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Jumping Death of Woman on Westminster Bridge is a CGI Fake

What an arch fake it is, this dramatic, purported “jumping death” of a woman from the Westminster bridge. Supposedly, she was knocked up and off by a racing, rampaging car, sure, right. Moreover, here is the ‘evidence’ provided:

Here is another ‘view.’ It will be noted that the purported jumping image (it’s an image more than an entity) is in the center of the lightened oval. It’s obviously not a person. Moreover, there isn’t a single vehicle near that image at the time of the supposed fall or jump. Thus, it is clearly a CGI fake added to existing, stock CCTV footage. This is a Zionist scheme, make no mistake.

This is supposed to be the person jumping or falling. How is this evidence of anything other than a criminally corrupt arch-Zionist plot?

That blob is clearly added through computer graphics, easy to do but hard to make appear realistic. Remember, this is the routine of arch-Zionist criminal minds, as was done in Nice, as follows:

There is nothing realistic about this fake truck CGI addition. How about the CGI hack job committed by murderous Zionists, including the vile, hideous criminal mind David Rockefeller:

These violent, rabid extremists can’t even get their CGI imagery correct, hacking one effort after the other.  So, now, who can say that the London fake ‘fall from the bridge’ imagery is anything other than a terminally inane fake?

Anyone who watches the video will realize that this was added in and that there is nothing real about it. There is plenty of CCTV camera shooting in that area, in fact, dozens upon dozens of cameras. None of this real film has been made available. Most likely, all such cameras were temporarily shuttered.

Then, too, what could be more phony than the following image, where the woman just happens to be right on the bridge, the photo uploaded in perfect timing for the psyops scam?

Image result for cristea; london bridge; westminster; images

She was obviously installed into the image. Who in the world would take a photo like that, leaning at that angle?

The image appears to be fully contrived by the arch-Zionist controlled psyops moles. Nothing about the photo appears realistic. At a minimum the lighting is wrong. She is in full light, but there is no light affecting the back-ground.

With the image lightened up and with contrasting color added, there appears to be a shadow cast by the chin. Could, then, this have been a day-light image that was installed into a stock image of the nighttime Thames?

It appears that the woman had a sunburn. How would she get that in England in March? Or, perhaps, it will be said this was a previous image from a different London visit. Here is a much more realistic, in fact, actual nighttime photo of a woman on a bridge near the Thames versus the fake:

Image result for photo of woman on bridge; night; thames;

Who is she? According to Zionist psyops moles her name is Andreea Christea, a conveniently rhyming name. Thus, it is said:

The woman was later pulled alive from the icy water.

She remains in a serious condition today with her fiancee, engineer Andrei Burnaz, who suffered a minor injury.

Who in the world could survive any such a fall into the Thames from that height and then survive the swirls, the chill, the hypothermia, the ice? Such a fatal would be fatal, routinely: especially after being struck by a rampaging, fast-moving car.

Here is Burnaz who, like her, is an obvious hoaxer:

Andrei Bernaz

The Romanians are in on the act, according to the ministry:

“According to information we have, she would be the pedestrian hit by a car and thrown into the Thames and then recovered. 

No car zig-zagged anywhere. No vehicle knocked anyone off the bridge. This is all fake. If it would have struck her AND knocked her into the water, she would be dead.

All the dead are fake dead. No one died, and no one was injured. All the money being raised in this respect is based on fraud, mere arch-lies, treachery, and deceit. People should ask for a refund. They have been fully bamboozled.


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  1. You are 100% Right The Jumper Is CGI! I found more definite CGI!

    Also the woman playing her and her fake Romanian Boyfriend are from Santa Monica, California. He admits he is from Santa Monica. And I tracked the Actress to Santa Monica & her name is Christina Flanagan a TV actress! He is likely her son or nephew or cousin, much younger.

    On this page this AP video entitled
    London Attacks Aerial video forensics officers…
    The two ghostlike men in white suits biohazard are CGI. No other people or movement in the video! Totally added later on!!

  2. I pity the fool. Another Jewish psyop.

  3. shanthala Kumari, claims analyst, Facebook

    • as expected, this comment was published, nodisinfo is real but trump, theresa may and everything else is fake.

  4. London Bridge Hoax CGI Jumper Jumps Into Thames After Fake Killer Car Goes By!

  5. ZioHollywood London Bridge Hoax Jumper Crista Flanagan Crisis Actwhore will do anything 4 more Ziotrash $heckles $$$!! Mad TV -6yrs or more Ago!!

  6. London Bridge Crisis Actwhore Crista Flanagan Will do truly anything for more Zio $heckels! Kill girls, treason, fake jump off a bridge OK! Gimme’ Da’ Money! Mo Money! Mo Money!!

  7. The bridge video where car is driving across is heavily edited to prevent one from seeing people getting hit/flung off bridge. That is why you think its CGI… actually i think it is real, just blurred up as hell so no one will lose their mind from the horror.

  8. They won’t show the public actual graphic videos… people are too sensitive and will freak out.


  10. Err…. you realise that the photo of the woman leaning at an angle is probably lit by artificial light, maybe even a tungsten lamp? She’s probably on even on a boat. And the photo is unedited.

    Your pathetic arguments, as per normal, have no context or sound basis.

    And as for the “perfect example”, you realise that was taken by a professional, and there is more flash being pumped into that than you might think, and it’s been HEAVILY edited.

  11. Oh and one other thing for you fuckwits to think about:

    Is it actually London? Who said the photo was taken in London? And recently.

    As for the sunburn, hey, fuckwit, who knows when the photo was taken? Maybe it was London, and maybe she’s travelling the world… know it’s just turned Autumn in the southern hemisphere right?


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