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The Jewish Communist Mob and the Contract Hit On LaVoy Finicum

From the highest levels to the most mid-range elements of local Oregon criminal elements a decision had been made to commit a most malicious act: to kill in cold-blood Constitutional American patriot, LaVoy Finicum.

One of the local Zionist agents with the greatest blood on her hand is known bisexual Kate Brown.


Brown was brought in as a cover for the former arch-corrupt governor, John Kitzhaber.

Nevertheless, she was intimately involved in the action taken against the Constitutional protesters. It was Brown who in violation of the people’s constitutional rights for free assembly and protest pushed aggressively for so-called “federal” action. The only extremists and lunatics in this ordeal were the people at the highest levels of government, who not only sought revenge against the Constitutional protesters but also sought to draw their blood.


Yet, a man who wouldn’t even publicly say a swear word, this man Brown calls for his head. Who is she to demand hostile action against a Constitutional American? Like all the other criminal minds who set up this man, she has much to answer for:



When confronted about this, Brown refused to comment. She was obviously doing the illicit, which was using her high office for influence peddling. Moreover, then, LaVoy Finicum, Ryan Bundy, and Ammon Bundy are the bad people?

Caption: Ryan Bundy after being tazered by federal agents

Of course, the Jewish mobsters were concerned. As per Israeli-Firster and arch-Zionist agent Ron Wyden:


Per the Oathkeepers Website it had become common knowledge that the Zionist-controlled federal government was concerned that the message was about to “catch fire” and was spreading to other counties and other states, with an additional eight ranchers (including in Utah and New Mexico) stepping up to declare their “emancipation” and independence from the BLM and USFS.   

There is plenty of reason for the need for this independence: as soon as possible. The country is being overtaken by foreign interests, much of it arising from the current Communist-inclined power-bases, particularly Russia:


There can be no doubt about this connection, along with the fact that the controlling entity, Rosatom, is run by Zionist agents.

Russia took control over 20% of US uranium after Uranium One’s associates made lavish contributions to Clinton Foundation

This is why Mr. Finicum, along with the Bundy brothers, posed such a threat. They were urging Americans to stand up for their rights against the tyranny of the oppressive powers.

Obviously, arch-Zionist mole Brown played a key role in the assassination plot against Mr. Finicum:


Let us see who she spoke to regarding this plot: Valerie Jarrett, Jerry Abramson, and FBI Director James Comey. Within five days of this ‘conversation’ Mr. Finicum was dead.

Abramson is notoriously corrupt, in fact, corrupt beyond belief. He sacked a police chief as a result of mere vengeance, because the chief wouldn’t violate his policies. In that case he tried to force the promotion of a male friend, a cop, who he jogged with every morning. Here is an example of one of the more modest levels of corruption he wrought as Mayor for Life in Louisville, KY:


Yet, ranchers attempting to gain redress for government tyranny are the bad guys. 

Is it not the most horrific issue that one of the most honorable, sincere and corruption-free Americans, LaVoy Finicum, was slaughtered, said to be a militant and extremists, while, in fact, he was actually killed by the most extreme elements of all, the thieves and law-breakers of the so-called federal government.

Another Zionist agent contacted by Brown was none other than arch-Obama adviser, Valerie Jarrett.

Valerie Bowman Jarrett was born on November 14, 1956 in Shiraz, Iran, to African-American parents James E. Bowman and Barbara Taylor Bowman.

There, her father, a pathologist, worked for the Jewish Shah.


Note only is she a proud Jew but is also a Communist agent. The connection in this regard is through her parents and also through the man she married. In 1983 Jarrett married William Robert Jarrett, son of Chicago Sun-Times reporter Vernon Jarrett. Per the

Valerie’s maternal grandparents were Robert Rochon Taylor and Dorothy Taylor. Robert was the first African-American head of the Chicago Housing Authority. Dorothy, a native of Berkeley, was active in early Planned Parenthood. That’s ironic, given Margaret Sanger’s “Negro Project,” her 1926 speech to a KKK rally in Silverlake, New Jersey, and her championing of racial-eugenics. Then again, Sanger’s penchant for “race improvement” has never halted liberals’ veneration of her.

So, to sum up, Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, worked with the literal relatives of Valerie Jarrett—her grandfather and future father-in-law—in Chicago’s Communist Party circles in the 1940s.

It was Jarret who was most responsible for bringing the revolutionary Communist, Van Jones, into the Obama Administration six years ago. Anyone who followed her knew she is a Communist extremist. Her father was a traitor, who should have been hung.

Bowman was also a member of the Association of Internes and Medical Students, a group that, according to his FBI file, engaged in un-American activities and “has long been a faithful follower of the Communist Party line.”

See the ties of her father to Jewish extremists, here, in this case the Jewish mob of the former Soviet Union:

James Bowman—had a lengthy FBI file showing that he was a Communist who often collaborated with other Communists based principally in Chicago. 

In 1950, for instance, Bowman communicated with a paid Soviet agent named Alfred Stern, who later fled the U.S. to Prague when he was indicted on espionage charges that were ultimately confirmed beyond doubt—specifically, he had conspired to transmit military and political information to the Soviet Union. 

Here is Stern with Martha Dodd, another Jewish spy:

Per the DailyCaller:


The newly released reports from Judicial Watch, where key FBI documents are revealed, fully demonstrate Jarrett’s many family ties to hardcore Communists. Yet, this is the closest adviser to the President, essentially, his co-president? Too, this is the person who conspired with Gov. Brown to send out the hit notice against Mr. Finicum?

Yet, the ranchers are the bad guys and the extremists.

Gov. Brown made use of all such Communist moles in setting up the contract hit on Mr. Finicum. She had spoken directly with Obama as well as Abramson, along with FBI Chief Comey. She told them that the protest must end “without further delay from federal law enforcement.” Thus, the bisexual was the aggressor in the call for militant action.


FBI FILES: Valerie Jarrett’s Family Was A Bunch Of Communists

A Damaging Case Against Jerry Abramson



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    Also I think a couple reasons why the Bundys were not murdered was because the Feds knew many Patriots & militia around the country trusted them- the
    Feds did not want to make martyrs out of them which would generate new hardcore Patriots by their murders. Plus by not murdering Ammon Bundy & by the fact that the charges against him would only allow a minimum-maximum imprisonment they knew that many more patriots would believe, due to disinfo & misinfo spread by fake truthers & fake Patriots & others misguided by them that Ammon & his father & brother were Feds or Crisis Actors or provocateurs themselves. But with Finicum the feds & zios new that had a man who the feds knew they had no way of co-opting, compromising at all that he was quickly figuring out the Feds & ziopuppets inside the occupiers like Ritzheimer. And Since Finicum was not even that well known it was better to murder him now in their evil murderous satanic minds. The zios & Feds certainly wanted to murder someone to send a message to the Ranchers that they would murder those who opposed them in the theft of their land & mineral & water rights & other rights & liberties & that they could do it & get away with it! And the feds & zio also wanted to send a similiar message to all Patriots, Christians, Libertarians & Tribes that they could steal all the land they wanted & no one could stop them. The last problem they had in their way was young David Fry who independently came all the way down from Ohio who the feds had no control at all over. But even he knew in the end since he was almost alone & no other Patriots were coming & the media & Feds & Traitor Mike McConnell & fake truthers did enormous PsyOps specifically against him that he had to end the fight. But they cannot imprison David Fry forever & he is only 27. Fry will likely become a new Lavoy Finicum, quite different, yet quite the dame & so will many others. A patriot is not a mind full of mush & so things ate worth dying for!

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