Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 15 October 2013
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Zionist Role in the Navy Seal Killing Hoax

Note: this post was formerly titled “Boston Hoax Jeff Bauman Caught Legless on Video,” which has now been pulled because of the difficulty in positively identifying the person as either legless or Jeff Bauman. The focus, here, is on the content of the video, showing the hoax of the deaths of the Navy Seal members, who were killed when their helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan.

Unconfirmed reports (from a top alternative source in Afghanistan) that for this chopper there was no air support. Therefore, it was a literal sitting duck for being shot down, apparently brought down by the Taliban with an RPG.

It can be seen how hard-core Zionists, including Obama himself, as well as that arch-Zionist broadcaster, Barbara Starr, are spinning this report in any way possible, to re-create the image of the enemy of humanity, those Muslim terrorists. It is all a cover for the real terrorists, the murderers of 9-11 and more, Israeli agents and their US and European cohorts.

While the Israelis assassinate and bomb people all over the world, entire armies are sent out to chase Muslim boogeymen.

Watch the pre-arranged sheeple chant “USA, USA”, after the assassination of innocents in Pakistan (not Mr. bin Laden; others, just people in their homes); watch them chant these murders, just like they did after the murder of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, once again proving the Zionist plot of the constant creation before the public mind of the phony of Islaamic terror.

His comment posted on the Nodisinfo channel:

Jeff Bauman in 2011 video, very important!!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZK1k0HFsgnA Go to 3:31, he is on someone’s shoulder, wearing a cowboy hat.
These are the screenshots. We cannot confirm this as Bauman at this time. Images are too distant, vague.
jb1 jb2 jb3
Eyebrows are the same. Nose is similar. Hispanic appearance or not it could well be Jeff Bauman. That would fit: celebrating a hoax publicizing the claim of Islamic terror.
Yet, whether this is him or not, Bauman is a fraudster. He is also apparently ex-military. Did he lose his legs in the war?
When “getting down” and having a good time is all that life is about. What an empty, even destructive, existence it is.
From Max Malone:



Left stump visible where it attaches to artificial leg.


Lowlife language plus gutter attitude coincides with lying to the whole world. Bauman says he can’t stand to Google his name on the Internet. Can he stand to look at himself in the mirror? After all, his hoax led to the deaths of two completely uninvolved, innocent people, Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Ibragim Todashev. Who can deny their murders. Unlike the hoax deaths at the Boston smoke bombing fraud their bodies, riddled with bullet holes, are available for all to see.

From openenc (more good work, here):

Bauman is confirmed as a liar, hoaxer, cheat, and associate to murder. Furthermore, all the money he has collected as a result of his fraud amounts to nothing other than extortion. All who have given money on the basis of his lies must contact him and demand a refund.

Yet, the biggest low-lives are the Zionists themselves, who continue to maim and murder people all over the world based upon terminal lies, particularly the lie of Islaamic terror when the Zionists alone are the proven global terrorists.




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  1. This would be a great find if it is Bauman. But why do we think it is him? Looks more like a Latino to me. Does not look like the Jewish Jeff Bauman.

    • You are right. He does appear to be Hispanic. I am pulling this post until it can be researched further. Will put up what is known for sure. Tnks.

  2. The guy with the cowboy hat 100% is not that damm Bauman. Indeed he looks (more) Latino.

  3. Now Bauman will cash in with a book – I guess what he was paid to act for this treason and the fundraising sites didn’t pay greedy Jeff enough.

    Portion of article: Boston bombing survivor Jeff Bauman has revealed he is writing a book about his experiences which will be published in April 2014 – the anniversary of the deadly blast.

    The 27-year-old New Hampshire native lost both his lower legs in the April 15 attack and has since been learning to walk on prosthetics and has started a new career a motivational speaker.

    A photograph taken moments after the blast shows Bauman gray-faced with nothing but exposed bone below his knees and has become an iconic image of the terror inflicted on the city that day.

    Despite the trauma, he has overcome unimaginable adversities to remain positive and Grand Central Publishing will next year publish a book entitled ‘Stronger’ about his experiences.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2412247/Boston-bombing-survivor-Jeff-Bauman-write-book-life-deadly-blast.html#ixzz2hvpwCB42
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  4. Question??? What about those people that lose their legs and there is no blood. Can you explain what happens in this case.

  5. I believe that is Jeff Bauman for this reason. As is often the case, someone is carrying him. Does it look like Jeff? To me, it looks like Bauman.

    • Yes it does. However, I saw a few photo’s of people losing their legs and there is no blood. In fact the person that had these pictures were using them to try to debunk the idea that the Boston Marathon bombing was a hoax. Some of these victims seem to have been in a fire, and i suppose that could have prevented any blood from come from the limbs. However, I did see a short video of a victim that lost her legs, she was still alive, and yet there was no blood. What do you think?? Could these photo’s and video be doctored in any way, or could the situation of how these people lost their legs be different.

    • The mood is right for Bauman and it would explain his antagonism and desire to heap blame on Islaamic boogeymen. Yet, there is an attempt, here, to get a better look at those images. If anyone can help, please provide the info.

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