Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 08 November 2014
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Jeffry Dahmer Killings and Cannabalism was an Arch-Zionist Hoax

Corrected/Updated, Nov. 13, 2014, with some images removed

In what is none other than a Hollywood freak show the world was presented with the events surrounding Jeffry Dahmer as if it was real. Yet, it was not real. Rather, it was all faked.

It was from the outset a mere horror movie, a stage-show, complete with well-compensated crisis actors. Dahmer himself, a Zionist Jew, found great pleasure in fooling the world into believing the hoax was real. It is difficult to fathom why he would do it other than the fact that he had such an extensive role as a crisis actor that the pay must have been good.

As gory as it at times appears this is meaningless. It’s all silicone and latex plus fake fatty tissue, phony muscular gore, and fake blood; let anyone prove otherwise. Nevertheless, it would be hard pressed to call any of the images real. There is not a single image that resembles a real ashen-gray, lifeless corpse.


He killed no one. It is all fake, mere Hollywood-style gore, synthetic, plastic, silicone:

How, how, how in a trillion years could a corpse assume such a position? Just how? If death was this significant, then, how did the person die? Where is all the blood? Where is the injury pattern? Are there no bruises or contusions? There is no mess? There is no blood splatter anywhere to be found? Moreover, just how could anyone be this dead without the key signs such as a flattening out of the tissues, pallor, and an entirely dull appearance to the lifeless corpse?

Did anyone notice how shiny was that image? That’s the nature of silicone: shiny. Just like these—arch-fake heads in the unused, non-frosty Dahmer freezer.


Who could in a million years prove otherwise? And how would anyone do so? Look at the dramatic sheen to such a degree that the ‘body parts’ appear alive. This isn’t human flesh. Rather, it is plastic, silicone, latex, and/or other.


There are no real eyes, and there is no real face or mouth. Nor are the ears real. Nor are the eyebrows demonstrating real hair. Note, also, the pattern of the ‘blood’ streaks.’ In fact, they follow no pattern to any degree in terms of a real injury. Nor do they arise from any wound. It’s paint, brushed on in obvious brushstroke patterns, make no mistake about it.


How about this arch-fake? Could the silicone nature of the fraud be any clearer than this? Too, why is there blood only coming out of the side of the mouth? Moreover, why is it purplish-red versus bright red?

That’s because it is paint, not real blood.


Dahmer supposedly killed only boys and men. Yet, the following image of a woman, note the brazier, is often published as a Dahmer image.

Once again, no wound is visible. Too, the red matter lacks the expected color of real blood, which is bright red as a result of the oxygen.

There is no blood of any kind nor any tissue matter—nor any residual serous fluid—to be seen anywhere in this image:

Note the lack of blood tinging on the edges of the supposed body parts. There is no redness of any kind to be seen in the fatty tissue and other tissue components of the hands’ edges. This is impossible. This alone is proof of the scam.

Here is another image attributed to the purported cannibalism. There is no evidence that this is a real person’s hands. Regardless, why would he eat the top of the hand and wrist? There is no meat, there.


Regardless, it is a bizarre image and is clearly a kind of moulage-sytle fake.

What about this image? Is it not unfathomable?



The following crisis actor and arch-hoaxer is found in various Dahmer documentary videos. Upon seeing his facial expressions when describing the crime scene, nodisinfo.com became alerted to the hoax.


Corpses are heavy. Why is this man barely hanging on to that coroner’s bag? Hey, wait a minute. It’s the same man, the one with the handle-bar mustache, police detective Patrick Henry. Of all names, Patrick Henry. The man is a crisis actor, make no mistake about it.

There was also medical examiner Jeffrey Jentzen, who speaks of hands, skulls, bones, and more. Where is the rotting flesh? What about the stench of such rotting flesh. This, in fact, is never described.

Horrors: Milwaukee Medical Examiner Jeffrey Jentzen recounts the human hands, skulls and skeletons discovered inside Dohmer's home, two skulls pictured here
These skulls, most likely made of plastic, are merely staged. There were no real human heads cleaned of all matter and turned into boney skulls.
Here is Jentzen at his new position as Director of Pathology and Forensic Services, University of Michigan:

Did Jentzen pronounced this case as dead from a Dahmer knife?


The Zionists are attempting to drive the world into mental chaos through distractions. The world was mesmerized by this arch-farce. Few if any realized that it was all a set-up, merely a stage, nothing other than an arch-fraud.

Here is yet another fake head, carefully staged in a refrigerator. This is not a real human head but is, rather, mere silicone gore. It is staged with fake purplish-red blood, likely water-soluble tempura paint.


Let the world know this simple fact; this is a fake head, mere Hollywood synthetic gore, dressed with moulage. It becomes categorically clear that this moulage is painted on as fake blood through make-up devices and brush strokes, this image being an exceedingly clear example of an arch-phony. Regarding the ‘blood’ it’s the wrong color. It’s tempura paint, not arterial blood:


The seemingly macabre (not) Saran-wrapped parts is also merely staged Hollywood gore. There is nothing here to get frightened about. Even so, with all such body parts where is the incredibly vile stench of rotting human flesh?


It’s mere movie-style fake horror, which becomes obvious by a careful study of the images.

‘Well, we’re not sure how long he was in the prison before he was killed. Was it one year, two years, or two years-plus?’


‘Moreover, we don’t know for sure how old he was when he died. One of us thinks he was thirty, the other, thirty-three.’

‘Bottom line; we can’t agree on anything or make up our minds on anything in order to make this interview appear real.’


‘Oh, by the way, just so you know I’m a Zionist Satanist I sent him 13 books, count them, 13. This was from the Institute of Creation Research. Thus, Mr. Dahmer was soon converted from an evolutionist to a devout Christian, a creationist.’

Zionist mole Dahmer killed no one. It’s all fake. No one died, no one was sexually abused, and no one was killed. Nor was anyone cannibalized.

It’s all a filthy arch-Zionist hoax, a distraction scam like countless others strategically imposed upon the people’s consciousness.



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  1. http://s2.picofile.com/file/8264052950/2016_08_16_17_33_07.png
    There’s a strong resemblance between them ,even hair flows naturally left to right for both.

  2. Who benefits? Doesn’t Occams razor make it more likely he was a Victim of MK? If you consider the Podesta bro’ s keep sculptures crafted in the EXACT SAME position of Dahmers “looping body”, suddenly the “fiction” becomes less certain. For someone who screams so much about Zionism, you seems very ignorant of Talmudic/kabbalic ritual sacrifice. I am just trying to point you in the right direction, how many of the satanic serial killers of the 80s had been soldiers, available for chemical and psych testing?

    • Mind controlled killers aren’t necessary when you have willing crisis actors to play all the roles

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  4. it seems you have googled the name dahmer and have taken any photograph of heads which have been labeled dahmer .. And you have run blindly with some ridiculous story. Which has been built on your own antisemitic hatred.
    The photos you have flashed up are from a number of films . Not just about dahmer but other horror films.
    You mate like to watch this as a number of your photos are taken from this film. .
    Truthers . cant see the truth

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