rather, an Israeli mole. Yes, Syrians may have fair skin; but this fair?


Is the mole, right there, in the NBC studios or is he broadcasting from a Mossad safe house in Syria or perhaps from the Zionist strip itself? No matter: he is a liar and a wretch, and with skin that fair, that whitish-pink, he is hereby identified as an Israeli.

The interview, which is a pre-arranged set-up by Curry and the war-promoting arch-murderous NBC – the GE cohort, the CFR asset. The premeditated nature is found in the set-up of the, “One victim that stands out,” which is a tactic of psychological warfare which creates a fixed impression, even though it is fraudulent.

Curry is promoting, rather, endorsing mass murder. The plot has all along been to find a way to blame the Syrian government for a massacre of its people, then launch a full-scale war, bringing all the powers to bear of NATO, America, and the Israeli entity upon that nation. Let it be said, again: Curry would have the whole world murdered if it would serve Zionist machinations.

NBC, always murderous, always licentious, always corrupt, planned this hoax, and Curry and her collaborators are in on it. Curry and NBC, along with the Mossad agent, claim the existence of this victim. Let us see if the images they provided hold up to the claim.


Curry: Doctor (a lie; he is no doctor), in this kind of experience there is usually one face. Was there one particular person whose story you can tell us about?

Fake doctor-Mossad mole: A child, a child, who died, who died (Hebrew accent clearly notable); a child died, silently.


He was sleeping and died hungry, silently and hung-gary (fake emphasis by the Mossad mole).

Editor’s note: These men appear to be Syrians but, regardless, this is either prior footage or they are a part of the scam as well.


He died, and his age is five years. This is one of a handful of stories (the Israeli is lying; the child pictured is perfectly well and didn’t die from poison gas). Editor’s note: What help do they want? An invasion of Syria by the American and European powers?


I’m sorry, sorry, sorry. I can’t continue, sorry.

Editor’s note: Why can’t he continue? If he is associated with the FSA and the so-called oppostion, he should not be so shocked about the gas attacks: he is speaking for that opposition. That’s because the FSA and its fellows have already used poison gas on the Syrian people.


We need help, help, help, help. But who will give help?

Note: If these men were working around poison gas, they would be overcome, and it would be seen in their eyes and more. His pupils are NOT pinpoint and all these people are way too normal, way to calm, to be in the presence of poison gas.

Silently and hungry?

Did not the Zionist mole say that the child died, implying that he did so on an empty stomach in the middle of the night? Then, if so, what is this all about?


Zionist mole: “The humanity? The International community? We need help.”

This child that supposedly died “hung-gary:” for the Israelis there is a problem. He is obviously still alive, and from the sunlight pattern in no way is this the early morning.  This is noting other than a scam by Zionist Jews to attempt to gain sympathy or, rather, authorization, for their wretched acts, far more diabolical, to gain international consensus for a brutal, murderous invasion of the Syrian nation on back-drop of ‘humanitarian’ intervention. It is more than this: these vile ones are seeking to confuse people into oblivion so that when they do attack Syria, it will appear justified and any mass slaughter, well, they would have deserved it.

Remember, the man in the video said that he died “hungry,” which makes no sense other than a PR stunt. Also, “He died. His age was five years.”

Really, he died? How? This child is perfectly normal. In fact, he is a part of the scam. See how good is his grip, as he holds on for dear life, fulling down the Zionist’s shirt. How, then, did he die? Only in NBC News’ and Anne Curry’s imagination.


Suddenly, as this fake running in the rescue skit is being performed, a man joins in from the right screen, just as the Mossad agent is saying how desperate they are for “help.”



Eventually, it appears that the grey-shirted mole slows down a bit for the other man to catch up. He seems to say something to him:


Notice the position of the boy’s head. Next, the boy tilts his head backwards, just a bit as the man reaches with his hand; screen reads “We Need Help.”


A bit more:


More, hand closes in:


Then, if you watch the screen carefully it will be seen that the boy tips his head all the way into extension before the other mole places his hand on his head:


Still gripping the Zionist mole’s shirt tightly; this boy who died “hung-gary” all by himself, in his sleep, late in the night. The fact that the boy positions his head toward the man in black is categorical proof that this is a psyops operation, a scam, a hoax: an absolute fraud.



The rabbi’s job The filming ends. Who are these people? Are they Mossad agents or Syrian Jews operating as Sayanim?  Regardless, they lie: the child is still alive and unharmed. So, it can be said for certain that they are fabricators.

Whoever these people are they are faking a massacre. Their purpose is to solicit international condemnation for the Syrian government and, particularly, Bashar al-Assad, and through this create a kind of demonization, making him out like a monster that must be dealt with: for the sake of humanity.

The only ones who have the motive to do so are the Israelis. In a head-to-head battle they could never defeat the Hizbollah, the Iranians, or even, perhaps, the Syrian army. The goal of such Zionists is to first destroy the Hizbollah. The only medium to do so is by first destroying Syria and then filling the void with their own puppet regime.

The internationally promoted, and, perhaps, accepted basis for an attack on Syria is the use of chemical weapons or other so-called weapons of mass destruction. This is the Obama and European Union “red line.” Assad crosses it, and he will be invaded. Therefore, it is surely international Jewry which is behind the chemical attack hoax. Therefore, is the man transporting the child a Jew? he sure looks like it:



Here is a producer on the side-lines. Notice the rather light color of the hair and the skin. The man, left screen, does have the expected Middle Eastern appearance. No matter, they are all wretched lying moles together. The nature of the actor, ultimately, is unknown: however, the suspicion is high that this child did not d




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