Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 20 July 2016
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Zionist Agents Are Main Videographers at Nice Truck Killing Scam and Hoax

What was a German journalist, arch-Zionist agent Richard Gutjahr, doing in perfect position to capture the footage of a supposed truck on the run, one aiming to kill July Nice-area revelers? It cannot be a coincidence that this individual was so perfectly placed, this hostile pro-Israeli agent, to capture the lorry imagery. That other well-placed videographer, arch-Zionist mole Mark Krikorian, has already been described, here, as a hostile Islamophobic agent, also on-site in perfect position: also capturing the harmless, slow-moving lorry.


Gutjahr is, no doubt, a fabricator, just like his cohort and fellow Zionist Jew Krikorian. In the video he captures a key element of the staging, one that has fooled many people. This is the motorcycle scene. It is standard Hollywood, complete with stunt-man. The stunt man rides the bike up to the cab, then spin it out, as if he has been shot at or whatever. By the way the lorry doesn’t hit him.

Thanks to Futurevideo 10 the real nature of Gutjahr as an Israeli agent and arch-Islamophobe is fully revealed:

No one could be a more diabolical, a more absolutely treacherous Islamophobe than Wilf aka Wolf. This is excellent research by Futurevideo 10; credit to him.

Wilf is a member of a Zionist-orchestrated Washington, D.C.-based think tank, just like Krikorian:


The vile, hideous Zionist extremists cannot rest within themselves until the demonize Islam before the whole world. It is as if their entire purpose is to blacken its name, so that it can only be regarded in the most derogatory terms. Yet, two Zionist moles in a line-up, one after the other, both in perfect position to capture the ambling truck: this is sufficient to prove the nature of the arch-scam and fraud.

It is a fake, after all. Yet, for some reason many of the standard investigative minds on the Internet have been fully bamboozled by this, by the blurry, screen-out imagery; it has fooled countless people, make no mistake about it.

After all, it is a hoax, which is readily demonstrated. Who says it isn’t an arch-fake? On what basis is this claimed? Really, a 10-ton truck or whatever rolled over the people and there are no tire marks or other massive destructive elements on the bodies of these people? For those that are not dummies their skin is perfect; there are no wounds to be seen anywhere. It’s just fake blood, nothing else.


See how the fake blood is poured next to the man’s body and has no reference to any wound. Also, see how the woman is resting comfortably, awaiting the staging moles armed with fake blood. In a million years this cannot be a real terror attack. All elements of this are a hoax. There is nothing here to see, no deaths, no injuries, and surely no false flag-like acts.


See this woman. She is being dressed with fake blood by a moulage mole; that’s fake blood on her face, and the man may well be disguising a fake blood packet.

Some 84 people were crushed to death by a lorry. Sure, they were, right. See the obvious nature of the hoax from the image below. It’s the standard Boston smoke bombing hoax one shoe on, one shoe off scam:


Where are the crush wounds to those legs? How did her pants and shirt come off? Surely, she had some other covering over that outfit that late at night before the ‘event.’ Moreover, what is that person doing standing above her? Where is her other shoe? Why isn’t she screaming in pain? Where are the tire marks on her legs? Why are there no contusions?

What about this image? Who can hold it as realistic, as authentic, to any degree?


Long ago, the (fake) bodies were covered up with coverings and tarps. What is the man with the buttock revelation doing there?

The Nice, France, fake truck attack blamed on a Muslim-appearing person is yet another arch-Zionist scam, a vile plot perpetrated by the hostile, demonic world Jewish cabal. It is Zionist Jews who are the orchestrators, no others.




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  1. Nice France Hoax – Richard


  2. A phobia is an irrational fear.
    It is NOT Islamophobia when they are trying to kill you.

  3. The comment section here points the same thing out, but Wilf’s profile has been cleaned of her involvement with this unit: “Unit 8200 is the largest unit in the Israel Defense Forces, comprising several thousand soldiers.[3] It is comparable in its function to the United States’ National Security Agency and is a Ministry of Defense body just as the NSA is part of the United States Department of Defense.
    Subordinate to Unit 8200 is Unit Hatzav (Hebrew name for Drimia (Hebrew: יחידת חצב‎‎)), responsible for collecting OSINT intelligence.”


    The main article about a massive drill being planned for Vermont is also of interest. There is some good research done by the posters on Wilf and Gutjahr.

  4. The blurred photo of the suspect looks a lot like the journalist. Similar hairline, lips, space between the nose and lips. The chin is quite similar, with a bit of retouching. Eyebrows have been darkened. Top of ears look similar in different photographs, yet the bottom is hopelessly blurred. Right earlobe looks similar, jutting out a bit from the face. Right eye is bigger than left. It looks like a Photoshop version of the same guy.


    That way, they could just use a photo of him, alter it, make sure it was blurry, and most people would not see any similarity. In any case, even if it is him, are we to believe that the average cellphone could not take a better photo than this?

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