**Breaking News** — 27 August 2015
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Zionist Jews Plot to Corrupt America’s Gun’s Rights through Virginia TV Crew Shooting Hoax

It is world Jewry which is responsible for the plot to corrupt the common rights of the people, including the right to a vigorous self-defense. Too, regarding this arch-vile group through such plot attempts to undermine the people in order to achieve universal power, the power of so-called world government, the power to corrupt and manipulate, to deceive and distract, to confuse and to create disarray. Were the world to wake up to this criminal cabal perhaps there would be concerted resistance against it. This is what the Zionists so greatly fear. Even so, no doubt, this is a major, direct assault, once again in order to destroy the inalienable rights of the American people to self-defense.

They attempted to do so in Sandy Hoax. In this regard it must be kept in mind who were the major players. Israeli agents were there, parading about as mercenary-style agents, their speech in Hebrew being recorded. Of the fraudsters associated with this lie there included arch-Zionist mole Ryan Grainy, self-professed Internet sheriff and arch-embezzler, along with Neil Heslin, Mark Barden, Dawn Hochsprung, Erika Lafferty, Veronique Pozner, the Greenberg clique, Alexis Israel, the Licata clique, Marquez-Greene, arch-Zionist story-teller Gene Rosen, among others. It can be no coincidence that all such individuals are Jewish, many of them hard-core Zionist agents. While in the scheme of things, that is the schemes of attempted arch-Zionist conquest, these individuals are relatively minor players. Yet, can there be any doubt about it? All such individuals were and still are going for the guns.

Even so, the clique has been rabid in its plots for a prolonged time. It was the Zionists who destroyed this right of the regular people in Australia, England, and Canada, largely through fake shootings. America has not yet been taken down. In light of the failed Sandy Hook and Charleston ‘black’ church shooting hoaxes the Virginia TV crew shooting hoax is an attempt to do this.

Behind this latest hoax it is the same entities, once again, which are arch-Zionist-controlled and operated: CNN, NBC, ABC, and, particularly, CBS.

It is as if they have a dictate to lie and deceive. What else can they do? It is their pattern that they use repeatedly to induce control, to induce a mass degree of manipulation if not paranoia.

The world must be in fear of everyone but the Zionist, while the agents of Zion continue to rape, pillage, and destroy: continue to commit mass murder in the land—continue to spread great acts of wickedness beyond count.

Many people knew that Roanoke, Virginia-area, TV crew shooting was not right. Something was wrong with it. Seemingly, it was surreal. The reaction of the purported reporter, Allison Parker, was just seemingly too canned, as was the reaction of the co-worker in studio. Yet, there was sufficient shock and realism to cause many people to succumb under the spell.

Moreover, a spell it is. Hoping to create great shock and awe a Zionist-owned and controlled network, Roanake, Virginia’s WDJB, perpetrated a hoax and a scam. The entity, a CBS affiliate, faked this shooting not merely via an isolated group but, rather, as an entire network. This is not a rogue event. The network, in collaboration with its larger scale cohorts, orchestrated it all.

It all happened live on TV, so it was meant to portray. People were shot dead, and anyone could hear the shock reaction of the main actor, while she turned her face before the camera, dropping her jaw, opening her mouth wide: right in the face of the gun. Directly, the fake shooting involved some four people, three of whom are reportedly dead, the other wounded. Yet, surely, there were many others around, support staff and coordinators, all of whom were off camera.

Three people are now dead with one wounded. This is what is said. Hundreds of millions of people assume it as true. Yet, it is not true in the least. The dead are fully alive and the injured is uninjured. They are mere actors paid for the role. Where are they now? That is unknown, but in all likelihood the fake dead are on vacation, perhaps permanently so, in some far and distant land.

WDJB is owned by the arch-Zionist family clique, South Bend’s Schurz family.




It is a Jewish network run by Jews, just like ABC, NBC, CNN, and CBS. Schurz is merely a low-level element of the wholly Zionist-controlled major media:


Here is Mr. Scott Schurz, along with Schurz, Jr. Surely, the entire group knew full well that they were perpetrating this scam and were fully cognizant that this was nothing other than a gun-grubbing hoax. Yet, simultaneously, they make it out as if it is real, claiming to support all the injured parties, including the poor grieving relatives.


Therefore, the network is supporting it. This could not have been achieved unless Schurz itself coordinated it.

In order to drive the hoax home, in order to give it a sense of realism, the network leveraged a variety of its agents, including reporter David Leval:


Who finds his story lines believable? It’s mere drama. In fact, how much more dramatic can it get than to say that they all “feared for their lives” and that there was a cop-husband out there ready to ‘beat him up?’ If so, there would be a trail for this. Why not give the woman’s name and also the name of her husband cop if there is even the slightest basis for such a ludicrous claim? 

Yet, then, what about arch-Zionist claims are anything but ludicrous, the most ridiculous of all being the claim that Jews died wholesale, just because of their tribal lineage, during WWII.


Sure they are, millions of them, right. That’s why those same millions ended up in the Zionist strip, where they continued to perpetrate their continuous scams.

Masters of deception in this case it was not merely for distraction but a means by which to engorge themselves with wealth, all of it gained illicitly.


What in the world are such photos supposed to represent? What child could be that size compared to the naked mother in real life? How truly corrupt, how absolutely terminally wretched and hedonistic the Zionists are. The images of the Germans may well have been in a similar photo or perhaps not, but for certain the other bodies, the whitish ones: those were clearly installed. It’s mere superimposed arch-Zionist chicanery, a total fake. Notice the left arm of the woman. It doesn’t appear to even be attached to anything, Moreover, an obvious knife cut line is seen along the German’s left leg, left screen. Moreover, as always, the eeeeviiiillll German is standing near the dead and dying aiming his weapon at them, getting ready to pull the trigger on those poor, defenseless Jews. Through this, the Zionists conquered this nation of powerful people, subjecting it to the whims and wishes, supposedly through the guilt of conscious. The girl’s blonde hear was put in for added affect, the head also showing visible slice lines.

Furthermore, it appears as if the Zionists placed an extra hand, or may it be said, grotesquely, an extra arm wrapped around that fake body. They are no better at this than they were originally. They are hacks, entirely corrupt. How else can such treachery be described?




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  1. EXCLUSIVE: Train terror hero Spencer Stone was stabbed after ‘trying to protect a girl being punched by her boyfriend’ during gay club’s ‘straight night’ – then she fled with attackers


    • So Christinne, that means both these these despicable, fraudster lying, Zionist Jew Extremists, Crisis Actors & Mossad Agents: Alek Skarlatos & Spencer Stone have done a 2nd ZioMedia/DHS zionist PsyOp in addition to the Treasonous PsyOp Hate the Muslims Hoax they took starring roles in against the French people & the Muslims & Arabs & Africans targeted for war & genocide by the Lies & PsyOp Hoax Fraud perpetrated the zionist Psychopaths!
      And imagine this ziotrash clown Alek & his evil acts of Hate & treason against the French people were rewarded by getting the highest award a civilian & foreigner can get: The French Foreign Legion of Honor Award! Given to him by the slimey ZioPuppet Treasonous President of France who cannot possibly Not be aware of the Operation being a PsyOp hoax against the French people & the Muslims & the World! What a sellout scum bag like the Bushes, Clintons & Obama!


      These Mossad Agents should have been taken to a public square in France & Bullwhip 40 lashes, then sent to 40 years in the worst Prison in France & felt lucky then didn’t get the Famous French Guillilotine!

  2. Exhibit 37 -a) Oregon College Mass Murder Shooter Hoax PsyOp
    Anton Sterling plays Stacy Boylan role
    Anton Sterling aka Sterling Anton does the Crisis Actor Role, Hoax Father character Stacy Boylan of VicSim/Victim Ana Boylan character.
    This Is 32° Freemason Past Master the Multnomah # 1 Lodge of Portland Oregon. He will likely be promoted to 33° Master & the head of big Oregon Lodge for playing this Treasonous PsyOp Role for the Zionists & DHS & ZioMedia Enemy for their Gunfiscation Agenda & larger NWO Agenda.

  3. Exhibit A) DHS Hoax-A-Thon College Shootings Continue With A Triple Fake Freaky Friday of 3 Fake DHS College Shootings in 1 Day! 3 for 1 Hoax! Triple PsyOp Movie Night Friday 3 Show for 1 price!
    Not only does the Zionist Enemy- Zio Media & DHS- stage 3 in 1 a Day-Today-Yes 3 fake College shootings just today! LMAO! But as shown Clearly in this zio-NY Times Fake Story: These ZioPsychos decided, insanely, to have have 2 of the 3 share the same stupid exact script & plot! These Zionist Orchestrated Hoaxes are as ridiculous as they are evil in intent which is to trick American people into Disarming of their guns & other firearms for easy slaughter & enslavement of the hated American who people they call the dumb, hated goyim cattle!
    New York Times/Slimes Fake 2 Colleges Same Script Combined Shooting Story!
    Campus Shootings in Texas and Arizona Kill 2 Students and Wound 4
    The New York Times
    HOUSTON — Two students were killed in separate shootings Friday on college campuses in Texas and Arizona, rattling the nerves of students, teachers and parents eight days after a rampage left 10 people dead at Umpqua Community College in Oregon.
    Unlike the attack in Oregon and other mass shootings at colleges and schools in recent years, the two on Friday were not so-called active-shooter episodes, but instead appeared to stem from ordinary disputes and altercations that quickly turned violent.
    Here in Houston, a shooting outside a student housing complex at Texas Southern University shortly before noon put the campus on lockdown and led administrators to cancel classes for the day. The motive was unknown, but one student was killed and another man wounded. Their names were not released.
    The shooting appeared to be the fourth on or near the campus since August, and although officials said two people had been detained, the suspect believed to be the gunman remained at large.

  4. Exhibit 37-b) Oregon Ompqua Mass Murder Shooting Hoax PsyOp
    Sterling Anton aka Anton Sterling plays Stacy Boylan the Lying Fake Shooting victim father of the VicSim /Fake Victim Ana Boylan character. https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpt1/v/t1.0-9/10929131_10102046709584496_8020864048586005554_n.jpg?oh=6f9d1e3b148c7a50056541a8d1bfe05a&oe=569C956D
    He is a high level Freemason 32° & a zionist Jew & looks like he has works for Mossad overseas & his main job is his is An Ad Man, Advertising & Marketing Agent & Manager & Public Relations aka PR aka Professional liar. He merely was required to gain about 35 lbs or more & let all his beard grow & let all his grey come out & not dye it out of his beard for this role. ..And wear glasses. And I do have a much younger picture of him with glasses & heavier from 7 years ago where he does like just like a younger version of the current clownish lying ZioTV/media character Stacy Boylan. The real stacy Boylan is another spook himself zionist & likely a freemason also. So are just combining the name & trail of his (the sorta’ Stacy Boylan) past presence in Oregon with this new creation a fictional character hoax victim father. And more cleverly than usual they are portraying him as a pro Gun owner (but a cartoon character version of one) to make the event seem to must be real even to some gun owners who are starting to waver of whether maybe these shootings are hoaxes/PsyOps or False flags. So this brings them back into the false reality that these are real events & makes it harder for them to argue with their families & friends against all so called “gun Control laws”–Which is a stupid lie & term because the agenda is all about Gun Confiscation not some indefinable BS called Gun Control. I reiterate zionist agenda is Gun Confiscation not Gun Control which is a meaningless proganda deception term.

  5. Exhibit 37-c) Oregon College Mass Murder Shooting DHS Hoax PsyOp
    This is Anton Sterling Alias Sterling Anton from 2007 – 8 years ago he’s heavier, with glasses & younger showing he looked just like a younger version of his current PsyOp character Stacy Boylin who he is playing. So he stopped exercising & ate more for the role as Robert De Neiro would do & does, not that this freemason zionist clown freak 2nd or 3rd rate actor is Any Robert De Neiro. But that is a good way to change your looks for a big & recurring role. His brother or cousin Nick Anton in white & blue stripes & Sister Zoe Anton & Lilly Anton is sister or cousin. Look for these others in Oregon College PsyOp photos, video footage & roles & in previous “news stories” & PsyOps anywhere.

  6. Exhibit 37-d) Oregon College Mass Murder Shooting DHS Hoax PsyOp
    This is Freemason & Zionist Jew Anton Sterling Alias Sterling Anton fraudster who plays character Stacy Boylan Oregon Victim/VicSim father of Ana Boylan hoax VicSim character.
    Also he is only 33 yet already has headed entire mason lodges for several years. He was selected for this role because he 33 yrs old & about to be a 33 degree mason & is earning it be doing this treasonous acting/fraud/deception/trickery role. Masonic/Occultic/Babylonia magic is all by Illusion & deception, trickery. Magic is Illusion. PsyOps are illusion. But it all has a real & evil effect when believed. This deception tricks people into doing & accepting things, horrible things, against their own & others’ best interests, which they would not normally do & accept..Like give up their rights, hate people who have in reality not done them any wrong & who are not their enemy, & to accept & support evil, unprovoked, missile attacks, genocidal wars, invasions, mass bombing & genocidal occupations. And all these evils are done for even greater, later zionist, NWO agendas to come!


    • Exhibit 39) Obama ZioPuppet Meets Hoax Shooting DHS Crisis Actors In Roseburg, OR in Contining Treasonous Gun Confiscation Agenda PsyOp Being Perpetrated Against The American People!
      & Ridiculously Today Brand New Hoax College/School Shootings In 1 Day by The Zionist Enemy Against the American people. Zionist run DHS & the Zionist owned Media is clearly a Terrorist & Treasonous Enemy of the American people with these almost Daily Psychological Terror Hoax Events of fake shootings & Murders that these despicable demons are orchestrating against US!

      • Exhibit B) DHS College Hoax-A-Thon Traveling DHS Comedy Killing RoadShow Hits AZ Again! Ridiculous Storyline of An All Fratboy Party Shooting (Delta Chi & Sigma Chi)
        AZ College Hoax Dead VicSim Crisis Actor Fraudster
        Colin Brough is Son Of Zionist Jew TV Producer/DigitalPublisher
        Douglas Brough of Extream TV & Allview Networks of Annapolis,Md & West Palm Beach,FL & 25 other Addresses! You Treasonous Filth..Sayan, Israel Enemy Agent!
        Busted Scumbag Fraudster Mossad Agent & Hollywood Piece of $hit! You are busted for Treason
        US Search Results:
        Douglas Charles Brough, age 56 
        (Doug Brough, Douglas Brough)
         Manchester, MD; Castle Rock, CO; Annapolis, MD; Stevensville, MD;Severna Park, MD; Lake Worth, FL; Delray Beach, FL; West Palm Beach, FL; Jamaica Plain, MA;Solana Beach, CA; San Diego, CA; Towson, MD; Brea, CA; Randallstown, MD; Cockeysville, MD; Anaheim, CA; Columbia, SC; Boston, MA
        Charles Brough, Sharon Brough, Claudia Brough Towson
        University Allview Networks, Digital Holdings Inc. (Dhi),Extreamtv

  7. Exhibit C) Freaky Friday 3 Hoaxes/ 3 DHS College Hoax Shootings In 1 Day!! Arizona Happy Hoaxer Crisis Actor Sabrina Garst Is Happy AZ a Hog In Mud & $hit as a Paid $$$ Harlot Liar From Hell!! Watch her Smile & Lie & Bask In A few minutes of Fame! She don’t care if a friend died..She’s getting paid!! $$ And nobody died..! it’s a **** DHS Hoax!


  8. Exhibit D) ZioTwisted DHS Triple College Shooting Day Freaky Friday! AZ & 2 More Fake Univ’ Shootings Same Day! Mossadomite Scumbag Busted!

    Delta Chi Zionist Jew NAU Student & DHS Crisis Actor/Fraudster of N. Az. Univ.
    Jeff Roxas Plays Delta Chi Hoax Shooter/Murderer Fictional Character
    Steven Jones fake Goyim Eeevile Shooter Billion % DHS/Media Hoax PsyOp!
    Busted you slimely Zionist Treasonous Fraudster!

    Again Jeff Roxas is clearly AZ Hoax Shooter Murderer Character Steven Jones! You dumb evil arrogant *******! Caught your punk chosen Racist @$$!

    • Exhibit D-1) AZ College Shooting Hoax-A-Thon Friday! 3 DHS College Shootings PsyOps In 1 Day!
      Mossad/Zionist Jew Crisis Actor Jeff Roxas a zionist agent Israeli Traitor Busted!
      Will some lying idiot zioTroll A-hole tell me this little punk Jeff Roxas who’s in the same Fraternity- Delta Chi & at the same college, & who looks exactly like the Hoax Shooter is not the same person as the Hoax shooter? – Fictional character Steven Jones. They even used a Mossad & Thermite & 911 exposing Truther Professor/explosives expert’s name for this fake shooter/murderer! (Steven Jones of BYU.)
      This below is Jeff Roxas who plays the NAU hoax shooter fictional character Steven Jones. No question! And he plays himself as well’ as: Jeff Roxas, as a DHS false Witness & friend & Frat Brother of Fictious shooter Steven Jones. DHS script wrights might as well have just named him Alex Jones!

      • Exhibit E) A to Z of AZ Hoax College Shooting in DHS College Shooting Hoax-A-Thon!
        Hoax Shooting VicSim Nick Piring is alias Nick Reiff Son of Zionist Jew DHS/Sayan PR Con Man Sayan/Spook/Mossad Benjamin Reiff of Philly & Las Vegas & Beverly Hills CA Developer Real Estate Mugul & Lennette Reiff aka Lennette Piring & Lea Piring, Lea Reiff Etc & Piring Reiff & Annette Reiff

  9. Exhibit 40) Oregon DHS Hoax College Mass Murder Shooting PsyOp
    Compilation Video of Various Youtuber Truthers’ Videos of these PsyOp Made By a Guy plus his own analysis & points.


  10. Exhibit F) F is For Fraudulant Fake @$$ Shooting AZ College Hoax PsyOp
    Slimebucket Fraudster Crisis Actor VicSim Fake Victim Nick Prato Caught At DHS NAzUniv Hoax Shootibg Memorial.
    This little Delta Chi Frat Boy Is Son of Zionist Jew Propaganda Spokesliar For War Monger Zionist Run War Contractor/ Bomb & Missile & Nukes Builder & NSA Spy on Americans Contractor Northrop Grumman. This Evil witch/ mossad enemy agent with security clearances Kimberly Prato alias Kimberly Dimo alias Kimberly Mozzato is a yet an another Public Relations professional liar involved in this hoax for the zionist Enemy, DHS & zio MSM/ZioMedia perpetrating this PsyOp Hoax against the American people for the Zionist psychopath agenda of Gun Confiscation of the American people’s firearms & destruction of the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution! Which is treason. And I will continue exposing these traitorous warmongers & all their evil reguardless of threats from who ever & whether this site stays up or not. Forgive me for being so gentle with these psychopaths.


  11. Exhibit G) Arizona College Shooting Murder Hoax PsyOp
    Zionist Mossad Scum War Contractor & PR Professional Liar Involved in These Treasonius PsyOp for Gun Confiscation Agenda
    Kimberly Prato
    (US Search results)
    Kimberly Dimo Prato, age 48 
    Kimberly Dimo alias Kimberly Mozzicato alias Kimberly Prato)l

     San Diego, CA;Oceanside, CA; Lake Arrowhead, CA; Upland, CA; Fpo, Ap; Houston, TX; Jacksonville, FL;Mission Viejo, CA;Waterbury, CT; Newport, NC; Willis, TX;Swansboro, NC;Wethersfield, CT; Irvine, CA Anthony Prato, Joseph Mozzicato, Kevin Mozzicato, Jacqueline Dimo, Thomas Dimo,Leo Dimo, G Dimo, Gayla Owens, Mary Mozzicato,Kimmi Dimo, Kris Lorancaitis, Nicholas Prato, TK Prato Northrop Grumman Corporation, Public Relations Society Of America, Kathleen Bates

    (2nd Identity Search result of this same demon at US Search)
    Kimberly D Prato, age 48

     Foristell, MO; San Diego, CA; Lake Arrowhead, CA;Henderson, NV; Panama City Beach, FL; Oceanside, CA Anthony Prato, S Prato,Nicholas Prato Liar Crisis Actor Son & Fake Victim/VicSim, Kathleen Prato, TK Prato, Harry Prato, Sandra Prato,Stephen Prato
    This is one of this Kimberly Prato’s Linkedin Account as College Professor & PR AD man, etc which tries to keep separate from her role as a SpokesLiar PR for War Contractor Northrop Grumman for obvious reason…Like on campus she doesn’t want other teachers & students realizing she is a Warmonger spokesLiar & spook… And have them protest her presense & her likely CIA & mossad recruitment of students, etc.
    Ofcourse Caches, these twi identity searches & pictures reveal Professor PR & Northrop Grumman PR SposLiar Kim Prato the same Kim Prato. Their are two other PR woman also spooks/mossadomites going by this name as well: but of age 56 & 37 as opposed to 48 of this one. Prato is probably just a made up name given to all 3 of these PR SpokesLiar agents. It’s to sound Greek or Italian instead of An obvious zio/Israeli Agent Jewish name with a stein, wicz or sky etc.

  12. Exhibit G-2) N AZ University Hoax DHS Shooting Murder PsyOp For Gun Confiscation Agenda
    Crisis Actor/ PR War Contractor
    SpokesLiar Zio Agent
    Kimberly Prato alias
    Kimberly Mozzato alias Kimberly Dimo
    & Mother of VicSim Fake Victim Fraudster Nichlas (Hoax Greek) Prato

  13. Exhibit H) Hoax is for Hoax!
    Arizona N.Az Univ Hoax Shooting/Murder PsyOp
    Mossad Agent Navy Embeded NSA/Spook connected
    Anthony James Prato alias Frank Anthony is also alias
    (via US SEARCH identity search)
    Anthony Francis Perrone, age 51
    (Anthony Prato, Anthony Khansari)

     Jacksonville, FL;Rosedale, MD;Baltimore, MD; Crystal River, FL; Saint Petersburg, FL; Saint Augustine, FL;Birmingham, AL;Washington, DC;Arlington,VA; Neptune Beach, FL; Savannah, GA; Port Saint Lucie, FL;Evington, VA; Fort Lauderdale, FL;Springfield, VA;Lynchburg, VA Loretta Prato, Michael Perrone, Julian Perrone,Andrew Perrone, Vincent Perrone, John Perrone
    Motion Industries Inc
    So, among other facts, by this Motion Industries Business I know he is the same Anthony Prato who is alias as Frank Anthony & Navy Connected & also the same one running Resume dot com which PR daughter Gabrielle Prato of Chicago & Loyola Univ of Chicago is involved in. And this Gabrielle Prato is like an exact dopperganger/clone of her mother face, body, bug breasts & all.
    Their other son (& brother of Hoax NAU shot Crisis Actor Nick Prato) is named Anthony Prato marine vet, Russian Linguist (speaks Spanish too) so likely NSA TOO, & currently Naval Academy, Maryland & probably simultaneously with nearby NSA – Ft Meade, Maryland with clearances & positions. Most NSA military are Air Force or Army & some Navy, Marines in NSA arw rare. But techically he is in the Navy now.
    This below linkedin accnt’ is the older/father Anthony Prato- spook- who looks exactly like the son in younger pictures he uses on other linkedin profiles like for his resume business he runs with PR daughter Gabrielle [who also is a lawyer /headhunter (recruiter hirer) & PR SpokesLiar.]

    • Exhibit H-2) Arizona College DHS Shooting Murder Hoax PsyOp
      NSA/CIA Spook/Mossad in yet another position this zionist Goon Anythony Pratos has he is also in the Program Director at Portland/Vancover Oregon Radio stations: KPSU/KBSU & Atleast a large portion of KPBS Radio programming & most likely at other Public Broascasting Stations in Oregon. This is absolutely the same man Navy man who is father & husband repectively of Crisis Actors Nick Pratos & Kim Pratos of the Northern AZ Shooting Hoax. I have photographic & other proof like the Identity search showing him connected to both Kim & Nicholas Prato. And a the Linkedin shows the same younger of Anthony Pratos, etc.
      Anthony Wayne Prato alias
      Tony Prato alias
      Anthony S Prato
      Anthony Wayne Prato is in his 50’s
      Anthony Has Lived In
      San Diego, CA
      Henderson, NV
      Lake Arrowhead, CA
      Anthony’s Relatives
      Kimberly Prato ( & this Kim Links directly to fraudater son Nicholas if you click the link)
      Stephen Prato
      Sandra Prato
      Kathleen Prato

      Anthony Wayne Prato
      Zodiac Sign Libra,Gender
      Status Program Director at Kpsu Radio Station Portland



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