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Jewish Extremists Plot to Destroy 2nd Amendment through Parkland Florida Shooting Hoax

UPDATED, Feb. 23, 2018, 8:00 CST

The so-called Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting is a vile Jewish plot.  The objective is to destroy the inalienable rights of the American people. Regardless, there is  no proof that there was a real shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school.

Even so, the lies are continuous. Supposedly, there is great indignation. This is based upon the acclaimed massacre of, among others, at least six Jews. According to the New Yorker these Jews included Scott Beigel, Alex Schachter, Jamie Guttenberg, and Joaquin Oliver. The journal forgot to mention Aaron Fees and  Jennifer Montaldo. Adding in Nikolas Cruz, that means there were seven Jewish perpetrators who are fully admitted. The point is both the phony shooter and a large group of fake dead are mere actors, though also arch-Zionist extremists.

One of the key antagonists is arch-Zionist agent, Cameron Kasky. It was he who wrote through Facebook at the two-hour mark of the hoax that he was “safe” and that he wanted to, cynically, “Thank all the Second Amendment warriors who protected me,” also saying, repeatedly, how angry he was.  “I’m just angry,” he wrote. “I just want people to understand what happened and understand that doing nothing will lead to nothing.”

Thus, from the outset he was scheming to set the stage for this gun control hoax.

From here, he was “invited” to write an op-ed for that psyops news entity, CNN.

Quickly, the Zionist posted. “Stay alert. #NeverAgain.” He and his fellow conspirators, according to the New Yorker, “stayed up all night creating social-media accounts and trying to figure out what needed to be said, ‘because the important thing here wasn’t talking about gore,’” adding, “it was talking about remembrance.”

To spread further corruption in the land and to manipulate law-makers they are aiming at petitioning for “more thorough background checks.” Adding to the scheme was Alfonso Calderon, co-founder of Never Again, who said, “We have to vote people out who have been paid for by the N.R.A. They’re allowing this to happen. They’re making it easier for people like Nick Cruz to acquire an AR-15.

Yet another hostile one is David Hogg, who has been interviewed countless times. It was he who essentially accused embedded law-makers as murderers. Only a Zionist mole could get away with such commentary without suffering consequences. Per NBC News:

“People get sad after this and they don’t want to take action, and I totally understand that. I’m not going to let these politicians keep murdering my friends. How can we let these people stay in power if they’re just trying to save themselves?” Hogg, 17, said of his decision to speak out after the shooting.

Clearly, then, the Zionists, godless that they are, truly are waging war against the Bill of Rights, a law that has stood solve for nearly two centuries. These criminal agents are operating out of a “gated-community war room,” plotting and scheming against the people, all on behalf of their fellow Chabad Lubovitch operatives. The plotters and schemers listed in this group are as follows:

• Cameron Kasky

• Alfonso Calderon

• Alex Wind

• Jacylin Corin

• David Hogg

• Sarah Chadwick

• Emma Gonzales

Corin came out virtually immediately, stating during the hoax event on social media, “Please contact your local and state representatives, as we must have stricter gun laws: immediately.”  No one finds it plausible that she would make such as statement in the midsts of a murderous shooting.

Once again, her rabid extremism is evident as she works for her Zionist masters. According to the antagonistic Jew, who knows nothing of which she speaks:

The gun has been the “weapon of choice” in shootings from San Bernardino to Las Vegas and Newtown, Corin said.

“The AR-15 was what caused all of this,” she said. “We need that out. I don’t know how people haven’t realized that yet, because it’s a continuing pattern.”

Included on (Corin’s and other’) list of top priorities is a ban on military-style assault weapons, like the AR-15 used in the shooting. That rifle and other assault weapons were banned in 1994 by President Bill Clinton as part of the Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act, but that ban expired in 2004.

That such a sophomoric, immature individual could even have a minute role in driving legislation demonstrates the extreme degree of corruption and wretchedness in the land.

Within 24 hours she had spoken to Democratic Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, leading to arrangements for her and 15 others to be bused to Tallahassee to address the State Legislature. It all happened less than 48 hours after this arch-fake.

A plot has been orchestrated to create pressure on law-makers through the gun-grubbing entity:

The Zionist mole and arch-fraudster Gonzales can be seen, here, absolutely fabricating tears and grief.

There can be no doubt that she is a fabricator, categorically falsifying all that she says. There is much over-acting and plenty of trumped-up hostility, all for effect.

The players are virtually all Jews. This includes the purported, though fake, shooter and his associates. Cruz’s paramilitary (once again, fake) trainer is a Mossad operative.

Nevertheless, how anyone could believe even to the slightest degree how this largely incompetent individual could have carried this out is unfathomable. See what is the typical report:

…made a getaway by blending in with students fleeing the school, then casually spent more than an hour drifting through a Walmart store and visiting two fast-food outlets before he was arrested.

As well, here is the categorical proof that his arrest was staged by the Zionists. This is the fact that blanks were fired as a means of obfuscation during the phony event, which has been covered before in an earlier post:

Yet further proof of the full roll of Zionist operatives is the involvement of Mossad agent Jordan Jereb, the well-paid SPLC/ADL embedded spy.

Image result for Jordan Jereb; republic of florida; image

Jereb, the so-called leader of a white nationalist entity, is the fall-man for the racist/bigotry element of this fake, where it is claimed that Cruz had anti-Jewish and anti-black leanings: another attack against white Anglo-Saxon people, which is a standard of world Jewry’s scheme for diving and conquering. All this is staged by secretive, plotting, conniving Zionist agents, including the operatives of the ADL.

Parkland, Florida, is a Zionist plot, with cowardly adults behind the scenes propping up their own youth, their own children, to do their bidding.  For instance, Kasky says this woman is the real force behind this treacherous plot. Who is she?

Moreover, as this is a pre-meditated plot there can be no good intentions by anyone, including those who somehow in their minds and statements ‘think’ they are doing good, including the anti-gun rights students. It is these terminally extremist ones who must be dealt with and fully exposed, as it is they and they alone who are a danger to humanity, not the common people who seek to express their God-given, inalienable rights.

There are numerous victims, in fact, of the Zionists already such as congressional aide, Benjamin A. Kelly. It is he, not these arch-antagonists, who is the real hero on the scene, as he was fired for speaking out against them. Regardless of any other details he was correct in his presumption that the people in-question, including Hogg and Gonzales, are mere actors.

Image result for benjamin A kelly; rep. shawn harrison; image

“The truth shall set you free,” Kelly fired back after being maligned and chastised. Perhaps he is right: free from being associated with hypocrites and tyrants.



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  1. CowboyFEBRUARY 20, 2018 AT 10:58 PM
    Ziotrash Jew Gabriel the troll dunder head posting as Buck asks a question…

    (Gabriel) Buck FEBRUARY 20, 2018 AT 10:22 PM

    What was the last mass shooting in the US that wasn’t a hoax? Can you remember any?

    Certainly ziotrash, I can, a filthy zionist jew murderous genocidal pig named Baruch Goldstein committed a mass shooting against innocent unarmed Muslims praying in a mosque in Jeresalem in 1984! And Then IDF Soldiers went in the mosque & murdered even more innocent people after the people killed this evil zionist monster in self defense!

    So there are real mass shootings but they are usually done in third world countries run by dictators and/or communist countries or by zionist jews or communist jews or their mercenaries. But among normal people they are not something that happens… other than by drug gangs which are not normal people either!

    • Fundie

  2. Everyone I’ve contacted agrees this latest “shooting” is BS. No CSI or Coroner vehicles ever pictured parked at Parkdale school site alone speaks volumes. With the top/down satanic pyramid structure in place…(now with useful idiot community watch types employed to harass peon targeted individuals with street theater & EMF devices…fate appears sealed in corporation USA. Please list home address information of accessible shot callers in the zio conspiracy. Thank you!

    • Sorry Brent, it’s real and it happened. That’s why we’re going to have to confiscate your guns. Learn to play with other, safer toys to get your rocks off.

    • For one thing, it’s “Parkland”, not “Parkdale” but I’m pretty sure that such details don’t matter much to you. Lol!

    • Yo- brentworth-

  3. He gave his life for the people of Israel, its Torah and land. A martyr with clean hands and a pure heart.

    • Amen

    • Zionist jew Gabriel’s hero the evil Satanic zionist jew Baruch Goldstein certainly was a real mass shooter & murderer. And I named this ziopig animal as a real mass shooter after Psychopath Gabriel troll posted a request of a real mass shooting. Ofcourse Gabriel admittedly (under his troll postsconsiders this monster a hero for murdering innocent goyim, as his Talmud considers a wonderful action!

      • Erm no…

        You were asked to relate the last real mass shooting in the US.

        As usual you spun off on a tangent and fell off the flat earth.

        • Under another troll name you, Gabriel, ask me to name a real mass shooting. Most serial murderers & Mass shooters have been jews, crypto or otherwise. And I named a mass shooting massacre which was certainly a real one by psychopath zionist Talmudist jewish supremacist Baruch Goldstein. I don’t know of any real ones in USA recently. And also I post to inform and educate actual people interested in the truth & expose lies and deception, not for you Gabriel as you are a perverted fraudster & disinfo troll zionist who cares nothing about the truth. I spun nothing. I named a real mass shooting…

          Separately I replied to another troll comment you made attacking the idea that the earth is a relatively flat, totally level and stationary plane. If you wish to show the earth is a sphere show us a real picture earth from space take after 1972 that is not a so-called “composite image” from telemetry, touched-up via artistry and or Photoshopping. Just find one which is supposedly taken directly with a camera & not created by a graphic artist.

          Reply above is to this troll comment

          (ziotroll Gabriel troll posting as–> Julian Knight FEBRUARY 25, 2018 AT 6:01 AM
          Erm no…

          You were asked to relate the last real mass shooting in the US.

          As usual you spun off on a tangent and fell off the flat earth.

          • I am not this “Gabriel” character. Are you insane?

  4. EX62) Parkland PsyOp Mossad Trash Linda Schulman
    Happy Hoaxwhore Mom of Mossad Agent Scott Beigel Fake Dead Crisis Actwhore.. Watch Especially After 4 minute mark! She is very happy her son is fake Dead $$$! But Angry American goyim have firearms still against the wishing of Evil Zionist like her & son!

    Her duping delight laughter really goes kosher hog wild after 4 minute mark! Obviously this evil wealthy scheming zionist psychopath woman did not lose her son in this fake massacre in Florida!

  5. 1964 Murder By Chemtrails/ Aerial Aerosal Spray in Goldfinger James Bond Movie @ Fort Knox, Kentucky Predictive Programming.

  6. Ex63) Parkland Fake school Massacre Was 66 Days
    Before 19th Anniversary Columbine, CO PsyOp Fake School Massacre (Dual °33) &33 Days Til’ Stockton CA Fake Cleveland School Massacre 29th Annv’ 1989!

  7. Ex64) Columbine Hoaxwhores Meet Parklandland Hoaxwhores For Combined Zionist Treason Effect! This Gives The Zionist Media Ziopuppet Political Whores 2 plus Months To Push Their Beloved Fake Shootings & The Ziotrash Gun Confiscation Agenda!

    There is No such thing as Gun Control!
    The agenda here is Gun Confiscation–> anyway they can achieve it!–> So that genocide is possible & total removal of the hated Goyim Americans’ Rights can be destroyed! Hirohito & Hitler & USSR knew American could never be attack & occupied as long as so many millions of Americans are armed with fairly modern semiauto weapons! The Zionist jews know too! And they hate this fact more than anything. China via a land invasion & low casualties could now Conquer & occupy Australia in a few days now that it’s people are so overwhelming disarmed! Before the Gun Confiscation it would have have a very long hard bloody task!

    • What guns do you have Cowboy?

      • The Important thing is what guns & firearms you & your family should have & your friends & how you can mutually defend each other in an emergency or in neutralizing criminal traitors in an illegal Gun Confiscation** attempt.

        Have a large caliber magnum style bullet rifle like
        30.o6 & Semiauto rifle with small cheap 22 LR bullets whereas you can carry lots of rounds. & Same 22LR Pistol.. 38 or 357 atleast revolver is super reliable. 9mm or 40 cal or 45 cal like Ruger etc multiclips. Multi round shotgun 12 gauge, etc. Street sweeper if you can find one. Even a 44 magnum for maximum chance of one shot takedown & kill. Some AK47 223s Cheap old M1’s. Learn & practice shooting & cleaning them whatever you have. A large cal semi like 30.o6 with a scope if you can. & Learn to hit the smallest targets possible at the farthest distance.

        ** All attempted Gun Confiscation is criminal & treason. Unless you are being arrested for some crime, no one has the right to disarm you.

        • I asked what guns YOU have but you just waffle on like Abraham Simpson. Sheesh. Thanks for nothing.

          • I told people reading this some guns they may need to have. What importance would what guns I may have be to you jew Gabriel! Hmmmm? Why would I have any interests in telling you a zionist jew enemy what guns I have? Huh? LMAO! I could not give a rat’s @$$ what any enemy agent loser like you wants to know about me scumbag Gabriel. But I do care about normal everyday people! My posts are to help people not to help an an wretch creature like you to do more evil Gabriel!

          • Forget this Cowboy loser Julian he has no people skills whatsoever and needs his head read. So much for helping people seeking truth with this whack job bullying the forum.

  8. Ex65) Columbine Meets Parkland PsyOp! Despicable Treasonous Fraudster ZioPuppet Columbine Principal of PsyOp Retires & Helps Out with the Parkland PsyOp Treason! Crypto Frank DeAngelis looks about like Scott Israel Mossad Sheriff of Broward CO- Parkland Hoax! Same beady deepset eyes & Creepiness!

  9. Good performance from Jeff Heinrich

    • He’s such a sorry @$$ liar! Several kids have said there was a drill going on when the “real Shooting” started! & Why is this Cop assigned to the school as police & security doing watering the grass of an athletic field? Huh? What a bunch of baloney! Ofcourse this super wealthy jewy giant school has it’s own Engineering & Janitorial & Landscaping people! Any of whom would water the fields before using a school cop! These scripts are so stupid & unbelieveable! Zios know the hated programmed goyim will believe most any ridiculous lies shown them on TV & in Newspapers & radio, etc… most anyway…most!

      Reply to this post of Christinne’s:

      Christinne FEBRUARY 25, 2018 AT 6:27 AM
      Good performance from Jeff Heinrich

      • Keep up the good work, Cowboy! Heinrich is less than ridiculous anyway.

        • Less. Than. Ridiculous.

          That only makes you more than ridiculous. Romanian no-brainian.

  10. Ex66) Parkland PsyOp Fake School Cop Jerk Forgets his lines/lies after 1:30..Watch him forget the script where the Kyle kid was shot & Look around & get prompting from his cohort criminals!

    He’s doing a script about a massive wound he says he witnessed first hand yet he forgets where the wound is! Impossible to forget & Billion percent proof Jeff Heinrick the treason cop is lying!

    • Wow! I saw that! That proves the hoax!!!
      Cowboy you’re a genius!!! Have you shared this on other truther sites??? You should- this will blow the case wide open!

    • Another fraudulent disinfo gibberish comment made under my name here as Cowboy by ziotrash Jew Disinfo Troll Gabriel…

      Ziotrash *** Gabriel fake version of–> Cowboy (Expose Crisis Actwhores)
      FEBRUARY 25, 2018 AT 9:01 AM
      Ex 2-g) Gigantic sea monster spotted on Google Earth identified as Cthulhu

      A gigantic Kraken-like sea monster spotted on Google Earth has been positively identified as the alien demon-god Cthulhu risen from his eternal slumber today…..etc…etc…and more gibberish….!!!

  11. NRA has lost its way.

    • NRA is as phoney & worthless as RINO RepublicRats!
      NRA fake sellout leaders act as Crisis Actwhores themselves pretending these laughable fake school shootings are real! They accept every false premise & script of Ziomedia & DHS & the treasonous zionist jew enemy agents behind this! You cannot win any argument by accept nearly every lie & fraud/ fake fact your enemy presents! & Anyone who understands shooting & guns knows no one, especially a near child could not shoot & kill so many people so accurately & deady as in these hoaxes/psyOps like this one!

      • Who is this enemy you are referring to?

        • Gabriel troll posting as Frank Vitkovic FEBRUARY 25, 2018 AT 7:47 AM asks me:

          Who is this enemy you are referring to?

          How can I get any more clear & explicit??? Than this:

          “Ziomedia & DHS & the treasonous zionist jew enemy agents behind this!”

          My reply was not that long howvcould you not see the answer to your question???

          • Sorry man I’m not familiar with truther buzzwords. Im also not this Gabriel guy. Wow you really are cracked. Later dude.

      • Exhibit 33) Imagine If Guns Could Actually Kill People, America’s NRA Wonders

        Reminding Americans that guns don’t kill people, people kill people, the National Rifle Association today painted a doomsday picture of what the country would look like if guns could actually cause death.

        “Can you imagine?” a NRA spokesperson said. “We’ve got more guns in America than anywhere else in the world. If these things could actually kill people, we’d have a real problem. People would be getting shot all the time, you’d be hearing about it every other week.

        Holding up an image of the gun that didn’t kill 49 people in Orlando last month, the NRA spokesperson said, “Luckily they’re just harmless objects”.

  12. Ex67) Parkland PsyOp- A Subplot Agenda In This Hoax PsyOp Is Make Sherrif’s Deputies & Sheriff Department look Incompetent by Claiming Deputies Cowered & Hid & Coral Springs Police & SWAT were Courageous & Heroes! Obviously Talmudist Israeli Jew Sheriff is a part of this! A Sheriff & his deputies is Constitutional & Common law– law Enforcement, whereas Police are unConstitutional, not under common law which requires elected law enforcement aka Sheriff of each county or an elected Constable in each town if it has it’s own law officer. Whereas no one elects a police chief, he is appointed or hired by political beaurocrats or a mayor, etc or state officials, etc…

    This slimeball Heinrich claims he was just there watering the fields on his day off & his friend from Coral Springs SWAT Team Captain McKeon just happened to be there too “using his rifle” and he just happened to gave an extra gun & an extra bullet proof vest so he loaned one to Heinrich so these two (lying crisis actwhore) McKeon & Heinrich could Spring into Action like Batman & Robin or Lone Ranger & Tonto to save the day & the kids from the Eeevile (fake) goyim shooter!

    • Cowboy were you breast fed as an infant?

  13. Hipster Bigot Hates Minorities You Haven’t Even Heard Of Yet

    A local bigot hipster says he insults minority groups that haven’t even been covered by alternative media outlets, let alone the mainstream channels.

    At a carefully-curated rally in an obscure Baltimore laneway, Mr Cowboy said criticizing Muslims and Mexicans was so 2006. “It’s all just so predictable. I know of minority groups that make up 0.1%, maybe just 0.01% of the population. You won’t have heard of them yet, but these are the groups that everyone will be rushing to abuse next summer”.

    Holding a sign made with hand-crafted paper saying, “Go back from whence you came, we’re oversubscribed”, Cowboy said he would continue to fight against these minority groups, until they become mainstream, at which time he will find even more obscure groups to berate.

  14. Christinne evades a lot of scrutiny here but in her own way is as sad as the others.

    Quite unattractive ( her actual pic has been posted multiple times) and obviously unintelligent, she spends her online time here… at nodisinfo. Here she seeks affirmation that she is unable to receive anywhere else and has developed a friendly relationship with, of all people, Cowboy… whom she actually seems to admire.

    If this isn’t pitiful, I don’t know what is.

  15. Dr K now that you or your un-named moderator deleted all my research comments, of hours & hours & days of research & all the real posters’ comments on this thread, nonsesically zionist jew Gabriel has easily, quickly cluttered it up with his disinfo, fraudulent & troll idiotic, perverted and gibberish comments. All anyone interested in truth should be deleting is fraudulent comments & obvious disinfo ones. Mass deleting all the comments (like your mowing the yard or something) is not in anyway of any assistance towards getting new posters & reader or exposing the truth.

    • Another disinfo post by Gabriel the zionist jew troll where he falsely projects his own actions of posting Fraudulent, idiot gibberish post all this website’s threads! Ateast he by chance imbedes the truth in with his lies in this post once one understands his troll game.

      Gabriel the zio *** fake version Cowboy FEBRUARY 25, 2018 AT 11:44 AM
      As we all know, I purposely post idiotic and gibberish posts all over this board to scare away new readers and posters. It is not enough for me to post one or two turds pulled out of my *** each day. No, I overrun this board with post after post of easily disproven horse ****. Thank you for this forum which allows me to do that.

  16. The internet is 20% knowledge and 80% misinformation, disinformation and propaganda.

    The misinformation, disinformation and propaganda is an actual attack on our country- coming from without and within.

    Fight it! Fight it here, fight it everywhere or watch this country go down in flames- which is exactly what these people want.

    I’m not talking about belief systems (eg religions) or simple opinions civilly stated as opinions. I’m talking about objective truths and reality that disinformation agents seek to destroy or confuse. Shut these enemies of America down!

    • Disinformation is the WWIII that is extent at this time. It must be fought continuously as a matter of principle, as it is all based on purposely deceit and lies. Well said.

    • That sailed way over your head Dr K.

      You are the one spreading disinformation.

  17. I have a theory that I am convinced is absolutely true. Of course he’ll try to deny it but that will just make it more certain.

    You know how sometimes Jews will desecrate their own cemeteries, etc, looking for sympathy and trying to engender anger at others? You know how Jews continue to seek sympathy for the Holocaust?

    Well my theory is that Cowboy **IS** Jewish. He pretends to be a crackpot, schizophrenic, flat-earth believing idiot TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE JEW HATERS ARE CRACKPOT, SCHIZOPHRENIC IDIOTS!!!

    Think about it. In my life I’ve never encountered anyone as whacked out and stupid as Cowboy. And, to top it off, he goes out of his way to profess a deep hatred of Jews.

    So the natural conclusion he wishes everyone to draw is Jew Hater= profound idiot and derangement.

    As Cowboy himself would say, “I’m 100000% sure of it”!!!

    Nobody can really be as fucked up as Cowboy pretends to be. It’s an act. And he does it for the readers here to think that Jew haters must all be idiots… and he certainly goes to great lengths to overrun this message board with such posts.

    He’s an ADL mole. A shill. Absolutely Fascinating! It all makes sense now. I can’t wait to watch him try to deny it by really pouring on the gravy

  18. Ex68b) Parkland PsyOp Proof Zio Jewess Linda Biegel Schulman is Alias Linda Padilla Schulman. Watch video–> same woman. She does her hair peroxide reddish brown in most pics as Padilla, but in this video her hair is near black as with her Biegel Schulman identity! And her voice & accent is just the same! A New York City/ New England strong obnoxious accent! An Obnoxious, lying NYC zio jew broad! Born to lie & deceive!

    • Do not post fraudulent information on this forum, making absolutely erroneous comparisons of people. Any such posts are subject to deletion.

      • Did you bother to watch the video and compare her?

    • Yeah Cowboy stop being fraudulent.

  19. Ex3) NASA Graphic Artist Robert Simmons Admits All Images of Earth from Space are photoshopped creations “because it has to be” (Photoshopped!)

  20. Ex4) Big ZioJew Blue Fake Marble!

    Always photoshopped & or artist conception “because
    it has to be”! Every earth from soace globe eartg picture! And the live feeds are CGI as well & ridiculous as can be!

    NASA admittedly created image from supposedly almost 1 million miles away! So did they need have to stich it together & photoshop if they were 1 million miles away! Because it’s a lie you can’t go 1 million miles from earth there is a barrier, call it the Van Allen Belts or call it the firmament! But you can’t got deep into this science fiction space or we’d get actual photographscof earth from space! Use yoilur brain! Stop believing globalist liars!

    From Popular science at link below & this image &
    discription are both from NASA & on the popular science website!

    Named after the Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC), this image of our home world was snapped from NASA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite from about one million miles away on July 6, 2015. It showcases a fully sunlit globe that is actually a combination of different photos stitched together.

  21. Ex5) NASA’s Most Ridiculous Fake Big Blue Marble fake Globe of All! NASA Buffoons have never explained why North America is several times is supposed size in the One than in other globes & Big Jew Marble Created Photoshopped Images!

  22. Cowboy,

    Thanks for your comments. Real Americans know that you are right. You will receive a lot of hate and swamping on the net from these sockpuppets though. The country is under attack right now, it is disinfo and psychological warfare. Many people are too dumb to see through it, your comments will help them. Continue to speak out on this and other sites.

    Real Americans are never going to give up their Constitution and their guns. The sockpuppets and commies that are here should look out, because when they try the final grab, someone’s gonna pull back a nub. And we will remember what role you play. You can either be sent back to Russia, China, or North Korea where you belong, or you we can deal with you here as traitors deserve.

    You commies overestimate your propaganda. Your internet troll team and your media lie squad are starting to believe their faked poll numbers. It doesn’t matter how many politicians you bribe and blackmail, once it comes to the line, you’ll get what you deserve.

  23. If that’s all it takes to destroy the Constitution, it deserves to die.

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