Boston Bombing — 11 July 2013
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Fraudster Jeff Bauman Says He Can’t Google His Name

Good, very good. Liar-in-chief Jeff Bauman, fraudster extraordinaire, says he can’t Google his name. Rightfully, so. He would be reminded of just how much of a hack and corrupt one he is for telling such a vicious lie: the lie that led to the cold-blooded murder of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the attempted murder of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

It is hoped that he will be haunted to the end of time for his wretchedness and that he will never be able to set his eyes on the Internet again. Let it hound him, just as he squirms about, looks away, twists and compresses his eyes, and grimaces in endless contortions as he justifies and endorses his lies on this video:

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Transcription and preamble (lies by NBC omitted; no need to repeat them; just concentrating on Bauman’s fabrications):

Brian Williams speaks with bombing survivor Jeffrey Bauman, who was carried away in an ambulance after being wounded at the Boston Marathon.

He recalls standing right next to suspected bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who Bauman said was holding his backpack and not talking to anybody.

As soon as the two deadly bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon, Jeff Bauman said he knew who was responsible — the man standing next to him.

Bauman remembers making his way through the crowds of Boylston Street on April 15 to support his girlfriend, who was running in the marathon.

Editor’s note: Bauman wasn’t there to watch anyone, rather, he was merely there to participate in the DHS sham.


The unspeakably corrupt Brian Williams begins the preamble by laying the full blame on non-existent injuries and murders upon the Tsarnaev brothers. Then, in the standard pysops style, he added, “Jeff Bauman told us today certain things bring back that day..”, saying also, “He’s the one who saw one of the suspected bombers.”

Bauman: I remember everything, a little bit more sometimes, yea.”


Editor’s note: can Bauman squint down those eyes anymore, always looking away, virtually never giving it straight, turning the head away and away.

Williams: Does anything trigger it…?


Bauman: Yep, I can’t Google my name. I mean, I love the articles, but I see the images, and that does it, give me like an instant flashback (to your lies, no doubt),


just that pool of blood I was laying (actually lying!) in.

Williams: You saw the guy…(now coaching him)..He didn’t look right.

Bauman (answers knee-jerk immediately): No..he just, you could tell that people were there to attend the marathon…and to have fun (adding that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was) kind of weird; out of place.

“Everyone was clapping and cheering. You know, it’s like a fun atmosphere,” Bauman told NBC News’ Brian Williams Wednesday in his first television interview since the bombing.

“You could tell that people were there for the marathon, because everyone was watching, and everyone was talking to everybody. Everyone was interacting with everybody. Everyone was having fun.”


“He wasn’t with anybody, he was standing right next to me.”

That man was later identified as one of the bombing suspects, Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Tamerlan was killed in a shootout with police. His brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, pleaded not guilty Wednesday as 30 survivors and victims’ relatives stared him down in the courtroom.

According to Bauman, “[Tamerlan] looked kind of– wasn’t laughing, wasn’t having fun.”

In addition to his demeanor, Bauman noticed a bag that seemed out-of-place.

Note: Bauman now tells a great lie which contradicts that original claim that when he woke up from a coma, that this is when the Tsaraev brothers were first accused by him:

“Even in the ambulance ride I was trying to say something, trying to say, like, ‘I knew who did it, I knew what went on.’ And then I think they were kind of thrown back by that. They were like, ‘What? You know what went on? You know what happened?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I saw the guy.’ I think that’s what I said. I was like, ‘I saw the guy,’” he said.

“I mean, I was going on a hunch. I didn’t know it was him, it was just a good hunch.”


“I just wanted to get a face out there. And just to help. I just wanted to help.”

End of the interview

Help what? Create false blame against these two youths and by proxy all the people of Islaam as terrorists? It surely was Bauman’s goal, as his testimony supported vast fraudsters in the law enforcement and political arena.

‘He woke up under so much drugs, asked for a paper and pen and wrote, “bag, saw the guy, looked right at me,”‘ his brother, Chris, said on Wednesday in an interview.

Read more:

At his back were the murderous ones in the Boston Police Department: “We believe this man to be a terrorist,” said Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis. “We believe this to be a man who’s come here to kill people.”

Bauman is hereby held accountable, along with brother Chris Bauman,  as an accessory to the murder of the innocent, Tamerlan Tsarnaev as well Ibragin Todashev. Great action must be taken against him. The entire world must know about his crimes. It was his wretched and devilish false blame that led to the vicious, cruel murder of these men. At the end of the interview Bauman says he wants to do good in his life. He’d have to have a 1000 lifetimes to do enough good to make up for his vile acts, and even that wouldn’t be enough: nothing can make up for what he has done, because he has taken two lives from this planet, all based upon his own terminal lies.

There is no wiggle-room for this huckster. The world knows he is a fraud, knows, fully, that he was a prior double amputee and that he was not injured in this scam. Yet, look at this wretch, now: still unreprentent, still holding steadfast to the lie, that original one, which led to the murder of these men. In the interview he is given full credit for the man hunt, which led to Mr. Tsarnaev’s murder as well as the arrest of the other innocent, Dzhokhar. He takes that credit and adds to it, inventing yet another fable about telling the EMTs in the ambulance that he had fingered the Muslims.

Bauman is among the mere dregs of the earth, and he proves it with his actions as well as his words. Will he, now, see to it that another innocent person is murdered. Yes, he will, because this is the kind of wretched person who is Jeff Bauman.

See also: Jeff Bauman’s Prosthetic Leg Revealed.



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  1. I am sure that out of thousands of people, many of them pretty creepy looking from what I saw in the photos that he could pick out one guy that looked guilty. Tamerlan was targeted from the beginning and this jerk is just trying to brainwash the public. They said Jahar looked “smug”at the court appearance. How the hell can you look smug with a swollen jaw and eye? They said he looked like he had no remorse. It’s hard to look like you have remorse when you did nothing. He just plead not guilty so why should he look remorseful? This whole thing makes no sense.

  2. Whoever is responsible for adding the extra length to this guys legs for illusion purposes doesn’t have a clue. Sometimes the leg extensions are long, medium, or short. To pull off this hoax and fool as many people as you can, the leg extensions should be the same length all the time. (or, maybe, they should just stop trying to fool the world about this stuff.)

  3. WTF!?!? What’s up with his reptilian looking eye in the third picture down???

    • Also, at the beginning of the interview his voice sounds morphed and very different from his normal talking voice, @0:36-0:38 “I remember a little bit more sometimes.”
      Especially “I remember,” almost sounds demonic.

  4. Dr K–the identities of the 2 fraud sisters from the 1st smoke bomb site (the one in the brown sweatshirt and the one in the purple shirt) have been discovered:

    Mildred aka “Mimi” Valverde, and her sister, Sara Valverde. Here are their facebook pages in case anyone has any questions they’d like to ask them:!/sara.valverde.7?fref=fr_tab&__user=688914527

    • Yes, thank you, am working on it now. Had already asked prior to have the video changed and have issued retraction and retraction. However, while certain about Mimi Valverde, is there confirmation of the other individual, that is Sarah? Regardless, an error was made in the ID of Ms. DiSenso and an apology is hereby published in terms of the identity, as some of our posters had already disputed. However, the connection to the scam still remains: re fake fundraising and promotion of the fake injured Bauman. Ms. DiSenso and her friends have asked us to remove the post entirely, which will not be done, unless they come forward and admit to the scam: at that point it will be considered.

      • My apologies, Dr. K..I am only seeing your reply to my post now. I should have been more clear in my post, and identified each sister by name. As you know by now, though, Mildred “Mimi” Valverde was the brown sweatshirt mole, and her sister, Sara Valverde, was the one with the purple shirt and black coat, who wound up on the stretcher. I’m sorry for not being clear, and for any confusion that may have caused—I just wanted to get the information out to you as fast as possible–I should have been more detailed.

  5. There’s one question I’ve never seen asked or answered. The question is if Jeff Bauman didn’t lose his legs at the bombing, then when did he?
    Jeff Bauman doesn’t have legs today. This is easily verifiable. If he doesn’t have them now, that means one of two things must be true: Either 1) he was born without them as the result of a birth defect, or 2) he lost them due to accident or disease or some other cause sometime after his birth. I can’t think of a third option.
    If someone were to ask him when he lost his legs, he would say at the Boston bombing. If this is a lie, and he didn’t lose them from the bombing, then he must have lost them some other way.
    Yet, no one has come forward to deny his claim that he lost them that day. There would be friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, congregation members–literally countless people that would know the true story of how he lost his legs.
    Is everyone in Jeff Bauman’s life also involved in this supposed “conspiracy?” I can’t think of more convincing or compelling evidence of a hoax than being able to demonstrate that he lost his legs in a way other than as he claims, namely at the bombing. But nobody is saying, “Hey–he’s lying. He lost them in a car accident at age 16,” or, “He’s lying–he lost them to disease at age 6.” Why are these countless people all silent? No organization, especially the government, would be efficient enough to track down every single person who knows “the real truth” to silence them all.
    I suppose as part of the conspiracy, he could have deliberately had his legs surgically removed on the day of the bombing to fool people into thinking he lost them that from the bombing, but this moves the conspiracy argument from the silly to the ridiculous.
    So my question to those who say he’s lying is, when do YOU say he lost them, and why has nobody who knows “the real truth” about his legs willing to say so?
    It seems to me that any investigator with integrity would be asking that question, and then able to answer it.
    So either he’s telling the truth (which I believe), or else everyone who knows him is also lying as part of the “conspiracy,” or else he had them deliberately removed the day of the bombing as part of the “hoax,” a ridiculous suggestion the pushes the conspiracy theory to new levels of silliness.

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