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Jewell Allison Claim of Sexual Assault by Bill Cosby is a Lie – Images are Digital Fakes

UPDATED, July 29/2015

Regarding sexual assault accuser Jewell Allison her claims against comedian Bill Cosby are hereby proven a lie. This is a in relationship to the provided images, which purportedly show Allison in Mr. Cosby’s presence. In one case the woman, youthful at the time, is seen virtually sitting on Mr. Cosby’s lap, while he is, it would seem, holding her hand. There is an issue with this, however. These are digital fakes. It never happened. The woman was never in Cosby’s presence in such an environment and in such a compromising position. Let it be proven otherwise. In fact, it can be said based on the evidence at hand that not only is she a fabricator but that surely she is doing so for financial gain: that is Allison to a bribe, likely as cash, in order to make her false claims.

Too, her story lines are filled with contradictions. Here is her latest one, which she altered substantially from her original claim:


That is a major difference from the statement she made originally, quoted by the arch-Zionist-controlled New York Daily News as follows:


Notice how the tabloid-like newspaper had to admit that the story line had been different prior. In yet another accusatory story line, the latest, as published by New York Magazine, she states something once again differently:

“I was introduced to Bill Cosby through my modeling agent. She said that Cosby wanted to see me. Which I thought was obviously for the show. I was told there was going to be a dinner, and when I got there, no one ever arrived. He asked me if I wanted a glass of wine; I took a few sips. It had a horrible taste. And I started not feeling well. He helped me up by my underarms with both hands. He walked me into the next room, where there was a mirror on the wall, and he told me to look at myself. Something was wrong with me. And then he took my right hand, and he put it behind my back. I remember seeing semen on the floor. And I felt some liquid on my hand. That was when I knew something sexual was going on.” —Jewel Allison

Notice the difference. Now, she says, in this ‘vivid’ memory, that he took her to the mirror before the sexual encounter.  In the previous NYDN statement the sexual event is portrayed as occurring after (then told her to look in a mirror) the acclaimed encounter.

Who finds it plausible that she would have endured such an experience without reporting it, notably to the police, even for her own protection? She could have easily retained an attorney and sued for damages. Any actor would do all that was possible to settle this case and therefore avoid public embarrassment. No one can believe her story lines as true regardless of how dramatic they appear.

Now, see the images she provides. What about them is real? Regardless, how is this proof of anything, that is proof of an actual sexual assault? Where are the witnesses? A photo is meaningless. In fact, there is not a single witness who can confirm her arch-hoaxing story lines. Unless she can produce witnesses who will testify under oath in regards to her claims, then, her statements must be rendered null and void.


How is this image a true photo, unaltered? There are shadows for the men in the back. Then, why doesn’t Mr. Cosby cast a shadow? Too, why not also with Allison? It appears that both of them were artificially installed into the image.

What is this hair all about? It appears to be artificial? It’s boxy, that is the result of cut-and-paste. Notice, too, the overexposure of both her face and the man to her let, right screen. As well, there appears to be a black cut line along her right shoulder and arm. As well, her hear is see-through; it appears that the resolution from PhotoShop wasn’t dense enough, especially the left aspect of her hair.


What is this on her forehead? It appears to be a cut-line, residual form digital manipulation.


Here features are blurred out, the teeth non-distinct, the nose hardly visible, with a wide band crossing over it from the left cheek.

The black-and-white photos are even more corrupt. Incredibly, they are taken with the same background, as noted by the pictures in the back-drop.


Can anyone really believe that this is a real photo of Mr. Cosby? Clearly, it is a corrupt, a mere digital fake. See his left cheek. What a wretched attempt at PhotoShop-style manipulation it is. The eyes, too, have been corrupted to create that standard comic look of Mr. Cosby, as seen in his TV shows.


There are cut-lines and blur tool marks all over his face, chin, and neck. There can be no other conclusion other than the fact that this is an extreme fake.


All these photos are fakes. It’s a set-up, orchestrated by Zionist-contolled Hollywood.


The hands do not look realistic; the finger and hands are joined together digitally. It appears that the fingers in one of the images below have been altered through the paint tool:



Was a book deal a part of the scam? Notice her real hand versus the PhotoShop fakes.

jewellallisonhoax billcosbyallison-9sbillcosbyallisonimage

The woman is faking it for personal and financial gain. Who in this universe can prove otherwise?

Mr. Cosby ‘called her every week,’ even leaving messages on her answering machine. She experienced such great horror, she claims, and can remember it all in excruciating detail decades later.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 10.23.49 PM

What was she paid to say that Mr. Cosby is the greatest ‘serial rapist’ of all time?

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 10.41.21 PM

She’s never upset, emotionally, in her interviews. Instead, it is all posturing and theatrics.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 10.39.59 PM

She’s a real rape victim of Mr. Cosby and she experience a horror that she can’t seem to remember correctly, as she explains it through multiple story lines., Who finds word she speaks believable in the least degree? Once again, she makes the claim. Yet, her representing herself as being in the presence of the man through altered, forged photos proves that all she says is nothing but corrupt, as are her intentions: which is to use this lie as a means of catapulting her formerly dead career. She’s a goldbrick, make no mistake about it.





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  1. 1th picture: : If I undertake a Rorschachtest, then the yellow and black stains, which are right to her head, reminds me to a creature with a black body and a yellow head.
    3th picture: Does Mr. Cosby do a hand-sign? If I undertake a brainstormingtest, then the (ancient looking) letter “T” reminds me to a Taurus, because I have seen recently so much bulls (including on my own coffeecup).
    3 and 4th picture: the man at the right side wears a rare armring which reminds me to a being
    4 and 5th picture: the so-called “cut” reminds me to the cap of (Christian, Jewish, Muslim etc.) priests
    6th picture: If I undertake a Rorschachtest, then the picture left of her head on the wall reminds me to a white Taurus-head. If I undertake a brainstormingtest, then the letters “OW” remind me to OX / Ochs (Taurus), b-ove (Taurus), owe, own
    1 “X” contains 2 “v” => OW = OVV = OX
    To who is he really looking up? 🙂 No offense. Joke.
    8th picture: If I undertake a Rorschachtest, then some things in the highest shelf reminds me to faces (especially the thing on top and the thing at the right side).

    • 6th picture: the photo behind of the head of the woman reminds me to a white Taurus-face with 2 horns, if I look at it through a Rorschach-lens. From the view-point of an artist this photo and the head of the woman could be interpreted as a whole / composition/unit (= as if there would be a white Taurus behind the curtain/mirror who wears a human/woman-mask.:-)

  2. 7th picture: If I undertake a Rorschachtest, then the photo on the wall reminds me to a thought bubble/balloon containing a box-champion, who makes a victory-pose and is sitting on a creature with 2 horns.
    8th picture: his “nike”-t-hirt reminds me to the ancient goddess of victory, because my grandfather named his sailing-boot after this goddess. (No joke.)

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    • This obituary Cache looks like our DHS hoax Kosher NAZI Theater Shooter zioScammer killed off one of his aliases last year, to cash in some big $$$ Life Insurance policies & annuities, etc., you can bet!…
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  7. Thanks.

    Jesus, thank you for sending the miracle of Love to Mr Cosby and everyone he knows; help them live free and easy.

    • U are an annoying broken record

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    • Basically this Zio ******* Jewy Jerry Levin is saying it’s time for zionist Hollywood to go all out with lies & propaganda & PsyOps & Movie & TV Programming to get the Goyim Guns! & especially with using the mental health angle/trick!

  9. this is a creepy disturbing video about the Sandy Hook hoax: SHOCKING: Sandy Hook CHILD ABUSE During Fox News Interview

    It looks like Alexis found out that it was all a Hoax and she’s wondering why mom and dad are lying and forcing her to keep her mouth shut. The dad is creepy and his eyes are scary. Tell me what you think about this video?

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  11. Jewell Allison’s real birth name is Jewell Gittens which she still used in her most successful movie called Bomerang in 1992. This zionist agent keeps separate identities as: Jewell Allison
    Jewell Allison Gittens & apparently
    Jewell Patricia Gittens & probably other aliases under any husband or any ex-husbands or boyfriends.
    Her father’s name was Sylvester Gittens who she named her son after. Her apparent son Sylvester Gittens is married to this Jewess named Molly Dandino ( Marrano/Converso Jewish name).
    I believe Jewell’s very well hidden mother was a “white looking” Jew. (Even when you find a bio of her as Jewell Allison Gettins it only mention her father’s name, not her mother’s name! Lol) And anyway she then considers herself a Jew & Zionist foremost & is a faithful sayanim ziopuppet, zionist extremist willing to lie, steal, cheat, blackmail, extort, etc, for the zionist power. She likes helping with zionist race hate propaganda as whites being Eeevile genocidal Racist against blacks which she has taken part in.

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